SNEAK PEEK….It’s Picture Perfect!!!




Good Morning and here is to a new week! YIKES….I have been here…there…and everywhere over the past 5 days and it has been great but I am in the “caveman ages” in getting in the groove! I have a classic “funny” for you at the end of the post…never a dull moment on Randall Lane!

I came home last night from being away and felt like a dog chasing its tail in trying to be productive in typing up a post for you that I simply said….tomorrow is a new day and sat with John and the pups as watched the Carol Burnett’s 50th Anniversary Show… was fabulous – did anyone else see it???…..Why can’t they make good old FUN shows like that! It was just the perfect evening!

I have a sneak peek for you today! I was excited that there are a couple of fantastic new Birthday Stamp Sets that are coming out in January with the Occasions Catalog and here is one for you today!








This is a photopolymer stamp…I am SUPER happy with that and the price point…just $17.00 and I am also SUPER happy with that! The thing that drew me to knowing that this would have a home on Randall Lane was the simplicity of it. When I see a stamp set that has great sentiments with a FUN FONT and also basic pieces that can build upon each other….I say SOLD!

My peeps sweetie’s Birthday was last week and I wanted a sweet card to make her sweet face smile! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED with this keeper of a card! Is this EASY or WHAT! Just think of the color combinations you could use….and YES – a great solution for those hard to make masculine cards!!!! YIPPEE-SKIPEE!









You really do not need me on this one but I know you like it when I share the dimensions. You will find the colors that I used at the end of the post but here is the quick run down of the dimensions.

  • Base 4 1/4″ square in Thick Whisper White
  • Powder Pink layer is 4″
  • Bermuda Bay layer is 3 7/8″
  • Whisper White layer is 3 3/4″ and scored on all 4 sides!


To pick the colors I just looked what was on my work area….then threw in a couple of more POPS and PRESTO….a fun card! To me, candles are like balloon and polka dots – they make me happy and smile!  🙂

To make the little “wick”, I simply took a black marker…super simple! I just adore the look of the scored line….again, a simple technique that literally takes seconds to do. I will say, I do like using the Simply Scored Board over the trimmer when doing these line as I feel they get a better and deeper score.








Here is the other reason that I like this stamp set….the sentiments are not only perfect and appropriate for the fronts of cards….but a blue ribbon winner for the insides as well!

Again, simple yet still fun and festive. I think that the whole color scheme that I chose for the card just screams a fun day. (I honestly think I am trying to forget that it is getting cold outside) 🙁







Well…there you go….a SIMPLE CARD that would be perfect for making someone smile on their special day!  I know that it sure did make Ashleigh smile and trust me….that is a beautiful smile!

I think I am in total denial with the retired list that was unveiled on December 1st. I honestly did not even print it off until last night (when I was chasing my tail) and it mad me sad ….another reason that I said….tomorrow is a new day! We all know it happens each and every year. It is the way that it is and an opportunity to take advantage of some great deals. CLICK HERE to see if there are any keepers for you.

In closing, here is a funny for you. We all know that my dear John is a keeper, truly a keeper…..well – when I was away and what did he do? Well….where do I begin….this is what happens when you leave your husband home for 4 days!

  • He bought 2 more cases of white lights…..has stapled lights all down the fence and it looks like a landing strip as I drove in the lane
  • He put these wreaths on every window of the house…and they are ones that I really do not like but I admit, they look nice
  • He went and picked a tree….(he is soooo picky about his tree) as he loves Christmas…. that James, Ashleigh and him went and cut down the perfect tree!!!!
  • He text me and asked what my password is for Amazon…..after I told him and then said why? He bought a nativity scene for the yard, I told you that he LOVES Christmas and also LOVES to decorate (which – I know….I am very GRATEFUL FOR) but I said – really….who in the world is ever going to see it?…..I loved his response…well the deer…the horses….the donkey…maybe the pig…and ME!
  • Here is the best….he texted me again and said….oh honey, we are getting 4 Alpacas on Monday!


You just have to love him! Never a dull moment….they are not here yet…and I really do not know if they are coming but he also said….don’t worry – you do not need to go get them…..they are being delivered! What can I say to that?????

YIKES….Calgon, take me away…..never dull around here – see what happens when the peeps leave the nest!!!! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!






