Tic-Tac-Toe…NAILED IT!




 Do you ever had times when the moon and the stars just seemed to line up and work for you?



This is how I felt about the project I am sharing with you today! Below you will see the game board for the week and I hope that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Website to see what the other Team Designers came up with!

I have a video for you (that I made last year) that will make you an expert in making these fun poppers! I think that you will find the instructions – “SPOT ON” and you will be whipping these up in minutes! I make them all year around as they are always sooooo well received and face it – people just love them as they are so fun and festive!

If you are going to a friends house for a dinner together, make up these and take with you! Your hostess will love the unexpected fun it brings to the table….if I am going to lunch with someone…I often make one and tuck it in my purse – again, very unexpected but always remembered! This is a GREAT WAY to use up old DSP that you might have!!! (hint-hint)









Do you remember on Tuesday I shared with you how priceless Jeanie’s expression was on her face when I said I was going to Walmart? Well…I got her again!

As we were “chatting up a storm” she asked me…have you worked on your Tic Tac Toe project for Thursday? Quickly I said no….and then she said – it’s due today!

YIKES – I totally forgot that this is the week that our design team that we are both on are showcasing….then I said – what does the board look like – she said…1st row – Metallic – Anything but a card – Green…..without another word I said – DONE – Say no more….I’m making poppers with the Frenzy Foil Lemon Lime Twist….

WOOT-WOOT….I felt like doing the HAPPY DANCE…..and guess what….her glasses went up on her head….her jawed dropped ….and I smiled! 😀 







Well…there you go….a fun and festive post for your Thursday!!! I admit…I re-watch this video to be sure I remember but at the same time I still have that “happy feeling in my heart” when I make them – they are just so fun and easy!









Here is a “cheat sheet” for you to go by. Please watch the video as I will walk you through all of the below steps but I think that these will help for that “at a glance reminder” of making these!


  • 6″ X 4 1/2″ piece of DSP or Solid Card Stock
  • Score at 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 4 1/2″ – use the bone folder and score well!
  • Starting on the little one (the 1/2″) punch at 1″ and FLIP and punch at 1″ again…..(do this for all of the scored lines, folding down the paper on each fold) The Video will help you and once you make one…..it’s like riding a bike – YOU’LL GET IT…and CAUTION: These are ADDICTIVE to make! The key part is the PUNCH and the FLIP!
  • Use a strip of Tear & Tape on the center part and simple glue dots on the little end pieces.
  • Tie off one end…fill and SMILE!


Have fun and please find a bit of time today to give them a try! You will be sooooo happy! See you in the morning! 😀

p.s. – Here is another GREAT TIP that will surely be a win-win for you and the recipients! These would be a fantastic idea to take to a Nursing Home and even a School…..do not fill them with any candies but fill them with an inspirational message…a quick note of “sunshine” and for the kids….maybe do a sort of scavenger hunt – you can see that my mind is always thinking!!! 😛





A sweet treat & the movies!


HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you! I am going down memory lane with you today and this is a lane that EACH AND EVERY HOLIDAY our family watches….Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation…..I know – I know, it is a rather silly movie but it just makes me laugh until tears are rolling! Keep reading….


I bet you are thinking…..where in the heck are you going with this?????


Well…yesterday while I was working on my kits I went to You Tube (one of my favorite places) to watch some videos and I thought of this silly movie and burst out laughing!

I saw that Stampin’ Up! had a bunch of videos showcasing the new products from the Holiday Catalog …so I was Chevy Chase in my jammies!

I thought that this sweet Popcorn Box would be a sweet treat to showcase to you…..it has been around for a while but it is soooo fun to whip up! I did not have any POPCORN….so “gummie bears” were the treat to my Movie Theme gift that I made for my PEEP and his sweet girlfriend….a night out at the movies!







In the short time that I have been a SUD (5 years), I am just amazed at how Stampin’ Up! has grown with the technology and marketing for their products. I simply cannot show you a better overview of a product than these great videos.

I have picked for you today my top 3 videos as these products are already on their way to Randall Lane. (keep reading….)

I highly encourage you to subscribe to the Stampin’ Up! You Tube Channel. I often go there to watch a product spotlight if I am unsure of how to use something correctly (like the Dynamic Embossing Folders as they have a different “sandwich” for Mr. Big)

Grab a snack and take some “me time” to watch these….as I think that I know you all pretty darn well and you are going to agree….they are “keepers” and it is exciting to see the demonstration! (I am sure your mind will be swimming with ideas for the future)




We all LOVE paper….get ready to “oooh and aahh” over the new kids on the block….do you have a favorite???  Please share yours….can you guess what mine is????






