Stepping it up for your Sunday!



Good Morning my cyber friends…and here you go…..the stepped up version from yesterdays card! To me, my pick is today’s card and I usually do not come out of the gate saying that this quickly but there is just something about this simple card that make me smile bit bigger today.

We are dealing with the same basic elements with some additions. I hope that these 2 day shows you that you can make some simple and minor changes to get a different feel and texture.





Here you go…side by side ~ you decide! I am the very first to say that I adore a white card….but you can still have a bunch of white with a POP of color to get a great end result.

I have a bunch of pictures for you and I will share with you some tips and tricks to make this a great card! The card is the same size as yesterday, a 4 1/4″ square card and I did keep it a white card base but I added a piece of Sweet Sugar Plum to the front before I added the embossed 4″ square piece.

I admit, I love our thick White Card Stock and I am still doing cart wheels that we will be having THICK VERY VANILLA with the new catalog….we are all going to love and appreciate this great addition!





Here you go……I hope that the pictures and tips help you see this a a fun and doable card. Basically it is the same as yesterday but I added the bakers around the mouth of the jar 3 times – so easy with adding fast fuse and wrap away!

Because you are letting your “inner florist” out….and that is what I attempted to do – I added little sprigs of linen thread behind where I will place a flower. WHY???? I am not sure but I will say the end result is a keeper! ๐Ÿ˜€






Adding the linen bow with a simple glue dot is the easiest and fastest way to adhere. How I added the “sprigs” of linen thread was simple with a wee bit of green glue and letting them “set up” a bit before adding the flowers!

I know that it looks like it has a bunch going on but trust me, when it is in your hand – YOU WOULD SMILE!





I love pictures like this one below….where you can get a good visual of the concept up close! I know that these are fire flies….but you have to admit, they add a fun interest to the “arrangement”

Another tip I want to point out is the embossing……I used the Petal Burst Folder but any folder would do the trick. They just give an instant “feel of texture” that makes the focal point POP!





Here is your picture to pin….I hope that you do and I hope that you try this with LOTS of color options and different DSP’s – this card could go with sooooo many cards that we send, Birthday’s, Thinking of you….a simple “Hello” etc…..





Have a FABULOUS day and I hope to inspire you on Tuesday with a TIP that I think you will find useful. This one is about how easy the internet is in helping us!

I love what I do and I love helping you…we are all so creative in so many ways and by helping and sharing, we reach goals that we never thought that we would try or achieve!





Stepping it up….a wee bit!



Happy Sunday and WOW – I had a great day yesterday…getting lots accomplished but the BEST part…a PEEP was home! I just love it when the PEEPS are home! Still no news on the new Itell critter but if it is nice enough today….I am going to try to catch the dumb donkey and clip him!

I have to tell you – they are not the smartest of animals and you would think after having him for 12 years – he would like me…but nope, he doesn’t! He is awfully cute and he does do a good job being a babysitter to Arnold but other than that – he is a lawn ornament.

Here is you weekend fun of seeing how I take a card, make some simple changes to show you that there are always ways to make things “just a bit different” We are working with the Special Reasons Bundle.





This is the picture that you all seem to enjoy, being able to see them side by side and then YOU decide. The main differences are:

  • Instead of fussy cutting the smaller flower on yesterdays card… I just used the smaller flower stamp in the bundle (I really should have done
  • that yesterday….Silly Susan) and i will say I much prefer the one today because I like the shape and I like the white space around the edge of the flower – to me, it makes it pop!
  • I added some linen thread loops – this always gives a soft look and feel.
  • I changed up the sentiment….I made today’s into a banner and then used the bone folder to curl the banner
  • I added some clear droplets. These are not Stampin’ Up! but I will say that I love them. They are a simple yet FUN accent to add to a card to make it special. You can click here to see the product.







I have some great close ups for you today and I am sooooo happy that I was gently nudged by you all to use the Tip Top Taupe color and you are soooooo right~ it is a great neutral.

Enjoy the pictures to see up close the changes that I did. Please do not forget to use your bone folder to soften the fibers in the paper with your flowers. This gives them an instant softness and depth to the card.

