Stepping in up for your Sunday!




Good Morning and I have a confession…yep, a confession of an honest stamper! Yesterdays card….click here to see….was a card that I was contemplating not showing you as I thought that it was just “o.k.” but to my surprise…YOU LIKED IT!

Why am I telling you this???? Well…it is because there are times that you just do not know and you need to roll forward and that it what I did! Not only was I excited that you did like it…it made me really think – how can I change it up!?!? I did NOT use any additional products to make this card today….same elements – just worked differently!

Below are the (2) bundles that I worked with this weekend….it is fun to take “bits from here and bits from there” – I always encourage you to use your products to the max! When you “KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE”…then it is fun to pull from here and there!








Well here you go….side by side, you decide!






At a quick glance you might thing…not much difference but below I will bullet point the changes that I made and the (why did I do it  😀 )

  • The total card is made out of Thick Whisper White Card Stock – (I had a little “honestly session with myself” and I am to the conclusion that I prefer my card bases out of the Thick Whisper White or the Thick Very Vanilla Card Stock) My reason….maybe it is “just me” but I love the feel of this card stock in your hand…it is so substantial and the reality of it is – I can add the POP of color, there just is something that I prefer over having the color card stock as my base!







  • The FUN oval part is the marriage of 2 techniques that I adore to do when I can….Paper Piecing and Inlaying a die cut. Time and time again, I share that the basics are your friends….as when we have the basics at out fingertips we are able to make magic happen with little effort.





The magic was the Ovals Framelits and the Stitched Shapes Framelits. I cut the “friend” out of a Tranquil Tide and also a White piece of Card Stock and then “pieced” the Tranquil Tide Silhouette of the word into the White oval. Here is a great tip that I should have taken a picture for you…I put several pieces of Tear & Tape on the back of the White Stitched oval frame of “friend” so as I “pieced” the Tranquil Tide pieces in…the adhesive was there for me – easy-peasy!

The Calypso Coral Oval Ring was a total “after thought” but I think that it makes the POP happen. The way I figured it…I have the framelits and “Mr. Big” out….so why not?


  • I also adhered some of the flowers flat today so there is more of an interest to your eye – I personally like this as it adds a very subtle interest but to me…the real show stopper and WOW factor of this card is the fact when you hold it in your hand and see and feel all of the inlay fun and then open it up and there is no evidence of “how did she do it” The reason is….the piece that I worked with is the exact same size as my card base so POOF – adhere and hide…you look like a pro!








Here is a funny for you as we have all heard the saying of “great minds think alike”….well in Jeanie Starks blog post yesterday, (she is a dear friend and downline) she showcased this below chart of the In Color Combinations that are FUN. Well….truth be told, I have this taped to the wall in my work area and that is exactly where my color combination inspiration came from for this weekend post! (I just could not find the chart on line so I snagged it from her post yesterday) The moral of the story is….look for FUN color combinations everywhere.





I do not know about you….but I find that I get myself in a rut using the same colors. Calypso Coral is not one of my “reach for colors”, I am not sure why but I think that there is some FUN about this color combination…so – GO OUT OF THAT BOX that we get ourselves in and have fun!

Another weekend post for the record books. Honestly there are weeks that I say….I am not sure if I can come up with something but I go to my area of fun and just roll with it! The reality is…there is no “right or wrong way” to do a card….it is merely an interpretation of the fun that you have in your craft area. I encourage you to try something different….see if it works or if it does not….the end result is…YOU TRIED!






Now go have a great day and I will see you on Tuesday! I have a tip for your Tuesday that needs to be done as this IS the time of the year for the deals!




Steppin’ it up with more Blog Candy!!!





Good Sunday to you! We sure have had a FUN week with not only great cards but it has been Candy Land all week and today is no different! I have a tough one for you….as on the weekends the posts are centered around a “Saturday” version and then on Sunday you see the “stepped up version” and then you decide!

This really has been fun and I think that you are going to love todays post…the Blog Candy….the question…..and of course the WINNER from yesterday!

