Simple Stampin' Tips and Tricks for storing Bakers Twine and Ribbon


Here you go my organizing friends. Here is another topic that sometimes stresses us out. For me, 2 things that stress me out about Bakers Twine are:

  • The creases  in the bakers twine because of how it is packaged.
  • Pulling out a bunch and having it tangle.

I have several of these containers and they are PERFECT for my needs. I always keep the rolls from ribbon to use for other uses like this and also my son Will loves them for his classroom! (o.k. – he likes the rolls from the ribbon but doesn’t want to craft with dear old Mom)

Here is a link of the container from Amazon, I do know that you can find it at Bed, Bath & Beyond (don’t forget your coupon) but for some reason I am not finding it on the site….this is the best that I can do for you but remember the dimensions are 12″ X 4″ X 3″. What I like to do is take the spools with you when you go so you can make sure that it works for your needs!


Simple Stampin' ideas on how to store Bakers Twine


These have been game changers for me. I have several of them in drawers that I can simply pull out and see exactly what I need! I have on a wall a ribbon organizer that really is more of a pain than what it is worth. It is a great visual but I find it not to be super user friendly. I use that for discontinued ribbon, we all love our ribbon and we use it up until the roll is gone!

Ok…ok….here is the TYPE A in me, I use the handy label maker to mark my Bakers Twine…WHY?????? Easy = Items come and go so often and I adore Bakers Twine and honestly, I really do not shy away from using it – here is a link from Amazon, (by far the best price)

Remember, this label maker comes in all different widths and colors of tape – have fun!


SImple Stampin' Tuesday Tips and Tricks, How to store Bakers Twine


I hope that this post has helped you and has also “rang a bell” in case you are like me….not liking the creases in the Bakers Twine! Have a fabulous day and until tomorrow……go and make someone smile!





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