A BUNCH of Birthday Inspiration for you!!!!


I have a TREAT for you today!


One type of card we always seem to make and we always seem to never have too many ideas for are….BIRTHDAY CARDS!

Yep, like it or not…we all have them each year (unless you are a leap year baby and WOW – how fun would that be to confuse people with your REAL age)!

I have for you today 9 different Birthday Cards that will be sure to put aSPRING in your step” 

These cards were created by fellow team members….we call ourselves, “Top Dogs” and I have to tell you…I am not only super proud of my group of puppies….but there is a BUNCH of talent within this group and it brings me joy to share their work with you!




You will see that they are from all over this wonderful country of ours and I am sure that they would LOVE to hear some comments about their beauties! If you happen to see that you live near one of them and are looking for a SUD or heck – a new person to craft with and share your love of “playing”….than please email me and I can get you their contact info!

I decided to put them in alphabetical order buy their 1st name...WHY? (don’t know)….some cards you will see more than 1 picture of….WHY?I can answer this….Some cards I feel need more pictures to get the fell and perhaps angle needed to let you get the “real scoop of the card”

Before we get to the “Parade of Cards” I want to declare this week to be BIRTHDAY WEEK on my Blog……yesterday was my dear friend and fellow Team-mate……


J_ ANIE STARK (tee-hee-hee……I think you can fill in the blank) 60th Birthday…..


yep…I said 60 and you know what that means…..when you hit a MILESTONE….you deserve the Royal Treatment and with that said…..tomorrow I will share with you Jeanie’s MILESTONE Cards I made for her…..

On Friday is my youngest peeps, Hannah’s 25th BIRTHDAY….and YEP, that is a super special day for me for obvious reasons….so all week long we are having a BIRTHDAY PARTY and on Friday we will have BLOG CANDY that is super practical!




LOVE, LOVE ….LOVE!!!! Just look how clean and classic this design is and the colors…..who would not smile seeing this beauty!!! I know many times I do not show the inside of a card….but this one just was so sweet. I just love it when there are 2 different fonts within the same sentiment!







Time to hop over to the Wet Coast….this is what I call a keeper! I always am a HUGE FAN of Black and White with a POP…and yep, Beth did it! A quick addition of the Stampin’ Blends did the trick and just look how sweet the inside of the envelope is…..In my eyes….it is always about pulling it all together and the front and the inside of this card is a perfect example!






The minute I saw this card I beamed with the textures….why in the world do we seem to forget about using embossing folders?!? Bridget rocked it with using 2 different embossing folder on the same card – doesn’t it just POP! This is a card that would be fabulous to have several on hand as it could easily go both feminine or masculine!






How about this fun, festive FUN FOLD CARD! (say that 3 times) This is from the one and only Chris R from Iowa! Many of us know Chris as she not only brings joy to our hearts….she makes us laugh! This is just too fun! You can see that I took several pictures for you to get the feel of it! I am hoping that Chris will walk me through the steps of cutting and scoring and I will share with you on a future post!










Back East we go….and I had the privilege to meet Hilda in person last month when there were a bunch of us that did a “Continuing Educational Class”  (sounds good…right!!!!) as we went to a Gina K Designs Class/Workshop that was fantastic! Poor Hilda – I think we overwhelmed her with all of the chatter and laughs at lunch…but it was GREAT to meet in person! Again, this is my kinda card as the POP of a sentiment sets the stage for FUN and just think of all of the color combos you could use! Fun…festive and POLKA DOTS….can’t get any better than that! You can see in the 3rd picture the front is a wee bit shorter….love that touch!








WHEW….we are racking up the frequent flyer miles as we go back to the West Coast….and I am THRILLED TO SAY THAT THIS BUNDLE IS BACK ON STOCK….WOOT-WOOT and here is a hint – you will see it tomorrow…..This is a great bundle as there is a PUNCH with it and Karen did a fab-o job with the festive little beauty! Take a peek at that FUN sentiment in the inside of the card – love it! This is another stellar example of how you can easily change up colors and have a card for anyone!








Staying out West we go to Judy…aka “Princess Judy” – we have never met in person but I just adore her sense of humor and no doubt if we were closer we would laugh the day away together….She is ALWAYS so darn clever in her use of stamps – I would have NEVER thought about this stamp set being on to use for a Birthday card but just look…..it is GREAT! Sometimes we all need that nudge to get out of that box we get ourselves into!







Back to California we go…and Shila outdid herself with this beauty! This IS being carried over in the next catalog! Just look at the simple shapes she has on this card along with the die and bakers twine…to make a SIMPLE CARD….SUPER SPECIAL! THere is just something so soothing and beautiful about this Tropical Beauty….super-de-duper!