I love these clear Droplets, a perfect little accent. I have a confession….and I probably should have re-done it but I didn’t. I bumped the droplet that is in the center of the flower and the green glue bled into ink. They usually dry clear (like you can see the other ones) but I thought that I should do as I say……this is handmade, not Hallmark! ๐Ÿ˜€








Let’s chat about the banner…..I forget to do this and I will say that when I do I once again say, Silly Susan, this is a fun way to add a sentiment. After I stamped and adhered it to the cardstock, I took the bone folder back and forth to create a “wave like feel” and then POP a GLUE DOT into place…PRESTO ~ so cute!





The picture that makes my heart happy….the one with the envelope! The icing on the cake each and every day. I think that I have hooked many of you to always give your envelopes some love……now a super easy way to do so is also to USE UP THAT WASHI TAPE that I know you all have.

There are always ways to use products that you have. Can you imagine if all of us put ALL OF OUR STUFF in one place – we would be “SET FOR LIFE”ย  – now I call that one great party! I still think that we need to have a creative island for us to get away to – we would have a blast but if there was a section for knitting – I just can’t go there – I tried to learn to knit and let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty! ๐Ÿ˜‰





Enjoy your day and I wish that you could see me talking…dealing with the dumb donkey –ย  my goal is to get him in his “Sunday best” and then take him and Arnold down to the front field as the grass is coming in so nicely and sweet Arnold loves if down there.

It takes 2 of us to do this because if Arnold feels that his donkey is not near him….he panics and I will you could see me with a lead shank around dumb-dumbs neck as he drags me down (actually he thinks he is going somewhere special…..little does he know he is at the same place – different field! (he really is not the brightest) but he does do his job well in helping Arnold.

You all have a GREAT Monday and I will see you on Tuesday – I have an A HA MOMENT for you that your are going to say – now that was easy!





Step it Up Sunday!




You know the drill….it is time to see how I “stepped it up a bit” from yesterdays card – some of you have an INSTANT like and then many of you could take either one.

This stamp set/bundle, Bunch of Blossoms is a versatile one and when I was typing up this post I found another great card that did before and there are some great tips with it – you can CLICK HERE to see that postย  and HERE for another (silly Susan, it was a weekend post before but heck – what can I say….it’s a keeper set.) ๐Ÿ˜Žย 






Here you go….side by side – YOU DECIDE! Darn, the camera does not do these cards justice but I think that you will see the close ups that have for you – the POP of color is fun and remember – this paper pack, Tasty Treats is NOW A SAB FREEBIE!!!!

Personally, I think that it was great that SU added 3 super papers to choose as a SAB item…we all love paper! (make sure that you see the offerings below at the end and use the correct numbers to get them FREE with a $50+ order)







This fun and bold stripe DSP makes the watermelon wonder flower POP off the page. I love yellows but I do think that So Saffron wins my heart because you can put it with bolds, and it works… can put it with subtles, and it works….it is just a great color with so many papers that you put with it.

Do you see the subtles enamel shapes? Isn’t it amazing how these little fun shapes add not only a dimension….but it adds a fun flair – with the saying, less is best works! When I use them I like to use 3 of them….there is something about “3” that works each and every time.






The sparkle embossing folder was used on both cards but it is interesting at how “a color” embossed gives a totally different feel. The size of the embossed piece is 4″ X 4 1/4″ and I just adhered that with fast fuse before the “fun” is added just like yesterday.

Something that I did not mention yesterday, I used a bone folder to gently curl the flower petals before I adhered them to the circle that I put the flower on. Helping the fibers of the paper to get softer with the bone folder makes a world of difference.





If you wanted to “conserve” DSP…you could take the time to measure the paper to fit in between the embossed piece…I did not – but you could easily do so with little extra time.

Same drill as always, a pretty envelope to finish the fun card. I really hope that the mailman does smile when he see a pretty envelope!







Here is your card to PIN….I had an email that some were having issues PINNING yesterday. You should be able to just hover over the picture and the “P” will pop up and you are good to go. I will check into it tomorrow to see if there is a glitch…..




