It’s a Simple Saturday kind of day!



Hello and yippee – I am back on track with our 2 day posts! for those of you that might be new to my blog, 1st….WELCOME and I hope that you hit the subscribe button and join my blogin’ fun as I love to share and inspire you with clean & simple cards….tell you funnies about life…teach you tips & tricks and just have good old fashion FUN together!

On the weekends I try to have a 2 day post where on Saturday I will share with you a clean & simple card and then on Sunday I will attempt to change it up a bit to basically STEP IT UP showing you that there are many different ways to tweak a great card.

Just like yesterdays card, this Stamp Set and Framelits are being carried over to the next catalog (WOOT-WOOT) BUT….it will not be available at the bundled price which will save you an instant 10% so the 1st thing you will learn today is…if you do not already have this super sweet Jar of Love Bundle….I would HOP ON IT as you will save 10% of you purchase it before the new catalog comes out!





You know me by now…I ADORE square cards and I like LOTS of white space! I think that I have clearly accomplished both if these on todays card. The one thing about this stamp set is the fact that we all can agree that they is nothing more traditional than a good old fashion Mason Jar.

I have many of them on my work area as I use them for buttons, rubber bands, containers for long thin strips of scraps – they are just useful and they are a smile maker. Sometimes I think that there are generations that just think that they were for making Strawberry Jam….well I do that too!





The overall size of the card is a 4 1/4″ square and then the white embossed area is a 4″ square and the Petal Burst Embossing folder was used. I swear that I forget about embossing folders but when I do use them…I am all smiles as they are a fun accent and they are super inexpensive for the look you get!

Here are pictures to show how I just went to town stamping the Mason jars…then the water in Soft Sky….then the stems in ear Pizzazz! Super easy! Off to Mr. Big Shot I go and with the help of the framelits for this bindle ~ PRESTO….the focal part to our card!

I know you you all enjoy when I share step by step pictures and I hope that these are helpful to you. This whole “Mason Jar” theme is so on trend and I am thrilled that it is carried over and hmmmmmm….there might be another stamp set coming to use with this in addition!!! 😀








You can easily see that being a floral arranger is super easy today and you can also see that it is a great way to use up scraps of white paper as all you have to do is have these 4 ingredients…



I will be totally honest with you – you can have so much fun using all sorts of color combinations for the double stamping on the flowers but I just stuck to 2 ink colors….the sweet sugarplum and calypso coral. It APPEARS that I used more but when you go over it on the 2d stamping, it will create an effect of 2 colors.




I just stuck with black for the insides of the flowers as I happen to like the contrast etc…but also it would be fun to use the Wink of Stella pen as well..

There is really not much magic to this…add some flowers flat and then pop some up and you are good to go – a beautiful bouquet! This truly is a unique bundle and you an easily see that there would be endless ideas with it!





There you go…and I will STICK TO my motto – it is TOTALLY hip to be square! I did use the envelope punch board to make a custom envelope but you could easily use one of our envelopes and have it go through the mail with a regular stamp! It is all about choices!

Please do not forget that this months freebie from me with an order of $75+ is a roll of tear -n- tape… can always find my monthly offering on my header above and also read about my generous rewards program….

I ADORED your comments yesterday and I am so happy that Daisy is loved by you guys as well…..she has a heart…just like you and I! Let’s all have a great weekend!




Simple Saturday!



April 1st! It’s cold.The trees are blooming, the daffodils are confused and again, it is cold. (well to me it is) When I hear the word April I do a happy dance gig because in my pea brain I say – WINTER IS OVER….and then I ask myself – why is it cold?!?! This will all change in a snap but using the words snap – this card comes together in a SNAP….

This is the way that I like my cards…this is the way I roll with my stampin’ – I am super happy to say that I did finish the kit using this stamp set and one would think I would be sick and tired of it because I have used it soooooooo many times working on the kits that I just couldn’t help myself to use it for you this weekend as I do love this bundle.