A keeper, oh so versatile!





Happy Hump Day! I have a card for you today that I think will make you happy and also say…I could use this layout/design fro so many occasions!

When I was in Houston, the gal across from me created this layout (hers was the Happy Birthday one) and when she showed me her worked I perked up and said, I would love to take a picture of it and also CASE it! I just knew you all would love it.





To me, this is one of those cards that hold the test of time because they are a classic and also a card that you can use so many different color combinations /sentiments.

The frameits that are used are the Botanical Builder Framelits and they can still be found on the clearance rack (just $19.80), I was shocked when she shared with me that this is what she used as honestly, this was a set that I did not use often but trust me, I cranked out a bunch of these puppies!





I decided to give it a try with a Christmas Theme and I think it worked out….what do you think? You can see that the layout itself is very straightforward. All you need to do is cut out (3) of each of the elements.

The sentiment came from the Snowflake Sentiments Bundle and YES – I would get the bundle on this one as the framelits are over the top on this one….





Look at what you have and just make it work. You can see that the Birthday one used pearls for the accents….and for the Christmas one I used the wee bitty dots from the Owl Builder Punch with Red Glimmer to create the accent….just have fun!

I happen to adore the “movement” that the flowers give…you can pull them forward for a dramatic look or simply leave them flat!





Here is a tip….if you are watching a game…a movie etc – why not pull scraps that you have and go to town cutting away. Plop your Mr. Big right with you and get ahead of the game (ha-ha) as you will be so happy that you have elements cut and ready to rumble when you want to make a card,

Here is also something that I would do…I would make up a bunch of these at one time with different colors and simply leave off the sentiment so when you need a card….POOF……stamp the sentiment and you are good to go!

I think that it is very fair to say that we all have a copious amount of product and even if you do not have these framelits I am sure that you have a floral one that will do the trick. It’s all about the (3’s) – just taking 3 of the same elements and use that as your focal and go from there! It will never let you down!






I used easy-peasy glue dots to put this whole thing today. Not only does it work like a charm ii is sooooo darn fast! Remember, there are ALWAYS ways to make projects simpler.

Well, there you go… a super card that can go through the test of time. These are the types of cards that catch my fancy; I ask you, why do we complicate things so?

Well I am in air right now on my way to Salt Lake City. I am blessed that I have 4 team members and a new gal that is by herself that is joining our fun……after all – I am the very 1st person that loves to rescue dogs and the name that we call our team is the Top Dogs… of course my heart is always opening to welcome someone. (She is going to think we are crazy….but it will be fun!)





The 6 of us are going to have a fun time together. Last night we started the slumber party early at Ramsey’s as we needed to be at the airport by 5:15…we made it and we are excited to have a fun time!

I brought my big camera so I am hopeful to take some great pictures and of course I will share. You know me, I love to share with you and I truly wish that each and every one of you could be with us.

I just keep pinching myself that I feel so lucky to laugh, learn and make these amazing friendships with so many amazing and talented crafters.It is always fun and healthy to be with people that make you laugh, make you smile, simply make your day!

I will see you on Friday as I will share with you my swap card that I made. Trust me, it is a total “Susan card” being that it is super simple but I was tickled with it…’s a keeper and one that I am actually going to make more of to send.

Enjoy the day, make a memory and don’t forget how incredibly blest we are! 🙂




Pigs ROCK from friends…..



Hello…I have a fun “show and tell” for you today and at the end of the post I have a “funny” for you about my dear sweet swine, Daisy – it is never a dull moment on Randall Lane!

Today you will see three adorable cards that was sent to me for my birthday using the super sweet This Little Piggy Stamp set.

It seems like it was yesterday that I was sitting in Richmond, VA previewing the Stampin’ Up! catalog (that came out in June) and I saw this Stamp set and I was in total disbelief but trust me… it was sheer joy! I can specifically remember thinking to myself – “I am just ecstatic but what the heck do other people think about a stamp with a pig on.”

Needless to say… This is been a very popular stamp set for Stamping Up! as you can’t deny –  they are just simply adorable! I had so many people come up to me and also so many people email me saying I bet that will be the first stamps that you purchase…

Enjoy these fabulous cards and be sure to leave some love with a comment for the three ladies that made these cards.


