Weather Together…oh so cute!




Here is a super sweet card for your Hump Day! Let’s face it… there are times that we need a “Pick Me Up Card” and WOW – this stamp set will sure bring a smile to anyones day!

Here you go….confessions of an honest Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator….I have totally overlooked this stamp set and framelits….until the new catalog came out.

It is from the Weather Together Stamp Set. The tipping point to change my thought process on this goodie was the amazing sample that is in the catalog…flip to page 93!






One my “eye was caught” I took a harder look at this set to see if I thought that it needed to come to Randall Lane. Naturally you can see that it did….but here were my selling points. (I totally think that you should take a good look at the products you purchase and figure out how many times/occasions that you could use it)

  • It is a Photoploymer Stamp
  • It has matching Framelits
  • The font is FUN and the sentiments are UNIQUE
  • There are lots of practical little images that would be great “fillers” for other cards
  • Perfect for a pick me up card…a baby/bridal shower….a simple just because!

These are things that I do ask myself before I hit that button. Even though I am a Demonstrator…and I do get this at an instant 25% off….I still weigh the options before I buy!

Enjoy the pictures!!!









Did you notice in the catalog that the Washi Tape offerings are all on 1 page – GREAT IDEA….that page # is 195 and I thought that it was brilliant that they are grouped together in “Basic Color Families” I think this makes so much sense and the patterns are just adorable!

Washi Tape is a product that I truly never thought that it would last…but it is a product that we all seem to say – “I am NOT going to buy one more roll of Washi Tape” and then it happens….you say – what is one more roll. I will say that even though I do not use Washi a bunch…when I do, I love it and it is also a great product to jazz up an envelope or great to do project with kids!







After I cut the sweet raindrops out….I simply took the aqua painter and washed over the area with some soft sky ink to give a bit color and depth. This is sooooo easy to do – JUST GO FOR IT! (trust me, I have no clue what I am doing….I jut tried)







I know that you all like Tips & Tricks….in the below picture you will see how I like to store my current Washi Tape…a simple book ring!

This works great for me and then when a Washi is discontinued….they go into a big basket that is a wire mesh so I can easily spot a color that I am looking for!








There you go….a fun card that would make someone really…REALLY happy to receive! This is a great one to use up DSP…use up Washi Tape…. and one that would be great to make up in the masses….face it, when we need a pick me up card…we need it NOW… making several up at a time would be the super smart thing to do!

Critter Update!…..Over the weekend I shared that Oscar was “under the weather” with a belly ache…well I admit, I was worried. Seriously, when a horse has a tummy ache it can be very serious if you do not watch and stay on top of….my alarm clock was going off for 3 days just going down to make sure that he was ok – (actually…wonderful John took some of the watches) and I am blessed to have a wonderful Vet and Tom (Hannah’s trainer) that I can text at anytime and they will respond….

Here is a funny….it was super late and I needed to give him some Mineral Oil to help ease his tummy….well let me tell you –  for a horse – you need a bunch of Mineral Oil….OFF TO WALMART I go (boy, I really dislike Walmart) but I admit…I was scared and thought that I would kick myself if I did not go etc….well I went and bought a bunch…the check out lady looked at me and said – WOW….someone must be really backed up…

I rest my case….this is why Walmart and I have issues. The moral of the story is….after lots of walking and more walking…. good doses of Mineral Oil and love from us….Oscar is great!




“Wing-It” Wednesday with WASHI!

Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape,Gold Foil, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Happy hump day! I am starting to like the idea of “Wing it” Wednesday’s – it’s kind of fun to just do something totally different and I know last week you all liked the post on Washi Tape so I hope that you will enjoy this one as well!

The reality is…we buy this WASHI TAPE and true it is super pretty, fun and festive ….but then I hear – I have all of this Washi Tape…what do I do with it? EASY – USE IT UP!!! Using the washi and then a thinlit is a fun way to use it!


It is as simple as laying it down on scraps and going to town! 🙂 


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape with Framlit, Susan Itell - simplestampin.jpg.jpg


This bundle and YEP (for sure) I would purchase it as a bundle as the details are amazing ~  is called Santa’s Sleigh. I think that Stampin’ Up! did a fantastic job with this bundle as it can lend itself to classic or a modern flair…just have FUN with the colors which will help set the tone for your project! (I predict that this is one that will be flying out the door)


Santa's Sleigh Bundle


I know that it appears to use a bunch of Washi Tape and it did (because of the envelop) but to do the tree…it does not use much at all! You can see how simple it is to place the tape on a piece of paper…..go to the Big Shot, PRESTO – cut the tree out!

