A BIG & BOLD Birthday!



Happy Hump Day!!! Wowza…yesterday I posted about the clearance rack having some new additions and WOW….things flew out but there is still plenty of great basics to stock up on and the other item that went ZOOM was the April Paper Pumpkin Refill – that does not surprise me one bit as it is just adorable and I am glad that I took advantage of them!

At the end of this post I have an animal funny for you….it will bring a big smile and giggle to start your day off!

Here is a Susan kinda card for you today…it is one that I refer to as a “formula” card. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?….easy ย ~ a classic that you can make over and over with some changes of a DSP and/or the sentiment and you are good to go! I love cards like this because I bet if I were to show it to you with changes you would never say or think – Isn’t that the card that Susan did in April! (I’m going to try it on you one day to see if anyone notices)

The sentiment is from the stamp set Big on Birthdays and I am thrilled that this is being carried over. It is a great stamp (even if many of us do not care the one that says the “pretty comment”) – you can click here and here to see posts that I have used this stamp set.




The card base is the “walking the plank” In Color that has been so popular and one that we all are going to miss….Mint Macaron – as of last night it is still available and I admit, I am surprised as I know that this is a soooooo loved color and I admit, I picked up an extra pack to have as I just love how it goes with so many color combinations.

Here is the “formula” for you and I hope that you jot it down to use in the future or better yet – find a bit of “me time” today and have fun – remember…..use what you have and you will be surprised at how this formula will work for many stamps you have!





  • The base is a horizontal card (A-2) 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4′ in Mint Macaron


  • The Sweet Sugarplum is 5 1/4″ X 4″ and ran thru “Mr. Big” with Large Polka Dot folder that is already sold out but trust me, it will always be on Randall Lane as I adore this one. You just tilt it to the side and adhere it – then simply trim ff the excess (I love this look)





  • The White card stock ย is 5″ X 3 3/4″ and then the sentiment is stamped in Tip Top Taupe….and yep, I am so glad that I listened to you all and use this color more (and I love it…too bad that it is retiring)


  • The DSP strip is 3/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then the solid strip is just 1/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then I used a white gel pen to add the dot accents. I did use the aqua painter a wee bit to add some color to the flowers but you could easily just use a marker to color it in.





Super simple right? Can you see how you can make this formula over and over again? I admit, I adore this DSP, Succulent Garden– the colors are so fresh and fun and I just adore ginghams….and this pack has 2 different ones. At the time of typing this it is still available and it is just $6.60!





I hope that this sweet card perked you up this morning and I hope that you will give it a try! This is such a funny time of the year for us with Stampin’ Up! as we all are getting super excited to see the new Annual Catalog and I can hardly wait for you to see if yourself.





As soon as I get my paws on this catalog to mail to you… If you have placed an order with me over the past year, I will sent you a catalog and a little In Color fun for you to get excited.

If you are anything like me, you need to FEEL IT in your hands and go over it again, and again…..and then another time to take it all in! :- I cannot tell you how many times I have flipped through it….and each time ~ I see something new! I will be able to order it on May 2nd….that is NEXT TUESDAY! ๐Ÿ˜†

Now for a FUNNY.….never a dull moment on Randall Lane. Below is Rosie. She is a mess….a BIG MESS. She is the one that some creep was trying to sell at a Yard Sale for $25.00 and she became an Itell about 2 years ago.

When we saved her from this terrible situation, she did not move from our family room for about 18 hours. We had her in a kennel to introduce her to the other dogs and she was terrified and actually she was kind of mean. By nature I am not afraid of many animals but she was a feisty little thing….

I will never forget it because it was the day before Thanksgiving when we picked her up and when John and I woke up Thanksgiving morning and came out to check on her…..she was still in the back of her kennel and growling at us…..I honestly thought that there was no way that it would work out with our other dogs….

John said…..let’s sit on the floor…open up her kennel door and just have a cup of coffee and see if she will come out (HECK – I thought…..well what fairy tale are you livin’ in) but we did it and after about 30 minutes…..she walked out of the kennel and went right to John and the REST IS HISTORY.ย 

Most of our animals like me the best except for her and that dumb donkey. She lives and breathes for John. It is truly pathetic. He tells her when he is leaving for work and she waits at the door each and every night.

