Good Morning… all know how much I love and adore my animals but I am so sad to say that my dear Charlie went to heaven on Wednesday morning. This is a TOTAL SHOCK to John and I and I must say – it has rocked my world.

Charlie and his brother, Jack became an Itell 14 years ago when Hannah and I brought them home from a horse show while we were in Florida. We simply could not decide which one to pick so we took them both home.





All of our dogs are rescues…..I call them mis-fits that needed some love and trust me, our dogs, horses, the dumb donkey and the precious pig Daisy get lots of love. Charlie’s “elevator” never reached the top floor…I think that’s what always made him so special.






I pulled it together to make a card to show that my heart is broken but I know that it is ok – this is the thing that makes it soooo damn hard with animals….they leave us too soon. I truly believe that they come into our lives – touch our heart strings, leave an impression….but darn, it is so hard.

Charlie was one that you would never, ever think that something would happen…..he was a very scrappy guy – a mind of his own and on Wednesday he was quite…..he didn’t eat his dinner and I said to John – let’s let Charlie snuggle with us tonight as I think he is sad…..when we woke up, he didn’t. I have never had this happen but if there is a way to go, it was like this.




Trust me, I have shed many tears of the past 36 hours….and you can see by yesterdays card…I had it all mixed up! Things happen in each of our lives that we are not prepared for….but there always seems to be an inner strength to help us go forward…..

I just had to share….Charlie was a good boy and is missed……

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