Hello to all! It is Tuesday so that means that I have a TIP for you to hopefully make this super fun addiction that we have with paper-crafting a bit more organized.

I would just LOVE to have everything organized but truth be told, I am just like you (probably) trying to figure things out to make them work for my needs and then there is that other thing – TIME…..we all have GREAT INTENTIONS but that TIME THING gets to us just about everyday. 🙁

I have blogged about this before but today I have an updates file for you to use. This is how I keep my Stampin’ Up! paper organized. I do have a new picture for you that shows the paper storage in my work area but before I added this, I simply used (2) of these storage bins for both my single sheets as well as for my scraps!

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions! I am happy to share my thought as to what works for me…and maybe you have an idea that will turn on that light bulb on for me to think in a different way!

This is what I use for my card stock and I keep it organized by color family but I will say that for most crafters…the bins are super and perfect to maximize space. This space it right at my work space….so handy!



These are the bins that I have used for YEARS…...(probably 15+ years) – I think that I bought them at Walmart but I am sure that any office supply store will have them…they JUST WORK and you can easily add more file folders as needed!



Side view…I ask you ???? What is the size of a scrap that you just look at it and say PITCH IT?



Here you can see the labels on the specific card stock  – super fast to “visualize”…..it just WORKS!



Click here~  Stampin’ Up! Colors 2017  and you will get the download to print. I always use Avery Labels and the size that you need to print these out correctly is Avery Labels # 8167 ( the 1/2″ X 1 3/4″) but here is another TIP!

Most Office Supply Stores will print these out for you if you give them the file (and let them know the size) and worst case scenario….just print them out of copy paper and adhere them to the card-stock!

I hope that this tip brings you some sunshine today but please make sure you pop back tomorrow as you will be in HOG HEAVEN! Have a great day!





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