Simple, oh so simple for your Saturday!





Happy…happy to you and there is nothing more happier than the joy of a baby! I do not make a bunch of baby cards but I will say, they are fun! But then again…anything is  it you have the right things to work with!

Today I am using the super sweet stamp, Moon Baby! You know that the end result is going to come out…“just right” when you look at an image…have an instant smile because you can say…“all I need to do is stamp and done”! 









Before I started to design this card…I surfed! I think that we have all done this many times but one thing that happens to me (actually many times is) I get overwhelmed and time FLIES out the door and I end up ultimately feeling like I have gone in a circle! Does that ever happen to you?

There are so many AMAZING….simply AMAZING clean and simple cards with this set. I encourage you to google it as I saw some “keepers”. In the end I thought – Susan…just get it done, That is what works for me as I knew that I needed a baby card and I needed it now!

I am serious, the internet is an AMAZING tool that naturally we all love and appreciate BUT….I think that you will agree with this – it can be the BIGGEST VACCUM OF TIME…now does that ring a bell with you?









I learned a lesson from the above…WHAT WAS IT? Well this is easy….I have had this stamp set for a while now and I have know for a while that there was going to be a baby born and we all know that there are 2 ways to go…Girl or Boy! Just get it done, That’s my motto and that is what I did!

Super simple I went – making it to a square card I at least felt that this would be special for the new arrival as there is just something unique about seeing and feeling a square card. The overall size of it is a 4 1/4″ card.

Out came the Stamp-a-ma-jig for perfect placement and out came the Aqua Painter (the colors I used are at the end of the post) but here is a funny – this guy just about made it into the “Circular File” in my work area, the TRASHCAN!

WHY??? Let’s call it patience and that was something I was short on. I thought that I ruined the little babies face.

I first put a layer of Blushing Bride and I thought he looked too pink. I then added some Sahara Sand over top….now he was a weird brownish icky color (this is when he just about made it into the circular file) and the phone rang…I yacked and saw that the sun was out (it had just rained) so I ran outside with my camera…as I am a rainbow chaser and YEP – there was a rainbow!








After walking away from my little cherub and returning, I looked at him and thought – He deserves a life line….he’s not too bad! A bit more Blushing Bride for the cheeks and he was all set!

I am telling you all of this because it shows…we need to walk away sometimes. I know we all know the feeling of not having “mojo” or being frustrated that something doesn’t work etc….WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE.,,but when this happens – WALK AWAY as when you come back, you usually have a fresh set of eyes and things work out! Remember, this is made from YOUR HANDS…not HALLMARK!

Another tip and addition I did was to take a wee bit of Sahara Sand and outline the entire image…I think it makes it POP a bit more and adds a subtle depth to the card. I think that you will find this to work in your advantage when you watercolor….try it, I think you will smile!









And here is my rainbow. I know that it is not super brilliant but it was there. There is something just magical about a rainbow to me…every time I see one I think of my Mom and she adored them as well. I think that they appear for me to STOP and enjoy and this is exactly what I did and in the end – I loved the card!

I cannot believe that it is the middle of August and we are have grass as lush as it is in May. We are mowing constantly and the horses have some fat grass bellies!

I learned a lesson…the lesson of why did I put off doing something that I knew was going to happen and the lesson of patience. My card turned out and I am happy that it didn’t get tossed. 😆

I wish that I had the time to play with and make a more detailed card…but I knew I just needed to roll with what I felt comfortable with. There will always be times in the future to “play with my stamps” and create something more technical.

This is a super sweet and oh so special baby stamp set and we all know…baby cards are something that are inevitable!

I honestly do not have a bunch of baby stamps but I knew that this one would be a classic one to have. The sentiments are a classic with the sweet and simple images…SOLD!








I could have put this card in one of our regular envelopes and it would not only fit but it could have mailed with a regular stamp but you know me, I needed to make a custom envelope so out came the Punch Board.

Playing up the idea of stars, I took the Oh My Stars Embossing Folder and added that little bit of detail to the back flap and also ran the Aqua Painter over it with a super quick wash of So Saffron!







That’s it for me today! Now don’t get your hopes up for an “over the top” transformation for tomorrow….I think that I had already painted the “time factor” to you and I really needed a card and that is just what I did. Please pop back tomorrow as you will get another dose of this card….just changed up a bit!