For those of you that purchased the kit…here is another great way to use this stamp set and amazing bundles. Let’s chat about this bundle.There are (2) things that I really like about this bundle…

  • The framelits are amazing and oh so unique. There are so many things that you can do with them because it cuts out the shape like out framelits usually do, but it also cuts out the detailed part without cutting it into a small shape (just watch this short video and you wil get it – it is very unique and versatile – WAY TO GO SU for the design.
  • You know that I am the “clean gal” – well I admit – I like these stamps as they have a rustic, distressed feel to them as you can see that they are not perfectly smooth images. To me, this gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.



I am trying to take your advice and use the Tip Top Taupe color more before it is retired. You all are right – it is a fabulous neutral. I hav a trio of great close up pictures for you to gander at.

In the background you can see how I used the die actually cutting it twice and the end result a beautiful, lacy looking flower that I anchored down with some tear and tape hidden under the other flower. (I just love to find ways to hide adhesives and still let the natural curve of the flower do its thing!)

Below you can see that I used something that I rarely do – use a decorative ribbon as a focal point on a card. This is a ribbon that I have not seen for a while but here is a heads up….IF and WHEN this ribbon goes to clearance because it is a retiring in color item….I would snatch it up if the price is right!

WHY??? It is so easy to work with and it makes gifts and boxes look great. You can make a simple flat knot bow and it looks like a dream! Today I simply anchored it across the card and ran a strip of Tear & Tape across.

Look at the picture and you can see how nice and flat it lays. I think we forget about using ribbon like this (well I know I forget) but when I see the whole picture together – I love it!

Below you will see that I did a quick fussy cut on the flower (top one) and adhered that to the larger one below. Doing this is easy but more importantly, it gives depth and feel – this is what adds that special touch.

I sure am hoping that Stampin’ Up! continues to carry the paper in all of the collections of paper stacks. I just think that it is great that when you need a certain color to work with a project – PRESTO….you will have it!

If they get carried over in the next catalog, you know that I will offer them – I just love them.

Well, there you go! Still no word about the potential NEW Itell….I am hoping that we get a call today – it really has mad me sad but as long as the animal has a great home….that is all that matters.

So glad that you enjoyed Milo’s picture…the band-aids are still on and he is “milking the attention” – animals are so funny.

Many thanks for  a wonderful and fun SAB. The 3 months zoomed by. It brings me happiness and joy to see so many of you get excited. I hope that you have a fantastic day and I look forward to stepping it up for YOU tomorrow!

Simple Saturday…a perfect day!




Good Saturday to all….If it is Saturday than that means that is Simple Saturday – the 1st of our weekend post where I try to share with you 2 different ways to make a fun and simple card.

I will say right out if the gate.because I am so “simple”…I was scared to death to try to be a turtle and stick my head out to try double stamping (I always that was for the people that REALLY new their Stampin’ stuff!) ~ does this ring a bell to anyone?

Well…I made the decision that I need to “give it a try” because I was seeing more and more stamp sets using this method and guess what??? – it is SUPER EASY and if Simple Susan can do it…you can do it to!





Before we get to this card, we need to announce the winner from yesterdays post. I have to tell ALL of you that left comments…THANK YOU…because my heart and “joy tank” was filled as I would look at my phone and read comments while sitting with my Dad and Uncle yesterday…if you did not get a chance to read them – please do yourself a favor and just read the wonderful Easter memories that many shared.



To the winner…..drum roll ~ drum roll…..Pat Preszler…YOU WON!!!


Woot –Woot to you and hop around the room and do a bunny dance and then email me your address and I will send you the FUN refill for this great kit.



Now to the card….it is a keeper in my eyes – very classic and a smile maker for sure! Do you remember on Tuesday we were chatting about CASEING (Copy And Share Everything)…well this is exactly where this card came from.

Being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator we get a perk of a fantastic magazine that comes out quarterly and you know me – I swoop through it and try to be inspired. It is filed with inspiration, ideas, tips and great articles for the hobby demonstrator as well as the business builder demonstrator.





