A Tip for you Tuesday!




Good Morning and boy…do I have a new tool that I love and I guess you might just need to do some retail therapy! You know me by now – when I find a product that makes things easier for me when I craft… I love to share my findings!

Trust me, I have tried…purchased…given away…and returned many “weapons” (as I like to call them) that are to help you with picking up small objects. I can hear many of you right now…saying – “I have this and I love it or that never happened to me” and trust me, I believe you and I get it. 

I think when we craft we use what works for our personal needs. Everyone is different. I have had many products that I adored and then over time I found that they just did not hold up or perhaps my needs have changed etc…I am sure you can understand where I am coming from.

One thing that I always need to have in my work space is something to pick up small pieces of paper that I want to adhere…or a sequin…or even a super thing strip of paper that my fingers just can’t grab.

Here is my new friend, the Jewel Picker. (I giggle with the name) I have linked to the one that I purchased from Amazon but when I went to find the link for you last night I see that they have one with just “one end of  picker” that is less expensive, here is that link.

Below you will see the picture (sorry for the shadows) I bet you are saying why do you have 2? Easy – after I tried it out I loved it so much that I bought another one to have in my “on the go bag” – a tip that I learned from Jeanie.

She is a hoot and boy when she hears – do you want to go and craft???? She has a bag packed and ready to rumble….a gal after my own heart!






I know that there are some people out there that do not care for Amazon (and I totally respect that) but the main reason that I share links to Amazon is out of convenience  – they simply carry just about everything and it is easy for me to share with you.

I have tried many, many different “pick me up’ers” but this one had won my heart! There you go, a tip from me to you!  😀





NEW TOPIC:   Holiday Catalog Product Share!


Yesterday I emailed everyone that has requested a Holiday Catalog Product Share so if you did NOT receive an email confirmation from me, please email me as it could have been a simple “miss on my end”

You still have time to get in the 1st wave of my Product Share so no worries if you have not emailed me.

The cut off for the first wave is this Sunday, September 3rd. I will be doing a 2nd wave of Product Shares but that not be until the 3rd week of September. I need to budget my time for my monthly kits so please if you want to get in with the 1st round, email me on or before September 3rd and please put in the subject line HOLIDAY PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it quickly!

You can click here to see the Product Share offering for the new upcoming Catalog that comes out THIS Friday, September 1st!!! (woot-woot!!!) I get asked often to show my “tin” that I keep my swatch books in…so here you go! This little puppy has all of the Annual Catalog as well as the new upcoming Holiday Catalog in one tin!





When I think of the items that I use in my work area the most…these are on the TOP of the list…you will be amazed at how often you reach for them! They are simply the best! Everything you need is at your fingertips and it save so much “mess” in pulling out sheets of paper to see if they coordinate! They are share #1 of my offerings!

Product Shares are the best “bang for your buck” as you will be squealing when you see that Priority Mail package delivered to your door. It IS like Christmas because you have everything at your fingertips at a fraction of the price if you were to purchase them individually.

With the Holiday Catalog being such a “short selling season” – this is the way to go….Click here to see the offerings and email me if you want to get on a Product Share. You can also see the drop down box on my Blog Header.

Have a great day and I will see you in the morning…it is HUMP DAY!




You can now go to Walmart!




Most Tuesdays I like to share a tip with you! Sometimes its a new one that I have discovered…sometimes it ones that I have shared before but totally feel like it is worth sharing again and that is what today is about!




I make no bones about it….I am not a fan of Walmart as honestly… it stresses me out!



I have blogged about these little cubes for a great way to store things in your craft area and I get emails often about….WHERE DID YOU GET THEM? I love ideas of storage that makes our lives easier…and these little gems do just that!

I find at this time of the year….Walmart does have them at a great price (I guess I should thank them) and they come in fun colors for the back to school craze that happens each year. This is the only time that I seem to find fun colors…and a fun price!






Here is the scoop on them of the why’s I like them and find them super useful!

