Let’s HOP….into SPRING!



Welcome to the Pals’ March Blog Hop. We’re so glad you’re here because ”Spring has Sprung” – at least on our blog hop if not outside! Our Design Team created beautiful projects to inspire you. You may be starting the hop here or coming from a previous Pal’s blog. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find the full line-up below to help you move, or “hop” along from Pal to Pal.







Good Morning and are you ready to HOP?


I sure hope so as you will be one tired bunny hopping from 27 different Blogs of inspiration – I say….put on those hopping shoes and get started! This will be such a fun hop this month as who would not welcome a parade of cards to help push SPRING into our crafting lives!

The East Coast has been wet…wet…WET and we have mud, mud,,,MUD so I will gladly take a bit of sunshine and also some COLOR! I have a SUPER SIMPLE card for you that is just so simple to make but in my “simple eyes”….it carries a big statement!

It just “works” when you have the right products at your fingertips and you let them do the work….let them shine and bloom!

The stamp that I am working with is the Incredible Like You Stamp Set. The minute I saw this stamp I knew it was going to live on Randall Lane! By now you know the way that I look at a stamp to determine if it needs to come to little old Williamsport, MD….and yep, it made the cut!

  • It’s a Photopolymer (my favorite)
  • It has AMAZING sentiments
  • I adore that there are (2) different fonts
  • The (3) dots…(music to my crafting loves)
  • The (5) lines….super fun and would be STELLAR stamped tone on tone in Versamark for a fun background.







When you pair this great stamp with another Blue Ribbon winner, the Happiness Blooms DSP….you have an INSTANT POP of WOW! I just love it when this happens as you can just let the products do the work and the end result – an adorable card!

As you can clearly see…this collection of paper is super bold but to me…it is a must have as the colors are classic and fun….the prints are just fun and fresh and the scale of the prints are great for card making as well as for 3-d projects!










The WOW of POP that makes this card work is the use of a simple Punch. When we can use a Punch and instant smile comes on my face as punches are just so easy to use and they are so very effective on a project.

This punch, the Daisy Punch made its debut last year and this is one that I would always have in your stash as let’s face it…it’s a classic and who would love a little POP like I am showcasing today for you!

When Stampin’ Up! comes out with a punch….it always has a home as to me, punches are just so easy to use and Stampin’ Up! does them sooooo well…..you can see that I did not adhere the petals of the flowers as they look great with the petals curls up a wee bit.

I try to work on groups of odd numbers as it is easier on the eye and it balances your card out. By adhering 2 of them flat and then POPING up the 3rd with dimensionals…the pop instantly happens!







Here is the last star of the show….another Blue Ribbon keeper that just has to be in all of our homes….the rectangle stitched framelits. These are just the basics that will make crafting fun. I often blog about the fact that if you have the “basics” then you are good to go…


It starts with having the right tools & then letting them do the work!


Trust me, I am the very 1st to realize that there are soooooo many products out there that we could fill our house with them….just ask John – I say it is a good thing that the peeps are out of the nest as I have now took over Hannah’s bedroom!!!

Having framelits in the basic shapes…circle, squares, rectangle etc…are your “go to’s” for creating without stress….and these puppies…with the stitched details are the icing on the must have cake!










In the picture above you can see that all I did was take the same size of rectangle and let them be the focal point….I ask you, how easy is this? I feel like sometimes we try to make things harder and I know I too am guilty as charged with that…but I am now facing the fact that IF I want to stamp, play and create….I have to do it efficiently so simple just works for me!

Here is one last peek at this sweet card….SIMPLE right? I sure hope that this put a smile of your face and I hope that I was able to show you that using the basics and letting them do the work….will ultimately work for you in a great card!!!






More inspiration awaits! Use the Blog Hop Line-up below to visit the rest of this month’s Design Team. My fellow Pals are excited to show you what they’ve created! Don’t forget to show us some love by commenting on our creations. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 10, 2019 when our Hoppin’ Pals share their “Families First” projects. Don’t miss the fun!

Have a GREAT day and I thank you for popping onto my blog today…you have a bunch of hopping to do….so lace up those shoes and get going – I will see you next month! May we all have a BUNCH of SPRING in our steps today…. 🙂






3D Fun – Valentine Quickie!




Hello and I have a FUN one for you! This week it is the SUPER talented Debbie Henderson from Debbie’s Designs with a fast and easy project that has a huge wow factor! Not only will you be able to print off a free PDF with all of the dimensions and super pictures to guide you through with ease ….Debbie has a Video that I am super happy to share with you as well!

