A Trio of fun with Mr. Pumpkin Chum!





Happy Weekend…I told you that I was going to share some more fun using this bundle so grab a cup of coffee because I have a trio for you! I think I know my customers very well and with that said I know many of you are intimidated by doing 3-D projects.

I hope with all of the pictures that I have for you it will inspire you to think out-of-the-box in give it a try. As I shared in my last post I truly believe this is a very special bundle… and of course you need to get the bundle… as the framelits are wonderful and who doesn’t like to save….I’ll take a 10% discount!







Trust me, everyone that I give something like this to always has a huge smile with a huge thank you! They truly are so easy to put together an once you learn to make them you will use them over and over every year.

We can learn the “how to’s” and then each year pull the same concept…possibly change the stamp and DSP… and presto you have a new project!

Here’s a little secret for you…It might be the same project… On a different year… but those same smiles and thank you’s will be on the recipients faces that are lucky enough to receive them!







You know me by now… I love the watercolor using the aqua painter.Today I chose to heat emboss with black ink and then sprinkled clear embossing powder over and heat set it.

Why? Easy….I wanted to share with you another way that you can watercolor without stressing out.I feel when you emboss an image and then use the aqua painter it is very, very easy to get amazing results.

The reason that it is so easy is the embossed lines create a little “wall for your water and ink” to stay within the lines. In the second picture below you will see is super close up picture of how I use additional layers of ink and you can see the watercolor look and feel it gave!










To make this fun origami style….DSP treat holder… You can click here to an old post that I made making the exact same thing! You can easily see that this is a great example of how I have reused…and repurposed a concept… Just updating it with current product!I

In the picture below you will see that there is a great substitute if you run out of linen thread. Just remember… We always have tricks up our sleeves! I know all of us are you in the same boat…the boat that has way too many products– my biggest tip for you is look at what you have… and use them creatively!!!








Now let’s move to these adorable test tube treat holders…I am just giddy about them and with my daughter Hannah working at a research  lab at Duke University…you better believe that I will be having plenty of test tubes going her way!

These gems are first made their debut in a paper pumpkin kit…You can click here if you are a paper pumpkin subscriber and still buy that kit refill….and Stampin’ up! now sells them as a standalone product – click here to see it from the NEW Catalog! (I think they are just adorable and they are the perfect little sized to put a little something in with a quick little add one of the fru-fru and Bam– you’re done!)







You can clearly see that I have a ton of fun playing with the ribbon! I basically opened up my drawer of ribbon and just pulled anything that I thought would look fabulous with this project… the only color I was missing was pumpkin pie!

I put my thinking cap on and I think I have another fun idea for you.I took a very small sliver of pumpkin pie card stock and then after using the bone folder to soften the papers fibers… I wrapped it around my pokey stick. You could easily use a pencil to get the curls and presto I have a fun ribbon like element!!!







Now let’s touch base on our final project. It is the adorable little container of a box that has the seasonal chum pumpkin on the front and his little bum on the back of the box.

Making a quick and easy box is super easy… The picture below show you exactly how I trimmed the ends to make it form into a box. I did decide to add the polka dot DSP around all four sides but you easily could skip that step if you want.You know me well enough… I love a fun presentation!





To make the box I took a piece of pumpkin pie card stock measuring 4″ x 3″…I scored it at 1 inch all the way around and cut up as shown.I like to use fast fuse adhesive to hold the box together.It is super strong and you know it will stay together forever!

Wouldn’t  this be just adorable to give to an office worker… a teacher…someone in a home to have by their bed…or even a table decoration! I just think little things like this are so much fun!





Well there you go… a post filled with fun ideas for you! I hope I was able to inspire you and I deeply thank you for popping in today!

I am doing well even though I think I over did it a bunch this week. This talking to my computer is a dream in trying to keep my posts going.  I look forward to posting as soon as I can!





Tic-Tac-Toe gift in a BOX!





