Good Morning…is it really Friday already? I received this card from a customer, Judy…or I should say “Princess Judy” and I just HAD TO share it with you as it is right up my alley and I knew that you would love it to!

Before we get to the FUN of this card (as I want to point out some things that make this amazing) I want to share with you that there is NO NEED TO WORRY about the amount of items that are on the YEAR-END CLOSEOUTS. This happens every year and there always seems to be a PANIC  – look at it as a great time to take advantage of great deals and also…your last chance to pick up that stamp/bundle you have been looking at!

After we do some chatting about this SUPER FUN Card, I have some other tips and explanations for you in regard to the Year-End Closeouts…so please read on!

This fun card was made using the Christmas Magic Stamp Set. It is just adorable and it is on the BYE-BYE List and it is 20% off. I admit, I did not have this stamp set but when I received this card, I ordered it yesterday. (YOU SEE….even YOU GUYS enable me). The (2) things that I love most about this stamp set are (1) this adorable snowman and (2) the sentiments.





Judy did a fabulous job with her water-coloring. I invite you to look at the simplicity of this and then say…yep, I could do that. Judy took one of my “classes in the mail” that focused on water-coloring and WOW – she learned but more importantly she HAS PRACTICED.

Water-coloring is very easy and it is not only rewarding, but it is relaxing. The POP point in her coloring is that she highlighted the entire snowman with Sahara Sand (you are a great student Judy as you have seen me do this) Look below and you will see how this simple tip makes the image come to life!






You all know how I feel about the Classic Tools we have – not only are they time savers, you can never go wrong! Just look at these simple ovals – the perfect compliment!






Here you go with the products used. The red gingham ribbon was perfect for the card…Judy – you make BEAUTIFUL bows…but then again, you ARE PRINCESS JUDY! Many thanks for this card and I knew that everyone would love to see it! Super fun 🙂





Now, back to the Close Out Scoop…read below and I think that it will shed some light and be helpful. Remember that any order of $75+ with me this month will allow you to take a trip into MY VAULT of retired stamps….(if you ordered yesterday from me….feel free to chime in on a comment with how BIG THE VAULT IS….5 years worth of stamps)

Sometimes it is easier to see the “Bye-Bye” List in this format – CLICK HERE to preview it and I would suggest to print it off. I personally love to have the page numbers (I just think that it is easier to flip through) and as items get sold out, Stampin’ Up! will update it and there will be an “X” on the right. I also like to take a pen and add a “R” for retired.

Here is another helpful format – (click on the below image). Again, I like to take a marker and make note that the specific stamp is carried over in your catalog.






One thing that I want to point out and this is why I am sharing the Holiday Carryover List with you is that there are several items that ARE BEING CARRIED OVER but KNOW they are in a BUNDLE NOW…but when this Catalog selling period ends (January 3rd) – they will NOT BE AT A BUNDLE PRICE….so if you want them, purchase them NOW as a bundle to save an instant 10%.

I am pointing this out from experience. Sometimes I think that we see it as a bundle, that it will always be a bundle…that does not happen all the time. I am just looking out for you! The text in red below is at the bottom of the PDF that I shared….look at the symbols and it will help you!


*Amount in Stampin’ Rewards; host sets can only be purchased using Stampin’ Rewards from a qualifying party.
**Bundle includes some products that are not retiring; refer to the Retiring List to see what individual products are retiring.
^While the items in these bundles are not retiring, they will no longer be available in a bundle after January 3, 2017
I hope that I am not being “so basic” in explaining things like this to you but I feel like there are times that we simply get confused about. I know that many are just starting with this hobby and need some help….so I always like to make sure that everyone is “in the know” 😀 
I am excited for the weekend post – I think that you are going to like it….well – LOVE IT! Simple Saturday and then Step It Up Sunday….Thanks for popping in and thanks for your support and encouragement that you give to me each and everyday.
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