Whew…..I can say that we have a true to form “STAMPIN’ THROW-DOWN” this weekend as todays card was made from a team member from the West Coast (California)Karen Hallam! To refresh your memory….yesterdays card was an East Coast (Pennsylvania) …made by Rosanne Mulhern and I think we can all say – they are super!

Karen has a blog, Karen’s Stampin’ Habit and you can go and see all of the scoop about how she STEPPED IT UP today and I will say….this is really – really a tough one….I wish that you all had them in your hands because the pictures are good…but let me tell you – there’s noting like having them in your paws!






This bundle sure has been a hit! I think it is super easy to see the versatility of it with using bold colors, subtle ones….letting the simple “Daisy”  stand alone and be a statement….use multiple flowers to create depth (like Karen did today)….pairing it with DSP the list goes on but at the end of the day…..this bundle is a MUST HAVE as we all know it has been in and out of stock…but it is IN & READY FOR YOU!

Please POP Over to Karens blog, Karens Stampin’ Habit and see all of the scoop on todays card….she will have the measurements, the “ins and outs” in making this beauty and while you are there… a “smart stamper” and…..

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!







The 2 elements off the bat that are different are…the vellum over the “Thank You” and then the addition of the Powder Pink Ribbon but pop to her blog to see the complete  “411-Directory Assistance” on this card!

Now we need to do our exercises….and I know that there are a bunch of you out there are hoping that you won the Daisy Bundle (and I do not blame you as it is a Summer Sizzler) so get up……hands in the air – wiggle those fingers –  stretch to the left and right and now look at your computer and it your name is Darlene K you need to DO IT….SHAKE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT because you WON! When you get all settled down, email me!

I LOVED what she said about the water-coloring…that each time…“it looks a bit different” and YEP soooooo true – that is the BEAUTY of it! I adored the comments and I am not only thrilled that you all enjoyed Rosanne’s talent (she’s good…right!!!!) but I loved reading about your styles and it looks like Watercoloring and Heat Embossing are areas that you like to explore more!



Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!


To end this fun week I wanted to have today’s candy be a representation of what I am about… Clean and Simple!!! You hear me all the time saying that the basics are the name of the game so how about if I shower you with some basics that I know you will ALWAYS use!

It is a long list of the basics so hear you go….one person will be ONE HAPPY STAMPER! This will truly be a box of “Happy Mail”


  • A Medley of Adhesives:  a Fast Fuse…A Snail…a bottle of “Green Glue”…a roll of Mini Glue Dots…A roll of Tear & Tape…a pack of BOTH Mini and Regular Stampin’ Dimensionals & a pack of Foam Adhesive Strips ( all of my favorites adhesives)


  • A Medley of Bakers Twine: The Basic Colors that are a must have. White, Very Vanilla, Basic Black (in the solids) and then Dapper Denim, Flirty Flamingo, Old Olive and Basic Black.


  • Basic Pens of “must haves” – The Basic Black Stampin’ Write Marker, a Journaling Pen, a mechanical pencil and a White Gel Pen


  • A stash of boo-boo fixers and cleaner – My “go-to” erasers (the sand one and magic rub) and Stamp Cleaning Chamois (the cloth that I love to clean my stamps!)


This whole week of spoiling you rotten is again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you …thank you and please share my blog with your family and friends as I truly love what I do! Here’s the question for the day. (this will be good and I am excited to see your loves and passions)


1st – let me know how you LOVE this card today as Karen did a great job and then…share a quick thought…

FILL IN THE BLANK.….I love stamping because _____________________ 

(now… no one words here…let’s put that love & heart into the answer)



I am going to write down all of my answers for the week of questions that I have given you then next time I post and I think many of you already know what I am going to say!

Until then….Thank you…thank you for your time and making me feel soooo incredibly blessed to do this wonderful and simple thing we do….STAMP! Now go have a FABULOUS DAY!



Stepping it up with some New York bling!