I have had a L O N G past several days and if you have emailed me, I will be playing “catch up” tomorrow. It is amazing at how tired you get from driving and also how tiring it is just being away from your own home, your own routine. I am so glad that I took time to take my Dad to see his brother. It was fun for the 2 of us to be together.

The amount of days is changing again….only 6 more days of SAB left….only 6 more days let of DOUBLE PAW PRINTS for you! I will be back on Tuesday but feel free to email me if you have any questions or need help. Monday is my “catch up” day so I will do my best to get back to you!

I am off again today to spend a day with Jeanie and Rosanne – we are going to a class and I know that we are going to have a FUN time….this was planned WAY IN ADVANCE before I knew that I would be going to Uncle George’s….but you know how we always find that inner energy to make it happen and I am SUPER excited to learn some new techniques.








Step It Up Sunday!




Here you go….day #2 of our weekly FUN together! I have a TON of pictures because if you are anything like me….you do well with visuals! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I am going to let the pictures tell the story but I hope that you give it a try!

If you had POPPED onto my blog before I copy and pasted Susan’s article…please pop back to yesterdays post to read it – I know that you will be happy that you did as she is one amazing person that I have upmost respect and admiration for!

Here is the picture that you are used to each weekend…the one that they are side by side…. Darn I wish that we were all together as you really need to see and feel them! Before you judge, see the pictures below…the water~coloring is so fun…and you can CLEARLY see that it IS doable on Very Vanilla Paper, just have a soft touch!






Now for the TON of pictures….sit back and enjoy! ( I guess I should do a video) ๐Ÿ™‚ It really is simple – follow the below steps…look at the pictures!

  • Stamp the “lady” on a 3 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ piece of Very Vanilla in Early Espresso
  • Take the “mask” that you created and place over-top of the stamped image and then stamp the scene in Soft Suede (this just some how seems to work – I did not use any stamp position tool….the size of the paper and the size of the stamp just work…(moral of this story is – just go for it – the girl..the scene….it all seems to work out in the end ~ remember, its Handmade not Hallmark)
  • Stamp the lady again on whatever DSP you would like and fussy cut out the umbrella and dress, adhere with green glue
  • Water color quickly (again, not stressing…it just works out) I used the Aqua Painter because that is what I am most comfortable with but the colored pencils would e super as well. You are just trying to add some interest and depth
  • I matted the finished piece onto a Soft Suede Mat that is 3 3/8″ X 4 3/8″ I think that little pop adds! I added a piece of fun foam to the back to pop it up….true you could use a bunch of dimensionals but I like the “feel” of the solid lift and it goes through the mail perfectly.
  • The Very Vanilla Piece that is against the Soft Sky card base is 4″ X 5 1/4″ and then I scored it on all 4 sides twice – I think that the scoring with the classic water-coloring makes a great statement
  • Adhere it all together and stand back and SMILE! ๐Ÿ˜€






You can use sooooo many different products to mask from….stick it notes, regular paper and then put a removable adhesive to the back but what I like it a product called Inkadinkado…..and you can see that I am linking it to Amazon for reference….I like this because I can use the mask many, MANY times before re-doing it. (It has a great adhesive on the back and 1 pack will last you forever)

To be honest with you…..I made a dozen of these cards to have on hand and was able to use the same mask for them all! This truly was a fun card to make and I will say, I was proud of the end result…you see – I STICK MY NECK OUT LIKE A TURTLE and try new things! ๐Ÿ˜€

I just HAVE TO put in there – NO STRESSING about cutting this out – YOU can DO IT – I know you can! I like to keep my masks that I make in the stamp set that it goes with so I am not doing a search and rescue when I need it in the future.








In the below picture you will see the clean and crisp image of the girl…it is sunning just like this (I think) You could play around with different colors and keep it super simple. You can clearly see that the “points” on the umbrella are there even though you did not fussy cut them on the mask.

Sometimes I think that we “over think” things….like masking but it truly is a wonderful technique that will open many doors for many stamps that you have!














Now to the close ups that will show you the true beauty and ease of this whole process. It truly is super hard to put into words but hopefully I have shed some light for you!