  • For just .97 how can you go wrong (other than having to fight the crowds in the store) and right now the fun colors that I saw were navy, pink, teal, bright blue, a weird green, red and I am sure there are others……


  • These cubes stack on top of each other so if space is an issue for you….these are great to stack depending on the height of what you put in…


  • I use them mainly for storing my 6″ X 6″ Paper Stacks and also discontinued paper that I have that I want for the future (I cut it to 6″ X 6″)


  • I use them when I am working on projects to keep things orderly ….like when I am working on a kit…I use a cube to put in the elements for a certain card…then I can stack others and have everything neat & tidy



Now here is another thing that is great to get at this time of year….the VINYL FOLDERS (below you will see it in Yellow) These can get pricy but at this time of year is when to get them and then do surgery on them!!! 😀




WHAT????   SURGERY????…Yep, type A Susan here…



I like to cut them up and use them as dividers for my paper. You know that I am a HUGE fan of the PTouch Label Maker…well to keep me organized I make a label with the name of whatever and then put if on the Vinyl divider that I made….

The reason that I do this is that the labels peel off if the item is ever discontinued and then I can re-use it! (you see…there is always methods to my madness). The dividers are super thin so they do not take much room but they are also super sturdy so you can use them over and over!

You will only get (2) dividers per (1) vinyl folder but there are scraps that you will find a use for. True it is an investment (but soooooo inexpensive) and then you will always have them to use over and over. (I do use the corner rounder of my envelope punch board to round the edges, I told you I was Type A)







The picture tells the story but here it is in more depth. The grey chipboard on the right is what comes in our DSP when we get it (usually the heavy one like this is with the speciality DSP)

It is great for packaging if you are mailing something and you do not want it to bend but today I am showing you how I cut that up for dividers. When I have a DSP that is retired….I move it to a cube and peel off the label from the vinyl divider and put it on this chipboard!

Because I always have swatch books of the DSP (and YES – I will be doing a Product Share for the new catalog) I can always reference the DSP that I have in the cubes. You can tuck the swatch books of the paper offerings in the back of the cube.

There you go…your TIP for your Tuesday! I find little things like these posts to be helpful so of course I want to share! I warn you….enter Walmart at your own risk….it’s a crazy place this time of year and the shelves are a total mess!






Here is my funny for going yesterday! I first needed to pop by Jeanie’s house….when I said – I need to run as I have to pop into Walmart for my blog post for tomorrow….Her face was PRICELESS….her glasses came off…her jaw dropped and then she said – WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU NEED TO GO THERE!?!?

When I told her…this huge laugh exploded and then quickly she said…”great – pick me up some while you are there!” Gotta love a friend!


A tip for your Tuesday…




Hi guys…..still away and today if I have figured it out correctly….today is the day that John and I are going to an Elephant Sanctuary! As you know I am a HUGE animal lover and this is truly a “pinch me” time so I am hoping that it will be a “heart filling and rewarding” day for us!

I am hoping to take lots of pictures and trust me, there will be a day that I will share with you some of the Thailand fun that we have been having!

You know that I love to share with you things that make my life easier when I am crafting and even though I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator at heart, there are times that we do not have a specific product and when I find something that makes like easier for me….I like to share it with you!

The below product is a must have (in my humble opinion). You can get them at a big box store so keep your eye out for a 50% off coupon or make it easier for yourself and hit that Amazon button and have them delivered right to your door!







Several weeks ago….peep Will was home – he is the Montessori Teacher in Boston and we had a big time doing “crafty things” together! He had asked me if I had another pair of the Craft Scissors that Stampin’ Up! used to carry and I said, I only have the ones that I used….as they had been discontinued…..

We went on a trek to the Craft Store and we found these…..I fell in love with them soooooooo much that I went back and bought a pair for myself and THEY ARE THE BEST!

Below you will see a trio of pictures that I have shared before on how I love to give my envelopes some love….but this is why I adore these scissors – they have a non stick on the blade so the adhesive does not get stuck on them….to me – a DREAM MACHINE!!!!






With all of the “sticky” that I have going on when I do my envelopes….these make the process a breeze…..I just had to share as why keep a great thing a secret!

Be careful though….they are really big – you can see that the blade is 9 1/2″ long….but you will be a happy stamper – PROMISE!

