A FORMULA Birthday Card!





YIPPEE…it’s the WEEKEND! I have a super fun…clean & simple card for you to CASE away! One theme that we all seem to need ideas for are BIRTHDAY CARDS…and this is a stamp – Big on Birthdays, that is not only a keeper….but it is a stamp set that produces beautiful clean & simple cards in a jif!

I have blogged about this stamp set many times before and I was tickled that it was carried over. I know…I know – there are many of you that do not card for that one sentiment and I get it….but I think that it is super fair to say that the other elements are AMAZING so just forget about that one cause” – YOU ARE PRETTY!!!!





This would be a card that my Mom would have asked me for a dozen of. She would have liked everything about it….the color, the big nad bold sentiment, the DSP, the little touch of ribbon yada…yada….

I will share with you the measurements as I truly hope that the LIGHTBULB is on for you to make this gem. This is a great card to use up DSP that you have just a wee bit of and also you can easily make substitutions here and there….let’s get going!







I have used this DSP, Pick a Pattern already so much….it is funny, when you see it in the catalog it looks SO BUSY and at a glance you might think that it is juvenile with the prints but trust me on this one….it is a classic! True the whimsical prints are just that….whimsical but that is what makes them so FUN and FRESH but the flip sides……can you say CLASSIC…..







  • The Card Base is an A-2 in Emerald Envy, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″
  • The DSP pieces are 1 1/4″ in width
  • The White piece that the sentiment is on is 3″ X 3 1/2″. I stamped it twice to get a good rich color and then sprinkled Clear Embossing Powder on and heat set it (you could easily skip this heat embossing but I love the little extra sheen it gives)
  • The White under the sentiment is 3 1/4″ X 3 3/4″ and before I adhered it to the card I added a piece of the Emerald Envy Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon to it!







Here you go…a couple of thoughts about this card and then we will touch on Mr. Perfect, Milo!…

  • The embossing does take this super simple card and make it go WOW! When you hold it in your hand and then run your fingers over the embossing….trust me, the WOW happens so I say – DO IT….well worth the extra step. You can do this with any of our inks… just work quick to get the clear embossing powder on and you are good to go! Would you like a video of this?
  • Ribbon….we all love our ribbon and this new catalog the ribbon is absolutely crazy beautiful! This “crinkled seam binding” is so easy to work with and tying the Bakers Twine is so fun and easy! I say buy all the Bakers Twine…YES – you heard me right….Bakers Twine is SOOOOOO affordable and it is a perfect accent for projects!







Well….thoughts? I hope that this perky little card is a formula that you will use over and over. Depending on the sentiment you choose….you can easily change the cards orientation and also layering 2 different DSP’S would be fun as well….I say …




I have had emails that people are starting to get the new product that you have ordered from the new catalog….but for those of you that are waiting….I thought – show a stamp that many of you probably already have and if you do not….I would jot this down for your next order as it really is a great stamp.

In our collection of stamps…we all need keepers in a variety of categories…and for Birthdays – this is a great one!







Now to Mr. Perfect…well he still is that – ย PERFECT! I was able to connect with the Vet in South Carolina that originally did his surgery for his shattered leg. They had his x-rays and graciously shared them with my vet. The great news is the piece that is fractured was there when we rescued him 2 1/2 years ago and with that said …we are going wait to go to the orthopedics for at least another 10 days to see if he just “ouched himself” badly from sprinting for that darn squirrel.

He is amazing, a true gift and I wish that you would see the people at the vets perk up when they see him – there is always a big HERE IS MILO…..and his big ears perk up! He is not liking the “stay in and rest” rules as he would much rather be out and running but rest is what he needs….Until we go back on Tuesday!

The moral of the story is that the rescue where is came from is AMAZING and the vets that saved him in South Carolina are also amazing. Many offices would not talk to a person after so many years….but this vet also kept Milo for 9 months and the office became very attached to him. When I called and identified the dog – there was an instant….oh we remember Milo….(I just can’t figure out why someone there did not rescue him) but I am thankful that he moved to Maryland and became an Itell.







Now…let’s ALL have a great and safe weekend! Kindness is all around us and also kindness is so easy to give….whether you are making a simple card for someone…..to picking up the phone and say hi to someone….to helping an animal that can use it….we all have that inner gift within – I invite you to share your kindness….it is a WIN-WIN all the way around!





