My Mom was the best. My Mom was wise. My Mom cared. My Mom taught me a bunch and one thing that she taught me and one thing that I love to do is make even the simplest of things look special….so the moral of the story is, packaging DOES make a difference.

I am feeling alike a 3-armed Wallpaper Hanger as I am getting ready to attend a Stampin’ Retreat with 25 others that I have never met! Talk about going out of the box…but I know that it will be a fun and educational time. (Trust me, I will blog all about it as I will be the BIGGEST sponge for you all) to report back to what I have learned!

I like to take a little goodie to those that are coming (and because I do not know a soul, I do not even think they know who I am or know about my blog) so I wanted to share with you my goodie. The main reason I am sharing this with you is because I encourage you to look at “dressing up you packaging”…even if it is something as simple as these chocolates!





Backing up…..I was coming home from a Horse Show and what did I pass on the Highway….a LINDT CHOCOLATE OUTLET!!! Naturally a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do and that was – GET OFF THE HIGHWAY and shop!

These little boxes were the PERFECT and oh so easy way to share (4) truffles with my “new 25 friends” (nothing like a good piece of chocolate to bribe someone) 😛





I am trying to do my best to continue to use up DSP that I buy and with Halloween right around the corner, I say….USE IT UP! I took a 2″ X 8″ piece of DSP and scored it at 2″ and then it fit perfectly in the little box. For the “Haunted House”, I was able to cut a 2″ square and I fit them in one by one….and wow – super cute!

The ribbon….yep, clearance rack and I say…when ribbon is on the clearance rack – HOP ON IT! I personally love this cotton ribbon for packaging/gift giving as it makes a beautiful presentation. (The Hello Honey is great for Fall and Thanksgiving)





Do you remember when they updated the clearance rack several weeks ago? – I hopped on it and I am thrilled that I bought this ribbon. I encourage you to sneak in there often to peek around, sometimes they add things and we all know what happens then….HIT THAT SHOP NOW BUTTON!

I know that my “new friends” are going to think that “I am sweet…. with my chocolates” and I am super excited to meet and learn. (I admit, the supply list that I need to bring is “foreign to me” but I am going to have a open attitude and grow….I just hope that I can keep up) I have learned, chocolate and stampin’ are like peanut butter and jelly!!!




I hope that this post has enlighten you to have some packaging goodies on your shelf…just in case. You will be sooooooo amazed at how often you reach for them when you look at something and say, how can I make this look special! Do you remember how I packaged my treats for the kids for Halloween? Please do not overlook the offerings we have.

I just LOVE to make simple things look pretty and I hope that this has shown you that YOU can do it….EASY-PEASY….It doesn’t have to be something super expensive to deserve pretty packaging…..

Speaking of super cute…..look at the Pumpkins that are on out Porch! I hope that this makes up  smile….you see…in it’s own way, a simple pumpkin with some “added love” made a difference! Keeping it simple…..








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