Todays guest designer is Nancy Farrell from the great state of New York and more specifically Massapequa, NY….(now that’s a mouthful to say!) I was super excited when Nancy wanted to do a card and I love how she “blinged it up a bit”. Make sure that you read to the end of the post to see the fun facts I have about Nancy – my way of getting you to know the “pups” in the Top Dog Team!

When Nancy mailed me her card so I could take pictures of it and also be able to type the post I instantly smiled. I smiled because I was so happy that she just made it hers with simple yet fun minor changes that in the end made it a signature card that would bring a smile to whomever was lucky enough to receive it.

This 2 day post is a great example of how simple works. The #1 concern that I hear time and time again from people about their crafting desires and goals is…“There is just not enough time”…sound familiar? I think that you are already going to know what I will say about this….but here you go.

Time is a precious thing that we all seem to have a struggle with. Look at the time that you have for card-making as an outlet not only for yourself…but as a way to make a difference to others. This wonderful little thing that we do is a gift in itself and it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you find that you are overwhelmed…sit back and say – I can do this…because you can – remember it is not Hallmark…it is YOU and that IS the “gift”!







Above you can see side by side the 2 cards. Both super clean and super classic and today Nancy just tweaked it a bit to bling it up! If you were to hold the 2 cards in your hand you would notice the bling a bit more…but the center of the Popsicle is Dazzling Diamonds Paper…and that wee bit of bling makes the card!

In the “stick” – it appears that Nancy used Crumb Cake and heat embossed it to make the stick shiny….another little change! Here is a definite go-to in you are down in the dumbs with your card-making….pull out the heat gun and Heat Emboss. There IS ALWAYS SOMETHING MAGICAL about this technique….as the “I did it and wow factor” happens each time you see the powder melt.








Do you remember what I shared with you yesterday about Bakers Twine? Well yep, today is no different! Nancy used some fun Bakers Twine that we had earlier in the year and just the wee bit of metallic shimmer in the ribbon is the perfect amount of interest.

I think that the contrast of color against the white really makes the difference. The one thing that I m not sure about  is…on the sides of the card where the bakers twine is…Nancy has “notches” on both sides of the card with is a great “resting point” for the twine….I am not sure how she did this but hopefully she will “POP” on and leave a comment about it!








A classic card that will certainly make someones day! If you were to give someone this card in person….here would be a great gift idea! Go to the grocery and buy a box of Popsicles’s…. get the recipient a couple of magazines and in the card write the sentiment and say….Here’s to your special day…..enjoy some good old fashion “me time” and enjoy!

To me, all I would need is a hammock and that would be a welcomed treat! Many thanks to both Bridget and Nancy for sharing thier time and talent with us this weekend. It is a joy to be able to see their work and to share!






I will be BACK IN THE SADDLE on Tuesday and I am hoping to provide a FUN week for you as it will be “MY TURN” to inspire you with some simple and clean cards/projects but more importantly…it will be a week of Blog Candy as this is MY CHRISTMAS IN JULY gift to you!

Please pop back on and we will get the comments rolling. I have missed being “present” from my home computer with you but I tried my best to keep you on your toes! I will upload some pictures of the fun we had while we were away. I did purchase a new camera before I left and I am soooooo glad that I did – you will be able to be “up close” with the Elephants and also see the amazing foods that John and I made at a cooking class!

Enjoy the day and before we leave….her is THE BEST fun fact about Nancy and each and every Thursday I think of her. On Thursday she gets together and plays Scrabble with a friend. I just LOVE that idea and it probably hits home to me because I adore that game and no one in my family likes to play with me…as YEP – I just seem to go for the “simple words”….it is always a conversation when the peeps are home!

Nancy was one of my 1st that joined with Stampin’ Up! She has the most beautiful heart and that wonderful heart of hers crochets her little hands off for people. I feel blessed to be the lucky recipient of her work and each and every time I see it….there is a sense of calmness that comes to me  as I know that it IS a gift of art from her heart!