This “Ain’t your Grandmothers Quilt”…hang on as this IS ONE FANTASTIC Bundle…it is soooooo fun and fresh with an unlimited amount of possibilities….you WILL see this a bunch and guess what????….making a handmade Quilt IS on my “bucket list” – I always am in awe of the beauty of a quilt, guess I need to start with paper!






This beauty below surprised me….yep…I am not a fan of snow but heck, what are you going to do? After you watch this video you will see that this is soooo much more than “another snowflake stamp/bundle” – How about the sentiments on this stamp set…..F A B U L O U S!!!





Now one thing that I am NOT a fan of…..is the fact that the Stampin’ Up! Holiday catalog is not “live” for customers until September 1st! (I really wish it was earlier) as once September rolls around….it is a SPRINT of upcoming holidays and who likes being soooo rushed!

That’s why the simple thing of being a being a Hobby Demonstrator is the smart choice. (over 95% of SDU’s are) Do you realize that I can give you the numbers of these bundles and you can make this your starter kit?

  • The Quilt Bundle is $45.75
  • The Snowflake Bundle is $46.75
  • Throw in some DSP…Quilt paper stack is $9.00 plus (2) more DSP’s at $11.00 each and you are there!



I’ll help you with the math…that brings it to $123.50 and you just pay $99.00 and it SHIPS FOR FREE!


I did it for the discount as I love the products….it really is that easy!

Did I think I would stick around – NO WAY!



You can have the new goodies NOW and not have to wait. (plus if you order again, you will get an instant 20% off) but if you do not want to order again….that is totally fine!

You would have until the end of January (that’s right….end of January!!!) to decide if you wanna stick around! Please email me and I will be happy to share with you the numbers to add to the starter kit. For $99.00…how can you go wrong. It really is that easy!

The PERK FROM ME….I will give “new hobbiest” the DSP Swatch books for the new upcoming catalog. You all know that I love doing product shares and this is always a popular item…the swatch books!

I am amazed that paper, stamp and ink, brings me so much joy! Just look how something so simple can be so fun. I often say that I have an addiction – stampin!…this IS the best addiction we could have….creating and making people smile….priceless!





I could have just given James these movie tickets and said “Have a great night”…but trust me – taking the time to present THIS to him…PRICELESS….that’s how I feel about this paper, stamp and ink thing we do and love!

Enjoy the day…until tomorrow….




Get ready for a SMILE!



Good Morning….I feel like it is Christmas Eve….do you remember the feeling when you were a peep and you just could not wait to wake up for Christmas morning…..that was JUST THE BEST!  Well…that is me today as I am leaving to meet a fellow PAL….for let’s call some “continuing education”  😀

This is a little “something” for my dear friend Michelle. We are escaping away for 3 quick days to be HUGE sponges to learn. laugh and have FUN! (I call this my POST TAX SEASON Wife get-away for being the “queen” wife)….and John – he is off to go fishing way before you read this quick post 😀

Do you see the sentiment? It is super cute…RIGHT???? Well this is a NEW kid on the block! You know me, I just love sentiments sets and this just seems to do the trick for a sweet gesture!






I think that we forget the fact that we have so many ways to make smiles with adding a little “something ~ something” to a basic white box to bring a smile to ones face and a pitter -patter in their heart!

When I make things like this….I think of my Mom. My Mom was the QUEEN of making people feel special. She taught me that it is the extra little touches that make people feel special.

It truly does not take much extra time and the end result is a WIN ~ WIN for all. All I did was cut the DSP to 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ and then matted it with Sweet Sugarplum just a wee bit larger, 2 5/8″ X 2 5/8″…add ribbon and then the fun!





Let’s chat about the FUN on TOP…this is from the Dragonfly Dreams Bundle…and guess what? This IS being carried over but not as a bundle. Just look at the fun elements of both the stamp set and the framelits…so why not save an extra 10% now? (I have the line up at the end of the post)

This is not only so on trend, it is just elegant with the details that it has and the sentiments…..need I say more – A KEEPER!






I would LOVE to get some comments going on ….do you like to fru-fru when you give something to someone? I must admit, the “inside” is not as important as the packaging to me….do you ever feel that way?