Card #1 – This is super sweet card was made by Ramsey Alexander from Maryland. Ramsey was the host for our girls weekend and this card is just her up-and-down. I was just squealing with joy when I saw this card…..I will be CASING this one….one fun card.

You can also see that she used 2 other stamp sets.The ‘oh happy day’ is from the Happiest of Days stamp set and the fabulous bike is from the Bike Ride bundle.I have blogged about both of these products as they are keepers in my eyes.

You can click here and click here to view past posts with the stamps…..I truly adore these products…..that’s why they are keepers!







Card #2 – Does this Just make you both smile and laugh! This card was made by Judy Palmer from Arizona. Judy also has a blog, Blog This!…You can click here to see it… her work is always fun and filled with a story…and it is always filled with lots of humor!

These adorable pigs are having a “big old time” at the birthday party!

You can see in the second picture that this card does not have any dimension…Isn’t it interesting how fun it is without the dimension? It taught me a lesson as I always seem to lift things up but I am telling you…When you hold this card in your hand it’s simply does not need it.





Card #3 – This card was made by Jeanie Stark. Jeanie also has a blog,Just Stampin’ and you can click here to see her blog. Jeanie is known for Fun Fold Cards and also her ABCs series of blog posts.

This design of the card is called a waterfall card. I can remember when I first started card making this was always one of the most intriguing designs to me to learn how to do.Jeanie did a post on the ins and outs of this card – CLICK HERE to see that post.

I was determined to master at it and once I did I cannot tell you how many of these cards I made.It is an easy card to put together that has a huge wow factor.The biggest key is finding the appropriate size of the stamp to fit in the squares.







There you go… Three super fun cards that I’m sure have brought a smile to your face. Again, if you have the time please leave these ladies a comment as I’m sure that they would love to read them

Now to a story about my Daisy-Mae.I came home from the weekend with two things that happened at our farm.One was a leak from the second floor into our living room (YUCK – it is a mess…a BIG mess) and the other was no power in the upper garage and barn.

There was an electrician that came to look at the barn power switch and when the gentleman walked into the tack room at the barn He did not know that we had a pig.

Daisy was in the tack room. He had a flashlight and as he opened the door Daisy made her grunting noises and scared him to death.

I was walking down towards the barn from the house and he came running out the side of the barn… all of a sudden all I could do was bust out laughing. I said oh did you meet Daisy…

It truly is a hoot to see the initial expression on peoples face when they see that you have a pig. She always walks up to them and rubs her nose on your leg….(as naturally she wants to be scratched) and they always have a funny comment about her.

Thanks for popping in today and I hope to see you on Saturday as I am going to attempt to share with you a technique that I did over the weekend for my shoe box swap. It is super unique and fun to do.

Thanks again to my three wonderful friends and their piggy cards….

I have been fascinated by pigs basically my whole life and it was always a dream for me to have one. I only wish my mom was alive to have seen Daisy as I know she would’ve just smiled and said I can’t believe you have a pig!





It certainly was…”The Happiest of Days”



Good Sunday to you….I have what I think is a super special card for you and one that I do hope that you will not only CASE your little heart out but also think of me and my dear Aunt Jean when you use this stamp set! She is truly one in a million and a total inspiration to me.

I have shared with you that she is turning 90 and yesterday we made the trek to her daughters home to celebrate her 90th and her great-grand daughters 1st Birthday! That in itself was oh so special as think….we have totally 2 different spectrums of “life” – both making you smile and both making you realize the sheer beauty that life brings to us!

I will share with you the card I made for Virginia’s Birthday next week and I think that you will beam as much with that one as I hope you are doing right now when you see this card.

I should have typed this up before I gave the card away but “life” was in the way so I am going from my head but I am thinking that perhaps I should do a video on it as it is super easy and fun. Just think of all of the endless possibilities we have with paper and colors of ink to re-create this over and over! you know what I call is…..“a keeper” The stamp set –  Happiest of Days is the star of the show today.







The over all size of the card is a 4 1/4″ square (I adore this size) and today I did make a custom envelope with the envelope punch board but if you did not want to make your own envelope you could use on of our regular envelopes and it would be “just fine” and not require additional postage.

