Good morning and I know that many of you have sent me mails….“ARE YOU GOING TO DO A PRODUCT SHARE?” Yep, you betcha! My catalogs were mailed to my customers last week and I am sure that many of you that have the catalogs are waiting for a product share to roll around!

Today I am just showcasing the Swatch Books and Card Stock Swatches on a Ring and then pop back tomorrow and I will showcase the rest of the Product Share that I am offering. I decided to do it this way because I know that it is a lot to take in….so breaking it down might be helpful to people that are new to shares.

The (2) shares that I am showcasing today are what I call “lifesavers to me” – these are what I like to call my friends in my work area because they are something that I reach for and “lean on” like a great friend.

I am all about making things easier to grab and decide when I am creating because face it – that is what it is about….to have fun and not be frustrated. These (2) shares keep me happy, on my toes and in a nut shell…I “could not – would not” be without them!

If you have purchased these from me in the past, please leave a comment and let people know how you like them. I will say that once you have them…you will always order them because they take up so little room but are chocked full of info to make your creating fun and enjoyable.


 Share #1 – Swatch Books  $37.50 (There are 15 swatch books of amazing new paper) FREE SHIPPING 😆 




These Swatch Books are a dream to not have the clutter on your work area of full sheets of paper – trying to decide what would work for you….and what wouldn’t. The swatches allow you to flip through and see the colors and patterns….figure out how you can mix and match.

Each Swatch Book will have all of the info you need….the DSP name, item #, price, colors that coordinate…this in itself deserves a WOOT-WOOT! Here is the back with all of the “vitals”  😀







Share #2 – Card Stock Swatches on a Ring $8.00




I offer these at every Product Share because they are not only helpful but they also make a wonderful gift for a crafty friend or downline and this is a tool that I reach for DAILY! (Actually the Swatch Books and Card Stock Ring share the same tin on my workspace)

You will get all of our Card Stocks all with the name and color family on each swatch. You can see how handy this would be to pull out several colors to see how you like them together. I have them divided by color family and they do include the Thick Card Stock in Very Vanilla and Whisper White. In total you will receive 52 Card Stock Swatches plus the dividers all on a ring!






  • If you are ordering Share #1 – The Swatch Books – SHIPPING IS FREE!
  • If you are ordering Share #2 – Card Stock Swatches – Shipping is $3.50


If you would like one of these shares, please email me and put in the Subject Line – PRODUCT SHARE so I can SPOT IT and I will reserve a share for you. I use Pay Pal and I will send an acknowledgment email to you and then I will do a Pay Pal Invoice.

Please remember that I cannot order the Designer Series Paper until June 1st (yippee – that is just 2 weeks from today) but know that I always ship my order expedited so in turn I will get your shares OUT THE DOOR TO YOU as fast as my hands can cut, label and ship! (I already have a surplus of the Share #2 ready to rumble)

I hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see the offerings for the remainder of the Product Shares that I will be offering….paper, ribbon, embellishments…..OH MY!!!

Have a GREAT DAY and get excited to get your shares ordered and off your mind – time to focus and take in the NEW CATALOG….this is always an exciting time of the year!



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