Below you will see the lineup of Debbie’s beauties and then you will see mine with MR. FROG!!!! He is back and ready to make you smile! You can clearly see that they are soooooo different in the feel….but they have the one same common thing – SUPER CUTE and EASY to make!

I think many of you are hesitant to do 3 D projects…but I invite you to get out of the box that you are in and give it a whirl! A project like this is easy, very inexpensive to make and the end result is a KEEPER!









Trust me, I GET IT….as I am a total You Tube lover and that is the way that I learn, get inspired as well! I am also sharing with you one that I made from Debbie’s great directions with my wonderful friend, Mr. Frog! You can easily see that these take minimal supplies and my hunch is….you already have a tin of product right in front of you that you could use…..






I know that you all love pictures…and I am the exact same was as being able to visualize something makes me get excited to re-create! Enjoy and now I know what you need to do next is…..go to the Grocery Store and get the Chocolate Hearts!

If you are anything like me…when I am out and about shopping…I always snatch up seasonally treats as we all know…. is is FUN to make someones day with something a little special!













Here is my little frog! I used the paper from the Broadway Bound Collection…..remember…LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE…..it only takes a minimal amount of supplies……and also, please do not limit yourself to a Valentine theme – this little project could brighten anyones day!









Here is the PDF from Debbie (click the image below)…..have fun and remember….we are ALL SPECIAL ,,,so go get some chocolates, whip up some and pop a treat in your mouth as you make them….you deserve it!!!




Now go have a GREAT DAY….make someone smile and more importantly….YOU SMILE as you matter! I am meeting some friends today to do a bit of “coloring therapy” ….a perfect way to spend a Winter Day!





3-D Thursday…love, love…LOVE!

Hello and get ready for some inspiration that is going to make you say….now this is a FUN IDEA! I am tellin’ you…these ladies are just too darn tootin’ creative!

Today’s inspiration comes from the talented Sarah Wills….and did she make me think and make a list of all of the people that I know that would adore this concept!

Heck….who wouldn’t love a yummy cake in a mug…sweet and easy….but also fun, different and yummy!!!



Below I have some pictures that Sarah provided showcasing this adorable and fun project and at the end you will be able to do what I know you all love to do…..CLICK A FREE PDF that you can go back and reference to!



I know that many of you will say….where in the world can I get these cake mixes?



Well…here you go! First they should might be in the baking aisle at your grocery store or if all else fails, AMAZON to the rescue!!!! Here is a link that will at least let you see what to search for when you are at the grocery store!

These are super little and you can clearly see in the pictures that Sarah provide that they are a super gift to give to someone and I can almost guarantee that the recipient would say….THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!


Here you go….

It is a SINGLE serving cake in a Mug

and just look how sweet this is packaged!



No photo description available.




My head is already swimming with finding the perfect Coffee Mug to add to this super idea! This is just a fun and oh so different gift to give…. truly the sky is the limit for “gifting these gems” 

I just adore how well this sentiment works with this project…..it is from the Coffee Cafe Photopolymer Stamp Set….this was a carried over item that when it came out….it was such a hit and just look how Sarah worked the coffee sentiment into this fun project!

This is what I love about photopolymer stamps…they make is easy to alter and just image how you could also easily use the word of “SOUP” and put a soup mix in the Pillow Box!!!




No photo description available.



No photo description available.



If you are looking at this and do not have all of the extra supplies…now worries – my bet is that you already have MANY things that you can fru-fru up with…the main concept is the sweet Pillow Box and the idea of it being a “single serving”



Image may contain: text



No photo description available.



Ready for the PDF…..here is is – CLICK HERE and then go to the grocery store!


You know what I always say about a project….go ahead and try it! while it is fresh in your head! If you do not have a stash of these Pillow Boxes, than you need to CLICK HERE and order some PRONTO as they came in sooooo handy for a quick gift!

You know that I am all about packaging and doing things that are fun & different….simple & practical….in summary – a KEEPER! I will be whopping some of these up when I get home and I will share with you my take!

I am still out of town with my Dad but heading home tomorrow (fingers crossed) Milo the perfect is with me and we are both anxious to get home before snow is to come later in the weekend but truth be told….I want a schedule and my own bed back!

Have a great day and who knows….maybe I will post over the weekend…..!!!!




Warning!!! Cuteness ALERT!!!!



Happy Friday and do I have something that is just TOO CUTE for words! I am always amazed at the talent that is out there and I am super excited to share with you!






Debbie Henderson from Debbie’s Designs has a snowman that will make you want to flock to your “fun area” and make this cutie up!