Now let’s give Nancy some love for being a turtle and doing a card for you today! Stampin’ hugs to all!



Step It Up Sunday with Bridget!




Good Sunday to all! Well…here you go – the 2nd day of our FUN that we have on weekends! Todays card was made by Bridget Trefethen, a team member from the great state of North Carolina!

Well…thoughts???? You can clearly see that we have 2 different cards but at the same time used the same basic elements to create! This IS why I like to do these posts on the weekends…there are sooooo many different ways to take a stamp and make YOUR own mark on it!

A big thanks for the love that you gave Chris R from Iowa (her trademark name)….as her card was super sweet and I am sure that you will give Bridget the love that she deserves as well! I will say…..both of these ladies do not have blogs so this is a great example of being a turtle and sticking your head out….many thanks as I am super proud of them!







Bridget chose to make a fun fold card! I know that there are many of you out there that love fun folds and I was thrilled that Bridget chose to “step it up” with a technique.






Here is the scoop for the “ins and outs” in how she made this FUN card….

  • The Marina Mist Card Stock is 5 1/2″ × 8 1/2″. Score at 1 1/2″  and 4 1/4″. Make sure that you fold and burnish the score lines good. (this really helps a bunch with the overall end result)


  • There are (2) different white pieces. One is 5 1/4″ X 4″ and the other is 5 1/4″ X 2 1/2″. Using the Simply Scored  score all 4 sides of each of the pieces at 1/4″. This simple scoring gives the card not only interest but it gives a bit of texture.


  • The Eskimos were stamped with Basic Grey and popped out with the coordinating punch.


  • The sentiment was stamped on a scrap in Marina Mist and then hand cut and popped up with dimensionals.


  • Bridget used the markers to color….the fur on Eskimos with the Smoky Slate marker –  trim on coat, mittens, and edges of boots with Marina Mist marker and give the Eskimos rosy cheeks with Pink Pirouette marker.








You can see in the above photo that the crisp score lines of the card is what makes it super special. It is adorable as it stands up but it is even more of a blue ribbon winner that it is just a flat card that fits perfectly in one of our regular envelopes! (now I know…this is something that you all really, really like)

On the narrow blue fold I adored how Bridget took white bakers twine to wrap around 3 times and added some excess behind the sweet Eskimo….the “tails” of the ends of the twine appeared to be “curled”hmmmm...I like this and I think I am going to give it a try – it does add a bit of fun 😀







Do you remember that yesterday I shared…to keep in your memory bank the “heart” in the punch? Well….this card is a great example of why. The little hearts that are scattered between the sentiment came from the punch! Punches sure are life savers as they are zoom….FAST!

Trust me….with Halloween around the corner those circles will also come in handy for “eyes”…I think that there are times that we just look at the punch and say – oh, that is for that Reindeer or Eskimo….and not look at the other elements!







Well I think that we all can agree……this was a fun Christmas in July for all of us! I thank both of these gals for sharing. It was so much fun to let them have the podium! You all know that I love what I do and I am soooooo proud of them for sharing. Sharing IS this way that we all learn and trust me….when I get back and into the swing of things – watch out as I am ready to inspire!

Here is a fun fact about Bridget…..when she found my blog and we developed a relationship…she lived in France! How fun is that – her husband and her moved to France for a timeframe (I know it was well over a year) but the minute she came back to the states….she joined as a SUD! Actually Bridget flew over and met me in Salt Lake City for a convention before she became a SUD…a first time for both if us at the home office – fun times!

Also…this is a fun fact – her husband is a coach for a debate team and in August they host a “camp of some sort” for the debate students (I guess that is what they would be called???) Talk about a small world, my daughter went to college right by Bridgets home in Monroe, NC….so if you live in the area…..look Bridget up!

Now go have a great day and thanks for popping in and sharing some time and love with us!





Stepping it Up with Jeanie!



