Tips for your Tuesday….Conditioning your stamps!

Here you go…..a video that will give you the ins and outs on how to condition your stamps to get a clean and crisp image each and every time. I think if you watch it….you will see the steps that I take to make sure my stamps are in the best condition to get a great stamp.


After you hit the play button go ahead and hit the you tube button therefore you can go directly to you tube and then subscribe, also hit the show more and you will see links (but I added then below as well)…..

Just remember, you need to give your stamps some “love” to make them work for you in the best possible way. Think about it this way….every stamp has a tendency to stamp a bit different ( I think you know what I mean) as there are some that are perfect from the start and then there are others that….frustrate you – just work with it!

Please go to You Tube and subscribe to my channel…I plan to keep continuing to add videos (now that we have a higher upload speed) I say YIPPEE!!!!!

When you view the video on You tube, you will see all of the links to the products I mentioned….but if you are viewing it from here –

Stampers Secret Weapon


Container for the absorbers

Absorber Towels


Well…what do you think? Does it makes sense to you? Will you try it? To me, it is well worth doing this to have great stamped images! Thanks for popping in – see you in the morning!

p.s. – Happy Valentines Day!!!! Doing anything special?



Tips for your Tuesday!

Tuesdays are becoming as fun and popular as my 2 day weekend post! I just love to share tips and ideas as we all have the same passion in stamping and we all love to learn from one another…possibly use it…possibly tweak it a bit….possibly share something completely different for us to learn!

Today is all about getting to know your stamps/bundles and stamp the images and place the dies (if it is a bundle) on a sheet of computer paper or our card stock. I do use the thin Whisper White card stock and then place the sheet in a plastic pocket and into a 3 ring binder it goes!

I think we all can agree that this is a great bundle and there is A LOT to….so…. GET TO KNOW your purchases ~ Take the time to condition your stamps…..cut the dies out and place them on a piece of paper….you are not only more likely to use it more but it will help jog your memory for odds and ends that you might use on other cards!






I am a HUGE believer in these magnetic sheets from Stamp-n-Storage…they are the best as they are SUPER STRONG and SUPER THICK. I always use my P-Touch Label Maker to label all of the details. I will share with you that I am learning as I go….as I always put the number of framelits on the sheet and I also label the item number and price so if it is ever to get discontinued, I have all of the information ready at my finger tips for selling them.





I know that this looks like it is a huge piece, but it really is a regular piece 8 1/2″ X 11′ and it has just about everything, even 1″ circles of the coordinating cardstock. On the right is a swatch book that I make up and sell with Product Shares and THEY ARE EVEN more of a lifesaver as I use DSP on all sorts of projects!





Here is a shot of the die cuts. Aren’t they just adorable? I take the time to use paper that works with the DSP as again, this makes it so much easier when you sit down to have some “me time” I do hope that you try this with a bundle that you have. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to pick up a catalog and flip through looking for a specific shape.

I find that having a visual makes it so much easier for me and also I find that I use my stamps / bundle more once I have gone through this condition/play thing.

Is there anyone else out there that has stamps that they have never used….these poor guys just sitting on the shelf because you were super excited to get them when they first came out but then you keep looking at it and say – what am I going to do with this?!?!?





Now the next 2 pictures will show you the stamps…..and next Tuesday I will share with you a video on how I condition my stamps for ultimate coverage. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to pull out a new stamp and get all excited, only to have it not stamp clean and crisp!

For this reason, this is another reason why I create these sheets….do I do them for all of my stamps/bundle – NO. I usually do them for the ones that have lots of shapes/images or also the very detailed ones. When you have a stamp that has a very flat image like these ice creams….they can be super frustrating to get a good crisp image BUT IT CAN BE DONE…..just like anything else in life, you have to take the time and patience to make it work for you!

Next Tuesday, I am hoping that you will gain some insight on how to make a clearer, sharp stamp…..each and every time!





Look how clean and crisp the sentiments are….it is because I condition my stamps and by taking the time in doing sheets like this – I can have then all ready to go when I need to stamp in a hurry. I know that you will enjoy the video next week, I have not made it yet but I really want you to see how you can do it.

I do have a MISTI and I do love it, but all of these images were done with a good old acrylic blocks! YOU an have success and great coverage.




Well, there you go! Do you like this idea?



I bet  that many of you think I am nuts to do this….but honestly it has all of my stamps ready to go with a great stamp and I have a better idea of the die cuts! I am tellin’ you – try it with a big stamp set like this one because there are so many elements to this great bundle and then having this quick reference will be a life-saver…trust me!

I am sure that you have some 3 ring binders floating around your home and if not, go to the dollar store. I do like sliding these down clear plastic sleeves that fit a 3 ring binder this way you can flick through and see what you have!

Tomorrow is the Pals Blog hop and I hope that you will POP on in and then HOP…HOP….HOP to lots of inspiration! Have a super day and have fun organizing……you will smile!




Tips for your Tuesday!