My job and hopes for you is to teach you and inspire you to be realistic with what you can do. For me, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to take oodles of time and in the end….I love this card just the same! Now go have a great day!






It’s time for Simple Saturday!





Woot-woot….it is time for Simple Saturday! Wow….I was thinking back….and it has been I while since I designed for a weekend post because of the amazing talent of my team during the month of July! They did a fantastic job – setting the bar high so…..I hope that I can inspire you!

For those of you that are new to my blog, first – welcome and let me explain what I do on the weekends. Saturdays post is called “Simple Saturday” where I share with you a simple card….and then I welcome you back tomorrow for “Step it up Sunday”, where I try to tweak it a bit to share and show you how you can make some simple changes….stepping it up a bit!

Here is a “smile card” for you….what???? I ask you – DID YOU SMILE when you saw it? I bet you did because I think just about anyone would love to receive a sweet card like this!

Naturally the color combinations you could do with this are endless….today’s palette of Tranquil Tide, Calypso Coral and So Saffron are the trio of choice and the “greenery”….good old Pear Pizzazz!








I blogged the other day using the framelits from this bundle, Lovely Inside & Out and just as I said the other day, this is one unique set of framelits….you can simply cut out the word (like I did on Thursday) or you can do like I did today, use the coordinating framelit to cut the entire shape out (like I did here using the Layering Ovals Framelits)







Below you will see a trick that I did to make this super fast to do! Whip out that good old pencil and trace the oval as a guidelines as to where you would like to stamp! Now you can see that it is super fast to stamp!







The floral fun is from the Beautiful Bouquet bundle below. I know that Stampin’ Up! has a bunch of floral offerings but this one has the “floral shop and sentiments” to the max…all in one! The unique element about this bundle are the actually amount of “die cut pieces” that truly give you that layered and “hand-picked” feel of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.







We all seem to like the look and feel of “layers” on a card, especially with the bases on a card….but once you add layers of the actual stamped element….there is an instant POP that happens and the smile gets even bigger!







Another reason why I am a fan of this type of a stamp set/bundle is simple…I love to be able to tuck here and there! When you have small images that “just work” as a filler, it makes creating more fun and interesting! Also, small images are great boo-boo fixers like I have done today!

The envelope love came from the Whole Lot of Lovely DSP offering…this paper offering is full with fun and busy to clean and classic! Today, the simplicity of the black and white with the pop of the colors that I used in the card just seemed to work!






There you go….a card that can go for just about anyone! It is clean, classic and the color ideas are endless. I say….pick 3 colors that you want to play with….add a green tone and just have FUN! Another thing that would be beautiful to do is…use (3) shades of yellows for the flowers to have a fun monochromatic look!






Have a great day….and I hope to see you back here tomorrow to see how I have “stepped it up” Please remember that I offer a very generous Rewards Program for shopping with me. I know that I love to earn FREE STAMP SETS and I know that you are no different.

Now go make someone smile today…..I hope to!




Simple Saturday with Rosanne + BLOG CANDY!




Happy Saturday and if you live in the Mid Atlantic States that you know what it feels like to be a duck! WOW….we are getting some heavy rains and I am sure that the crops are lovin’ it – it is a great day to do a FUN indoor activity like STAMP!

Today I have a super FUN card for you made by a team member,Rosanne Mulhern from the great state of Pennsylvania.The timing of this card could not be anymore PERFECT as the Daisy Bundle is still back in stock and there is more BLOG CANDY for you to win today… read on!

Rosanne is my East Coast gal and tomorrow you will see the stepped up version from Karen….my West Coast gal! Both of these talented ladies have blogs and I will share them with you as I hope that you “take the time to see their stuff….cause’ they have some GREAT stuff!!!!”






Before we get to the fun post…we need to do our exercises….yep, push that chair back ….stand up and reach for the ceiling….give a little shake and if your name is DANA M….than you need to jump up and down…spin around and pretend that you are on the Ellen Show because you WON the Lemon Zest Stamp Set!

Dana, go get a drink of water…and then email me and I will send you the “goods” Many thanks for popping on and leaving a comment….

It sure seems like we like embellishments…bows…punches to hide the boo-boos….but read Dana’s….I just LOVE and honest stamper and I will think of her each and every time I see my trash can, the “circular file”  😉  Another thing I loved that was consistent….was that you just go forward….that is just wonderful – YOU made it – THEY will love it!