Until tomorrow! We are doing Temples tomorrow!!!!



Tip for your Tuesday!



Good Morning and I have a super quick tip for you and then pop back tomorrow and you will see an ADORABLE and oh so simple card using this tip!

I know that many of you realize this but I am super surprised at how many do not….so HERE YOU GO and I hope that you not only read this but also you store this in your memory bank (hint-hint…upcoming catalog) as you will be seeing more and more DSP that has this same concept!



What concept?

Having images from DSP that have framelits which cut PERFECTLY!



In the “Suite” below (which is found on page 69) you can play “EYE SPY” in the below picture and SEE the images that are cut PERFECTLY…thanks to the framelits!







I say – HOW BRILLIANT! Pop back tomorrow and you will see it in action as I have a super simple card for your hump day! For those of you that do not like to watercolor or simply run short with time…this concept might be right up your alley!

The artwork on this DSP is just spectacular. One thing that Stampin’ Up! NAILS each and every time is….our DSP and this one is a super example of color, versatility, and uniqueness!







Another tip that I do not think most of us realize is…this bundle has 3 Elements in the Bundled Price…the stamp set, the matching framelits and the DSP….another unique factor to this fun set!







I look forward to having you see the sweet yet simple card tomorrow using this bundle – I say….a card in a jif…YIPPEE!!! (just the way I like it)

Below you will see another example of a DSP that has a framelit to cut. This is from the Coffee Cafe Bundle and I will say…this has been one fantastic bundle! I think that once you see a “visual” like I have below you can see and appreciate how this tip works! Very smart Stampin’ Up! and trust me….you will see more in the future! 😀






Please do not forget about the Bonus Day Coupons…..It is like a gift that keeps on giving…Buy now….Save later! I’ll take it!  For every $50 you spend between July 1–31 (before shipping and tax) you will receive a $5.00 coupon to use in August – I see you smiling!!! 😀 






Tip for your Tuesday…Envelope love!





Happy Tuesday to you! By now you know that I adore….actually LOVE my envelopes and today I have a tip for you. I was making the card for Thursdays post and thought….I LOVE this envelope – I need to share!

I know that many of you are on the Envelope Love Train with me and today I can inspire you to have fun with just a 1 1/2″ strip of a DSP and turn your envelope into a Picasso….that will make 3 people smile….


  1. YOU


Here you go….this is super fast and easy to do! I have blogged over and over about the BASICS….and by making sure that you have the BASICS….you will never go wrong!

The above pictures will share with you the necessities to make a fun envelope….in a flash! Let’s dive in…..








I like to anchor the strips with Tear and Tape….I find that using this adhesive make the thinner strips lay nice and flat and then you can just use the “green glue” to hold the DSP in place!

The Night of Navy is 1/2″ wide and the Lemon Lime Twist is 1/4″…..the DSP is 1 1/2″ wide.







All you need to do is give it a good and firm rub…..flip it over and cut the excess away….POOF – you are now smiling!

Not so FAST…..can you see in the below picture….that I “stitched in white” – well…I love that look and it is something that I do often….I encourage you to try to add a little touch to your projects…..just try and I think that you will be surprised at the difference.








Now that I have your attention I guess that you are going to have to pop back on Thursday to see the card?!?!? You can already tell that it is a keeper as it is in the 2 classic colors….Lemon Lime Twist and Night of Navy!!!!

I think that you will like it….it is a card right up by SIMPLE ALLEY!

I hope that you will try this envelope love….it does make a difference and I know that you will be doing the dance…the HAPPY DANCE when you give it a try….

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY….hope to see you! 😀






Simple Tips for your Saturday!



Happy Saturday to all! I have been getting lots of great feedback about the new catalog and I am just thrilled. It is always so exciting when we have the opportunity to play with new toys….you see – we will ALWAYS be young at heart and the great thing about having a hobby like this is the fact that you are good to go with ideas for Birthdays, Mothers Day, the Holidays etc….as we always have newbies that we just want to have.

With getting something new like this beautiful 233 page Catalog there are times that it is just hard to get used to, hard to take it all in. I am hoping that I am going to help you with some ideas that I like to use as guess what – I am just like you…it takes a while to get in the groove with where things are.