I was super pleased with the end result and I hope that you enjoy the close ups….just looking at the image makes your mind say – wow, I would love to be there.









Well, I know that this was L O N G and a ton of pictures but I hope that I inspired you! You see…when you have great materials to work withย  – anything can be accomplished!

Please do not forget to pop back to yesterdays post to see the other version of the card and also you will see up-close the fabulous stamps that made this card.






Enjoy this Sunday and I hope that you are able to find some inky time for yourself. Please look at the stamp sets that you have and try this masking technique. Remember, a piece of “post it” would work perfectly to create a mask. It is just amazing how you can make an instant depth with this technique.

I honestly do not think you could ever go wrong with both of these stamps that I showcased. To me, they are classic because the art work in itself sets the stage. You can see that I do not have a sentiment at all on the front and to me, it looks great!

Remember, jammie shopping is SOOOOOOO on trend – so HIT that PAW PRINT and get some goodies…..and while your at it – make sure you watch the totals to get FREEBIE from SAB…..we are on the home stretch! See you Tuesday!






Stepping it UP for your Sunday!



Good Morning and here you go! I am scratching my head and saying….why in the world did I wait so long to blog about this fabulous and fun stamp set, Bella & Friends! It is just one adorable stamp set.






Today is all about the stepped up version from yesterdays card….please click here to see that card and now tell me….as it is up to you ~ so side by side…YOU to decide!






The card and masked off inked area is a single layer and wow, it was super easy to do! The photo will tell the story but in a nut shell, I used a low tack masking tape and here is a tip…

Just to be super sure that it would not stick to the card base as I peeled it off after I did my blending,ย  I took the tape I touched the tape to my hand to make sure that the “sticky” is minimal…and then I taped it to the card base before I applied soft sky ink and blended it in with a blending tool.

You can see in the below picture that I opened my vertical thick whisper white card and then simply laid the tape down to make a rectangle. There are lots of great tapes/products out there to do masking but today I just grabbed a low tack masking tape.

I would like to do a video one day showing you how easy it is and also creating an interest on the center of the card like this is an INSTANT WOW because if makes for a great focal backdrop.





I know that I will be asked what did I use to blend it. I say use what works for you. Many people like sponge daubers but I think that for a bigger area like this it is too hard to use them (They are PERFECT for the highlights on the clouds) you could also use a sponge as that would give you more flexibility, you could use blending brushes but what I like to use as it just seems to work for me is the Ranger Mini Blending Tool.

You can see that I hyperlinked it to Amazon and the reason that I always pick on Amazon is the fact that I know I will find it there but you can get these at any craft store. I do know that some people prefer a simple sponge but for me I feel like I have more control and I have a steadier pressure….just a personal preference!





After I stamped the image and colored it as I did for yesterdays card, I fussy cut it out an then POPPED it up with some dimensionals. So fast and easy yet so effective.

I forgot to add in the products that I used for today at the end of the post that the clouds for this card were from the bundle….Lift me Up Bundle and if you want to see a fun card that I did with this bundle – please click here!

This bundle is one that I would not pass up on at the bundle pricing. Remember, if they go into the Annual Catalog, this bundle pricing will not be offered….so get it now and you would be soooooooo close to a SAB item – add some adhesive and get a FREEBIE!






The best tip I can give you about fussy cutting is simple…..JUST GO FOR IT! It does not have to be perfect as heck – what is perfect…I have no clue and if your cutting needs some help, just take the marker and go around the edges so do not see the white from the paper….works every time!





One last look for you….I just adore and use ALL OF THE TIME the DSP paper Stack. They are always the perfect touch to finding a DSP in a jif that will work well with a project.

Well I can say that I do love both cards and I would smile if I received either one. I do think that it is the great artwork on this stamp set that wins my heart! To me it is kind of like the Merry Mice Stamp Set that we had in the Holiday Catalog….we sure did have fun with those little guys and trust me, they will never leave Randall Lane.





There you go…another 2 day post for you and I already have in my pea brain what I in mind for next weeks 2 day post. I know that you are going to like it and I also know that you will be amazed at how easy it is to pull together.