Happy Sunday to you. Great news – our luggage came….just in time for us to move from the little piece of heaven we have been in to another…where the Stampin’ Up! fun will be this week! I have never been so happy to see the luggage even though it was soaking wet and a ripped zipper…there were clean clothes! At the end of the post I will share with you the 1st picks that John and I wanted out of our bags!

I am thrilled that you all gave Ramsey some Simple Stampin’ love with her card yesterday. While John and I have been relaxing I shared with him….the one thing that I love about Stampin’ Up! and blogging is the relationships that not only that I have with you but also the sense of community we have for one another.

Today’s card is from the one and only…and super funny Jeanie Stark. You can check out her blog, Just Stampin’ and be filled to the brim with inspiration. Jeanie and I have known each other for decades…YEP, as I type that I have a flood of funny and memorable times together. We were both Creative Memories Consultants before but I think that the one thing that I specifically remember are our chats about American Girl Dolls when the girls were younger….great memories!

If you follow Jeanie’s blog (and I hope that you do) she has a love for “fun fold cards” – Today’s card that she has created is just that – a FUN FOLD…a stepped up version from yesterdays classic! Please leave her some love with a comment, I am sure that will make her day!







I admit, I do not do many fun fold cards….WHY? Easy…I do not think I am patient enough and I can hear Jeanie right now….saying – NO…they are easy. Truth be told…they are very doable and really not bad at all – it is just a “mind block” for me… and when I do be a turtle and stick my head out…I am proud of myself!

I am sure that when you pop onto Jeanie’s Blog she will share with you the “in’s and out’s” with the dimensions and you will see and say – I CAN DO THAT and then guess what…YOU CAN and I hope that you will!







You can easily see that this card lays flat and therefore will easily fit into our regular envelopes….and then POOF…a LIFT and a TUCK (sounds like we are doing plastic surgery) and PRESTO your card stands up!

You can see in the photos where the card bends and then again, the faceted gem is the BLING that is just perfect with this sweet daisy! There seems to be something just perfect with the statement of this single flower…so classic…so cute!









In the below picture you can see that the card is folded and tucked behind the “for you” sentiment….this is from the stamp set, Birthday Blooms Stamp Set, another keeper that was carried over from the previous catalog.

By simply adding dimensionals to “lift it up” will ensure a perfect “stop” for the focal layer to stand up behind. How cute would this be standing up on someones desk – you know that they would have a HUGE smile.










Before we leave today….do you notice the 2 additional elements that Jeanie did today? Pulling it all together she added the Color Theory paper on the card to match the envelope and also the simple Crushed Curry Ribbon was a great accent. (Jeanie is a queen bow maker – they are also so “perky and perfect”)

I think that it is fair to sum this weekend fun…WOW – I am not only super happy that these 2 team members shared their talent with you…but even happier that we are on this Stampin’ Up! fun journey together. I am blest to call them my Maryland team friends!!! Next weekend you will have more fun from other team members.

In reading the comments I saw that (another one of my team members)  –  Princess Judy shared that this bundle again is on backorder. I am shocked and I do not know what to say but…as soon as it comes off backorder, I will let you know. I am just amazed at the popularity of this product and I am sure that this has been having Stampin’ Up! scratch their heads!

Now to a Jeanie FUN FACT. When I was thinking of this…the one thing that is so true about Jeanie is…she has the most kind and beautiful heart. Jeanie is a Preschool teacher and trust me, the children that are blessed to be in her class will have a great foundation and be one happy student! I adore to hear her tell her tales of the kids….and the Moms….and then a smile – a smile of I love my kids!

Jeanie and I are on TOTAL OPPOSITE time clocks….I am an early bird and she is a night owl…we tease each other about this often when we need to borrow product….it usually is the “trusty mailbox” that does the trick!

We have been through many fun times…to late night crops (into wee hours when we were young) at my house with the peeps being in bed to hear the basement door open and have a peep say….MOM…CAN YOU COME HERE… seeing them rub their little eyes and having them say – I can’t sleep…Mrs. Stark is too happy with her laugh! Jeanie has a laugh that you will hear and then you just have to beam!