Today’s post is a “check in” with tips to help you navigate as there is so much to see and take note of. My hopes are that you will have your coffee with me and leave ready to grab that catalog and take it all in !

Before we get into some tips, if you are not currently working with a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator or if for some reason you are my customer and you have not received your very own catalog, please shoot me an email and I will be happy to send one to you.

We all know that the computer is a fabulous tool in showing us things – IN THE INSTANT – but again, if you are like me….there is nothing like having a catalog in your hands to be able to flip through.



Let’s get going!


  • The first thing that I like to do is to take my catalog to an Office Max/Staples etc….and have them make my catalog into a spiral bound catalog with Clear Covers on the front and the back of the catalog. This costs around $3.00 and it is worth every penny. This way your catalog will lay flat, it is easier to flip through and with all of the hard use it gets in the year – it protects it.


  • I like to take a highlighter and flip through the entire catalog and highlight the stamps I have. I do this all through the catalog as well as in the Stamp Index (page 224). I love the index and reference to it just about daily. To me, it has everything right there…the stamp name, page number to flip to and it is a quick visual to see what I have.


  • Now starts the fun part. The ultimate Wish List. I first go through all of the Bundles because these are the source of the instant 10% off and then I get an additional 25% off(you see – a great reason to be a demonstrator – who doesn’t like discounted things). Here is a list of the Bundle and Save in this catalog but pop back tomorrow and I will have another tool for you to make it easier to “take in”. Bundles are great, bundles save us money. Please remember that Stampin’ Up! does not keep them as bundles forever so when you see a bundle, I would purchase it then.


  • Take a piece of paper, (I always like a memo pad) and make 3 columns. I break it into A,B & C lists. Naturally the “A’s” are stamps that are the ones that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE….like the This Little Piggy and Crafting Forever. After I write down these then I go to the “B” list – these are stamps that I really want…..but will try to contain myself from that initial purchase. The “C’s”they are stamps that I just want to sit back and watch…a great example of this is the Best Birds – I did not purchase that until last month. This stamp set it a great example of why it is good to purchase bundles. It now is NOT a bundle now, so you would need to purchase the framelits separately now.


  • Time for the NEW DSP, Ribbons and Embellishments – The best tip I can give you is to purchase a share. Many Demonstrators offer shares and they really are the best bang for your buck for many reasons. To me you are able to have the buffet without feeling stuffed. There are always so many new things and “I get it” – we want them but then the reality of the price hits us – that is why the shares are the way to go…this way you can invest in more stamp sets and/or tools. Please remember that my 1st wave of the product share is available through tomorrow and then I will offer another one, but it will not be until later in the month!



  • Time to flip to page 206…PUNCHES! Let’s face it…punches are fast, punches are easy to work with and punches JUST WORK! True we are blessed that we have so many amazing framelits and thinlits but there is just something about a punch that does the job. You are not going to like what I am going to say….but here it goes. Buy punches, they make things easy. Before I became a SUD I belonged to a Stamp Club. Every month I would order (1) punch  – by doing it this way I built up my supply and trust me, I still have many from years and years!


  • Last flip for today….go to page 220….Host Sets! There are some KEEPERS here….right? I received some yesterday and I am excited to get inky with them. I think that most people think that they need to have a “home event” to earn these….Well I am here to tell you….NOPE, not true. YES – you could have an event in your home…you could have a cyber event with me…you could easily have me get a host code for you….or you can get one free from me by purchasing (3) bundles from me on my online store and then you let me know which one you would like. (this offer is only good for (3) bundles from the same catalog) 😛 


Ok stampers…..that is it from me today – this was a (2) cup of coffee day but I hope that it helped you! My hands have been cutting and cutting for the shares and they are coming together….a busy but fun time for all of us as we love new toys!

I hope to see you tomorrow….have a great day and enjoy the sunshine! Below you will see some of the products that I chatted about….also the group of host stamps….easy – buy 3 (bundles) and get 1 free (host stamp)…..an offer from me for your support! 😀



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