Now this is my kind of card…a card that is fresh, clean, timeless and just FUN for any age! This is the type of card to make in the “masses” as you simply cannot have too many for those times you are in a pinch! A good Old Fashion Ice Cream Cone is always a smile maker and a fun and classic font like this lends itself to a bigger smile!

There is another “smile maker” of a story for you at the end that will make your day….so you can thank me TWICE – the card and the story as you are going to have a great day!

The other GREAT thing about this card is that both of the focal parts, the “Happy Birthday” from Better Together and the Ice Cream Cone from the Cool Treats Bundle are both being carried over into the new catalog! I say another reason to smile!

TIP ALERT: While the Cool Treats is being carried over, it is NOT going to be at the bundled price so the moral of this story is – get it BEFORE the new catalog comes out so you can save an instant 10%

This stamp set, Better Together is one that I have blogged about many times and I am just so giddy that it is carried over as I think that it is a keeper but I will say that I think many of you have overlooked it and that makes me sad! This is chocked filled with great sentiments and “little images”. I bet that hat is going to look great on the pig…..thoughts?



I ask you…Don’t the 2 of these go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly? It screams FUN! It is when I make a card like this that I say….How can something so simple be soooooooo fun and cute?

There is no reason that each and every card that we make that there needs to be a HUGE TIME element put into it….remember, we are all about being handmade…not Hallmark!





Here is the bundle that I know that you all have seen gobs of times the past several months and I loved it so much that I did a kit with it in February….that’s when you know that it is a keeper. Look at the details of the framelits with this Ice Cream Cone….Stampin’ Up! has really put their “A” game on with their framelits designs lately and wait until the NEW catalog……you will be ALL SMILES! 😀

Remember, the bundled price will be “walking the plank” but the components of the kit will be in the New Catalog but you will have to purchase them a la carte’  🙂




Another simple tip! This DSP screams a happy occasion with all of the sprinkles but it is a small print so I thought – WHY NOT???? I just went ahead and covered the whole front of the card front to make a fun impact and it worked! I think that the BIG area of the DSP really lends its hand to making the cone and sentiment pop!

Speaking of POPPING…..I am tellin’ you….Bakers Twine is your friend….it will add that “little something extra” each and every time and it iwll never let you down! I have GOBS of Bakers Twine and trust me, if any of it goes to clearance  – I STOCK UP as you will always use it as it is the easiest to use to make a smile happen! This Bermuda Bay is retiring….and it is just $1.80 – HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? 🙄 





To make a great card you do not need to spend a bunch of time. This is a great example of that and when I said to you that this is a great one for the “masses” – it truly is. I hear rom you that you have gobs of paper that you are hoarding…..USE IT UP…..I hear from you that you have tons of ribbon….USE IT UP!

When you work with the basics like this…you are setting yourself up for instant success. I will sit down and cut out a bunch of stitched shapes from scraps and keep them in a container so when I am creating ~ I can just look over and see what I have to play with. If you get in the habit of trying to nave some shapes and basics near you, I really think that you are more likely to put them to use!





Here is your picture to PIN. You can just hover over this simple beauty and store it for the future but why wait? How about finding a wee bit of time today to make this layout. Even it you do not have the exact products, I know you have MANY other products that you can use to get the simple feel of this sweet card.





I have a funny for you…do you remember about 2 weeks ago that we took Arnold and that dumb little Donkey to the front field because the new grass was coming in and I knew that Arnold would love it?  Well….he IS lovin’ it but there is one that is not….Daisy. Ever since they have been down there she is sad that her buddies are away from the barn.

I have shared this with John and he thinks that I am nuts and says….she will be fine. WELL…John worked from home yesterday in the morning and when he was going to work he called me and said….your PIG is walking down the lane! Naturally I was PERKED UP because Daisy never does that as she is very predictable in where she is throughout the day…..

I went to a window and watched and YEP, he was right….my black “spot” was walking down the lane so I watched her….SHE IS SOOOOO SMART – She found Arnold and donkey! It was the sweetest thing…I dd not get much done as all day I was worried – WHERE IS DAISY NOW….and sure enough….still in the field with her friends.

I needed to go to a funeral and I called John and said – she is still down there….do you think that she will be ok? Naturally he said –  SHE IS A PIG….she will be fine – go ahead and leave….she is fine! I left and I admit she was on my mind as she has never wondered down that far before and as I drove back in the lane…..NO DAISY in the field…..

I was scared so I called John’s cell saying….I am pulling back in and Daisy is NOT in the field….he just said, I am sure she is fine….well that was not cutting it for me and I said, can you please stay on the phone until I get to the barn……

I went into the barn and was hoping and praying that my sweet little swine would be there…and YEP…..she was all snuggled in a mount of shavings in a stall and I MELTED! I thought….this is amazing…she missed her friends and she found her friends. LIFE IS GOOD!

I know it is silly but my heart was happy and skipping many beats with joy! As I told John….do you know how SMART that was of her….can you imagine how many piggie steps it took her to make that pilgrimage ~ I said, how would you feel with having stumps of legs that are probably 4″ tall and a hug belly having to walk and find your friends…..he laughed and said, I have a meeting to go to!!!

Now go and have a great day!




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