The below picture is a bi-weekly thing that happens to her during “grass season” if she is outside when John is mowing the fields. We usually try to keep her in because I am truly afraid that she is going to get too close to the tractor but what she does is sit at one end of the field…..and as John turns to do the next piece of field….she runs to the ends to wait for him….and keeps doing it and below is the end result!

She is ONE LUCKY LITTLE GIRL and when you talk about a Daddy’s girl….that is Rosie. That 1st Tax Season that John went through after we rescued her…..I said – you should take take Rosie to the office with you on the weekends as she would LOVE to be with her Daddy. Well, that lasted one afternoon as when John came home and I said – how did it go…..I loved his response –



That’s my 8 lb. girl…..she loves and protects her daddy….Smart girl. Have a GREAT day!






Simple…Fun…Classic & DONE!


Now this is my kind of card…a card that is fresh, clean, timeless and just FUN for any age! This is the type of card to make in the “masses” as you simply cannot have too many for those times you are in a pinch! A good Old Fashion Ice Cream Cone is always a smile maker and a fun and classic font like this lends itself to a bigger smile!

There is another “smile maker” of a story for you at the end that will make your day….so you can thank me TWICE – the card and the story as you are going to have a great day!

The other GREAT thing about this card is that both of the focal parts, the “Happy Birthday” from Better Together and the Ice Cream Cone from the Cool Treats Bundle are both being carried over into the new catalog! I say another reason to smile!

TIP ALERT: While the Cool Treats is being carried over, it is NOT going to be at the bundled price so the moral of this story is – get it BEFORE the new catalog comes out so you can save an instant 10%

This stamp set, Better Together is one that I have blogged about many times and I am just so giddy that it is carried over as I think that it is a keeper but I will say that I think many of you have overlooked it and that makes me sad! This is chocked filled with great sentiments and “little images”. I bet that hat is going to look great on the pig…..thoughts?



I ask you…Don’t the 2 of these go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly? It screams FUN! It is when I make a card like this that I say….How can something so simple be soooooooo fun and cute?

There is no reason that each and every card that we make that there needs to be a HUGE TIME element put into it….remember, we are all about being handmade…not Hallmark!





Here is the bundle that I know that you all have seen gobs of times the past several months and I loved it so much that I did a kit with it in February….that’s when you know that it is a keeper. Look at the details of the framelits with this Ice Cream Cone….Stampin’ Up! has really put their “A” game on with their framelits designs lately and wait until the NEW catalog……you will be ALL SMILES! ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember, the bundled price will be “walking the plank” but the components of the kit will be in the New Catalog but you will have to purchase them a la carte’ย  ๐Ÿ™‚




Another simple tip! This DSP screams a happy occasion with all of the sprinkles but it is a small print so I thought – WHY NOT????ย I just went ahead and covered the whole front of the card front to make a fun impact and it worked! I think that the BIG area of the DSP really lends its hand to making the cone and sentiment pop!

Speaking of POPPING…..I am tellin’ you….Bakers Twine is your friend….it will add that “little something extra” each and every time and it iwll never let you down! I have GOBS of Bakers Twine and trust me, if any of it goes to clearance ย – I STOCK UP as you will always use it as it is the easiest to use to make a smile happen! This Bermuda Bay is retiring….and it is just $1.80 – HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? ๐Ÿ™„ย 





To make a great card you do not need to spend a bunch of time. This is a great example of that and when I said to you that this is a great one for the “masses” – it truly is. I hear rom you that you have gobs of paper that you are hoarding…..USE IT UP…..I hear from you that you have tons of ribbon….USE IT UP!

When you work with the basics like this…you are setting yourself up for instant success. I will sit down and cut out a bunch of stitched shapes from scraps and keep them in a container so when I am creating ~ I can just look over and see what I have to play with. If you get in the habit of trying to nave some shapes and basics near you, I really think that you are more likely to put them to use!