Good Tuesday morning and before we get to this very short post I want to say a big THANK YOU for the great “shout outs” of the post yesterday! Jeanie was tickled (as she should be) and wait to you see the other talent that I have on my Top Dogs Team! My hopes are to do a Blog Hop with my gals as they are amazing!

O.k – here you go…..I am going to let the video do all of the work today as I think that I covered it rather well. Adding love to the back of your envelopes is so easy and it really does not take much time or product….trust me on this one – the end result is well worth the effort!

Here you go…Enjoy!



I will do more videos about envelopes as I think that some of you are still not super comfortable with the Envelope Punch Board….that’s ok as I have a confession….I had that piece of plastic for probably 6 months before I figured it out. The moral of the story was simple – if I would have just watched a video….I would have NAILED IT from the start!

No I know that I will never win an Academy Award on my videos but that’s fine~ I just shoot them and go….be gentle on me but I hope that you find the video helpful!

Enjoy that day and please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Here is the link of you are going right from You Tube,  this way you will be able to see the links for the products used (tap on the show more tab) and while you are there….do me a favor and subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you will not miss future Academy Award shows! 🙂

Tips for your Tuesday!


Good Morning and wowza…yesterday’s comments were sooooo much fun!

I just get such a kick out of the fun we have and isn’t it just wonderful that we are all “adults” and still have just FUN together over something as silly as a Hey, Chick Stamp Set!

I am going to have my morning coffee re-reading and commenting on the FABULOUS comments yesterday and we will come up with a “hum-dinger” of a name. I typed the below post earlier as I knew that I needed to have a minor “fix from the doctors” yesterday but what I was not aware of was…I lost the entire day as I needed to rest – all is good and I will be myself today (I sure hope so) I am excited for you to read this post and I hope that the lightbulb goes off! Please chime in with comments!


I hope that this post will make you think and share comments….this is how we all learn and grow!

I admit, I love photopolymer stamps. They are by far the stamp preference for me as I love the ability to “see though” where I am stamping. I also admit when Stampin’ Up! came out with their 1st photopolymer stamp I thought that they were the silliest thing out there and that there was NO WAY that people would buy them or actually like them 🙂

Boy, was I wrong. I believe that some of you do not care for them because you are not getting a clean, crisp image when stamping. I truly hope that we can get some good comments going on about the preference of stamps and it what I just mentioned was the way that you feel!



I was in the same boat….let’s call it the frustration boat of stamping. I will make this super simple so you will “get it” and then understand where I am coming from….


When you buy a new pair of shoes…

you need to “break them in” before they become comfortable.


There is no way that you would take a brand new pair of shoes and walk for hours in them without your feet feeling the pain – I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT YOUR STAMPS in the same fashion! You need to “break them in and condition them” and also USE THE PROPER HELPERS to get that prestige, crisp stamp!

I have been on this boat MANY times and there are still times that I am there but when that happens I tell myself to SLOW DOWN and make sure that I have taken the steps to make my stamps work for me in the best possible way!

When I get a new photopolymer stamp…this is what I do!

  • Place it on a block and then take my absorber cleaning cloth and rub it back and forth a BUNCH (I think that this scruffs off any residue from the manufacturing of the stamp). If you do not use the absorber cloths  than use your Stampin’ Mist and Stampin’ Scrub to do the same trick!
  • Next, I ink it up with the versamark pad and then stamp images on scrap paper. I clean and repeat this probably 2 times. You will be able to see how clean and crisp the image it that is why I do it several times until I get the right look.
  • Make sure that you are stamping on a Stampin’ Pierce Mat or I think better yet, I use this gem from Amazon….the Stamper’s Secret Weapon (don’t you love that name) Let me clarify…I do use the Stampin’ Up! Mat when I am on the go but I honestly prefer the Stampers Secret Weapon for my daily stamping because it is bigger… is as simple as that!
  • After you have conditioned it with the cleaning and the versamark….take it to an ink pad and give it a test drive. I never take a stamp out of the container and trust that my first stamp will be perfect, just like breaking in shoes…it needs to time and TLC! 🙂


I bet it you try this you will be very pleased. It sounds like it is a lot of work but it really isn’t and it really does not take much time at all. Heck, the way that I look at it is that you will spend more time and waste more with being frustrated than do these steps and being prepared.

I will say that I do the same with my clear mount stamps as well. It’s kind of once you get in the habit, it becomes 2nd nature to you.

One ? that I bet you are thinking… I have to do this every time I go to use a stamp? The short answer is NO….but I will say that it you find a stamp that is not stamping to your liking, go back and do the steps and also make sure that your inkpads are inked properly!

I personally find that I do not have to re-ink my colors often but I do need to re-ink the black pad often. You are the only one that can gauge how often you use a color etc…

Well NOW you can hit that Amazon button and purchase the great masking paper that I talked about and also the Stampers Secret Weapon – I truly like to share with you things that I have found that work for me but remember, these are just mere suggestions of what seems to work for me.

I know that it would be super beneficial to do a video for you. I will try…..darn I wish that there were more hours in a day! Have a fabulous day and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!

Stampin’ hugs to all….