Same technique…new look!




Here is the SCOOP….I have a fun card for you using the same technique that I shared yesterday with a new orientation (vertical) and a more masculine feel with the DSP and color choice. Please click here to see yesterdays post!

I hope that you can sit back and view both of them to see what versatile bundles I used to make a fun card that has a great “foundation” for many card opportunities you have throughout the year. I think that it is fair to say that Birthday Cards are a card that we send out….A BUNCH!


As I shared yesterday, the Window Shopping Bundle IS being carried over but you will not get the instant 10% discount after May 31st and the Biggest Birthday Ever IS LEAVING US on May 31st . I hope that this 2 day post has shown you the potential of these bundles!








The Moroccan DSP is the fun for the day. This paper is on sale right now for just $7.70 and it is a great choice for rich and masculine cards. It truly has a wonderful depth of yummy colors and I love the fact that it coordinates with Very Vanilla. (I love that when SU does that)







This card was as easy as yesterdays card because of the “JIG” – If you missed my video on the “JIG” – please click here and you can see 1st hand how I broke it down to share/show you that it really IS your friend….not just another gadget that you have and do not use!

You can also see below how I carried over the thread in black. A simple touch like this gives your project a texture and depth with minimal effort or cost.







You all know that I do not use doilies often but this was a great addition to break up the cone. I invite you to stand back and “look at” where you are with a project…and when you think it needs a little “something-something” – just try to find an addition that will “enhance” rather than reinventing the wheel with a dramatic change (hope this makes sense)

To me, this little touch also gives a “texture” to the overall feel of the card!








Now that I have played with the stamps in the window shopping bundle….I need to do some fun posts with the adorable box/3-D that this bundle offers!

You can see how those 6″ X 6″ scrap squares are coming in handy after I re-organized my DSP getting ready for the NEW Catalog debut which is one week from today!!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

It is not to late to take advantage of my Product Shares that I am offering for the NEW Catalog. You can click here and/or go to the drop down box (Product Shares) on my Blog Header. I will do a 2nd wave of shares…but that will not be until June 19th so if I were you…I would HOP IN NOW!

Enjoy the day and I will see you in the morning….please have your calendar handy as I am some FUN NEWS for you to jot down!




Happy Birthday Princess!



HHD to you! (Happy Hump Day)…at some time we all have known a princess. That person make be young…or old but we all know of a princess! This card is an example of how the “JIG” that I blogged about yesterday is your friend. Now I rest my case as if it was not for the “jig” this card would not have happened.

This is one of those cards that needs to be in your hand to appreciate and for your smile to be even bigger as it is cute….actually super cute! You can easily see that it can be made in ANY color and a great way to use up that DSP that we hourd to look at. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about ways to use up and store the DSP that you have.

This card can be made in the masses and I think that it is fair to say that we all know that we have gobs of paper we can use up to make this sweet card. I went into my box of papers (like I blogged about) and went right to the Pop of Pink and POOF – out came a 6 x 6 square and I was able to make this sweet card and also able to do the envelope! (life is good) ๐Ÿ˜€ ย 

Guess what else is good, actually GREAT….this DSP Paper is still available and it is just $7.80 – I say woot-woot because you simply cannot go wrong with Black and White with a POP!





Let’s get into this card! I am using (2) bundles to show you how mixing and matching works when we make a project. I like to think if it like dressing ourselves…sometimes it is fun to pop in an accessory to make an outfit look a bit different…that what I am doing here. As of today both of these bundles are available but after next Thursday they will not. Let me explain.

This below bundle, Biggest Birthday Ever is walking the plank and there is no life saving ring to throw to her….going….GONE as of May 31st….and then the 2nd picture….Window Shopping – well that IS walking the plank as a bundle BUT IT IS being carried over into the new catalog but not as a bundle – whew….she is saved but the price will go up because you will have to buy them a la carte!

So the moral of this visual bundle story is….IF you want these bundles….I would HIT THAT PAW PRINT and get them! They both scream classic fun and you can clearly see how it all comes together to make a fun and unique card!








I am thrilled that the Window Shopping is carrying over as truthfully…I have never blogged about the fun box but trust me, if you click here and see all of the great PINS out there – you will see that it is a keeper! I know that many of my blog followers are not huge fans of 3-D items and sometimes I get it and some times I don’t because I think that you can clearly see that this gem has so much versatility!

