Are you scratching your head saying – “Where in the heck is this stamp set?” Well, it is on page 53 in the Occasions Catalog and I think that this is a stamp set that many of you are going to “pass right by” but I say – it is a KEEPER!

I love the fonts, I love the sentiments, and I love the sheer FUN of the set – very modern and fun! John asked me for some “thank you” cards and this is what I came up with!

p.s. – he is happy! 🙂

This card is soooooo easy that you really do not need me….you just need the supplies, and we know that is super easy to do…..just click away!

Remember, with every $50.00 purchase you will be able to pick a FREEBIE from Sale-a -bration (the sweetest time of the Stampin’ Up! year) do you have a FAVORITE?????….please leave me a comment DO TELL!

Before we get to the “meat and potatoes”….I have a confession, I deleted many pictures and I did not realize it until I posted this!…..It’s ok as it is super simple yet I think special! If you need me for clarity, just email me…..I will be happy to help!





I will do a post on my “heart throb favorites” in this new catalog but I will give you a “heads up” – this is below favorite is one of them! Again, the picture does not do it justice…you need to see it in person to appreciate it!

I adore it and I have already purchased several packs of it as I am showcasing it on a card in my monthly classes in the mail! Heck, if we can not be together in person, having me in the mail is the next best thing!

Do you also remember all of the comments about masculine cards….I say – H E L L O ….here you go! This is just ONE STUNNING paper collection!




As my Mom always said, you can never go wrong with Navy…and I think that you can see where I get my wisdom from! She was an amazing person and I know that she would have loved this card!

Please do not be afraid to let the DSP shine! Georgette has taught me that as she always produces such amazing cards….when it gets right down to it…..paper is not super expensive…so USE IT!





Are you surprised???….this is heat embossed and I think that the silver looks GREAT on the navy! When I 1st showed it to John, I thought he would not like the shiny part of the silver….but “THUMBS UP” – and POOF – his wife produced a stash for him!





Now for a funny! I know that I totally messed up with the pictures today 🙁  (sorry) – but I simply did not have it in me to go back upstairs and retake them….I think that this great card is soooo straight forward that you “get it”

I know that many of you like the “Happenings on Randall Lane” and I have some animal pictures and stories for you! Horses are sooooo darn tootin’ smart and Oscar is just a dream! We bought him actually for me but then Hannah’s horse became injured and she ended up showing him for many years but now he is back to me, the “EASY RIDE” compared to Hannah!

When Hannah was home over the holidays she wanted to go down and give him some TLC and an extra special grooming! Well…her bubble was burst as when she went to his field he would let her catch him….(something he did quite often) when they were competing and it would drive Hannah NUTS because he always comes to me (YEP, I am the EASY STREET…the basic of all basics when I ride him) 🙂 

Well…I was at the grocery store and Hannah turned  to John for help and she texted me this picture… this PRICELESS OR WHAT! She took it on her phone so I had to blow it up a bunch for you to get the “fun” so the quality is not the best….here is Dear old Dad on his knees (most likely with a carrot) pleading with him to let him bring him in!

John is the best, he is not a horse person by nature but he sure does tolerate them (and ME)! I thought that this was a sweet story to share! I actually would have loved to have heard what he was saying….it was probably something like…..“I can’t believe that I am on my knees trying to convince you to let me catch you and if you do anything to me…..damn, the things I do for Hannah and Susan… stand still and eat this damn carrot and let me put a lead rope around you” 😀 




Now to my little buddy Milo. As many of you know it you have followed my blog, I adore animals but I cherish my dogs. I miss my dear sweet Eddie each and everyday and honestly there is not a day that goes by that he is not in my thoughts….he was the BEST FRIEND anyone could of ever asked for!

Well…I was at a Horse Show in Sept of 2015 and if you remember I adopted Milo for Earlene, one of my Mom’s friends! Earlene is so special to me and please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she was in the hospital this week. Milo is the BEST pick me up for her…and he sure has filled a void in my life with Eddie not being around!

I take him to her house and she lights up like 4th of July and it makes my heart happy! He is always so perfect and hops right up in her lap and leaves off right where they were from the previous visit! This is something that she looks soooooo forward to and I can say that on Christmas Eve, Milo and I hopped in the car and went to give “Nana” a hug and a super quick visit….it completed my Holiday Eve!





Well….enough about Randall Lane….I thought because I was a bit “short” with the pictures today that I would give you some GREAT SMILE MAKERS, my animals!

You know that I get “giddy” with heat embossing and I know that you do as well. Just always to remember to have your “shhhhhhh….secret weapons handy” – the embossing buddy, a super cheap small paint brush if needed, and a good heat tool that is good and hot before you bring it to your embossed area!

This is a card that anyone would be super proud to receive! I am just head over heels with the simplicity of it but even more so that John asked me to make him MORE CARDS! He truly is the best….and also the BEST (and only) blind date I was ever on!

I hope that you have a FABULOUS day and if you are in bad weather….be safe! Sonny, I hope that you are safe as Hannah said that she had snow and you all in North Carolina seem to go in panic mode when there is snow! Tomorrow I will share with you a FUNNY picture that she sent to me! PRICELESS!

Remember, shopping in your jammies is really – REALLY on trend! (Heck – you go to the normal stores and people have heir jammies on) so Stampin’ Up! shopping is “just fine”

Please share my blog with your friends and family! I love what I do and I love helping you as I believe that each one of us has the inner talent and desire to create. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso…it just needs to be from your heart!

See you tomorrow!




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