OH MY GOSH….it is just about noon on Sunday and I just discovered that I forgot to set the timer for my blog to go off!!!! SILLY SUSAN! I woke up early as usual and vowed not to get on the computer until my “chores” with the animals were completed as it is super HOT here. Sorry…..enjoy the Post and enjoy the day!


Bunch of Blossoms Stampin' Up!,Blossom Builder Punch, Susan Itell - stampinup


Good Morning! Here you go with the stepped up version of the card from yesterday and I am also going to try to do my best with pictures to show you how easy it really is to “mask” and get great effects! As I said yesterday, this type of stamping totally intimidated me but I jumped in and gave it a “Girl Scout” try and it was fun 🙂

Here you go…Side by Side….YOU decide! I am a bit torn because I do like them both but I think the “purest” side of me….liking WHITE (well, this is very vanilla) is going for yesterdays card!


Simple Stampin' Weekend Challenge,Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Dapper Denim


Here is the bundle that we are working with. You can clearly see the rows of stamps and then see how you can use up to 3 different ones to create more color/depth. The below pictures will hopefully help you. If you wanted to keep it super simple, your could eliminate the shading but I say, “NO WAY – YOU CAN DO IT” and the one thing that I know for sure is….you’ll be proud of yourself.


Bunch of Blossoms Bundle


Here you go with my parade of “how to” pictures….hopefully they will be helpful to you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any further explanation. Have fun using several different colors….or simply use one color like I did for this card. The “stamping off” to make it lighter is a super effect! (please remember that you can CLICK ON the pictures to make them larger and easier to read)


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Layered Stamping, Susan Itell - stampinup


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Masking Technique, SUsan Itell - stampinup


Masking Techniques for layering stamps, Stampin' Up!, Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Susan Itell - stampinup


The biggest difference between today and yesterday is…

  • The matting of the emerald envy
  • The addition of the 5/8″ burlap ribbon (LOVE THIS RIBBON) 🙂
  • The simple knot accent of Dapper Denim adhered with a glue dot!


Bunch of Blossoms Stamp, Stampin' Up! ,Burlap Ribbon,Susan Itell-stampinup


One beautiful card that I am sure anyone would be thrilled to receive. I just adore the colors and the softness of the Very Vanilla. If I had a wish…I would wish that Stampin’ Up! would come out with THICK Very Vanilla…..is anyone else thinking that as well?


Stampin' Up! Clean and Simple Card, Envelope Punch Board, Bunch of Blossoms Stamp Set, Susan Itell - stampinup


Here is your “how to” 411 of the products that I used for the card. At the very end of the post you will see the entire line up of all of the products that I used and if you choose, let those fingers of yours go CLICK – CLICK – CLICK and shop away! Remember, be a smart shopper with the increment of $50.00 to earn some Bonus Bucks for you to spend in August.


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Project Details,Susan Itell - stampinup





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