Here is a FUN idea for that “hard to think of what to get” friend. Let’s face it, we all really do not need anything BUT there are times that we like to make someone’s day!

I took full advantage of the game board this week and went straight across the top – ACETATE-BOX-CELEBRATE! Make sure that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Site to see what the other designers came up with!







I hope that you can “get this idea” as it is a great concept and just think of all of the “products/enclosures” that you could put in this little  box of fun. First, the White Box is on CLEARANCE and how can you go wrong, (let me answer itYOU CAN’T) for $3.20 and you get 8! HIT THAT BUTTON!

This box has the the makings for someone to make (5) gift enclosures with adorable envelopes and eat some yummy chocolates while doing it…and heck – the chocolates look super cute as well!







It was super hard to get a good picture if the inside but it does fit in there perfectly. Are you wondering why I put an odd number (5) of enclosures in the box?

Let me share my method to my madness….I chose that number because I have (5) of the squares that I used to decorate the box! I used a temporary adhesive to mount them so all you would have to to is take them off….add some adhesive and PRESTO…..someone can make a sweet enclosure in a jif!

I also added the banners of Trick or Treat as well as some dimensionals….. so all Suzanne has to do is trim the ends and she is good to go! This really is a DIY gift of fun!







To me, this is the best Halloween Stamp we have in this catalog. Not only is it a super stamp set….but the BUNDLE part is a punch…..now that makes ALL OF US happy!

There is a little something for everyone but the real star is….THE CAT PUNCH! I knew that this cat would be flying off the shelf and yep….you need to purchase this as a bundle….a win-win all the way around! Punches make life so fast and easy.

I did not use the cat punch on my enclosures today but you can see that I did punch a bunch out…..tied a white bakers twine bow around and popped it in my box. Susanne is a huge cat lover and I know that she will put them to get use!

Don’t forget, the punch will pop out the cat image on the DSP….how clever!







One thing that I love to give as hostess gifts are tags. Wouldn’t this be an amazing idea to do making Holiday Tags?

I do not worry one bit if I am giving Holiday tags to someone and it is super close to Christmas….the way that I look at it is….they will ALWAYS get used and trust me, it would be a HIT of a GIFT~

Think about birthday enclosures…I just was squealing with excitement when I created this – it is a win-win because it is super clever but it is super useful!

Remember, handmade will TRUMP a store bought gift any day…and not only will you feel great….the lucky recipient will love it as well! You see…it’s FUN to think out of the box!





Holiday Stocking fun!




Good Morning and Happy Labor Day! Today I have for you the other great way to use the Tags & Trimmings Bundle from the NEW Catalog! I was thinking to myself when I was playing around with this framelit….Why does this bundle make me smile… why does it make me excited to use….and why is it on my “tops of must have’s”?

Well let me answer that. It is super unique and fun! It is MUCH BIGGER (the stocking) than you think making it quite the “fun statement piece” to your crafting fun!

I will do my best to walk you  through this but I am going to say….I might need to “cave in and do a video” as I think it would be a huge help. Videos are not my strong suit but I do think that there are tips that might help! I hope that the pictures will shed some light into this fun bundle.






Below is a collage of pictures that will show you the size and the way that the pillow box “works” with the stocking. In hindsight I should have used a different color of card stock to show you but we’ll get through it!

You can click on the picture to make it larger but here are some “key points” of each picture.

  • #1 – showing you the size proportions….the overall size dimensions of the pillow box is roughly 2 1’2″ X 4″ and I have laid a gift card on the stocking to give you a visual of the size of the stocking….it is much bigger than you think…roughly 2 1/2″ X 6 1/4″ (that is from the corner to the end of the toe)


  • #2 – To make the stocking into a pillow box stocking you use (1) stocking and just (1) on the pillow boxes…you adhere the pillow box TO THE STOCKING….this is why you only need 1


  • #3 – The is the flip side that I think gives you the visual of the “connection of the 2”…you would be putting a wee bit of adhesive to the rectangle piece and also to the other long side…..put it together and SMILE!