Let’s get going because there is no doubt that this beauty is one to CASE! Rosanne has a blog, Heartfelt Stamping…..and when you go there…BE READY to be inspired as she will give you all of the scoop on this super clean and classic card!

She has done a FABULOUS job with her pictures and descriptions….so the show is hers! WOOT-WOOT!!!!






Yep….you will have all of the pictures….the dimensions….the whole deal and I know that you will be beaming….please give her the great Simple Stampin’ love we do for our guests!

While you are having fun at Heartfelt Stamping….there are 2 things that I would encourage you to do…

  1. SURF around her blog and see the talent that Rosanne has….she is the queen of clean – her talent is amazing and she aways does such a fantastic job with giving the “inside of her cards” love…..
  2. SIGN UP for her blog to have inspirations in your mailbox!






I am sure that you have been back and forth from my blog to hers and I am soooooo glad that I was able to introduce Roseanne to you. Definitely one to check out as clean and classic are her middle names! Now you will just have to POP back tomorrow as you will also love what Karen has done to this little number!

We all know that this is one hot little number and today is the perfect day to swoop it up….add a little extra to your order to take the advantage of the final days of Bonus Bucks….(remember to keep your coupon codes that Stampin’ Up! sends to you…..just think if each of those numbers as a $5.00 bill)




Now to BLOG CANDY for today! YIPPEE…..more candy!

One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….yep, not just the STAMP….the whole bundle! Tomorrow is my last day of “Candyland”  for you guys….again, my thanks and appreciation for your support as without your support…the Thailand trip wouldn’t have been possible. Here’s the question!


What would you consider your “style” to be in Stamping

and what is the one technique that you would like to try to master?


One lucky winner will win this BUNDLE….so lets get the comments going and when you are leaving a comment – please do not forget to give Rosanne some LOVE…as this is one super-de-duper card! How can you NOT smile with this sweetie!

The VAULT is still there ready for you to go in and pick a freebie……yesterday I had someone pick a stamp that was originally $35.00 (an alphabet stamp) and someone else picked a stamp that was part of a bundle and then bought the matching framelts at 50% off (she swooped up a whole bundle for under $12.00)….they were  THRILLED…..I am tellin’ you – this is the best I have had it organized and it will be GONE from Randall Lane…one stamp at a time!

When you think about it – it is a great return….you will get a $5.00 coupon from Stampin’ Up! and then a HOT stamp from me…..all for a $75.00+ order!

If you are affected by the wet weather…..please be careful – we have many roads that have been flooded and what am I planning to do today??? Well…..cook up a storm as I bought a bunch of corn to put up….can some peaches and STAMP! Sounds like a perfect day!




Simple Saturday with Bridget!




Happy Weekend to all~ I have another 2 day post for you from team members! Bridget was so excited that she wanted to pair up this weekend with a SUPER fun gal from New York (I will keep you in suspense as to who it is) so I guess you will have to POP back tomorrow!

Now how about this super clean and simple summer Birthday Card! I was just thrilled that team South/North chose this stamp set as it is a classic! I simply think that each of us can remember great memories of an ice-cream treat!

The stamp set is Cool Treats and I was thrilled that it was carried over into the annual catalog! There are matching framelits so you already know that it is an instant WIN-WIN!







I think that just about any stamp company out there has an ice-cream stamp set out but I will say that I think that Stampin’ Up! nailed it with this one with all of the possibilities of “2 step stamping” they have and the sentiments….yep – a classic!

You can clearly see that there are a BUNCH of framelits in this beauty and I agree that this would not be a hard one to “fussy cut” out…but I like to go through my scraps and take the time to cut out a bunch of “cones” and then they are ready to go when I need one.

If you try to get in the habit of doing this….you will find that it makes the journey of paper-crafting much easier. There is nothing like having some elements all ready to go so when you do have the “me time” to craft….you can sit down and craft away!







You can see that Bridget took the Red, White and Blue theme ( I actually think the treat like this is called a Rocket Popsicle)  and the one cone is flat on the card and then she POPPED up the 2nd one for a subtle and fun interest.

If you missed Bridget’s fun fold card last week….click here to see it and you will be able to read that she is from the North Carolina area….in case you live near her!

