Happy Sunday and WOW – I had a great day yesterday…getting lots accomplished but the BEST part…a PEEP was home! I just love it when the PEEPS are home! Still no news on the new Itell critter but if it is nice enough today….I am going to try to catch the dumb donkey and clip him!

I have to tell you – they are not the smartest of animals and you would think after having him for 12 years – he would like me…but nope, he doesn’t! He is awfully cute and he does do a good job being a babysitter to Arnold but other than that – he is a lawn ornament.

Here is you weekend fun of seeing how I take a card, make some simple changes to show you that there are always ways to make things “just a bit different” We are working with the Special Reasons Bundle.





This is the picture that you all seem to enjoy, being able to see them side by side and then YOU decide. The main differences are:

  • Instead of fussy cutting the smaller flower on yesterdays card…..today I just used the smaller flower stamp in the bundle (I really should have done
  • that yesterday….Silly Susan) and i will say I much prefer the one today because I like the shape and I like the white space around the edge of the flower – to me, it makes it pop!
  • I added some linen thread loops – this always gives a soft look and feel.
  • I changed up the sentiment….I made today’s into a banner and then used the bone folder to curl the banner
  • I added some clear droplets. These are not Stampin’ Up! but I will say that I love them. They are a simple yet FUN accent to add to a card to make it special. You can click here to see the product.







I have some great close ups for you today and I am sooooo happy that I was gently nudged by you all to use the Tip Top Taupe color and you are soooooo right~ it is a great neutral.

Enjoy the pictures to see up close the changes that I did. Please do not forget to use your bone folder to soften the fibers in the paper with your flowers. This gives them an instant softness and depth to the card.

I love these clear Droplets, a perfect little accent. I have a confession….and I probably should have re-done it but I didn’t. I bumped the droplet that is in the center of the flower and the green glue bled into ink. They usually dry clear (like you can see the other ones) but I thought that I should do as I say……this is handmade, not Hallmark! 😀








Let’s chat about the banner…..I forget to do this and I will say that when I do I once again say, Silly Susan, this is a fun way to add a sentiment. After I stamped and adhered it to the cardstock, I took the bone folder back and forth to create a “wave like feel” and then POP a GLUE DOT into place…PRESTO ~ so cute!





The picture that makes my heart happy….the one with the envelope! The icing on the cake each and every day. I think that I have hooked many of you to always give your envelopes some love……now a super easy way to do so is also to USE UP THAT WASHI TAPE that I know you all have.

There are always ways to use products that you have. Can you imagine if all of us put ALL OF OUR STUFF in one place – we would be “SET FOR LIFE”  – now I call that one great party! I still think that we need to have a creative island for us to get away to – we would have a blast but if there was a section for knitting – I just can’t go there – I tried to learn to knit and let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty! 😉





Enjoy your day and I wish that you could see me talking…dealing with the dumb donkey –  my goal is to get him in his “Sunday best” and then take him and Arnold down to the front field as the grass is coming in so nicely and sweet Arnold loves if down there.

It takes 2 of us to do this because if Arnold feels that his donkey is not near him….he panics and I will you could see me with a lead shank around dumb-dumbs neck as he drags me down (actually he thinks he is going somewhere special…..little does he know he is at the same place – different field! (he really is not the brightest) but he does do his job well in helping Arnold.

You all have a GREAT Monday and I will see you on Tuesday – I have an A HA MOMENT for you that your are going to say – now that was easy!





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