Here is your picture to PIN. You can just hover over this simple beauty and store it for the future but why wait? How about finding a wee bit of time today to make this layout. Even it you do not have the exact products, I know you have MANY other products that you can use to get the simple feel of this sweet card.





I have a funny for you…do you remember about 2 weeks ago that we took Arnold and that dumb little Donkey to the front field because the new grass was coming in and I knew that Arnold would love it? ย Well….he IS lovin’ it but there is one that is not….Daisy. Ever since they have been down there she is sad that her buddies are away from the barn.

I have shared this with John and he thinks that I am nuts and says….she will be fine. WELL…John worked from home yesterday in the morning and when he was going to work he called me and said….your PIG is walking down the lane! Naturally I was PERKED UP because Daisy never does that as she is very predictable in where she is throughout the day…..

I went to a window and watched and YEP, he was right….my black “spot” was walking down the lane so I watched her….SHE IS SOOOOO SMART – She found Arnold and donkey! It was the sweetest thing…I dd not get much done as all day I was worried – WHERE IS DAISY NOW….and sure enough….still in the field with her friends.

I needed to go to a funeral and I called John and said – she is still down there….do you think that she will be ok? Naturally he said – ย SHE IS A PIG….she will be fine – go ahead and leave….she is fine! I left and I admit she was on my mind as she has never wondered down that far before and as I drove back in the lane…..NO DAISY in the field…..

I was scared so I called John’s cell saying….I am pulling back in and Daisy is NOT in the field….he just said, I am sure she is fine….well that was not cutting it for me and I said, can you please stay on the phone until I get to the barn……

I went into the barn and was hoping and praying that my sweet little swine would be there…and YEP…..she was all snuggled in a mount of shavings in a stall and I MELTED! I thought….this is amazing…she missed her friends and she found her friends. LIFE IS GOOD!

I know it is silly but my heart was happy and skipping many beats with joy! As I told John….do you know how SMART that was of her….can you imagine how many piggie steps it took her to make that pilgrimage ~ I said, how would you feel with having stumps of legs that are probably 4″ tall and a hug belly having to walk and find your friends…..he laughed and said, I have a meeting to go to!!!

Now go and have a great day!




Up, up & away…It’s a Susan card!



Good morning and I have a card for you that I hope makes you smile as I just love it. I know that it might seem bold to say that but this is “my kind of card” I love white space and I also love clean and classic DSP patterns so this fits the bill in both ways!

Just think of all of the ENDLESS colors and DSP’s that you can use for this style of card. I am so proud that Stampin’ Up! is so “on top of it” with their clever designs with framelits in this Occasions Catalog.







I am still “kickin’ myself” that it has taken me this long to hop on the wagon to appreciate and have fun with this bundle. Below you will see the video that showcases this product but in a nutshell….having the framelits that cuts out all of the “behind” pieces makes this such a fast, fun and oh so do-able card! (It is like one of those things that look hard but is actually super easy!) ๐Ÿ˜€







I just cannot say enough how easy and rewarding it is to create such a beauty.ย  I am a HUGE lover of gingham and I knew that the DSP from the Succulent Garden would be PERFECT for this sweet card.

Here is a great tip…to me, this is a card that you could make time and time again using many different papers and guess whatย  – no one will EVER KNOW that you made it over and over! (p.s. ~ that’s what I LOVE about being a card maker, you can make a simple switch and presto – you are good to go)







Now to the other “bright and shining star” of this card, the sentiment. This IS a stamp set that needs to be at your house. WHY???? It is a classic and trust me, it is very hard to find “milestones” like this has.

To me, you get the best of both worlds….a FUN font and then some CLASSIC milestones like you see below…I say as –ย  we all get old – WE NEED THIS SET…this stamp set is the perfect secret weapon for a fast and classic card that would clearly makes someones day!





Don’t you just love the little clouds scattered all over? They are part of the bundle and we all know that they will be used on many cards other than this Hot Air Balloon.

Here is the quick scoop on making this card.