Here comes that “broken record” that I say over and over….but here you go AGAIN….



You just can’t go wrong with the basics



I invite you to LOOK at this card and see that there are minimal products used and the ket factor…basic shapes! I am tellin’ you – you just cannot go wrong! With the help of the trimmer, Mr. Big and framelits…a fun card is whipped together in no time!









Now let’s chat about the stamped image! This is what I like to do…stamp it on a piece of scrap Thick Whisper White and then cut it out using the framelit. I will say RIGHT OF THE BAT…I use my Stamp-a-ma-Jig for perfect placement when creating a card like this.

When you look at the stamp image in the set you can see that there are 3 gifts on that particular stamp…I actually used a small post it to eliminate that gift when I stamped but using the stamp-a-ma-jig made it super easy to see right where I wanted all of the placement of stamps.







You can see that the “cake” image appears to be behind the gifts…this was made by doing a fast mask of the polka dot gift I was able to put my mask down and then stamp the cake image! I simply stamped the cake on a small post it and fussy cut it out.

Using the Aqua Painter I did a quick wash of color to make the colors POP with the fun DSP that I used. The DSP Strip is just 1″ wide and isn’t it amazing that just this minimal piece of DSP sets the tone for the whole card!







Here is a picture for you to PIN and hopefully re-create! I just adore using layers of paper as layers of paper are a minimal expense with a maximum end result. I hope that this card has “brightened your day” and I would love to hear what you think of it!

I think that many of us are intimidated with the technique of masking and I even admit, I doubt myself as which one to mask but just remember, the image that you want to be in front is the one that you will make a mask of.

Here is a bit of advice, find some “me time” and take a stamp set and play…that IS the best way to learn and feel comfortable!








Here are some pictures from yesterday! I ask you….is she one beautiful person? Is was a joy to see her so happy having family from all over to be there together celebrating such a special milestone. My daughter Hannah is blest to live close to her and I am proud of Hannah for checking in and snagging a lunch or dinner with her.

Here is a funny…..about 2 months ago Hannah was going to Raleigh to see Aunt Jean for dinner and she said, “Hannah – how about if you just come to my house and then we will decide where to go”…well she did and that day the 2 of them sat around and she showed Hannah some of her old Text Books that she had while going to Chapel Hill years ago…and being the “science nerd” that Hannah is…she asked if she could borrow them.

After their “show and tell of the past” Aunt Jean said, let’s get an Uber and go downtown for dinner. Hannah looked at her with amazement and said ok – where are we going…Aunt Jean said, “I”ll call for one” and she picked up her I Phone and got an Uber herself…..I say = AMAZING!









Now go have a fantastic day and take a moment to smile when you think of someone that has inspired you in your life! We all have them…we just need to find the “me time” to sit and reflect….do it, you’ll be glad that you did. I can honestly say that 7 hours in the car for 3 hours of fun…..was well worth it and my “joy tank” is filled!





Fun & Fresh for your Friday!





Hi there! I have a fun and fresh one for your Friday! (now say that 3 times super fast!!!!) I have been itchin’ to get this beauty inky….as I think we can all see that this is what I call, “a keeper” I ask you, how about these sweet images and the fun font!

The Happiest of Days Stamp Set is found on page 70 in the Annual Catalog and I hope that you did not breeze right past it! It is a super sweet and simple set but one that definitely can hold the test and mark of  an amazing card!

You have heard me say this before, I adore stamp sets that have small images that are super simple. WHY? Simple just works!








This is a very straight forward card (except the fun fru-fru bow) and we will get to that in a bit. It is all about the basics with clean and crisp lines….works each and every time and will never, ever go out of style,

You know me by now, I just adore white. There is something just magical about a white card with a POP!  This card really uses minimal products but still produces a big punch.









Since this is a new stamp for me, I conditioned it, stamped all of the images and put the image paper in my stamp set for future references and went to town. After I saw how incredibly simple these images are….I thought – all I need is a super quick swoosh-swoosh with the aqua painter and inks ….presto – DONE!

I really was not sure what I was going to do today….so I did use the Stamp-a-ma-jig on the stitched square….but then again, if I had a vision for this card – I could have skipped this step and simply did my stamping and then take the stamped scrap to the Big Shot and cut it out with the squarea! Silly Susan!!!