This stamp set is a photopolymer so you know what that means…..yep…..easy to stamp as you can look right through it for perfect placement each and every time when using multiple colors! By far…this IS my stamp of choice and WOW…..we have come a long way with photopolymers!







You all know how I feel about Bakers Twine….LOVE IT and I feel that we all need to have it in every color. Now I know that is a big statement to say but hear me out….it is super affordable and does the trick! Stampin’ Up! offers great color choices and also do not forget to check in the clearance area….(its a bit skimpy right now) but I scoop up twine whenever I see it!

Bridget wrapped the twine around 3 times and then a simple bow! Again, just another element of texture did the trick!






Now how about giving Bridget some love with her card today! I am super proud that these ladies wanted to share their work with you and it is my pleasure to blog about it for them!

Pop back tomorrow and you will see how it was stepped up! This is a great example of clean and simple and you know that the shy truly is the limit with color combinations. Wouldn’t it be fun to do the shaving cream technique with a cone to make a marbled looking ice cream treat? Hmmmmmm…..into my memory bank for the future!

See you tomorrow…..enjoy the day!







Simple Saturday with “Chris R.”





Yep….that’s right – it is time for another Simple Saturday and today we have the one and only….“Chris R. from Iowa” in the house! If you follow my blog and you read the comments…then you already know that Chris is a hoot and she has one super cute card for us today!

I had offered to my team if they wanted to have some fun while I was gone with some posts…and I am thrilled that many took the challenge and that I am sharing them with YOU while John and I are away!

Pop back tomorrow to see the stepped up version that Bridget is going to share with you and also, please give these ladies some Simple Stampin’ love…I am sure that they will adore reading your comments! Let’s get going…..

The stamp set that they chose was Christmas Cutter Christmas (carried over from the previous catalog) and I love the reason that they chose this Eskimo image….they thought  that there have been soooooo many cards in the past using the Reindeer and the Santa…this dear, sweet Eskimo needed some love!







Do you all remember me saying time and time again that when you see a bundle – to HOP ON IT as it does NOT always stay as a bundle as this is a prime example. Even though both products “go together” they are NOT a bundle now so you will see them at the end of the post in the product line up!

We all adore punches as face it – they are super easy and fast. This punch is even more of a bonus as they are many other little “this and that’s” in the punch! (make a mental note that there is a great small heart now that the beloved Owl punch flew the coop)







This is my kinda card….as when I received it in the mail I beamed…sooooo clean & fresh and Chris did a FABULOUS job in coloring it. I learned a great lesson about this gem and one that I will try to try to do more of.

Chris colored this image with the watercoloring pencils! YEP, lesson learned for Susan and I am a “go to” Aqua Painter and the ink pads…but I am giddy of the softness and great blending that the watercolor pencils give.

Chris used the following color of pencils: Basic Gray, Pacific Point, Early Espresso, and Melon Mambo.

When she emailed me she shared that she also used the Aqua Painter… I am guessing that she used that in conjunction with the pencils! (again, lesson learned – I thought that you just used the blender pens with the pencils….learn something everyday!)










The card size is a whisper white notecard but it could easily be adapted to an A-2 card….I am a huge fan of this card size and the value…..can’t beat it!

Now don’t you think that this fun paper from the Color Theory DSP Stack is just perfect for this card!!!! Great choice Chris as I think the subtle change in color lends itself the image and the coloring of the sweet Eskimo!







A gal after my own heart….Chris gave her envelope some love. We are just so darn lucky that Stampin’ Up! does an absolutely BANG UP JOB with the color coordination of paper, stamps and inks…..we always have a “go to” to “go to” (say that 3 times)

Keeping the fun theme of the card, the sentiment was stamped on a scrap and then blinged up a wee bit with some pearls… this is MY KINDA bling….very soft and subtle!






I say SUPER CARD and SUPER JOB in creating the “front end” of our 2 day post! As the saying goes….Christmas in July and this sweet one would be a fast one to whip up as a Holiday card….a thank you card….or heck – just a sweet card to send to make someone smile!

I shared with you last weekend that I will try to share a “fun fact” about my team member that shared their talent…..well I think that we all know Chris R from Iowa from her fabulous and oh so witty comments but here are just a couple that make me burst out laughing when I think of her and….

