Woot-woot….it is the weekend and it is a Super Bowl Weekend so that means that it is time to break all of the New Year’s resolution rules…..(ha-ha) 😀   –  we always stay at home and have Spare Ribs (sorry Daisy- Mae) and we have our on-going puzzle going and the commercials are my highlights!

Let’s get to the post…BUT before that we need to have a winner! It was a TOTAL hoot and joy to read your comments! I invite you to grab an extra cup of java and read the wonderful an unique “bucket lists” that so many left! (I am thrilled that there are others that want to go to the Ellen Show – I would need the best eye cream on the market as I would be smiling from ear to ear ~ she is a hoot and we kinda dance alike – TERRIBLE) 😯 

– I L




Woot -Woot AGAIN – I LOVE the fact that you want to play instrument…that is OVER THE TOP FUN and I hope you achieve your wishes….and please email me  with your address so I can mail you the “goods”

These are GREAT GOODS…as they are the basics so I am thrilled that you will put them to good use! Have FUN and thanks for popping onto my blog.

Today we are working with the Dragonfly Dreams Bundle and YES – I would ONLY purchase this as a bundle as it is just amazing…full of details and it is ONE UNIQUE set!




You will just have to pop back tomorrow and see what changes I made to “step it up” but trust me, this is one set that is a keeper as the details are so over the top!

Tomorrow I will share with you the measurements  (cause’ I know you love them) and I think that you will enjoy seeing the change! It is soooooo funny – sometimes we like Saturday…and then there are weekends that the Sunday version makes us roll….this is why I love to do these posts~ there are ALWAYS ways to look at a project and make changes that make you smile!




Look closely at this below photo….sometimes it is all about the details. Can you see that I cut (2) of the solid bases (one in Bermuda Bay and the other in Very Vanilla) because I back them so when you see the “bend”…the underside of the image you can see the finished look!

This is not a needed step at all but it is a finishing touch that does show! I used 3 glue dots to adhere the die.





I admit, when I was cutting up the this DSP for my shares….this was not a fan of mine but I guess the more I cut and the more I thought about the possibilities….I worked! Does this ever happen to you or am I on an Island by myself!?!?

I will say that I am a HUGE fan of DSP’s that coordinate with Very Vanilla as I think that is always gives an instant warmth.





This is a simple card and when you see what I do tomorrow and share with you the dimensions….you will say – YEE-HAW….this IS sooooo easy! I often worry that we feel that we need to make things complicated to make it special…well – the actual moral of the story is…YOU should do what make YOU happy!

If you like spending more time with creating a card…THAT’S GREAT...if you like it short and simple…THAT’S GREAT.….it is all about YOU and YOU are the only one that know what works.

Have a great day and I hope to see you tomorrow! 😀




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