  • #4 – You can see how the box is finished and it is directly behind the stocking….a BRILLIANT way to have a place to put a gift, a check or even a note wishing someone a wonderful holiday and then they can proudly hang the stocking and think of you each time the see it!






Whew….I hope that that explanation gave you a better idea of the “how to’s” – Let’s move on to more pictures….(we all love our pictures as “visuals” are our friends)

Clearly the sky is the limit as to how you can decorate these. The framelits in this bundle we so well designed that the guess work has been eliminated for to let your creativity go wild! The gem I used the fun paper from the Merry Little Christmas DSP pack and then I used the Garden Green to give the greens an off set. The neutral of this is Very Vanilla.







Here you can see the details a bit better. When I stated that this was so well thought out….just look below and you will see what I mean. The snowflake is in the bundle as well as the stitched star. There are many framelit elements that can be used with many other projects/cards you will make!

I have yet to master the “how to do” with the hanging of the ribbon (probably the right way) but here is the quick way I did it….I punched a hole and knotted the ends of the ribbon and it worked! A gold faceted gem in the center of the star was the perfect amount of bling!






I used the stamp from the stamp set of the bundle to add a sentiment to the front of the stocking. Don’t you think that these are jut too cute for words? I am excited to hear your feedback.

Before we get to the next example I want you to get an idea of the size again…I have had emails form people saying that they still have a stocking punch….well that is GREAT but this is totally different – these are sooooooo much bigger and being that you can make them into a 3-D project makes them fun!







Now here is another way that you can use them! You will read in the pictures some of the tips and why’s but wouldn’t this be adorable as a table favor or to give to co-workers for their desks. Again, the sky is the limit with how you can use them and how to decorate them.

This guy is the traditional holiday colors of Real Red and Garden Green – the Quilted Christmas DSP Stack is a perfect compliment to this. Wrapping Hershey Nuggets seems to be a “peanut butter and jelly” thing for me during the holidays….they make a PERFECT compliment.

Enjoy these pictures…I think that they show you the fun you can have. I am just giddy over the pom-pom die that goes under the band of the stocking….do you agree – these framelits are just so well thought out!













I know that I mentioned it above….but I had a bunch of people email me about the size of the pillow box. Below you will see the one that we used to have (you see….I do keep some “keepers”) as I started to sell it with retired inventory but then I changed my mind as it is a fun size as well.

The one that I blogged about on Saturday is roughly 2 1/2″ X 4″ – the perfect size to slip in a gift card. I hope that this helps and you can see the retired one is much bigger.






WHEW….this was a BUNCH to try to put together for you and I hope that I was able to accomplish the “scoop” on this bundle. I hope that it helps you see the versatility of this bundle. Please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

I knew that I was going to love this and true, it is more steps to make but I think we all can agree, it is super cute and to me…it is a work of art and love. I am excited to continue to learn ways to put this together but I think that once I get on a roll with them….I will be ROLLING!

My Dad does not put up a big Christmas Tree anymore….but you bet that he will be getting several of these to enjoy. They just are too cute and the sky is really the limit in decorating!

Enjoy the holiday and please be safe if you are traveling! Thanks for hanging in there for this long post…..





I am smiling…too cute!




If you are anything like me…you can remember the first time you flipped through the new catalog and you said – WOW, I just HAVE to have that! Well, that’s what I did with page 15 with the Tags and Trimmings Bundle. I knew that it would be on the Brown Truck rolling down Randall Lane.


I ask you, How cute is this?


My head immediately starting swimming with ideas on how I would use it. The very first thought was the stocking – sooooo cute and just look at all of the trimmings there are to jazz it up! Next was the pillow box (I think that’s what you call it)….I can remember inside I was sayin’ yippee – a fantastic way to “gift” a gift card!