Do you remember back at Easter when I made (3) different Washi Tape Cards? – CLICK HERE – SAME CONCEPT….This is a super fun technique to do with children or even the elderly as it is easy to tear, to place down, to remove if needed etc….


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Washi Tape, Susan Itell - simplestampin


I hindsight I could have used the sentiment that is in this bundle but I chose to use the Better Together Stamp Set….I just simply cannot get enough of this stamp set as it is just one super versatile one that fits many occasions…great little images, great small stamps (I love them to add here and there)


Better Together Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!


The holidays seem to bring out the BLING in many of our projects, that’s why I added the BLING in my Product Share (Share #2 with the foil and glimmer)…this little gold touch of the star as well as on the envelope makes is super festive. This is one card that looks soooo much better than it does in the pictures!


Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Here is the 411 – Directory Assistance picture for you to pin! I encourage you to try to use washi tape and framelits! It really is a fun way to add a different twist to your project. I think that we have a great new selection of FUN washi tapes in the new catalog…just think how cute it would be to use ornaments – Fast, Fun & DONE!



Stampin' Up, Santa Sleigh Bundle, Better Together, Warmth & Cheer Washi Tape,Gold Foil,Product Details, Susan Itell - simplestampin


Tomorrow is just about here – YIPPEE, September 1st….the day that you all can order from the new Holiday Catalog. I am excited as I know that there are going to be LOTS of fun projects being made by you!

Yesterday I sent out the remainder of the Invoices for the Product Share. If you did not receive one and you thought that you had ordered a share, please email me. If you are interested in participating in the share, please email me your share order.

I will be offering it again but it will not be until the 3rd week of September! This is going to be a FUN and BUSY month so if you want in….I would hop on it today! I have been working on my order and I will be like Cinderalla as I know you all are just as anxious to receive your shares!

You can find all of the scoop of the shares above in the drop down box or click hereJust to clarify share #2 – you will get 1/2 sheets of all of the new papers and also 1/2 sheets of the “glitz & glim” as I like to call it….more specifically the foils and glimmer papers! I thought that it would be fun to offer these for the holiday!

Until tomorrow…make the LAST DAY of AUGUST a fun one….do something to make you smile!

p.s. – I had a text yesterday very early from Catherine Ann….her son rested well and is continuing to improve and even though he is in a great deal of pain and discomfort she said his eyes were smiling!!!!! Hopefully by now they have him off the ventilator…..keep praying….it’s working!


dog shop now


Make it Monday!

Perfectly Wrapped Stampin' Up! Photopolymer Set, Layering Circle Framelits,Blosson Bunch,Susan Itell-stampinup


Good Morning and I know that you will all “get” and relate to what I am about to say…we need to have some “secret weapons” up our sleeves that we can whip up some cards in a jif and roll!

The next point I want to chat about it… is your washi tape doing?? Is it just sitting there??? – I know ~ I know, I have plenty of it as well but I will say that when I put it to use – I smile 🙂

The inspiration for this card came from a super talented SUP, Angie Juda. I do love her style and I often pop in to see what she is up to as she is like me….loves dogs and she also has a bird (which I think that is super fun) I have a pig, she has a bird and I think that we are both clean and simple stampers.


Stampin' Up! Perfectly Wrapped Photopolymer, Pop of Pink Washi Tape, Susan Itell - stampinup


This is one of those card that looks so much better in person and it is also one that you can make in “mass amount’s” and it is just plain FUN to do! I whipped up a bunch of these to send to team members for a great quarter. I am just amazed at how often I reach for this stamp set….and I have yet to use it as it is intended to be used, in a kit (page 159) but on Wednesday….I am going to post about it (honestly, I am excited to play with it today)




There is not much to say other than tear the tape to your liking and then have fun with a adding a sentiment. I am lovin’ using the layering circles because of the scalloped ones and I think that the little dots around it, make it!


Pop of Pink DSP


Stampin' Up! Perfectly Wrapperd Clean & Simple Card using the Pop of Pink Washi Tape, Layering Circles, Susan Itell-stampinup


Here is a tip…..If you would like to make this card…I say do it in steps…so all of the cutting, then do all of the stamping, cut all of the paper and then plop it in a container with your washi tape and a pen….Just put it together while watching the Olympics, watching a ball game etc…

You could whip up  a bunch in no time and then have them ready to use when you need them. I encourage you to try this method with a simple card and I know that you will be super happy to have one ready to go!