Last but not least…a card from YOURS TRULY…ME! I will do a separate blog post about this beauty as I think that it is a FUN one to use for many different occasions….just change up the sentiment and POOF…a great card! I just love repetition on a card and this was a FUN one to make up!




As the saying goes…..I cannot wait to show you what I did for Jeanie tomorrow….it is WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE but I will admit, it was SUPER EASY to make and one that you just need to see!!!! Have a GREAT AFTERNOON and if you have the time….please give these ladies some good old fashion love with a comment!

I am always proud of anyones works as we are all in the same boat….we LOVE to make works of art with out hands…which is a TRUE work of ART from our HEART!














Make someone SMILE!!!


Good Morning and today is a SUPER SPECIAL DAY for me as 32 years today my oldest son Will was born!!!


I just adore celebrating the PEEPS birthday as it is a day for me to go down that Memory Lane and smile!

On Tuesday I looked at John and said – I am missing Will…and I wish that we could be together on his Birthday and you know what?!!? That sweet husband looked at me and said BOOK A TICKET and go!

As you read this….I am probably flying to Boston to surprise Will! I am getting into Boston so darn early that I know that there is no way that he would glimpse at his Mom’s Blog and read this! He is a Montessori teacher for 6 – 9 year olds and I am “Uber-ing” right to his school to surprise him!

I have a TON of pictures for you today and at the end there is a PDF that you can print off and use! I know that many of you are just “true blue card-makers” and are a bit intimated in venturing out to making a 3-D item….but all I can say is – TRY IT….the end result will make you smile!

Before we get to the pictures and tips I want to say right out of the gate…you can make this WITH or WITHOUT the acetate (Window Sheets) and the project will still be a WINNER! I personally wanted to try to work with the Window Sheets as that is a product that we do not use a whole bunch but to me, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE as the end result is very polished with a fab-o presentation!




Let’s chat about Hershey Nuggets! Well….they are a crafters dream as there are SOOOOO many things that you can do and make with them and heck, let’s face it – they are super yummy! My favorite is the Dark Chocolate….but trust me, google it and you will be amazed and excited with the idea that are out there!

Here is the magic measurement to wrap….ready???

1″ X 3″ of DSP + a piece of tape = a super cute nugget 🙂 

You can CLEARLY see that you can use up that DSP that you have. I like to go ahead and cut a BUNCH and then as the time comes….sit and watch something on TV and wrap and tape…throw them in a bag and they are ready for a project!

This is also a GREAT HUSBAND project….I will plop 2 bowls for John and the makings for this task…..he gets into a roll and throws all of the wrapped ones in the other bowl. One day I ask my Dad to help out and I loved his comment…..“I don’t like this job….I would rather cut ribbon”

For those of you that have DSP from the holidays….look at what you have and if you like the print on the scale that it needs to be…..go ahead and cut it up…..wrap a rubber-band around it and next Fall you can wrap some chocolates!






  • Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 7 ¾” X 3 ½”
  • On the short side score at 1 ¼” and 2 ¼” and use the bone folder, SUPER WELL!
  • On the long side score at 1 ¼” and 6 ½ and use the bone folder, SUPER WELL!
  • Notch in the sides as shown (this makes a big difference when making 3D projects.
  • Place Tear-n-Tape as shown….always use a super strong adhesive!






For the FUN Die Cut piece….I went to the Birthday Cheer Bundle! showcased this bundle last month (click here) and I loved that project and this time I am using the other focal die….the cute cupcakes! I always am honest about the products I showcase….I do love this bundle. It is super unique and versatile and the price point is really good!

We all need to have a FUN Birthday collection as we all seem to make! The reason that I love these dies is the fact that the bottom part does not cut so you can make the height if the cupcakes or gifts whatever you need it to be! Today. I simply put color cardstock behind the diecut images and was good to go!






I will add some tips about the below pictures…..you can see in the above picture that there is a plain cupcake die….I cut several out and snipped them in half! WORKED LIKE A CHARM and then to cover it up….a blank one over top! (you could easily skip this step)

Elmers Spray Glue is what I like to use for tricky dies like this! Truth be told, I get a bit grumpy when my hands are sticky with glue. Using this….I can hold it on the edge and just spray where the detailed area is…..and the take it and PICK UP the other part and press it in place!