Backing up…I was asked to join these fun and talented group of gals and every Thursday for one of us to inspire you with a fun 3-D project and this week it is this SNOWMAN that is just ADORBS!

Unfortunately last Thursday I missed posting as I was tied up with my Dad and health issues…and again, I am right back at his town with a medical issue! When it rains….it pours!






I am adding a couple for pictures for you all to enjoy of Debbie’s adorable snowman and I hope that it inspires you and touches that “whimsy side of you heart”


Here is Debbie’s AMAZING FREE INSTRUCTIONS on how you can make this – CLICK HERE and then print them off! You will be so happy to have this to follow step by step!




Enjoy the evening….be safe and please keep my Dad in your prayers….we are happy with his care and tomorrow he will be having a pace maker put in!

Hugs to all of you….and trust me, you are my strength and inspiration to keep me going!





Bring on the OREO’S!!!


Hello and Happy Thursday! It is 3-D Thursday and today is is the super talented Sarah Wills turn to wow us with a fun 3-D project and I would say…..


She did and “ELF” of a good job!!




I’m sure that you are like me and smiling as it is just adorable and who doesn’t love a good old fashion Oreo Cookie! Do you have a favorite?… I am the classic gal of the Chocolate with the Double Stuff….but here is a fun fact for you…there are 32 different flavors of Oreos! Naturally I have to google it but YEP…check it out here for yourself!

I always think it is super fun to have a sweet project like this to pull out to make someone smile! And the best thing is…Sarah has provided for you the instructions as well as a template for you to recreate this yourself!






Sarah made hers with the Peppermint Bark Oreos….(that is a new one for me….and she found them at Target) Well….I will be on the HUNT for this flavor as it does sound yummy lending itself to the season!

Sarah’s Tip:  to keep the filling of the cookies from marking the inside of your cello bag whilst you fill it, put your cookies into the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm up that filling and voila!   They are much easier to stack  in the bags!

I loved the fact that she did use Glimmer Paper but if you do not have that….you could easily substitute it with white and wouldn’t it be just adorable to put a big Jingle Bell on the tip of his shoe?







You guys know me by now…little projects like this are right up my Simple One-Way Alley as this would be easy to make and a guaranteed smile would be on anyones face! Heck, you could also add a Peppermint Stick to it as well.

Sara used the sentiment from the Takeout Treats Bundle…that is being retired but I would take a peek at this one as I think the variety of Occasions and the fun box are just too cute for words! If the framelit part is not for you….do not overlook this stamp set as you could easoly use a punch or snips to cut an image out!







I am sure that you have also felt the amazing love, compassion and simple sense of respect and peace that our Country has been having this week as we mourn the loss of George Bush!

The below picture just about did me in. You know how I feel about my animals and this sums it up! Animals teach us so much and they also love us so unconditionally. What a blessing it is that these trained animals can have the heart and dedication to help aid and protect someone in need.





Now go and download and print off Sarah’s AMAZING and OH SO CLEAR directions ( I soooo appreciate them) – then hop to the grocery store and get yourself some Oreos!

Here you go… ElfShoeTemplate…..have FUN and here is the FABULOUS directions for the entire project!





3-D Thursday FUN!


Good Morning and welcome to my first post with the 3 of the  OH SO TALENTED ladies that are a part of the 3-D Thursday Post..Twila Davis, Debbie Henderson and Sarah Wills. I have a funny for you before we get into this post…you know me, I love to share stories with you!

If you are new to my blog….WELCOME and you will quickly learn that I love to craft (duh!!!), I love my peeps (they have all flown the nest), I love my animals (dogs, horses, a beautiful piggy, and a dumb donkey).…I have the sweetest husband in the world (John) and the thing that I like most of all about my blog is that I love to share my love of crafting and life with YOU and it is my goal to make sure that you understand every step and what makes me roll! OK….moving on!

Back in October I received an email from Sarah Wills and honestly I thought it was spam/junk mail…basically a huge joke. I did open it and she was asking me if I wanted to join these ladies with this Thursday FUN that they so graciously do each and every week! I immediately thought….this is a JOKE….me???? Simple me that loves 3-D’s but mine are about the most basic things that come down the pike!?!?

I admit, I did chuckle and when I responded I said….are you sure??? I know that we are all perhaps in the same boat of following other blogs…..and YEP – this Thursday 3-D group of talented gals I have followed and I have also made and shared with YOU some of their ideas!

Well….here you GO! I make these each year and each year I am always beings asked…..can you send me the dimensions of how to make a decorative check holder! Well…here you go! The most important thing to remember is…..there are NO RULES in how or what to use to decorate them however I think that these Snow Flakes are just stunning!