I will not see you until Tuesday but please feel free to email me if you need something! Remember, if a chicken can have blue hair….and people can go to Walmart in their jammies….than YOU can easily have permission to shop away in your jammies and not have to do your hair!

No judging on my end – hit that PAW PRINT below and get some goodies and play with ink and paper! Bring out that inner child and have FUN…as I know and believe that WE ALL have an inner talent – let it out and shine!






Step It Up Sunday….she’s back!!!!



I have been kind of quiet with the girls the past couple weeks so I thought that this would be a great addition to the card this weekend! Each and every time I see them, I crack up laughing as the expression on this one…says it all ~ I think it is the hair that does it!


I have to say, yesterday was fun. It is as simple as that.

We yacked so much…went to the ribbon store….went to lunch….back to my house…continued yacking and tried to attempt a make that Deb provided (she is soooo talented) but time was against us but have no fear – we have planned the trip toย  Richmond next month where we will pick up right where we left off!

Needless to say that they did not do the card for today but I will say that I asked them their thoughts and Deb chimed in and said, I think that the balloon would show up better if it were white…and so that is what I did and I LOVE IT! She was soooooooo right, the white just made it POP!

So…here you go, side by side you decide!





I am happy that I was able to showcase this stamp set below as I thought that many of you would have missed it in the catalog ( I am going to try to use another stamp from this set this week) to show you the versatility of if. When I see circles…which to me equal dots and dots make me happy – it is already a winner in my eyes!








Here is a close up for you. I did the same as yesterday with the balloon using the soft sky and night of navy. I am AMAZED at how easy it is to put the color behind the cut out balloon. Whomever designed these framelits did a fantastic job! I will say the other thing that I did that was “easy street” was that I cut out the balloon and I already had the adhesive on the back because I used Stick It adhesive sheets and WOW – that makes like even easier!






Now lets chat about to Phyllis…she is lovin’ her balloon ride! I used the aqua painter to give her some color (so saffron) and then that hair of hers….a total mess and just as it seems to be on trend to have odd color hair….I just did it in soft sky and then “highlighted” it with some marina mist (This is about as close as I will ever come to becoming a hairdresser) ๐Ÿ˜€

I just put a glue dot under that MOP OF HAIR and one on her neck and she is safe and secure! I think for sure yesterday’s card is going to Uncle George but today’s card…it’s going North to brighten one of my readers day!








One more look at Phyllis in her glory as she sails up, up & away…I will say – my pick…TODAY’S card as Deb was right – the white balloon really made the fun background that I made with the whisper white craft ink fun!

Did you also notice that I change the was I used the sentiment. Today I made it into a banner as I notched off the ends but the addition of the So Saffron accents made Phyllis stand out (and we all know she likes to stand out) ๐Ÿ˜†ย  (I can’t wait to hear what Chris R has to say about Phyllis today)





Here is what you love, the measurements. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! This is one that I am going to make up in a bunch of different colors and I think that I am going to keep the sentiment the same as you can easily stamp a “Happy Birthday”….”Thinking of You”…..etc…in the inside!

  • The card base is an vertical A-2 card, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ in Marina Mist
  • The White mat is 4 1/8″ X 5 3/8″
  • The Navy Mat is 3 7/8″ X 5 1/8″
  • The Marina Mist is 3 3/4″ X 5″ and stamp in whisper white ink using the Playful Backgrounds Stamp
  • The Banner is 3/4″ wide and then I matted it at 7/8″. I did stamp the sentiment and heat set it with white embossing powder.
  • The accents are from the Subtles Enamel Shapes.
  • The Balloon and sentiment are both from the amazing bundle, Lift Me Up!





Well, I did it…another 2 day post and I hope that I “Lifted you Up” This really is a great bundle and the color ideas are endless with being able to add color behind the detailed balloon.

Remember, this is the last month to grab a freebie from Sale-a-bration and also with an order of $75+ I will send you the whisper white craft ink! When I showed Jeanie the card yesterday she immediately said – where did that DSP come from….it is soooooo true, this stamp set really gives up an endless opportunity to make our our fun accented paper!

Enjoy the day and I hope that you are able to “lift someone up today” – random acts of kindness are ALWAYS the best!





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