You can see where I was going with today’s inspiration and I do hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see how I changed it up a bit…..When I saw the above inspiration, I thought – I HAVE NOT USED THAT STAMP SET in a while….so it is the focal bundle for this weekends post (It’s a bundle because it has a punch with it)

I have some “pretty pictures” for you to see this up close to take it all in….do you notice that I am using 3 of the upcoming retired In Colors? (I should have used the Mint Macaron to make it 4) but I used Watermelon Wonder, Cucumber Crush and Tip Top Taupe for the sentiment.





The beauty of this stamp set it that you can use the same color 2 and sometime 3 if there is a triple image stamp and it appears that you are using several colors. Does that make sense to you?

Let me try to explain better…..the watermelon wonder was stamped to make a petal ….then I took the next stamp that had more detail and inked that up and stamped over top of the first petal…by doing this you get an instant shading because you are adding more color and in turn – YOU ARE LOOKING LIKE A PRO! 😀





YOU all enabled ME to give Tip Top Taupe a chance….because I admit, I have used the paper a bunch but I have not given the same love to the ink….but today – here you go….this incredible sentiment is stamped in this In Color that it getting ready to walk the plank in a couple of months! I LOVE the subtle look of it – thanks for the gentle nudge!

Don’t you just love the “watercolor look” of this stamp. It is just a beauty and naturally the color ideas are endless. Here is a tip: I actually popped out all of the pieces that I needed for this 2 day post and THEN I stamped it. WHY????? I admit, sometimes it is hard to do your stampin’ and then just try to get that 1 pedal and you feel like you are loosing paper.

This way, I take a long piece of white scraps and just punch away and because it is a photopolymer…..I can see right through it and BAM – easy-peasy!




One more look at this beauty and I hope that you are smiling. Not only is the sentiment a keeper, the whole card is one that would surely bring a smile to all! I couldn’t resist using the sparkle embossing folder…..but I have some SAD NEWS……this is already SOLD OUT AS A FREEBIE for Sale-a-bration……

You can still purchase it as you would normally do, but the limit that Stampin’ Up! had for a FREEIE for SAB as ALL GONE 🙁  (Early bird gets the worm)….




Here is your picture to PIN to the wonderful cyber world. I think that we all agree that a card like this will go for many occasions. Take off that sentiment and put something totally different ~ BAM….good to go!





You can see by the charts below that things are getting sold out as we wind down SAB. We still have next week so don’t hesitate as you can clearly see…things DO sell out!

Remember, double paw prints until the end of SAB – now I know THAT makes many super happy and I get it, I would be happy as well!






Enjoy the day…..grab some sunshine as we are to have nice weather on the East Coast and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!




Simple Saturday!



Good Morning and Happy “Simple Saturday”. I am so excited or this weekend post. By now you know that I love to share stories and today I have some stories about why I am excited about this weekend post.

In May I will mark my 5th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! and even though I was one of those…“get the kit and run” individuals, I am glad that I did not do that as this will make sense to you.

Last Saturday, Jeanie and I took a “road trip” to another wonderful Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator in Purcellville, Va. , Sharon Cline. It is ALWAYS a treat to go and see Sharon and even though she is not on my team or Jeanie’s….we met and instantly connected when we went to a fabulous workshop in Northern Virginia 2 years ago. The reason that I am sharing this with you is simple…the people you meet along this journey are the best – it simply does not matter who and where they are from because it is simple…we all love to stamp!

Sharon is always a ton of fun to be with and she has started a  “Technique Book” for her customers and Jeanie and I signed up for her workshop…so we were able to start a technique book. Today’s card is all about the “technique” that Sharon shared….paper piecing.

I have used this technique before and I adore it. (Do you all remember Vivid Vases single stamp???? Well it is still on Randall Lane and gets used hard with this technique). Tomorrow I will go into more detail about the ins and outs of the technique but today, we need to chat! (Trust me, the stepped up version might be worth it…just sayin’ “

Now to another great story….the making behind the Stamp Set Mediterranean Moments, this was the stamp set that was designed by Susan Nygaard. (I have hyper-linked to her name and I would read the fabulous story that will inspire you).


I am sorry – I did not realize that the link would not let you access is but I do want you to read it!