  • The Gingham Strip is 1 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The white piece is 3 3/4″ X 4 3/4″
  • I scored 2 rows on (2) of the sides to add some interest. I do like using the simple scoring tool to scored with, it’s just a personal preference as I feel you get a “deeper score line” rather than using the scoring blade on the trimmer
  • I popped up 2 of the clouds with wee bits of the edges of the dimensions to add some interest.
  • The In Color Enamel Shapes are the perfect accent to make a POP STATEMENT.
  • Taking white bakers twine and doubling it up and making a simple bow gives the balloon that extra touch. Use a glue dot for easy placement.
  • The sentiment was super easy to stamp as it is a photopolymer…ink…look thru…STAMP!
  • For the envelope, I used a 1/2″ strip of Sweet Sugarplum and then added the gingham. To the card stock I simply took a white gel pen and added dots…another fun POP for the card.








There you go! I hope that this posts shows you how amazingly versatile this bundle is. The ideas are endless and the projects that you will make for years are endless. This is one of those, that will not leave Randall Lane. I am just nuts over the detail of this die!





The hour glass has turned for the end of Sale-A-Bration…..remember it ends March 31st! This bundle will get you soooooo close to that $50 mark – throw some adhesives in and PRESTO – you have met the threshold to get a FREEBIE and we all know that we all LOVE FREEBIES!

Thanks for popping in and I hope that I have “lifted” your spirits up today and have given you some inspiration that will let you see how FUN this product is. I just love it when Stampin’ Up! comes out with a product that will work for all ages…and also, for many different occasions – just change up the sentiment!

Now go HIT THAT PAW PRINT….remember to check out my generous incentive offerings with my Paw Print Rewards. Also, for an order of $75 + this month, I will send you a white craft ink pad….enjoy the day – see you in the a.m.



I Scream for Ice Cream!




Good Tuesday to you! I have a cutie for you today! To me, this is a smile maker card and WOW…is it easy. When I was a scrapbooker, I used this layout a bunch as I love squares! I have some beauties of pictures for you today and I hope that this sweet card brings a smile to you!

Last month in my Classes to GO! I featured this stamp set/bundle and it turned out great. There is nothing more classic than a great scoop of ice cream but this sundae is a cinch to make. Let’s go!!!





If you have a 1″ square punch this makes this card even faster. If not, no biggie as we all can easily use our trimmer for making 1″ squares. On Tuesdays, I usually do Tips for Your Tuesday….but today I just had to share this with you but the great news….I will share with you the dimensions and TIPS to make this a fantastic layout for you to use over and over!








Layers, Layers….I love my layers (kind of like the scoops) – I ask you, how can you have just one scoop. When I went to Texas in the Fall….I have GREAT and oh so special memories of Millie, Alyece and I going to have an Ice Cream Cone together…that was a time that I will never let out of my heart!







Let’s chat about sprinkles – I admit, I adored all different colors of sprinkles on my Ice Cream ~ it was always the special finishing touch that made me smile when I was little! Today I used the Whisper White Craft Ink (that can be yours free this month with an order of $75+ with me) and then Chocolate Chip on the scoop of Vanilla!







Now isn’t this just plain FUN!!!! Just think of all of the colors you could use….next I will share with you the dimensions and tips to make this easy for you but now I ask you…..WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM?

This will be soooooo much fun to see what we like – I admit right off the bat – I am really boring with Ice Cream – I like simple flavors ~ my all time favorite is Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip in a cup with that little pink spoon….I say – HEAVEN! ๐Ÿ˜€






Here you go…please try this layout – I know that you have gobs of stamps that you could use in the middle but heck, if you do not have this bundle….maybe it is time for you to HIT THAT PAW PRINT and get it. It is a classic that you will use a bunch!

  • The card base is a 4 1/4″ square in thick whisper white
  • Cut another piece of white to 4″ X 4″ – THIS IS KEY as it is sooooooo easy to adhere the 1″ squares on this piece. If you do not have a 1″ square punch…I would get one – you will use it for years! I like to use the green glue to wiggle them in place.
  • Adhere this piece popped up with dimensions or fun foam
  • The white stitched square is the largest offered
  • The sundae was a cinch, made with cardstock and the base is the Tasty Treats DSP
  • I did make a custom envelope…(I just love doing this) but please know, with a 4 1/4″ square card you can still use one of our regular envelopes and it will not be additional postage.