After I do this….I can add the adhesive of my choice to the lower edge and place it on my project. I bet I have had the same bottle for 4 years….it is not that I use it often at all….but when I do – it certainly does the trick. I hear that in early March there is going to be another product coming out similar to this…but without being spray with the fumes! (I will keep you  posted)








The only part that you have to “piece” out of the diecut is the cherry and the heart – it is SO worth it to add these and by just having to place a 1/2 of a cupcake behind each cupcake window image…..paper piecing these 2 things is not bad at all!






Now I am SURE that I will get people rolling their eyes about the Stamp-a-ma-jig….I think EVERY STAMPER needs to have this tool and I am shocked that Stampin’ Up! took it out of the catalog! Trust me, I adore and use the stamparatus all of the time..but there are times that you are using a red rubber stamp and need a straight stamp image….so OUT IT COMES!

You will laugh at this…..I feel that everyone needs to know how to parallel park a car….(I cannot believe that this is not on the drivers test any more) and I feel the same about this tool……and you can quote me –

“Every Stamper needs a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and every Stamper needs to know how to use it!”

Now….you will think of me each and every time you park a car! Seriously, it is so darn handy and it save so many basic and silly mistakes that can happen.







The sentiment for this project is from the new Itty Bitty Birthday Greeting Stamp Set….a keeper for sure! I particularly like the fact that there are 2 different sizes of fonts on this image.

Here is a tip that I have done with this project…..I LOVE to make multiples of projects when I make them….so this one is no different! I made up 8 in total…assembled 3 completely for the photos for this post and then….the rest – all flat, safe and sound in a plastic sleeve ready to go when I need one!

I HIGHLY encourage you to work like this….as not only does it save a BUNCH of time….you will be so happy to have it basically ready – just wrap the DSP paper around the nuggets…..DONE!








Let’s chat about the window sheet….below you will see that all I did was score, crease well and adhere! Not only does it keep the 8 pieces of chocolate tight and safe, it looks super professional.

I go ahead just like I did the other pieces of this project in cutting and scoring….then place it in the plastic sleeve and DONE!




The last pictures show you the ribbon – of course this is totally optional as well, but I think that you will agree….it makes a great touch and my hunch is that you also have a bunch of ribbon that could use a home and brighten someones day!

John is always my “what do you thing….do you like this or that?” and his pick – he likes the acetate touch and also the bow around the project! He also REALLY likes the fact that this project has 8 nuggets – he never seems to understand why we make things like this with just 2 or 3 pieces!










There you go! One thing that I always encourage you to do is…to take some “me time” and make one up! It does not matter if you have all of the specific products that I have used…what matters is to do it while you see it and it is fresh in your head!

Here is the PDF for you to hang onto for the future!

I just love a project like this and you betcha that I have one packed for me to hand-deliver to my on on his special day. Enjoy your day as I know I as my heart is going to be skipping many beats today just being with him….and his classroom filled with grasshoppers!!!!

Anyone that purchases this bundle from me will get this project all completes….all you have to do is peel off the adhesive strip and you are ready to go! Just round it up to hit that $50.00 mark and you can pick a FREE SAB ITEM!!!!





Birthday Fun with some BLOG CANDY!



Are you ready for some BLOG CANDY…

Wanna Win (2) Birthday Bags and (2)  Birthday Cards…



Hello and Happy (Friday!)Saturday morning!  As promised, I have the card that I created to go with yesterdays fun with the Birthday in a Bag post! One thing that happens to me and I bet you will agree…is that we always have great intentions to have a “stash of B-day Cards” on handjust in case and then life happens and we fall short!

Todays post is all about how I had to have an “Attitude Switch” in my simple stampin’ mind….basically, how I set out to make Lemonade out of Lemons…and guess what – the last laugh was on me!

Are you thinking to yourself….“What the heck is she talking about”...well, grab a cup of coffee and have an open mind and let me shed the light! In the end I think that you will see where I am coming from and also you will see that with a couple of changes…and a fresh and positive set of eyes – you can smile and in turn make someone else smile!

In my “simple stampin’ opinion” there are months of the Paper Pumpkin that are HIGHS…and then there are months that are Lows (in my eyes)…and when I opened up the December 2018 Paper Pumpkin….I wasn’t feelin’ the love. I let it sit for quite some time and then as I was cleaning my work area after the holidays…I thought – just use it up!

Lets’ get to it!





In the above picture you can see the kit and then what I did! I basically used the 18  calendar cards that are preprinted…and made 18 Birthday Cards with the kit….and I AM THRILLED as now I have 18 Birthday Cards ready to go to use over the span of 18 months!