Now to a funny….we are blessed that the luggage came (it might not look pretty but it is here) and we have clean clothes. Ever since we were on the plane John and I said “what is the 1st thing that you want from your suitcase”….and just think – this is BEFORE we knew that our luggage was not going to make it! Ready – here it is….







I might be in my 50’s but I have braces…Invisalign Braces. I am on the home stretch of having them and trust me, there is a trick to keeping them clean…and YEP – liquid soap and a toothbrush does the trick…the foam type. The peeps get a kick out of me putting soap in my mouth! I have never been so happy to have my soap back and John…poor guy – he is such a trooper but has been wanting his lotion back!

Are we a pathetic pair or what! Life it great and we are having fun….no news from Randall Lane so there is the icing on our cake! Let’s give Jeanie some love for todays card and a HUGE thank you to the Maryland Duo for their willingness to share this weekend….see you Tuesday!





Stepping it Up for you – LOVE IT!







Happy Sunday… you go – a wee bit stepped up! I honestly love this card and you betcha that I will make more of them to send put personally as I truly think that it is a classic! You just cannot go wrong with a classic card that has a bunch of “white space” to make a statement!







As I thought….it was going to be a challenge for me to step it up as I was super happy with yesterdays card – I skimmed the comments from yesterday and I took the lead….emboss the white square and that is what I did! Super Simple!







I admit, I was skeptical if it would work because of the detail of the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder but I was proven wrong. It worked like a champ and there are no tips that I can give to you because it was as easy! I follow the tips from the video and it worked like a charm!







Below I have (2) pictures for you that were my secret weapon for creating this card that makes it safe to mail. You know that I adore and use inexpensive fun foam all of the time for larger areas that I like to “lift up”








Please do not get me wrong, I love our Stampin’ Dimensionsals and I am over the moon with the new Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals but I find when I have an area that is larger….it is just as easy to cut a piece of fun foam and adhere.

When this goes through the mail…the “solid mass” of the fun foam will be compressed in the envelope….with no “peaks and valleys” from the dimensionals. (I hope that this makes sense)

Here are the dimensions of this sweet card and I hope that you will make it. Please remember if you do not want to make your own custom envelope with the Envelope Punch Board like I did, you could easily use just one of our regular envelopes!



  • Card base is a 4 1/4″ square card made out of the Thick Whisper White
  • The Pear Pizzazz is a 4″ square
  • The White Embossed piece is 3 3/4″…..and then the medallion is from the Eastern Beauty Bundle and also I used the largest circle from the Layering Circle Framelits.
  • The sentiment is from the You’ve Got This Stamp Set.
  • To make the custom envelope, use the Envelope Punch Board and cut a piece of paper to a 7 1/8″  square and then punch and score at 3 5/8″ with the board (this card size is NOT on the punch board size recommendations – I have a sticky note on the bottom to remember!!!)


I hope that this helps inspire you to make this card. I think that you can see that this is a super simple card….but it has a very classic and “looks hard” feel. I do know that the one thing we all struggle with is the TIME ELEMENT…..and again, I GET THIS because I am just like you.






As I share yesterday….I was not sure how I would step it up and truth be told I never made it into my work area until this morning as I have been having FUN FAMILY FUN with the peeps…and this took no time to whip up – the typing and editing of the pictures is the piece that takes the time!

Well…..OFF I GO….into the kitchen to make Blueberry Pancakes from the picking yesterday – we knocked a punch off of the to-do list but the tennis did not happen – we decided to have a breakfast feast and then play! (hmmmmmm, we’ll see how that goes)

The one thing that we did that was not on the list and it was FABULOUS was….we set off fireworks – I wish that I could have shared some pictures but I totally forgot to take any as I was in my glory of being together! Peep James loves to do this and because we live in the middle of nowhere…..we can have some beauties… Dad was so happy to be with all of us and he was amazed with the color and beauty of the fireworks!

Have a great day and I hope that no matter where we are in life….this sentiment of You’ve got this is a great one!




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