I had the pleasure and honor to hear her speak in Atlanta in October and let me tell you….she is an inspiration but she is also sooooooo darn funny – a total hoot!






When you become a Million Dollar SUD you get the opportunity to create a stamp set with the design team . This is Susan’s stamp set that she designed. It is a beautiful classic stamp set and I would wager to say that many of you think at 1st glance – this is too hard to watercolor.

This is my thoughts! 1st, you do not have to watercolor it (like I did today) but step back tomorrow and you will see how a simple touch will make it POP!







Below you will see the “mask” that I made to  make the card and tomorrow, I will go into deeper detail. The key to masking is to “make the mask” and then store it in the stamp case so you can use it over and over again!

If I were you…I would go to Pinterest and see all of the AMAZING ideas that people have created with these 2 stamp sets together. They truly are breathtaking and I will say…if you break it down and understand the technique, it really is easy but has a huge WOW factor.






Here is another “scoop” – this stamp set is being carried over for next year…..Beautiful You. This is a classic – and one that can be used with so many DSP’s and also for so may different themes of cards. There is something so “beautiful” about this stamp set…(DUH – maybe that’s why it is called Beautiful You)  😉 but truly, the ideas are endless with it.





One tip that I have for you and trust me, it was an “a ha moment” for me as Sharon was sooooo right. We used the Early Espresso Ink for the “lady” and I admit I would have used black (by habit) but this is still  dark but without the harshness of the black.

Isn’t it funny how we all get stuck on doing something just out of “habit” but when you do something else you stand back and say…wow, I like that!







The “Paper Piecing” came from some DSP in the Falling In Love Collection. Tomorrow we will go step by step in how to make the mask and also some tips along the way – (you know that I love to share my tips with you – that’s how we learn!)







This is the kind of card that looks hard but in the contrary, it is so easy and effective. When  you look at the supplies that I used, you will agree ~ it us very minimal. I also think using the Very Vanilla card stock as my base really gives a soft and subtle look for the total feel of the card.






Well I hope that this inspired you, actually I hope in many ways! Wasn’t that article about Susan Nygaard just the best. I simply cannot tell you how funny she is and wow – what an inspiration to be a full time Pharmacist and become a million dollar achiever….WOW – it goes to show you that anything can be achieved with a vision.





As the eighth person to achieve an astounding $1,000,000 in personal sales, Susan Nygaard has joined a group of elite demonstrators! We offer her a million congratulations and a collective high-five on reaching this mind-blowing milestone.

Susan, a senior manager from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a pharmacist by day and a stamper the rest of the time. Her husband Lance is no doubt celebrating with her. She shares, “He is always so thrilled for me when I achieve something at work or through Stampin’ Up! (and he loves the vacations).” He says the same thing to her every time she heads out, “Have fun, sell tons.”

For her, this journey has been one of self-discovery, filled with aha moments, charting goals, and-most importantly-being a positive influence for those around her.

Back in 1997 when a friend invited her to a workshop, Susan very adamantly told her that she was not interested in a new hobby. She shares, “Well, then she showed me the catalog, and ahem . . . suddenly, I was a little more interested in coming to her party.” You know where this is going . . . Susan ended up with a $260 order and before she left the workshop, turned to the demonstrator and said, “I want to do this.” And, boy has she done it!

Some of her early workshops included mopping the floor for a hostess, kids walking across the dining room table, and a $30 bounced check. Actually, that’s just one workshop! (Who’s been there before?) She took every experience in her early demonstratorship as an opportunity to learn and grow.

She shares, “It [went from] ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ to ‘I think I may have a plan,’ to ‘Focus, focus, focus,’ to ‘I am going to reach that goal if it kills me.’ Goal setting drives me–sometimes I write it down, but mostly I don’t have to. I visualize earning an award or reaching a milestone, and then I just do what I have to do to make it play out just as I envisioned it. Works every time.”

She hasn’t missed a convention since she started and remembers one time as she watched the top demonstrators walk across the stage; it suddenly hit her that she was only a few thousand dollars away from the number 10 spot. She set a goal, graphed it out on paper, and the next year she made it to number seven in sales! “I always wondered what it would feel like to sit in the front of the room at convention and hear my name called,” she recalls. “Well, it feels pretty darned good.