I told you that it was easy….to me, this is a HAPPY CARD and one that the young, the teens, and the “in-betweens” would love as everyone loves Ice Cream!

Thanks for popping in and guess what tomorrow is…..it is a PALS blog hop…..hippity-hop~ let’s have fun getting inspired.





I know that we all have times that we need a card in a jif but the time factor is not on our side ~ does this ring a bell to anyone or an I on that Island all by myself!

Well today I have a card in a jif for you! I am going to let the pictures tell the story but yep, I will give you the dimensions because I hope that you will like it enough to CASE it. ๐Ÿ˜›

This stamp, Stylized Birthday is a single wood mount stamp and you know how I feel about most of our single stamps….BUY THEM ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ) as they are great. Look at this picture below that is from the catalog and I ask you….isn’t this a fantastic card. I just adore that font and I hope that you have more fonts like this in the future!





Let’s get going on this square card. Again, the pictures will be your guide…..please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and also, please leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

I think the little POP of color jazzes it up a bit…what do you think? Here is another example on how USING UP THAT DSP that you have…..hmmmmm – I think I got your attention there!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ












Here you go with the quick dimensions….it is soooooo darn easy, you really do not need me but I know that you enjoy them!

  • The Card Base isย  4 1/4″ square from thick white card stock
  • The DSP is from the Floral Boutique DSP collection and it is 4 1/4″
  • The lace doilie was adhered with dots of “green glue”
  • The Sentiment was stamped in Night of Navy and then cut out with the largest scalloped square in the layering square framelits.
  • The Watermelon Wonder is a 3 1/4″ square
  • The linen thread was anchored by glue dots
  • The envelope was made with the envelope punch board.






There you go…another dose of inspiration! This would be a card that you could easily adapt to make it into a regular A-2 card and not have to put extra postage on it…..but I say, go for the square!

There is just something special about getting an odd size card in the mail…..who knows maybe I am on the island again – I hope that if you have not made a square card, you will try it….I know that I am simple and I guess that I am also square!!!!

Enjoy the day and I will see you in the morning!!!!



Masculine Birthday….WOOT-WOOT!



Happy Monday and we’re back in Maryland from a fun weekend! Tomorrow is Will’s actual Birthday and I do hope that you will pop in because it will be an amazing BLOG CANDY for one lucky person….who ever gets it will be doing a big happy dance…and trust me, all day on Tuesday I will be thinking about the wonderful memories and years that Will has brought to my life! I adore being a Mom!

I know that there many, many times that you get stuck on masculine cards…well, I have one for you today and I will also give you the measurements because I do hope that you CASE it as it is a keeper. This is the first time I have blogged with this stamp set, Milestone Moments but trust me, it is one to look at….and take it seriously!

I know that it is super hard to find stamps that have “key” milestone moments and I love that so many bases are covered, just like the word “thirtieth” but also I adore the font in the “happy” etc….but the ICING ON THE CAKE is the fact that it is photopolymer, clearly my stamp of choice!






I have made cards like this in the past using (2) pieces of card stock at a certain size (3 1/2″ X 3 3/4″) and then the sentiment piece is (1 3/4″ X 4″ ) and then matted with (1 7/8″ X 4 1/8″)…are the sizes of the card today!

This layout is a classic and one that when you are trying to “over think” – do this! It will make you have easier day…. ๐Ÿ™‚






After I did the stamping I thought that there was just too much white (now that’s unusual) so I took a sliver, actually a strip that is 1/8″ wide in the Navy and just added it as shown to break it up! Can you see…it is still so simple yet classic!





A great card could not be without a great envelope! This paper is a freebie from SAB and I adore Navy as to me – Navy can go with just about any card and when you add an accent color, it makes it even that more special and classic!







Let’s have a great week! Can you believe that the calendar will be changing already – YIKES….March! Hang on….it is still February and tomorrow you will want to pop back to celebrate Will’s 30th birthday to have the chance to win some BLOG CANDY!!!!!

I just love being the “candy man” as when there are things in life to celebrate – I say “LET’S DO IT THE RIGHT WAY”




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