To help break up the white and add some interest and texture…out came the Sparkle Embossing Folder. I am starting to get a bit better in remembering to use them. They DO make a difference and they are so affordable. Don’t forget, I am giving the Layered Leaves Embossing Folder for all orders of $75.00 or more this month!

Embossing folder are fast and effective and there are many different techniques and different ways that you can use them. Simple me, I go for the tried and true old fashion way….just like I do with this card but you can isolate some areas that you want embossed….google for alternative embossing ideas and I am sure you will find some great ideas!








Time to chat about this fun fru-fru. First I want to say, it is not super bulky In the picture it appears that way but it is not. The reason why is that amazing Navy Crinkled Ribbon.I am just lovin’ this ribbon and I knew that I needed a bit of oomph to jazz up the card so I thought….play around!

Are you ready….cause this is super hard (ha-ha…it is sooooo easy) ….all I did was put down 3 short pieces of the navy ribbon and then took a piece of the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and cut it down to be a narrower width as it is a1/2″ ribbon and then tied it in a knot!

Next I took my scissors and cut into the edges of the navy ribbon to make them into random widths to add some poof! After I had them the way that I loked them…I took the Lemon Lime Twist Ribbon and make the next knot and simply trimmed the ends. Securing it into place was a cinch with a simple glue dot!

Now I ask you…how easy is that!?!? That Navy ribbon just has a natural POOF which is giving it the visual of it being bulky but it is “just perfect” for this card!








I just cold not stop with the envelope……I was having so much fun with this card – I just could not stop! To help pull the whole thing together, I just took the coordinating card-stocks and cut them into random widths and jazzed up the envelope before also adding a small piece of the embossing paper as well.

Call me crazy for always making my envelopes fun but that is just me, that is hope I roll and it is just a habit of mine. I can honestly say that whenever I create a card, you can bet that there is an envelope that is also fun! I feel….it “sets the stage” for when someone gets Happy Mail!








Have a great day and I hope that it is an “oh, happy day” as each and everyday is a great one!! I hope to see you tomorrow…there’s a baby to celebrate….in a Simple Saturday kinda way!

Don’t forget…jammie shopping is sooooo on trend (just sayin’!) I know that the new catalog is right around the corner and that is SUPER exciting but one thing I will suggest….is to get a piece of paper out and be realistic as what you want to accomplish over the next couple of months!



What am I talking about??? Well let me share!



I am sure that you are like me…that you like to make gifts with your hands – that is GREAT and you know that I am all about that but make a list of all of the things and people that you want to make things for….you will be soooooo happy that you did as it is a HUGE help to visualize that..,and then put a plan into action. I know that IF I can see it and IF it is written down that I have a better chance on breaking it into action steps!

Now go grab this Friday and make your mark it!





Blog Candy time…let’s Paint Play!





Happy Hump Day to you and do I have a fun and flirty little number for you today but before we get going I have 2 SUPER important things to go over……are you ready!!!

  • The Daisy Delight Bundle IS BACK IN STOCK….ok stampers – I think that we can all say that there has never been an item that has been so popular than this HOT duo. If you do not already have this, than this IS your time to hop on the stampin’ wagon. It not only is a “smart stamper” to get it before it potentially goes on back order again ( I hope not)…but you are so close to being about to earn a bonus day buck! This is the featured product for my weekend post and trust me, you need it!


  • We have a BLOG CANDY WINNER from yesterday! Are you ready….get ready to slide that chair back if you are PAT ROPCHAN and if you are Pat… need to GET UP and DO IT…..DO THAT HAPPY DANCE!!!! Pat – you won the Watts of Occasion Stamp Set! I just adore that stamp set and I know you will enjoy it as well! Please email me your address and I will ordered this FUN stamp for you!



Many thanks to ALL for leaving a comment but remember…It’s CANDYLAND all week long on my blog so you will have more chances to win – my thanks to YOU for the support and sheer fun we have together!

Now let’s get to todays post and the Blog Candy for you. How many of you have this little number???…chances are you buzzed right past this in the catalog. It is call Paint Play and it can be found on page 161.