One of Susan’s greatest passions is to help others discover the joy of creating. She shares, “I love it when someone new comes to a workshop or party and immediately states ‘I am not creative.’ And I say, ‘Neither am I!’ Then, I show them how easy it is to create something without being creative, and I just love the look on their face when they realize they can do this. Such fun.” She takes it a step further by surprising her customers with little gifts or cards tucked into their orders.

Besides stamping, her customers love her workshops because she is hilarious! “If people are not falling off their chairs laughing, then I have not done my job. I use a lot of humor in my workshops. It breaks the ice, and everyone has a pleasurable experience that they won’t soon forget.” She adds, “I love taking them away for an hour or two to a place where they can forget about their troubles and just laugh and have fun.”

So what’s her advice to new demonstrators? “Take advantage of the strengths that you have and make those the focus of your business. If you’re creative, then show that off with a beautiful blog. If you have a head for business, then run your business to help support your family. It’s kind of like going to college, really. Sometimes you have to get in a few semesters before you are able to declare a major. Just try out a little of everything until you find your niche.”

The “million dollar” question is this: What are Susan’s thoughts about this achievement? “I think of the confidence I have gained, the friends I have made, the unforgettable experiences traveling around the country and the world, and the absolute joy that I experience when sitting down to show someone how to make something beautiful and lasting. It has been a privilege.” Well, said, Susan! You are an inspiration to all who are striving to reach goals, feel joy, and make a difference in the lives of others.

There’s no doubt that Susan is still busily planning her next fun-filled night of comedy and stamping. And we can almost see the face of her newest customer, lighting up with laughter and creativity! Keep it up, Susan. We’re cheering for you!


Isn’t that a wonderful inspiration for all of us to read! I say…WAY TO GO Susan….your vision and passion are amazing!

Have a great day but I do hope to see you back her tomorrow to see how I have “stepped it up” – heck – I think it already looks super special and I cannot tell you how easy it was. Here is that PAW PRINT for you to give a “high five” and get some goodies… is almost over!





Simple Saturday Stampin’…oh so sweet!



Here is to our weekend (2) day post. Today I am showcasing a super simple card and I hope that you will stop back tomorrow to see how I have “stepped it up!”.

Now if this little guy and this super simple watercolor card does not bring a smile to your face, we need to talk. As you know, I am bonkers over animals…just about every animal could have  except a S _ _ KE (you fill in the blanks) – those critters and me are not friends!

This is from the stamp set, Bella & Friends and it is super sweet. The art work is so fun and the sentiments are also “spot on”.





There is really not much to say about this sweet card as it was nothing more that a stamp in the Black Archival Ink and then having a date with the Aqua Painter.


The best tip I can give you about using the aqua painter is to practice, practice and practice again.


I invite you to look at it this way because do you remember when you were trying to learn how to ride a bike….you were soooooo excited to master it but it took practice – this is the exact same thing with this technique….once you “get it, you have it” 😀 






I also need to say that I do not consider myself at all a pro at watercoloring but one thing that I can say about it (well actually 3 things)

  • It is fun
  • It is relaxing
  • It is rewarding







The ink colors that I used were Sahara Sand, So Saffron & Flirty Flamingo. I add additional of the same color to get darker shades . I also used our thick Whisper White paper, I do this 99% of the time because I will be honest with you, our watercolor paper is just “too off” in the brightness of white when layering on out white card stock and heck – this works and it a bunch cheaper.






One more look at this cute card….this one is flying West to someone…very, very special and I know that there will be a big smile on her face! I think that this sentiment is one that would be a super “pick me up ~ smile maker” to just about anyone. You can see that I added a super thin mat behind the water colored image in Soft Sky.







Envelope love…when in doubt – pull the DSP Stacks OUT! The Soft Sky Polka Dots was the perfect “pull together” for this sweet card. These packs are lifesavers as when you need a DSP that is a certain color…you always have a fix!