  • The comment about Mike and the Minion mowing the lawn…
  • The comment about the guy driving the hearse and waving to her and Teddy…
  • The comment about getting locked out of her house and getting a fireman to let her in…

There are many, many more and I am sure that you all will think of them (definitely Sonny will) but one thing that I do know is…Chris is a super kind person and truly loves to craft and also makes many of us smile by leaving comments on blogs! Way to go with this card!!!!

See you tomorrow….I KNOW that you are going to smile…’s time to STEP IT UP….think of us tomorrow….we will be flying to another part of Thailand to continue the fun!





Simple Saturday with Ramsey!



Good Morning! I have a treat for you this weekend….(and the next several while I am away) – I have some team members that are sharing their talent with you! At the end of the post I will share with you some fun facts about the guest designer!

Today’s fun is from Ramsey Alexander, a SUD from Annapolis, Maryland! Ramsey is a super talented stamper loving a clean and classic style of design and I think that you can see her style showing through with this sweet card!

Ramsey does not have a blog but she has a Pinterest Board with her personal work . I know that you will have fun looking at her designs! I was so excited when Ramsey wanted to do a card for the weekend post….please give her some good old fashion blog lovin’ love for sharing her work in the comments!

This bundle, the Daisy Delight has been a super popular choice for us all! To me, I think that there is something super special about the simple shape of this flower and with this bundle…there is a punch and we all know that we love our punches! Let’s face it – it the name DAISY comes up…..I’m in cause’ I love my swine lovin’ Daisy!






You can see in the following pictures that this is a super easy card to makes and the other thing that is for sure…you will be smiling! So clean, so crisp, so classic!

To create this layered look it literally takes seconds…a stamp of the flower…and stamp (2) on the daffodil delight and POP with the punch – stand back and smile!







The sentiment for this card came from the carried over stamp set, Sunshine Sayings…a super popular one from the previous catalog that you will surely find the appropriate sentiment to “fit the bill”

This stamp is chocked filled with great sentiments and ones that you can fit together to make a “custom one” to fit the theme of your card!








The simple BLING to this sweet card is the gold faceted gem in the middle – you all know, I am not a big “glam and glitz” kind of gal but these gems…they get the job done! Great accent Ramsey!






Here you can easily see how this card would brighten anyones day! Ramsey has that characteristic about her….you instantly smile! We share some late night fun as we road tripped it to Richmond earlier this year and WOW – was it fun….so much fun we are going to do it again in November but this time Salt Lake City!

This is what is great about Stampin’ Up! The relationships you develop along the way that in turn develop into friendships! When Ramsey is in the house, there is a FUN TIME in store!







Now here is a picture of my sweet Daisy-Mae…she just LOVES to be scratched on top of her precious head! (It makes her hair stand up and she squeals) While we are gone….Harry is Daisy’s human care giver. Daisy has a thing about men and I knew that Harry would love to have the honor of being the “pig sitter” while we are away.

His job….easy but oh so important…she likes to come inside to the air-conditioning during the day and out at night to do the town….(well hang out with Arnold and the dumb donkey) Harry comes to the house each morning super early to bring his girl in and give her some love! (I am sure that he tells all of his retired friends his important job!!!)





I hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see the stepped up version for this sweet card! How can we go wrong with this amazing and classic bundle – when you think of it….you can clearly see that was no wonder why it sold out on the first day but I am super glad that it is back in stock!

Still no luggage…good thing that we will never see any of these people again….where we are now is soooooo remote, not a bunch to do but “take it all in” – I was teasing John….heck – if someone ever went here and didn’t tell anyone where they were going….you would never be found! The people are so gracious and appreciative – it truly makes you feel so blessed. They live by simplistic values…and are truly honored to make you feel at home!

As promised….here are some fun facts about Ramsey that I thought that you would enjoy! Ramsey plays on an Ice Hockey League….a gal after my own heart in taking a challenge “later in life” and she also sails each week!

This one is great – one weekend Jeanie and I wanted to do something with her and Ramsey said –  “shoot…I am going to a miniature convention”….I said WHAT THE HECK????? Yep, she has had a true love and passion for miniature things…houses etc…..(maybe she will leave a comment explaining) – I just thought that was great!

Until tomorrow…..Jeanie will be in the house! Many thanks Ramsey for being a guest designer this weekend…..let’s give her some love!!!!