I think that is goes back to the Christmas thing….my favorite part was the stocking as my Mom would put all sorts of odds and ends in there and I would just be sooooooo excited…and naturally they were all wrapped – I could hardly wait to get the little goodies opened!

I hope that this post reminds you of “less is best” as it is the thought that counts that makes the difference! Guess what tomorrow is….YEP – BLOG CANDY….so I hope that you will pop back in because – WE LOVE OUR BLOG CANDY…and remember – “life is always better with friends”




It’s all about the details….


Wow….wasn’t hop yesterday SUPER SPRING fun? I hope that you all had time to hop 21 times as there was so much talent out there. My head is swimming with ideas and I am excited to do some CASING!

By now, you know that I love packaging as I think that it is the icing on the cake that truly makes a difference. I think many of you forget the great packaging products that we have.

Today I am using the Glassine Gift Bags ~ it is simple, I would never be without these bags as they are simply the best for my big cookies. My family likes (and makes comments to me if I change) BIG COOKIES and these bags are the perfect accent for 2 BIG cookies to fit into.

True, you could just go ahead and give them in the bag but I think that the way I did it today is SOOOOOO much more fun and special! Because I used glue dots to adhere the fun flowers, I bet you could easily pull them off and re-use them on a card! Sounds like a winner to me – what do you think?





I shared with you yesterday that I was going to be show casing this stamp set for the next 2 days….or I shall say – the bundle – Special Reason….as it is one special bundle. (I adore how the framelits cut out) and I also coupled it with one of my all time favorite thank you sets, One Big Meaning!





I used this stamp set last year for one of my Classes to GO! (kit in the mail) and it was a smile maker to me to pull it off the shelf for you! I think that it is important to have a couple great thank you sets, and this one is a keeper 🙂 I adore the fonts and whenever I see this….I smile – it fits the bill for many cards that we make…





The next 2 pictures will show you “up front and center” the details of today’s post. One thing that I will say all the time is…USE IT UP – if you have ribbon that is not current with Stampin’ Up!….guess what – USE IT UP…..This ribbon has been discontinued for make years but it still works…again, use it up!

In the 2nd picture you can see that I placed a piece of Washi Tape over the staple….again – USE IT UP! This is a quick and fun accent to make the fun sparkle…

It is truly about the little details that not only make it special but it also makes you feel great! Try it….you’ll be super happy.








You might be saying to yourself that this must be a pain to adhere….see the picture below and you will see the tip for you ~ LOVE THOSE GLUE DOTS!

Always tell yourself (as it is soooooo true) ~ there are many ways to get some accomplished without frustration!





I hope that this has inspired you to take an extra step in making someones day….cause’ I know it will….trust me! Enjoy the day!

It is truly amazing what we can do with crafting…stamping…creating  ~ let you talent shine as I know your efforts will make a difference to someone….GO FOR IT! 😀




My 3-D Valentine fun…..

What can I say but WOW….yesterday’s post was OUT OF THE BALLPARK and I thank you for giving Mary Ann the love that she sooooooo well deserved! Is that truck amazing or what! 🙂



I am still under the weather (and I never get a cold) and my poor nose….I feel like Rudolph but this will all past….and I am determined that today will be better! Enough about me….let’s look at this SUPER HOT 3-D that I made!

Now I must say…with this incredible work of ART that took me forever – I can just FEEL THE COMMENTS coming my way! 😀




M&M’s are a classic. For just $1.00 you can make someones day by purchasing this tube of classic calories and then do a simple fru-fru and trust me, you will be a ROCK STAR!



You do not need me today ( but I always hope that you know that you can email me with questions) but I will say (as I have said endless times) – Do not be hard on yourself if time is against you – there are ALWAYS ways that YOU can make someone smile with a super simple gesture like this!

The DSP is 4″ X 5″ and I put tear & tape all around and adhered….used some ribbon………added a simple heart with a sentiment and BAM – DONE!




I apologize that this is a short post but really this is all that needs to be said – go find something simple and add your flair and TRUST ME…you will shine an be soooooo happy that you made someones day!

I will say that YOU all always make my day….and my peeps and John will often pop onto my blog and say – WOW – you had a ton of comments…..that makes me feel so good but what really makes me feel good is know that I inspire you to reach and try……

I know that I was  loser :- ( in not replying to all of the comments yesterday but honestly, I am not feeling the best and heck) – YOU KNOCKED THEM OUT OF THE PARK!!!!