I offer these when I do Product Shares and yep….when the new catalog comes out, I will offer them again (assuming that they will be in the new catalog) but they truly are wonderful.









There you go! Sweet and oh so simple….do you like?????? I am curious, what do you think I will do tomorrow? (tee hee…..I think I might GET YOU on what it is) but leave me a comment and take a guess!

We all need a friend to bring us up when we might be a bit down and guess what – that is EXACTLY what I love about my blog and what I do – the relationships that have been built and the fun we have always brings be UP!!!!

Now go have a GREAT DAY!




Simple Saturday!


I admit, I have always want to go in a Hot Air Balloon…..has anyone ever done this? If so, please leave a comment and let us know if you liked it and if you would recommend it!

I have not had the opportunity to blog about this beauty, the Lift Me Up Bundle and I am glad that I can today! I admit, I never took the time to see how easy it is to add the color behind….so when in doubt about a product – go to the stampin’ Up You Tube Channel and check it out!

The details in this whole bundle are very impressive. Until I watched the video I did not realize that the one framelit was a mini cupcake and how great it pairs up with the Cupcakes & Carousels DSP Stack.





You have to admit…it is a classic and oh so detailed bundle! You know me, I love bundles because I love to save the money…(you get an instant 10% off instantly and then I will get another 25% discount for doing the fun that I do)…..I am tellin’ you….you should think about becoming a hobby demonstrator – so easy!

With the great incentive of also get YOUR CHOICE of any 2 stamps sets in any of the catalogs, it truly is a no brainer! If you want to get the kit (your choice of whatever you want) and then be done – YOU CAN DO THAT….and there are no worries of penalties or any obligations.

Email me and I will be happy to help answer any questions you might have.



Now let’s get to the parade of pictures I have for you and then tomorrow you will need to stop back to see how I stepped it up and then you can see which one suits your fancy!

Do you remember on Wednesday I shared with you that my incentive gift this month is the Whisper White Craft Ink? Today I used the white ink to create my backdrop on the Marina Mist. Isn’t it fun!




Stampin' Up Lift Me Up! Bundle, Playful Backgrounds Photopolymer Stamp Set, Simple Saturday, Susan Itell - Stampin' Up!


This stamp set, Playful Background is one that I think you all might have breezed right by in the catalog! I remember that someone said in a comment last week that Polka Dots made them smile – well…this does the same thing for me! This is a fun and oh so easy background to create in a flash.




Tomorrow I will have for you the dimensions for this project but I really wanted to keep the balloon very classic in its colors. The base color is Marina Mist and I chose that because that is one color that I rarely use and I wanted to challenge myself to step of it my “color box” that I become so comfy with.

The colors in the balloon are Night of Navy and Soft Sky and the balloon itself id Sahara Sand. (I know sometimes it is hard to tell what colors they are in the photos) 😯 








Well….thoughts….you can see that it is a good old Simple Susan card for your Simple Saturday. Paper does amazing things for us and layers also do amazing things.

I think that you can easily see the endless color combinations you could do with this layout and also this sentiment is super-de-duper because it can cover many things……I am sending this to my Uncle that is 88 and in the hospital to cheer him up!





Stampin' Up Lift Me Up! Bundle, Playful Backgrounds Photopolymer Stamp Set, Simple Saturday, Susan Itell - Stampin' Up!


I hope that you have a fantastic day and if you live on the East Coast you know that the weather has been CRAZY….Yesterday I saw some daffodils trying to bloom and then last night it was to get around 20….no wonder so many people have colds!

I am having a GREAT GIRLS DAY today….I am meeting some downline for lunch and then to the local ribbon factory……little do they know that I am taking today’s card with me and they are going to give me some inspiration on how they see it stepped up for tomorrow…(don’t worry, I already have plan B in case we get yacking and I forget to bring it up)

Jammie shop is so easy and trust me, it is on trend. The other day I forced myself to go to Walmart (a place that really stresses me out because it is sooooo busy and huge) but I saw people actually shopping in their jammies. Heck – if they can do it in public….just think of how stylish we are shopping with our computers in our laps in the comforts of our homes! 😀


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