The “calendar” itself is already preprinted and has a great gold foil detail on the Month and then a color that accents it. In the kit there are (4) different color schemes and for todays card I used this fun dot paper to go with the months that had the  Coastal Cabana trim! (hopefully this makes sense)

You can see the the one above that I have not cut yet is a soft yellow…and for that…I used a totally different DSP to accent it so I can use all sorts of DSP and USE IT UP!!! (let me know if you want me to share the other cards that I did with the other color combos) as I can do that in another post!






I checked this morning and this kit is still available….as sometimes SU offers extras for sale under the Paper Pumpkin Past Kits….but remember, you need to be a current Paper Pumpkin Subscriber to take advantage of past kits!

If you are not a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber and you are curious and like this post – this is what I would do….. HEAR ME OUT…..as trust me – I have been a subscriber and then I have stopped….I have restarted it and stopped……yada – yada!

I would sign up/resign for just one month as there is never any obligation to commit for a long timeframe…

That would be $19.00 and then I would get the Calendar Kit for $18.00 + The super cute Halloween one for $15.30 = a total of $52.30 and that would get you a FREEBIE from SALE-A-BRATION!!! (don’t you love how my simple brain works!)






A little snip off the sides on the calendar element and also across the top….a quick mat of cardstock to help make it POP and a simple addition of a fun sentiment and that ADORABLE little card and PRESTO…..one SUPER FUN card that works PERFECTLY with my Birthday in a Bag!

Below you will see images of the other stamps/DSP that I used for this project, they are all newbies from the Occasions Catalog. In my simple eyes, they are both KEEPERS and you will see me blogging about them more in the future as I think that they are both Blue Ribbon Winners!

Because I have become so super selective in which Stampin’ Up! products I wish to purchase, I look at them and ask myself – do you see yourself making MANY cards/projects with them….is it one that you will reach for this time next year….and if you say yes – to those questions…chances are it is a good investment and it needs to find a home with you!








You can easily see that this is such a SIMPLE card but it carries a fun PUNCH to it because of the colors, clean lines and the sweet little addition of the cake and sentiment!

I guess what I am trying to convey to you is…keep it simple, make it doable…make is simply special! I am just thrilled with these cards and the others one that I did as well……(I used the butterfly SAB paper on one set….and it is just great!)

All you need to do is circle the “special day” of the recipients Birthday on the actual calendar or use a light color of ink and stamp a heart over the date and WOW – you have one special card for someone and I bet you can already see the smile on their face!





***PLEASE NOTE**** If you click the link for the Piece of Cake Bundle in the line up below….you will see that it is NOT available to purchase right now as a BUNDLE because they have sold out of the punch that coordinates with it… (urgh….I know – I get it) BUT the GREAT NEWS IS….that it will carry over INTO THE NEW CATALOG so you can have piece of mind that you will be able to get the punch when it comes back in stock!

The Stamp Set, Piece of Cake IS available and the image is not a hard one to fussy cut out until you are able to get the punch! Again, just trying to make Lemonade out of a Lemon situation! 🙂

Ok….I think you “get it” for the background of the why’s and how’s that I made this card and now are you ready to win some BLOG CANDY?

Leave me a comment and share in how you make someones Birthday special.….or perhaps leave a comment and let us know do you make multiple of cards and have them stock-piled? It is just fun to read how we all do things….again, a way that gets our creative juices flowing!

I will randomly pick a winner and they will win (2) Birthday Bags from yesterdays post and (2) of these cards……I will be back on Monday with the winner so you have 2 days to leave a comment!


I can’t wait to read the hows/whys you make a B-day special!


Have a GREAT day…and tomorrow is the SUPER BOWL….I have a bunch of things already stamped out so I can sit and color while I watch the game! The commercials are always my favorite to see and I saw a sneak peak of the M&M’s commercial….priceless!!!!

Be safe, stay warm and please go and make someone smile! It is still bitter cold here…the horse have been in the barn and yep…Daisy is still grumpy with the cold – she comes out of her condo and her hair stands up like spikes….and then she makes this little noise that makes me laugh….let’s see what the Ground Hogs says today!





Birthday in a BAG….a 3D Thursday keeper!





Good Thursday Morning…..and Brrrrrrr….it is COLD! If we get through today I think that the weather is going to behave itself and be a bit more realistic with what a “Winter” should be! Thoughts and prayers are with everyone that is affected by this bitterness and the moral of the story is…stay inside and get some crafting done!

You all know me with the animals…my worry never seems to stop with them so please keep your eyes peels and hearts open if you see an animal that needs proper care in this bitterness.

Here is a funny….my kids know that this time of the year I have been known to pick up stray dogs, foster babies that need care and the list goes on…the year that I broke my ankle we had a turkey show up out of nowhere and we helped him…well after my ankle, I twisted John’s heartstrings to make sure the guy had food and water.