Enjoy the pictures and I will chime in with this simple card that looks hard. (I can hear many of you saying – I couldn’t do that) and I hope that you can hear me saying OH YES YOU CAN….as you have the JIG to help you! It is all about the JIG for perfect placement. Just look at the stamped sentiment on your clear thingie or vellum as I showed you yesterday and STAMP….it is as easy as that!

To start the sentiment stamping I found the center of the piece I was stamping on (that is 3 3/4″ X 5″) and I marked it with a pencil. After you do the stamping you can easily erase the pencil lines. For the sentiment I actually stamped off twice before I stamped onto my white piece. I know that that seems hard to believe as I still have a great image/coverage but it is lighter than the hearts (they are stamped full strength)







I really like working with this sentiment as it is super easy to line up. The font is a classic and you see tomorrow how I tossed it up to make a masculine card….(I know many of us struggle with those cards)

The below picture you can see that I added the silver thread behind the diecut – this is another thing that we stress about….HOW TO USE THAT DARN THREAD without making a tangled mess. Are you ready….it doesn’t get any easier than this – wrap it around 3 of your fingers a bunch. (I think I did 8) and then no stressing….just PLOP a dimensional over top and then pull the loops to your liking! (this is one that WE ALL OVER THINK)





Let’s chat super quick about the Tierra and the Sentiment…..I Heat Embossed them as of course the silver makes a statement and then the Rhinestones make the BLING….Do you remember the vellum that I used yesterday? Well, it came in handy as I stamped the make a wish and then heat embossed it…..






Stand back and smile….you have made a fun card that can really make a fun and WOW statement to many princesses that you know. With this stamping, you could easily use multiple colors of ink….or go for a ombre look (that would be fun) but I hope to see you tomorrow for the “GUYS” card….








Enjoy the day and think about stamping multiple times with the JIG. I was so happy to hear that many of you actually like that Stampin’ Plastic as I am a firm believer that it saves us many times from the evil crooked sentiment that always seems to happen to me. Jeanie rarely uses it and I always say – HOW CAN YOU DO THAT….as her cards are always fun and straight.

I just can’t get to that final end of a project without the jig! Try it…play with it…and as anything that is worth it….it takes PRACTICE – but once you get it….YOU’VE GOT IT!






“Happy Birthday” in a pinch!



Good morning! I have a card for you today and it is super easy (but I think that it is super fun…just sayin’) and then at the end of the post I have a funny for you about Milo! This is a quick post as there is not much to say but EASY-PEASY!

I know that you all get this….that DARN TIME THING….it happens to all of us and I was looking at the paper that I have YET to put away (the NEW Pick a Pattern DSP) and I will say, I love it! (you might want to remember that for in the future Blog Candy Trivia) but I admit, I had a tough time “giving up the other side of the paper” – as I love them BOTH!

Stampin’ Up! does have great paper and I know that we all get so excited to see, feel and use the new goodies….well…that tile will be here in a SNAP so until then, let me spoil you with sneak peaks of what is to come!





Clean and simple is the name of todays game as it is the easiest card to make! Just think of the endless DSP’s that you can use and also the cardstock colors that would work!

The green that I used today was Pear Pizzazz, I will admit that I used to forget about this paper but over the past year I have used it more and more. Do you ever do that? Go through waves of using a color over and over and then totally ignoring others ๐Ÿ™„

I started with the thick white cardstock and then put a piece of Pear Pizzazz over the whole front. WHY did I do it that way? Well…..EASY – I really like a solid feeling card in my hand and the weight of our heavy weight card stock is perfect. (Remember, we are getting THICK VERY VANILLA in the new catalog) ๐Ÿ˜€ย 






Now let’s chat about the Happy Birthday die….is this in your I JUST HAVE TO HAVE LIST? If not, I really think that it needs to be as this is one that will be an endless keeper as we all know having an image like this creates an INSTANT CARD…..just like I I am sharing with you today!

I used SticK It on the back of the paper before I fan it through Mr. Big and here is another WOOT-WOOT for you – in the NEW catalog we are having a double sided product like Stick It…so there you go – another MUST HAVE for your list! (I am sorry, am I your enabler?)

You have to admit, this is easy but it is classic. The only element in this card that is not flat are the embellishments…..they are green dew drops that I purchased from Pretty Pink Posh and I love the fun and modern feel that they give.