Today we are going to see the Pillow Box and pop back tomorrow and we will see the stocking! Stampin’ Up! does not have a video on this bundle yet but my bet…they will as it is going to be a fun and popular bundle that I am sure that many would enjoy a video (fingers crossed that they do or I might need to) 😐 

Before we get going into the tips and tricks that I found when making these….I wanted to share with some of the amazing photos that are in the catalog! I love it that Stampin’ Up! has these available for us to share! (click on them to make them bigger, the details are just wonderful)









Here is the Bundle and yes, I would get the bundle as you will save an instant 10% and the stamp set is a classic to use for other projects, The fonts are fun and I like the “thickness” of them as they make a statement.

One stamp in this set that you will use over and over as the proportions of it are fantastic for card making….is the sweet snowflakes and dots (I love my dots). The picture below the bundle is the 5″ X 7″ piece of all of the stamps after I “condition” them  –  I tuck this in my stamp case for reference..







By doing this I accomplish 2 things…they are ready for me to have a great clean and crisp stamp and it is a great visual.

I know that this sounds crazy and you are probably saying Silly Susan….just look at the front of the case – YEP, you’re right…the images are there but I like to stamp them myself to get that “look and feel” – to me…it’s kind of like holding a catalog in your hand or looking at one on line – they both work but there is noting like having it in your hands!






I am sure that many of you remember we use to have a pillow box that was much bigger than this one. It retired and I can remember the buzz with SUD’s and customers of the “oh no’s” why did it retire? I can’t help you there but one thing I have learned….KEEP IT if something retired….if you like it – why not keep it? Only you know what works for your needs.

Here are some tips that I discovered while making this….hang on to them (I would pin one of the pictures so you will always be able to come back to this post) that I think will come in handy. It looks like a bunch but it is very straight forward, I know you all enjoy the “in’s and out’s” and you know me, I love to share tips!






  • You need (2) of the Pillow shapes (dah, I know that seems straight forward but…) and you can get (2) from a 1/2 of paper
  • You will cut one of the “flappy rectangle ends off”
  • Use your bone folder – this makes a huge difference with the sides and structure of the pillow box






  • The score lines on the short sides….these are curved (dah again…pillow shape) so the best way to score them it to keep your hand on the inside of the line and gently press into shape from the outside (hard to describe but you’ll get it)
  • Use Tear & Tape for the side edge to adhere, not only is it super strong it is so easy to pull that strip off and go. All you do is meet up the 2 and press!
  • For the rectangle flap that you did not cut off…I would put a small piece of tear & tape there and once you have it all put together on the sides….slide your bone folder in the box and rub it….
  • To make a belly band – you need a 6″ piece of DSP. I was THRILLED with this as it is a perfect solution for 6 X 6 paper and also great to use up scraps that you have. I just used fast fuse to adhere.
  • I made my own tag with the stamp as well as with the Everyday Label Punch…a must have staple!






That is really about it! The sky is the limit with this sweet box and you can easily see that it can be used all year long with a variety of themes…and the decorating of the box  – endless possibilities.

Here is another thing that I love about this pillow box. I am one that likes to make up MANY at one time just to have them ready to go. You could easily go ahead and cut the box shape with Mr. Bigs help…go ahead and put the tear & tape on the sides and just do not put them together.

This way you have a stack of pillow pouches ready to go and then all you have to do is decorate when you need them. WORKS FOR ME!

There you go…a perfect way to jazz up and make a gift card  FUN and UNIQUE! To me it is a win-win on both accounts….YOU are getting your “I made this fix” and THE RECIPIENT is getting not only an adorable presentation/gift….but a useful gift….a gift card!





My dear Dad like to give checks….(nothing wrong with that either) and I know each year I make him up something fun for his gift giving. A check will fit in here perfectly –  rolled with a simple bow around it (too cute, right?) or you could just fold it….options are always the best!

I can’t wait for you to see what’s up for you tomorrow….it will be stocking fun! I wish that you were all here to see me play with this bundle…I would do a little squeal of joy as they are so cute!!! It’s funny how the little things make you happy!