I like to feel that I know my customer pretty well and if my hunch is correct – you all flew right past this little number! This is why I love it….it is FRESH…it is FUN….it is soooooo VERSATILE….it’s just a KEEPER. This is a great example of a stamp set that will go far as when in doubt….there are always lots of images in this one that you could add to another project to give it that “something that you need” 







As I shared yesterday, I have a dreadful summertime cold (most likely from being in a plane for so long) and because none of the dogs were coming to my pity party yesterday I decided to turn the music up and stamp with fun color to perk me up….. and it worked.

I must say, I LOVE this card. This is the 1st time that I have inked up this stamp and I was excited to take it for a test drive. Before we get to the pictures and blog candy for today….let’s chat about conditioning your stamp. As I shared,  this is the 1st time that I have used this stamp so I needed to condition it!






Now before you SIGH….hear me out – trust me, I get it…that time thing gets in the way. I ask you this….would you rather take the time NOW when you have a new stamp set and condition it for a clean and crisp stamped image or take the chance of being frustrated in not having a clean stamped image? I know what my answer would be! 💡

We all spend good money on our products so why not have them work to your advantage? I know that I have blogged about this many times but it also is something that I get many emails about….this is what I do…


  • Stamp the image in versamark on a piece of scrap paper. (I usually use a discontinued color so I can see the image) and if it does not stamp well….I redo this again until I get the look I need.
  • I use my chamois to clean off my stamp (you really do not need to do this as it will not contaminate your ink) and then stamp it using a dark or bold color onto a piece of Whisper White Cardstock.


DONE… I have a quick reference for the actual size of an image within a stamp set and I also know that when I need to grab this stamp…it is already conditioned and ready to rumble!







Now I ask you…..isn’t this a super fun card! You can be your own Picasso and go to town with the color. At the end of the post you will see all of the colors that I used for this card! I just adore that POP of Bermuda Bay that I used and the contrast of the Early Espresso is great together.

Now how about that ribbon. I am over the moon with the ribbon this year and hold on to your pocketbook for the NEW RIBBON in the upcoming catalog….can you say AMAZING and yep, I will do a product/ribbon share.

This ribbon, the Powder Pink Woven Ribbon is a dream machine to work with! It just “behaves well” and I think you know what that means – a perfect bow each and every time! Truthfully, if Stampin’ Up! had this ribbon in every color….they would all be on Randall Lane!







Did you notice the DIY Designer Series Paper made from yours truly!?!? I was just having so much fun with this stamp that I decided to stamp away on a piece of Whisper White and use it on my envelope!

I took a 2 1/2″ X 6″ strip of paper and stamped it…added a strip of powder pink and a sliver of flirty flamingo for a POP and then trimmed the excess away! PRESTO!








Now for the Blog Candy…..leave me a comment and let me know if you condition your stamps???… you find it to be helpful???….if you have a different method, PLEASE SHARE –  but also, PLEASE let me know how you like this sweet card! (ha-ha)!!!



One lucky winner will win this stamp Set….

Paint Play….just leave a comment and GOOD LUCK!



Now HERE IS SOMETHING to take heart of and I will say that you really should view this as a great marketing strategy…..for every $50.00 you spend in July, you will receive a $5.00 coupon to use in August! That’s why hopping on the Daisy Delight Bundle would help you get closer to that threshold!




I LOVE this promotion and have taken advantage of it personally but if I were you……I would add that extra $25.00 to be able to pick a free stamp from my vault…..(just saying as there are 100’s of stamp sets needing a new home) WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT?

I have finally “corralled” my retired product….and it is a CANDYLAND for YOU! When you enter the vault….you will be in heaven (I have several in there right now….so hurry and make your selection before it gets swooped up)

I have updated the Hostess Code and if your order is $75.00 or more with me….you can GO TO THE VAULT and pick out any stamp your heart desires. I did this last year and it was a huge hit….but now….it is STOCKED TO THE MAX….as it is up to date from the Catalog that ended on May 31st.




Good luck with the Blog Candy….I can’t wait to read your comments about the conditioning of your stamps and also how you like this card! Have a GREAT Hump Day and I am staying low for another day…..but watch out….hopefully tomorrow I will be back in the swing of things!







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