Here is a quick shot of the paper – I do adore it that we have 2 sides so if there is a side that you do not care for as much – FLIP IT and use the other BUT….I am stuck as I LOVE BOTH OF THESE….oh well, guess I will just have to buy more paper as after all, I get it at 25% off. I am just thrilled with this collection and I am getting excited to do a product share for the new catalog.





I am “clickin’ my heels” with the simplicity and sheer fun of this card today! This IS a die cut that needs to be on your very 1st order as we all can agree that this is a classic! (If I were you….I would get a piece of paper out and start writing down things that you see before your catalog comes to you next week)

You can see that there are not many products on your picture to PIN but that is a GOOD THING because than you can see that it is super easy to make. Let color make the card – sometime we over think things and if we just say – FUN & DONE…..it can work!




Now to Milo…Mr. PERFECT MILO – right now he has a new name, MILO THE MURDERER. Wednesday evening was picture perfect beautiful on the East Coast and I kept saying to John, look at Milo – he is just looking out the window (he was on the sofa staring out for literally hours) – when it was time for us to go to bed and naturally it was dark then…..John let the dogs out to have a final potty break.

When he came back to our room I said, where is Mr. Perfect? John said, I figured he was back with you….NOPE – so back out John went and then I heard him say (rather loudly) COME HERE….you have to see this –ย my dear sweet perfect Milo and a baby bunny that now was his toy in his mouth and I wish that you could have seen his face……it was like he was BEAMING WITH PRIDE and that tail was going a mile a minute.





Naturally we opened the door and said DROP IT…and the great murderer he was he did so and then I exited quickly because I just do not do well with situations like this…..then I could hear John mumbling and mumbling and when he finally came back he said, well YOUR PERFECT DOG….not only took out 1 bunny….he brought the family up!

Milo usually sleeps with us….but not this night, John put him in a kennel and said – YOU SLEEP IN A CELL TONIGHT and think about what you did….and the best thing was…on Thursday morning when we woke up John said, YOUR SENTENCE IS NOT UP and YOU HAVE BEEN DENIED BAIL….. ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

All is good now….he is back to being Mr. Perfect and that makes me happy. Things like this happen in the Spring….and trust me, it is not the first and not the last that my fur babies will bring me their trophies! The above picture was him the “day after the kill” as he was so tired from being in jail all night, he much prefers our bed!

I hope to see you back tomorrow…as I am going to play with another “newbie” – It is FUN to have new toys and I admit change is hard and also change sometimes makes us step out of the box…..I like stepping out of the box…how about YOU!??!

Have a great dat!




A BIG & BOLD Birthday!



Happy Hump Day!!! Wowza…yesterday I posted about the clearance rack having some new additions and WOW….things flew out but there is still plenty of great basics to stock up on and the other item that went ZOOM was the April Paper Pumpkin Refill – that does not surprise me one bit as it is just adorable and I am glad that I took advantage of them!

At the end of this post I have an animal funny for you….it will bring a big smile and giggle to start your day off!

Here is a Susan kinda card for you today…it is one that I refer to as a “formula” card. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?….easy ย ~ a classic that you can make over and over with some changes of a DSP and/or the sentiment and you are good to go! I love cards like this because I bet if I were to show it to you with changes you would never say or think – Isn’t that the card that Susan did in April! (I’m going to try it on you one day to see if anyone notices)

The sentiment is from the stamp set Big on Birthdays and I am thrilled that this is being carried over. It is a great stamp (even if many of us do not care the one that says the “pretty comment”) – you can click here and here to see posts that I have used this stamp set.




The card base is the “walking the plank” In Color that has been so popular and one that we all are going to miss….Mint Macaron – as of last night it is still available and I admit, I am surprised as I know that this is a soooooo loved color and I admit, I picked up an extra pack to have as I just love how it goes with so many color combinations.

Here is the “formula” for you and I hope that you jot it down to use in the future or better yet – find a bit of “me time” today and have fun – remember…..use what you have and you will be surprised at how this formula will work for many stamps you have!