Enjoy your day, be safe and have fun with this new catalog. When you hit the Paw Print below all you have to do is hit that Holiday Catalog Tab and presto….all of the drop downs will be there for you!

I just love to be able to click and see all of the bundle in one section….here is a screen shot of what I mean! Remember – DOUBLE PAW PRINTS from me this Holiday Weekend thru Monday evening…..(woot-woot!!!)



It is a rainy day here in Maryland but that’s ok – my job for the day was to get a load of hay….oops, that’s not happening….I think that I am giving myself permission for Milo and I to craft together!!! Actually, I am kinda glad that it is rainy as I need to keep working on the Product Share Swatch Books…..remember – tomorrow is the LAST DAY for you to get in the Product Share!

Don’t forget…one lucky Product Share person is going to win the exclusive Merry Patterns Stamp Set….I say yippee for you and a big thanks from me for the Product Share order! Please see yesterday’s post!







Tic-Tac-Toe…NAILED IT!




 Do you ever had times when the moon and the stars just seemed to line up and work for you?



This is how I felt about the project I am sharing with you today! Below you will see the game board for the week and I hope that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Website to see what the other Team Designers came up with!

I have a video for you (that I made last year) that will make you an expert in making these fun poppers! I think that you will find the instructions – “SPOT ON” and you will be whipping these up in minutes! I make them all year around as they are always sooooo well received and face it – people just love them as they are so fun and festive!

If you are going to a friends house for a dinner together, make up these and take with you! Your hostess will love the unexpected fun it brings to the table….if I am going to lunch with someone…I often make one and tuck it in my purse – again, very unexpected but always remembered! This is a GREAT WAY to use up old DSP that you might have!!! (hint-hint)









Do you remember on Tuesday I shared with you how priceless Jeanie’s expression was on her face when I said I was going to Walmart? Well…I got her again!

As we were “chatting up a storm” she asked me…have you worked on your Tic Tac Toe project for Thursday? Quickly I said no….and then she said – it’s due today!

YIKES – I totally forgot that this is the week that our design team that we are both on are showcasing….then I said – what does the board look like – she said…1st row – Metallic – Anything but a card – Green…..without another word I said – DONE – Say no more….I’m making poppers with the Frenzy Foil Lemon Lime Twist….

WOOT-WOOT….I felt like doing the HAPPY DANCE…..and guess what….her glasses went up on her head….her jawed dropped ….and I smiled! 😀 







Well…there you go….a fun and festive post for your Thursday!!! I admit…I re-watch this video to be sure I remember but at the same time I still have that “happy feeling in my heart” when I make them – they are just so fun and easy!









Here is a “cheat sheet” for you to go by. Please watch the video as I will walk you through all of the below steps but I think that these will help for that “at a glance reminder” of making these!


  • 6″ X 4 1/2″ piece of DSP or Solid Card Stock
  • Score at 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 4 1/2″ – use the bone folder and score well!
  • Starting on the little one (the 1/2″) punch at 1″ and FLIP and punch at 1″ again…..(do this for all of the scored lines, folding down the paper on each fold) The Video will help you and once you make one…..it’s like riding a bike – YOU’LL GET IT…and CAUTION: These are ADDICTIVE to make! The key part is the PUNCH and the FLIP!
  • Use a strip of Tear & Tape on the center part and simple glue dots on the little end pieces.
  • Tie off one end…fill and SMILE!


Have fun and please find a bit of time today to give them a try! You will be sooooo happy! See you in the morning! 😀

p.s. – Here is another GREAT TIP that will surely be a win-win for you and the recipients! These would be a fantastic idea to take to a Nursing Home and even a School…..do not fill them with any candies but fill them with an inspirational message…a quick note of “sunshine” and for the kids….maybe do a sort of scavenger hunt – you can see that my mind is always thinking!!! 😛





A sweet treat & the movies!


HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you! I am going down memory lane with you today and this is a lane that EACH AND EVERY HOLIDAY our family watches….Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation…..I know – I know, it is a rather silly movie but it just makes me laugh until tears are rolling! Keep reading….