Trust me, I am not eating bon-bons in being so late in my post… just was one busy but productive day yesterday and today I have a card for you but the HO~HO~HO from me today is all about HEAT EMBOSSING!

Before we get to heat embossing…..we need to see who won from yesterday’s post…..the random winner was # 25…..Vicki Blackwell – WOOT-WOOT…..go ahead Vicki and do that dance!



Here is her comment – I cracked up with the hoarding comments from yesterday but let’s face it….we are out there! Thanks for leaving the comment and please email me with your address and I will add to your ribbon stash! I am just lovin’ being Santa!

Onward we quickly go……

My oldest Peep Will teaches 6 – 9 year age group at a Montessori School in Boston and I always love it when he comes home and we get to talk “crafty” On Saturday he watched me heat emboss and was AMAZED at the whole concept and how easy it is!

Naturally I am always GLAD TO TALK CRAFTY and I showed him all of the discontinued embossing powders I have and a heat gun I bought from Michaels years ago and he is thrilled and excited to play around with it…..BUT – he asked me, why did they get rid of all of these colors?

This is where the TIP comes in today and one that I do hope that you try. Please leave me a comment and one person will win an Embossing Buddy and a container of Clear Embossing Powder.

There is no need to have a bunch of colors of embossing powders when you have a clear one….all you do is simple stamp and then use the clear, heat set it and PRESTO… embossed image with any of our colors! If you click here – you will see the offerings that we have…this is ALL YOU NEED.

Here are 3 pictures of the notecard that I made and I used the real red and heat embossed it. I know that it is hard to tell in the pictures…but it is just beautiful! This stamp set is One Big Meaning…and it has been well loved by me over the past year. After the pictures…I will share tips for perfect heat embossing….





I know that many of you get frustrated with the results from your heat embossing. The 2 biggest KEY POINTS are to have a GOOD HEAT GUN and also an EMBOSSING BUDDY.

These 2 things will be game changers for you. Do you remember that I said that I had a heat gun that I bought from Michaels that I was giving to Will? The reason was…it simply did not get hot enough (or should I say fast enough for my liking) and the results were not the best.

Once I bought a GOOD HEAT GUN….and also turned it on about 30-45 seconds before I bring it to my project…the results were stellar.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you like embossing…have you tried it with our ink or just say HI….and who knows….maybe you will win!!!! I have some other GREAT tips and giveaways…..keep popping back and see what Santa Susan is up to!



A Tip for your Tuesday!



You know the Beatles song….“I get by with a little help from my friends”…well this is an example of how “friends” teach us….and guess what We are all so blessed to be friends….some in person, some cyber but this is how we learn and grow!

I know that I have bee a bit “off schedule” with all of the “Holiday Happenings” but on Tuesday’s I like share a TIP for your Tuesday! My friend….super talented and just down right funny friend Jeanie told me about this. At first I did not believe it but I can say first hand I tried it over the weekend and it works!

Do you get frustrated when your stamps do not stay on their blocks? Yep, I think we all do and I have blogged before about different remedies to help but this one is a keeper  – it sounds like a total mess but try it – I know you’ll like it!

It is “GREEN GLUE to the rescue” You know that I am a HUGE FAN of Green Glue and also Fast Fuse but over time I have learned that EVEN IF my blocks are squeaky clean, my stamps sometimes do not stay nice and snug!

Let me back up a bit…when I received a new stamp set, I would always put the clean image that comes in the packaging (I guess you could say, like you are supposed to) but for the past year I have opted out of putting the “clear picture labels” on like I just explained. WHY you might be asking?

I will say that I think that the stamps stay on PERFECT when that window picture is not mounted on the stamp. (I hope that this makes sense) I used to think that was silly that people did that because I thought, “How in the heck will I be able to see what stamp it is” – Now I ask you….I think we all can tell by the shape etc…and this really has been a game changer! 🙂

For the ones that I have already put the images on….GREEN GLUE to the rescue!






I ordered the below custom stamps and I asked for them NOT to be mounted on Wood Blocks as I knew that I would rather have them mounted on an acrylic block or loose for me to use it in my MISTI

I learned, very quickly that they did not stick….so – Jeanie’s tip…I tried it, and I LOVED IT! ( I admit, I love my new stamps…..Merry Christmas to me) I have been using the HAPPY MAIL in mailing out the NEW catalogs…..the 1st wave went out…more go on Wednesday!











If you are wondering where I purchased these custom stamps…it was from Bossy Joscie – she does AMAZING work and was great to work with. With having an “I” for the last name…many times the “I’s “ look wonky and she sent me several drafts to get it…“just right”

So how would you like to win 2 bottles of GREEN GLUE!?!!? In the season of the Holiday’s we will be having FUN..because if you are like me, this is a busy season and I think that it is a twist to daily blogs and  to have FUN and INTERACTIVITY together!

Just leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried this…..or if you have another idea….or just to say HI!!!! I will randomly pick a winner with……

We will be doing FUN things like this all week long. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful “cyber family” and I deeply appreciate you popping on and sharing your time with me!

I love what I do…and  I love chatting and helping YOU!



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