  • The base is a horizontal card (A-2) 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4′ in Mint Macaron


  • The Sweet Sugarplum is 5 1/4″ X 4″ and ran thru “Mr. Big” with Large Polka Dot folder that is already sold out but trust me, it will always be on Randall Lane as I adore this one. You just tilt it to the side and adhere it – then simply trim ff the excess (I love this look)





  • The White card stock ย is 5″ X 3 3/4″ and then the sentiment is stamped in Tip Top Taupe….and yep, I am so glad that I listened to you all and use this color more (and I love it…too bad that it is retiring)


  • The DSP strip is 3/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then the solid strip is just 1/4″ X 3 3/4″ and then I used a white gel pen to add the dot accents. I did use the aqua painter a wee bit to add some color to the flowers but you could easily just use a marker to color it in.





Super simple right? Can you see how you can make this formula over and over again? I admit, I adore this DSP, Succulent Garden– the colors are so fresh and fun and I just adore ginghams….and this pack has 2 different ones. At the time of typing this it is still available and it is just $6.60!





I hope that this sweet card perked you up this morning and I hope that you will give it a try! This is such a funny time of the year for us with Stampin’ Up! as we all are getting super excited to see the new Annual Catalog and I can hardly wait for you to see if yourself.





As soon as I get my paws on this catalog to mail to you… If you have placed an order with me over the past year, I will sent you a catalog and a little In Color fun for you to get excited.

If you are anything like me, you need to FEEL IT in your hands and go over it again, and again…..and then another time to take it all in! :- I cannot tell you how many times I have flipped through it….and each time ~ I see something new! I will be able to order it on May 2nd….that is NEXT TUESDAY! ๐Ÿ˜†

Now for a FUNNY.….never a dull moment on Randall Lane. Below is Rosie. She is a mess….a BIG MESS. She is the one that some creep was trying to sell at a Yard Sale for $25.00 and she became an Itell about 2 years ago.

When we saved her from this terrible situation, she did not move from our family room for about 18 hours. We had her in a kennel to introduce her to the other dogs and she was terrified and actually she was kind of mean. By nature I am not afraid of many animals but she was a feisty little thing….

I will never forget it because it was the day before Thanksgiving when we picked her up and when John and I woke up Thanksgiving morning and came out to check on her…..she was still in the back of her kennel and growling at us…..I honestly thought that there was no way that it would work out with our other dogs….

John said…..let’s sit on the floor…open up her kennel door and just have a cup of coffee and see if she will come out (HECK – I thought…..well what fairy tale are you livin’ in) but we did it and after about 30 minutes…..she walked out of the kennel and went right to John and the REST IS HISTORY.ย 

Most of our animals like me the best except for her and that dumb donkey. She lives and breathes for John. It is truly pathetic. He tells her when he is leaving for work and she waits at the door each and every night.

The below picture is a bi-weekly thing that happens to her during “grass season” if she is outside when John is mowing the fields. We usually try to keep her in because I am truly afraid that she is going to get too close to the tractor but what she does is sit at one end of the field…..and as John turns to do the next piece of field….she runs to the ends to wait for him….and keeps doing it and below is the end result!

She is ONE LUCKY LITTLE GIRL and when you talk about a Daddy’s girl….that is Rosie. That 1st Tax Season that John went through after we rescued her…..I said – you should take take Rosie to the office with you on the weekends as she would LOVE to be with her Daddy. Well, that lasted one afternoon as when John came home and I said – how did it go…..I loved his response –



That’s my 8 lb. girl…..she loves and protects her daddy….Smart girl. Have a GREAT day!






Simple…Fun…Classic & DONE!


Now this is my kind of card…a card that is fresh, clean, timeless and just FUN for any age! This is the type of card to make in the “masses” as you simply cannot have too many for those times you are in a pinch! A good Old Fashion Ice Cream Cone is always a smile maker and a fun and classic font like this lends itself to a bigger smile!

There is another “smile maker” of a story for you at the end that will make your day….so you can thank me TWICE – the card and the story as you are going to have a great day!

The other GREAT thing about this card is that both of the focal parts, the “Happy Birthday” from Better Together and the Ice Cream Cone from the Cool Treats Bundle are both being carried over into the new catalog! I say another reason to smile!

TIP ALERT: While the Cool Treats is being carried over, it is NOT going to be at the bundled price so the moral of this story is – get it BEFORE the new catalog comes out so you can save an instant 10%

This stamp set, Better Together is one that I have blogged about many times and I am just so giddy that it is carried over as I think that it is a keeper but I will say that I think many of you have overlooked it and that makes me sad! This is chocked filled with great sentiments and “little images”. I bet that hat is going to look great on the pig…..thoughts?