I have ONE GRUMPY PIG as it is with TOTAL OPPOSITION for her to go outside of her “heated condo” (John calls it her hut) to go to the bathroom….I wish that each and everyone of you could witness this “back talking of grunts” as I move her along! The good news for her is that in the winter we seems to eat lots of yummy strawberries and Daisey just loves the tops of strawberries so that is one of my “levering methods” with her!


ENOUGHLet’s get to the SUPER FUN project that I have for you!


I know that I have not been blogging a bunch but truth be told – I love to create but I just fight with myself in taking the time to blog as yep, I henpeck with typing…but I am here to say that I have been creating a bunch and I am on a creative roll! This project makes me HAPPY and I hope that you feel the same!


Let’s be honest… each of us have a Birthday…like it or not – it is what it is!


The other thing that I think is probably true is…at this stage of our life we really do not need much but one thing that I thing we all need….is to smile and to allow a simple and fun gesture of kindness touch someones heart on their special day!

YEP, that it what it is all about and this project can be given for ANY AGE as who in the heck does not like to have a little Birthday Cake with some fun fixins’ to remember their special day! You can tell that I am quite tickled with myself! (heck, that doesn’t take much)

I have a BUNCH OF PICTURES for you today and I hope that they help you and also inspire you, At the end of the post you will find a FREE PDF with the directions for this fun project!







Before we get into the bag…let’s touch with what is INSIDE the bag! Sarah Wills had enlighten my pea brain that at the grocery store there are these just WONDERFUL “pee-wee” sizes of cakes in a mug for 1! You betcha that the next time I went to the Grocery Store that I came home with a bunch!

There are cakes, brownies, muffins….as you can imagine a ton of fun options! I knew that this was my week for the 3D Thursday Group and I have had a bunch of Birthdays in January so this is what I gave them….and guess what – the recipients BEAMED with a smile from ear to ear and said…I will always remember this one….you are just too creative!

2 box pack - Duncan Hines Confetti Cake, Perfect Size for 1 Mug Cake Mix, 4 individual pouches each box

Inside the fun gift bag I put a package of the cake mix…some Hershey Nuggets covered in DSP…some balloons…..a party blower horn…and of course a candle! Just think – one trip to the dollar store to get these little extras will make a lastly memory for someone!

I finally got smart as when I made these, I made up 12 to have on hand….if you make a bunch up like I did…do not put the box together – just go ahead and create, color and put the tear-n-tape on….and leave them flat so you are not taking up space and also not potentially damaging cute boxes! (Duh…I did not think about that until I had 4 already adhered)



There are several STARS of this SHOW…..and the pictures will showcase them and then also at the end of this post you will see the line up of products that I have used! They are…Birthday Cheer Bundle, Gift Bag Punch Board, the Stamparatus, the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets and the Stampin’ Blends! YEP….all what I always talk to you about….THE BASICS!!!!








I ask you…when was the last time you used this punch board…and if you are like me…it has been YEARS! If you do not have it…well today could be your lucky day as just like I say about the Envelope Punch Board…this is the BEST piece of plastic you could get for $20.00…..one of those staples of the basics!

If you are not familiar with this product – watch this video and you will see the basics of how it is used! I know making a gift bag can easily be down with a trimmer and a scoring tool…..but this makes it so easy and clean with being able to punch the holes in the top and also allowing the gusset sides….








The bag size that I made is the Medium one and below you can see that using the Stamparatus makes it a dream! The dual plates allow me to stamp both stamps without having to move to paper….and the precision of stamping is stellar – each and every time!







Taking a template and placing it over top and go to town with the BLENDS…..it works PERFECTLY….look at the pictures and then you can see how I take a “fresh one” and put it over top of the coloring!

Is this a TIMESAVER or WHAT!!!! It is so clean and crisp! Using the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets is also a happy dance element to this project! Can you tell – I just LOVE this project!















Adding a DSP strip is totally optional but I think it adds a huge WOW…and tomorrow when you pop back to see the card that I made to go along with this…you will see how it all ties together!







Now to the part that always makes me smile….the FRU-FRU!!! Look how fun and festive this is….just a quick twirl around something narrow…and POOF – you have an instant smile! I use “Mr. Pokey” to help pick up a glue dot and tuck it right in my project!










WHEW….another long one for me but you know that I always love to paint the picture for you! I hope that I have inspired you and I hope that you realize that each and everyone of us are capable of creating fun projects that not only are we proud of, but projects that make someones day!