My main objective to decorating them for you this year was to show you how you could easily do a Masculine Twist to it buy having a “Search and Rescue” session with your DSP that you have hoarded away…..(I know that YOU ARE OUT THERE)….Well let me ease your pain in trying to think out of the box!

There are GREAT option with the Twinkle Twinkle DSP and also the Best Route DSP (this is really one of my favorites and I believe that it is (sooooooo overlooked). We all know that there are some handsome plaids in the Holiday offerings but for today I wanted to share with you how you probably already have something that will work!

The next thing that I wanted to showcase was this AMAZING and classic Snowflake from the Limited Edition Snowfall Thinlits – and TOMORROW IS YOUR LAST DAY to grab them as they will be retired. Click here to see a post that I did yesterday using them, There is just something so special about a snowflake!





Have fun scrolling through the pictures and at the end of the post you will see that there is a PDF for you to use for a reference. One thing I always share with you all is..when you see a project that interests you….I would STOP and make the time to make one up – that way you will get the feel of what you are reading and seeing with the pictures. You do not have to go through all of the fru-fru details of embellishing it…it is just to get a good and solid feel!

Here are a list of bullet points that I feel strongly about in having success with this project… (I know that you all probably already know all of this….but just in case)

  • Use the Simply Scored Tool  – I know that our trimmer has a scoring part to it but honestly you will see a deeper and cleaner score line with this tool. This goes in my “MUST HAVE BASIC TOOLS” for a card maker!
  • Use a Bone Folder – Again, having the right tools makes all of the difference in the world. Using a bone folder will ensure a clean and crisp image.
  • Use a super strong adhesive – In my opinion, I love the tear n tape for most 3 -D projects. I just think that it allows for a super strong hold!
  • For adhering paper and embellishments….I still have a bunch of Fast Fuse and I do LOVE IT but I also highly recommend the mono glue (aka green glue). I am personally not a fan of our snail adhesive but I realize that many adore it….
  • Do not make your “belly band” too tight…this is something that always seems to happen when you make your 1st one. I simply fold one side over and then repeat for a loose crease and then I remove it and give it a great score with the bone folder!





Any small punch will work, I just used the 1″ one!



You can see that you use a minimal amount of DSP….just try to be clean and tidy with lining up the pieces! Take the extra time to line things up is a great habit to get into for always walking away with a professional and classic look!




Here is the star of the show and it is SOOO darn tootin easy to make and it has a huge WOW factor! I wish that you could see it in person as it is quite a beauty!

I was tickled with the look of coloring in 2nd image (I cut it out of vellum) with the Stampin’ Blends! Naturally this is optional but it does make the layering interesting. I did use the  Blend on the pearl as well!

As for adhering them….because I used some of the Sparkle Glimmer Paper….I did use several glu dots to hold them in place but have fun with dimensionals etc….remember, no rules…just use up what you have!





You can see on the one to the left I did heat emboss a sentiment from the Beautiful Blizzard Stamp Set. I know we all have many options that we could use but honestly most if the time I let the “fru-fru” from the front be the only adornment!

Here is a GREAT IDEA – if you have someone that love to travel…and/or if you are giving them a trip….WHAT FUN this paper is! I was super excited and also the bicycle print that is also in the Best Route DSP….that is another keeper to make for a project like this!





Remember…the sky is the limit with how you can have fun with these! This has been such a fun paper. A quick fussy cut of Santa did the tick! We all have a smile on our face when we see this sweet paper.




Well…there you go my friends! If you wish to subscribe to my blog…just put your email in the box! It is under my picture on the upper right hand side of my blog! Below you will see the PDF for you to print off if you wish.

Please do not hesitate to send me an email of you have any questions about the project! I would also love if you leave a comment and let me know how you like this project. I feel super blessed with a great group of “blog groupies” and we sure do love to yack back and forth!

Pop back tomorrow as I will have a great smile maker for you that is not only super easy….it is a project that you could whip up in no time and you will have a bunch of “new best friends” as they will LOVE IT!

Here are the the 3 talented ladies that graciously invited me to join this Thursday fun….please grab a cup of coffee and enjoy seeing their talent…I know your jaw will be dropping! It is just a blessing that this thing that we love to do with our hands…can take us all over our great country and develop friendships!

Twila Davis – Stamp A Little Longer

Debbie Henderson – Debbie’s Designs

Sarah Wills – Sarah’s Ink Spot

Click below for the printable PDF for you!

3-D Thursday Check Holder




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