Stampin' Up! Perfectly Wrapped Stamp Set, Washi Tape Super Easy Card, Susan Itell - stampinup


John and James went to play golf yesterday and I was going to shoot some videos only to have a neighbor that lives back behind use to hit a power line with a digger thing he had on his tractor…..OUT WENT our power for about 4 hours and when it came back on I read through the comments from the “Llama chatter” – and I ADORED THEM….

When I enjoy my coffee this morning, I will pop in and respond….it just brings such joy to read what you all write, we do have a special cyber thing going on……and I LOVE IT. I still pinch myself that I enjoy blogging so much but guess what – I enjoy out friendship and ideas MORE!


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Wow…WIFI finally!!!



Hello to all…it is Friday and this is the 1st time that I have had WIFI for me to blog to you. You have no idea how frustrating it has been in getting WIFI and the long story short is – I was super frustrated and sad to let you all down in not having your daily dose of fun and inspiration from me…but the below blurb about this post I typed in Word and then I am doing a  quick “paste” to send it to you!

My intentions were great as I had soooooo many posts ready for you but without being able to edit pictures and sending posts out to lack of an internet connection…I am just going to have to make do with what I can. (looking on the bright side, I will be ready the week I get back) 🙂

We get back to Barcelona on Sunday so I will have lots of time to get posts scheduled so you should not have any delays! (again, sorry….as many of you remember, my time before leaving was filed with graduation fun so the time did not allow me to schedule ahead (I have learned a lesson)

Before we get to the card….I want to say that John and I are having a fabulous time and the weather has been perfect. We have been so welcomed by so many and it is great to meet other SUD from all over the world. I have some AMAZING pictures for you as I did participate in a card swap (25 cards and then 25 3-d’s) and I also took AMAZING pictures that others did….you will smile, promise!

Also, I sent out confirmations for my first wave of Product Shares on last Sunday (May 22nd) as well as confirmations to those that are participating in my June Stamp of the Month Kit. If you did not receive an email from either of these please EMAIL ME….and when I have the chance to get online (it will not be until Sunday May 29th) I will email you back.




Today’s card is a Washi Tape fun card. I know that many of you are a bit weary of using Washi Tape but let me tell you…the new Washi Tape in the new catalog is over the top fun and I think another thing that i love about it is that the width of it varies.

Just look at how easy this card is…it uses 3 different washi tapes all from the Affectionately Yours Washi Tape (5 rolls are in the set) and a simple diagonal pattern did the trick!




This is one of those cards that you really do not need me…you just need the Washi Tape, a stamp and the desire to have fun – now I think you can accomplish all of that…do you agree?


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.23.55 PM


The Stamp of “THANKS” came from the Perfectly Wrapped Stamp Set. The funny thing is that this stamp set coordinates with a Project Kit (I have it and have not put it together yet) but I adore the stamp set on its own as it is so practical – (I think that I have already blogged about this 4 times.)




The flower came from (2) punches….The Flower Medallion and the Blossom Punch, both carried over in the new catalog and then the added touch of a white perfect accent was the “Cherry On Top” to this Flower fun!

One reason that I love working with Washi Tape is the fact that you can easily bend the tape around the back of the card before you POP it up. You could easily not POP it up but you know me….I love this effect!




Well my friends…there you go, many of been asking be to do a Washi Tape card and I think I can say…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I know you have Washi lying around…I challenge you to pull it out and put it to use! I know if I can…you can!




Thanks for popping in today and I need to say that I am “pinching myself” in being here with so many talented people. Everyone has been so sweet in introducing themselves to me when they see that I am a 1st time Achiever for the trip….I feel like a little fish in a Sea of big and experienced fish….but I am taking it all in….I thank you for your support!

By now….everyone should have received their swap cards…I am going to get them up as soon as I can. Darn, I am dealing with a double edged sword…not having technology is great but on the other hand…it feels so weird being so out of the loop!

Stampin’ hugs!

p.s. – I wish that you would see me…I am sitting in a tiny area waiting for the tender boat and I saw the GOLDEN SIGN – WIFI-ACCESS…., I smiled as I know I can reach out to you! John nudged me to take my laptop….I’m glad I did!!! 🙂



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