Each and everyone of you make my day with popping on my blog, subscribing to my blog and always leaving great comments that make other people smile…and have the feeling of a community!

I do hope that you will pop back tomorrow as I have a card that went with this project and trust me, it is a keeper! I am so excited about todays project and also the card that you will see tomorrow…I think some BLOG CANDY is in store  for tomorrow!

Have a great day….and if you have time – please feel free to leave a comment! I am so blessed to have this great group of followers that even though we have never met in person…we are great friends – now go and make someone smile today and STAY WARM!

I will be back (WOW – 2 days in a row!!!!) with the fun other half of this project and some BLOG CANDY for someone….!!! All of the products I used are below and also feel free to email me if you have any questions!






A “formula card” to make in a jif!

HHD (Happy Hump Day) to you!


WOW, this has been one hot and long day and I have a story to share with you that will make you giggle inside!


Before we get to that….I have a FORMULA CARD for those times that your “creative juices” are just not flowing or also a great one to use when you are short of time!





For those of you that are new…WELCOME – when I loosely use the phrase “formula card” I am referring to the fact that you can take a super simple layout and use it OVER and OVER changing up the papers and stamps and BAM…you are good to go and no one would ever say….she made this again as truth be told, it will look different!






This is how I roll as trust me, I get it that there is nothing like going to layouts that you like and make them your own. I do this all of the time and I can say that at first I felt a bit guilty but that quickly passed as this whole stampin’ journey is to be FUN and when a time crunch gets in your way and you have intentions to get a card completed and out the door….I say, it is a perfect option!


Right out of the gate….here is this super simple formula!

  • Cover card front in DSP
  • Stamp images on a  3 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ piece of scraps
  • Cut (2) colors of squares to 3 3/4″ X 3 3/4″

I told you it was easy…..but please read on!

Do you remember that last year my dear and sweet Aunt Jean celebrated her 90th Birthday? Well….another year has rolled around and she is still such an inspiration to me. She doesn’t like to have people say the “number of her age” which I do guess that bothers some….so I just wanted to make a super simple, colorful and fun card….just like her!




I am using the Birthday Stamp, Picture Perfect Birthday. This was carried over and is on page 76 in the Annual Catalog! Confessions of an honest stamper….I did not purchase and new Birthday Stamps from the Annual Catalog as I just LOVE this one! There are a couple of reasons that I like it so much….

  • The price point is great – just $17.00
  • It is a Photopolymer Stamp….make me giddy as they are soooooo darn easy to have great placement
  • I can easily use the Stamparatus and whip out a bunch of the stamped bases

I think that you can see where I am going….it is a keeper! I have shared that I am becoming super selective with my stamps that I buy and heck – there are soooooo many things that we can buy…so why not focus on the ones that right out of the gateyou can envision what to create!






Because this card is so darn basic…I did decide to fru-fru it up a wee bit with the Silver Thread behind the square images. This is sooooo simple to do and I laugh at myself when I first tried to do it eons ago….and I admit, I have had a tangled mess before…..but not anymore!

All I do is wrap the thread around my hand or just 3 fingers depending on the size of the loops….just wrap it around 4,5, or 6 times (remember, no rules or being right or wrong) and then cut it….and slap it on the back of the squares that have adhesive on. AFTER you get the hot mess of thread slapped on….you can flip it over and fuss with it a bit to get the loops where you want them to be!

The other thing that I did to add a bit of pizzazz for my dear Aunt Jean was to make my own envelope out of the SUPER YUMMY Lovely Lipstick Card Stock. Isn’t that color just the BEST! This is just a little switch up from the regular white envelope. I do not do this all of the time but when I do, I smile as it really does add some simple POP!





In case some of you are wondering why in the heck did I use the Lemon Lime Twist to do the flames…easy – it is in the  Broadway Bound DSP! You know me….I like to carry the theme all of the way! Also, Lemon Lime Twist is one of my all time favorite colors but I admit, whenever I use it I think of the one and only Chris R. from Iowa as she is NOT a fan of that color and we tease each other about it!



So….I say – WHY NOT???



Why not use a formula? There is NOTHING WRONG with taking just a matter of minutes to make a card! Remember, it ALWAYS goes back to the one thing I say over and over….get the BASICS….the TRUE BLUE tools that make this whole card-making process fun and rewarding! I know that we ALL HAVE the stamps and if you are like me….many stamps have never been inked up!

Let’s all get used to using the basic tools….if you do not already have a Stamparatus or another stamp alignment tool…than THAT is a focus item that Santa need to bring to you in August….It is a game changer and look at this card – the candles are perfectly lined up. There would be no way that I could do that with such speed.