I bet you are thinking…..where in the heck are you going with this?????


Well…yesterday while I was working on my kits I went to You Tube (one of my favorite places) to watch some videos and I thought of this silly movie and burst out laughing!

I saw that Stampin’ Up! had a bunch of videos showcasing the new products from the Holiday Catalog …so I was Chevy Chase in my jammies!

I thought that this sweet Popcorn Box would be a sweet treat to showcase to you…..it has been around for a while but it is soooo fun to whip up! I did not have any POPCORN….so “gummie bears” were the treat to my Movie Theme gift that I made for my PEEP and his sweet girlfriend….a night out at the movies!







In the short time that I have been a SUD (5 years), I am just amazed at how Stampin’ Up! has grown with the technology and marketing for their products. I simply cannot show you a better overview of a product than these great videos.

I have picked for you today my top 3 videos as these products are already on their way to Randall Lane. (keep reading….)

I highly encourage you to subscribe to the Stampin’ Up! You Tube Channel. I often go there to watch a product spotlight if I am unsure of how to use something correctly (like the Dynamic Embossing Folders as they have a different “sandwich” for Mr. Big)

Grab a snack and take some “me time” to watch these….as I think that I know you all pretty darn well and you are going to agree….they are “keepers” and it is exciting to see the demonstration! (I am sure your mind will be swimming with ideas for the future)




We all LOVE paper….get ready to “oooh and aahh” over the new kids on the block….do you have a favorite???  Please share yours….can you guess what mine is????






This “Ain’t your Grandmothers Quilt”…hang on as this IS ONE FANTASTIC Bundle…it is soooooo fun and fresh with an unlimited amount of possibilities….you WILL see this a bunch and guess what????….making a handmade Quilt IS on my “bucket list” – I always am in awe of the beauty of a quilt, guess I need to start with paper!






This beauty below surprised me….yep…I am not a fan of snow but heck, what are you going to do? After you watch this video you will see that this is soooo much more than “another snowflake stamp/bundle” – How about the sentiments on this stamp set…..F A B U L O U S!!!





Now one thing that I am NOT a fan of…..is the fact that the Stampin’ Up! Holiday catalog is not “live” for customers until September 1st! (I really wish it was earlier) as once September rolls around….it is a SPRINT of upcoming holidays and who likes being soooo rushed!

That’s why the simple thing of being a being a Hobby Demonstrator is the smart choice. (over 95% of SDU’s are) Do you realize that I can give you the numbers of these bundles and you can make this your starter kit?

  • The Quilt Bundle is $45.75
  • The Snowflake Bundle is $46.75
  • Throw in some DSP…Quilt paper stack is $9.00 plus (2) more DSP’s at $11.00 each and you are there!



I’ll help you with the math…that brings it to $123.50 and you just pay $99.00 and it SHIPS FOR FREE!


I did it for the discount as I love the products….it really is that easy!

Did I think I would stick around – NO WAY!



You can have the new goodies NOW and not have to wait. (plus if you order again, you will get an instant 20% off) but if you do not want to order again….that is totally fine!

You would have until the end of January (that’s right….end of January!!!) to decide if you wanna stick around! Please email me and I will be happy to share with you the numbers to add to the starter kit. For $99.00…how can you go wrong. It really is that easy!

The PERK FROM ME….I will give “new hobbiest” the DSP Swatch books for the new upcoming catalog. You all know that I love doing product shares and this is always a popular item…the swatch books!

I am amazed that paper, stamp and ink, brings me so much joy! Just look how something so simple can be so fun. I often say that I have an addiction – stampin!…this IS the best addiction we could have….creating and making people smile….priceless!





I could have just given James these movie tickets and said “Have a great night”…but trust me – taking the time to present THIS to him…PRICELESS….that’s how I feel about this paper, stamp and ink thing we do and love!

Enjoy the day…until tomorrow….




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