Fingers crossed that we will have a great Simple Saturday….but I hope that you have  FABULOUS FRIDAY and I hope that my super hard 3-D inspired you to try it…..as Mikey says, TRY IT….YOU MIGHT LIKE IT! 😕

p.s. – The M & M holders are GREAT for quarters! I am famous for snitching every quarter I see in the house as it goes to my motto that I say in our house – “Quarters for Clean Horses” – as this is how I stash them and keep them in the truck when I have to go to the Laundry Mat to do the glamorous job of washing horse blankets!!!! 😀






Bucket List #2 ~ CHECKED off!




I am blessed….I need to say that again, I am blessed!


When I saw this truck I melted (it was pictured in the SAB Catalog) ….and as much as I knew I wanted to see it made in person, I knew that I did not have the talent, patience and time…so the LIGHT-BULB went off and I shot my dear friend and customer an email to see if she was up for the challenge!

Game ON as she was excited  😀  and in the mail went the stamp set to her! Mary Ann has sooooo much talent as she is one that often (really just about daily) leaves a comment and it is a GOAL for me to meet her one day!

This SUPER FUN food truck was made with the SAB FREEBIE stamp set, Tasty Trucks. I it is just adorable and even better…. is is free. I shared with you last week about a BUCKET LIST and true, I would LOVE to have a food truck! I have it all planned out in my head! 😀 In the adorable note that Mary Ann wrote to me, I burst out laughing when she said….“You can now cross #2 off your Bucket List!”




Doesn’t this just make you smile? I admit, I have a cold…and I feel like my head is a bowling ball (and I rarely get sick) but when this was in my mailbox yesterday…it was the BEST pick-me-up one could ever have and I was soooooooo excited to share with you!

I do hope that you give Mary Ann some COMMENT LOVE and let’s hit it out of the park as this is OUT OF THE PARK! Please feel free to ask her some questions if you have some… I cannot credit the super patient person that came up with these but here you go!

(click below)

How to make the Food Truck

(Good LUCK – and maybe I need to give it a try – heck what’s more grey hairs sprouting!)

This was shared to the PALS from Mary….and again, I apologize that I cannot give proper credit to the patient person that created this – for some reason I think that these came from the home office!


Side view…..this is just a SMILE MAKER plus it had Hershey Kisses…..it doesn’t get much better than that!




If you read my comments when I respond, I often refer to Mary Ann as the Sheep herder…..below you will see why! She made this for me probably 2 years ago and it proudly sits at my work area so I can see it daily!

When I tried to recreate it….mine looked like Rod Stewart.… I can remember sending her a picture of mine…(she was complimentary to me but I knew it looked ridiculous)  and I will say it created a great laugh! I know that many of us do not do a bunch of 3-D’s but they are actually fun! Mary Ann has taught me to try……pop back tomorrow and you will see a “Susan 3 -D” – in a SIMPLE WAY!

My Truck will go right up in my work area and I will smile every day when I see it. I am really serious about having a food truck one day – We often have a dicussion about what to name my business – we all know my truck needs a name….any ideas? This is my vision….you all know that a “happy place” for me is being at Horse Shows…well most of the shows that we go to have food trucks .

I told John that this just makes sense….I could have a food truck – help pay the expenses of the horses being shown…I would be in HOG HEAVEN….(sorry Daisey) as I could take care of many of my loves…..COOKING….BEING WITH PEOPLE…..BEING WITH HORSES AND DOGS….I COULD SCRAP IN THE DOWN TIMES….heck – I should have a mini studio built on the end of the truck!





This is how sweet Mary Ann is….one for me and one for my dear friend, Jeanie (now she is also super talented with 3-D’s and I am sure when she gets her paws on this truck ~ she will make one as well!).….she will cherish it as much as I do!




This food truck means the world to me because it reminds me of the fun and friendship I have gained by becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. It’s hard to put into words as most of my local friends simply “don’t get it”…but I will say John and the peeps know many of you by name because I talk often of you.

I started this fun just about 5 years ago to get a discount and then I was going to do nothing…..cause it really is as easy as that….but I sure am glad that I stuck around because the friendship and sheer inspiration of this wonderful journey is the best….

I would LOVE for you to be on it with me…..email me and I will be glad to share with you how easy it is and how you truly have nothing to lose…no obligations to sell and the great thing…you get a discount each and every time you want something! 🙂


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