Also remember….the house glass has turned for the Bonus Days to come to an end. You have just until Friday evening to take advantage of the $5.00 coupon to be used in September (woot-woot) – the new catalog as well for every increment of $50.00! Please just remember to keep the EMAIL that Stampin’ Up! will send to you after you place your order!

All of the products that I used for this simple card are at the end of the post as usual. The Bonus Days are also a great time to stock up on the items that you know that you use all of the time….envelopes, cardstock, adhesives, dimensionals….the way that Iook at it is..it I know that I am going to use them…..why NOT stock up now and take advantage of the $5.00 off. It all adds up!






Now to a funny…..many of you know that I have a pig…aka, Daisy. I love Daisy and most of my family do not see the same beauty and love that I do for my beautiful swine! She brings me joy and for those of you that do not realize this….pigs are SUPER SMART and they are SUPER CLEAN animals!



(Look at my girl following her sister….carrots do the trick!)


Daisy does not go off of our property often….well – the last time was probably 3 years ago. Hannah is home just until Friday and Daisy really needed to go to the Vets for a check up….shots & vaccines and to get her feet trimmed….I guess you could call if a back to school physical that we did with our kids when they were grasshoppers!



(look at the boys….Oscar and Colin were so nosey – we put the tack trunk towards the back so she wouldn’t fall as we were driving!)


Daisy does like Hannah and actually Hannah has really started to take a liking to her. When John and I were away I think they bonded! (Hannah wouldn’t admit this though) The problem is that there are no vets in our area that will work with pigs. The closest one is in Virginia, about 1 1/2 hours away. That is where I have always took her since she was a baby……so just like we do with our doctor choices….why should I switch?

Well, I needed hep as my little girl has gotten too big for my VW’s back seat and trust me…..PIGS ARE VERY VOCAL when you try to pick them up. It truly is the most piecing noise that they make.

She was PERFECT getting onto our trailer this morning….now mind you – our appt was at 7 a.m. this morning so we were up and ready to rumble early and it was a family affair! In the pictures below you can see the horses running over to the fence and being nosey…..like saying – what the heck is she doing in our car!!!!



(that purple blanket and ball are her favorites)


We got there…the vet came onto the trailer and said, I think we need to sedate her but unfortunately I am concerned about the heat. I would like to sedate her and bring her in the clinic and then keep her here until her vitals are ok and she comes out of the anesthesia. I thought….ok – that makes sense as after all, she is my girl!

They sedated her and then there was a THUMP.…she tipped over and then I thought I was watching a MASH TV show…they brought a gurney out and rolled her on it and off they went! He said – give me about 2-3 hours and she should be good…..well – it was LONGER than 3 hours but we did errands in the area….grabbed some food (mind you….we also had the trailer) I could only find parking on the street and we took up 3 spaces and I had to feed all 3 meters!






Daisy was GREAT and he said that she was a perfect piggy!!! The one thing Hannah and I thought was…..she was sedated going in….how in the heck are we going to get her out and in the trailer? Now THIS WAS A 3 RING CIRCUS as she was totally stressed and screamed/squealed so loud that you thought she was being murdered!

I wish that I could figure out how to upload a video in the body of this post….you would CRACK UP to hear the noise that she made and then Hannah saying, MOM….you are not helping matters right now!

What a drama queen! We got her back in…..flipped up the back of the trailer and off we went….they Mother/Daughter dynamic duo team…..Hannah “get’s me” and she also laughs at me….she truly loves my passion for our animals as she is exactly the same!

As we left….the vet said, please keep her in and preferably in air conditioning for the next 24 hours….I laughed as yep, Daisy’s Apartment has AC and heat! The vet knew that she lived in the house with us and now has her own “digs” in the barn…we call it Daisy’s Apartment…..darn, she is one lucky pig!

Now have a GREAT EVENING….and try to find 15 minutes of ME TIME and create this formula!!! You know what I say….make one up…even if you do not have all of the products that I have used…this way you will get the feel of it and I would write down the measurements for the future!

Stampin’ hugs…..see you Friday!




It IS a perfect day to be happy!




Happy Tuesday and I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Before we get to this post I need your help with some feedback if you have been experiencing issues with my blog. I was having some computer issues and I have received emails that there are issues with the comment section and also delivery. If you have experienced this, please email me so I can properly try to see what is up!


WHEW…you know me and computers…not a happy marriage – let’s get to the fun!


Can you believe that this is the last week of the Month….and that is NO April Fools! We are blessed with a glorious sunny day and the card that I have for you today is perfect to go with this perfect day of sunshine! You know we have been talking about using up the DSP we have stashed….so here you go, more inspiration!