I ask you…Don’t the 2 of these go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly? It screams FUN! It is when I make a card like this that I say….How can something so simple be soooooooo fun and cute?

There is no reason that each and every card that we make that there needs to be a HUGE TIME element put into it….remember, we are all about being handmade…not Hallmark!





Here is the bundle that I know that you all have seen gobs of times the past several months and I loved it so much that I did a kit with it in February….that’s when you know that it is a keeper. Look at the details of the framelits with this Ice Cream Cone….Stampin’ Up! has really put their “A” game on with their framelits designs lately and wait until the NEW catalog……you will be ALL SMILES! ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember, the bundled price will be “walking the plank” but the components of the kit will be in the New Catalog but you will have to purchase them a la carte’ย  ๐Ÿ™‚




Another simple tip! This DSP screams a happy occasion with all of the sprinkles but it is a small print so I thought – WHY NOT????ย I just went ahead and covered the whole front of the card front to make a fun impact and it worked! I think that the BIG area of the DSP really lends its hand to making the cone and sentiment pop!

Speaking of POPPING…..I am tellin’ you….Bakers Twine is your friend….it will add that “little something extra” each and every time and it iwll never let you down! I have GOBS of Bakers Twine and trust me, if any of it goes to clearance ย – I STOCK UP as you will always use it as it is the easiest to use to make a smile happen! This Bermuda Bay is retiring….and it is just $1.80 – HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG? ๐Ÿ™„ย 





To make a great card you do not need to spend a bunch of time. This is a great example of that and when I said to you that this is a great one for the “masses” – it truly is. I hear rom you that you have gobs of paper that you are hoarding…..USE IT UP…..I hear from you that you have tons of ribbon….USE IT UP!

When you work with the basics like this…you are setting yourself up for instant success. I will sit down and cut out a bunch of stitched shapes from scraps and keep them in a container so when I am creating ~ I can just look over and see what I have to play with. If you get in the habit of trying to nave some shapes and basics near you, I really think that you are more likely to put them to use!





Here is your picture to PIN. You can just hover over this simple beauty and store it for the future but why wait? How about finding a wee bit of time today to make this layout. Even it you do not have the exact products, I know you have MANY other products that you can use to get the simple feel of this sweet card.





I have a funny for you…do you remember about 2 weeks ago that we took Arnold and that dumb little Donkey to the front field because the new grass was coming in and I knew that Arnold would love it? ย Well….he IS lovin’ it but there is one that is not….Daisy. Ever since they have been down there she is sad that her buddies are away from the barn.

I have shared this with John and he thinks that I am nuts and says….she will be fine. WELL…John worked from home yesterday in the morning and when he was going to work he called me and said….your PIG is walking down the lane! Naturally I was PERKED UP because Daisy never does that as she is very predictable in where she is throughout the day…..

I went to a window and watched and YEP, he was right….my black “spot” was walking down the lane so I watched her….SHE IS SOOOOO SMART – She found Arnold and donkey! It was the sweetest thing…I dd not get much done as all day I was worried – WHERE IS DAISY NOW….and sure enough….still in the field with her friends.

I needed to go to a funeral and I called John and said – she is still down there….do you think that she will be ok? Naturally he said – ย SHE IS A PIG….she will be fine – go ahead and leave….she is fine! I left and I admit she was on my mind as she has never wondered down that far before and as I drove back in the lane…..NO DAISY in the field…..

I was scared so I called John’s cell saying….I am pulling back in and Daisy is NOT in the field….he just said, I am sure she is fine….well that was not cutting it for me and I said, can you please stay on the phone until I get to the barn……

I went into the barn and was hoping and praying that my sweet little swine would be there…and YEP…..she was all snuggled in a mount of shavings in a stall and I MELTED! I thought….this is amazing…she missed her friends and she found her friends. LIFE IS GOOD!

I know it is silly but my heart was happy and skipping many beats with joy! As I told John….do you know how SMART that was of her….can you imagine how many piggie steps it took her to make that pilgrimage ~ I said, how would you feel with having stumps of legs that are probably 4″ tall and a hug belly having to walk and find your friends…..he laughed and said, I have a meeting to go to!!!

Now go and have a great day!




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