Today I am going to the Annual Catalog with the Bunch of Blossoms Photopolymer Stamp Set. I do not know about you….but there are many times that I feel the Annual Catalog gets a bit “back-burnered” …and we are always so excited to see the newbies from the Holiday and Occasions Catalogs that we forget about many of the “keepers” that are on the Annual Catalog!







This stamp set has been around a while and you can see below that there is a punch that coordinates with it. Do you remember last week we were talking about the ease and speed of the punches? Well today….is a perfect example of that !To me, ease and speed are 2 key ingredients that speak to me when I am card making!

You might be wondering why it is not a bundle? Well….it WAS a bundle eons ago when it was first introduced to the Stampin’ Up! line but always remember, they will not always stay as a bundle – that is why it is a great idea to snatch them up before a new catalog comes out.







No worries…as you can still get them separately and YES  – I would definitely get the Blossom Builder Punch as it does save a bunch of time. Another thing that I want to point out to you today is……when you are short of ideas and inspiration…..just google the name of our Stamp sets and I am sure that you will find a ton of inspiration

Do you also remember last Monday that I share with you that it is time to use up paper? We….I am doing that today as well because the reality of it is that we are going to be tantalized with many different new offerings really soon when the New Annual Catalog comes out on June 1st. Now THIS IS a very exciting time when we see the new kids on the block but darn, please do not forget to give that big & beautiful Annual Catalog love throughout the year!







The paper is the Petal Garden Paper and it was used a BUNCH when it first made its entrance last June but then…..I think it was pushed away. With the sunshine and Spring here…let’s pull it back out and use it! I was so happy to see how easy it was to coordinate 2 different prints with ease on the focal part of the card.

I can remember my initial thought about this paper…it was “I think it’s pretty but is it too fussy for my style” – Yep, I pre-judged how the end result would be if I could make it work for my style and I think that todays card will prove it to you that I was wrong. It IS a Susan type card and actually I was so pleased with the end result that I am going to make it in the Calypso Coral as well!







This stamp set it super fun to work with because it is a photopolymer  stamp which makes it super easy to look through and line up. The stamp allows you to build up layers of colors but building on top of each other. The ink colors that I used today were Sweet Sugarplum and Rich Razzelberry.

It appears that I have 3 colors but there is only 2. I stamped the 1st layer in Sweet Sugarplum and then for the 2nd layer, I stamped it “off once” in Rich Razzelberry before stamping it over top and lastly the 3rd layer was Rich Razzelberry in full strength. That “stamping off” a color really works super and it is something that I think we all forget about.







Did you notice that the pattern of the DSP also matched the Trellis Garden Embossing Folder? Yep, it does and that added texture on both the rectangle on the card front as well as the envelope flap is the icing on the card. (I wish that you were holding it in your hand as it is just stunning)

I am trying to remember to use the embossing folders more often as they are a super quick and easy way to add pizzazz to a card with little expense and little effort Here is a tip….I always keep a spray mister bottle of water by Mr. Big and mist my paper before I run it through with an embossing folder. It help the paper fibers get a nice and deep emboss.







The other tip that we all know to do….it add layers of paper with different dimensions. We can do that easily with dimensionals but we can also do that by simply adding movement to the edges of the paper with the bone folder. WHAT? Yep, look below and you can that I curled the petals of the flowers.

The 2 base ones are adhered on with green glue at the base but I left the free edges tipped up a bit and just the middle petal is lifted with a dimensional. Please do not be afraid to work your paper with the bone folder – by going back and forth with it will break down the fibers and allow it to be supple.







That’s it for today….one beautiful card that used 2 different prints from the same DSP Collection….one big and bold covering the entire panel of the card….the other just a quick accent to add interest to the stamped image. I hope that you stretch yourself and try using more than one print to a card, the effect is super and when you also throw in an embossed piece….I say…


“bases load and the envelope fun is the homerun!”


The hour glass has DEFINITELY turn for the end of Sale-A-Bration……remember, you only have until Saturday to swoop up the FREEBIES with purchases but to me the best deal, the 2 Free Stamp Sets that you could have with being a hobby demo…..I know that this seems to scare the heck out of you….but it is as easy as saying, I get a minimum of a 20% discount each and everyday! Email me, I would love to be able to answer any questions you might have!

Have a great day and I will do my best to be back on track tomorrow, I need to take my Dad to Baltimore today so we all know how that might be….enjoy the day and thanks for sharing some of your precious time with me, I deeply appreciate it and I hope that this card showed you that “Today is the perfect day to be happy” …….xoxoxox