Good Morning…here is a bit of sunshine for your Sunday morning with a bit of fun new bling with the Gold Faceted Gems. For the “stepped up” this week I decided to change the orientation to a vertical card and the cut off 1″ of the bottom of the front of the card and stamp the sentiment of “Thank You” on the inside base of the card!

So…here you go ~ side by side, YOU DECIDE!





Yesterday I shared with you that I would take a picture of the stamp and also the paper from this suite. Right off the bat I knew that this bundle would be coming to Randall Lane for 3 reasons…

  • This stamp set is a photopolymer and that makes me super happy!
  • The bundle has a punch and a classic punch of a Daisy Flower is a winner and that makes me happy!
  • Bundles give you an instant 10% discount (and then I get another 25% discount) and that makes me happy!


It is just so much better to be happy  😉  (life is just too darn short)




You can see that the paper is colorful and artistic. If you have never watched the video that Stampin’ Up! has on how the artist create and then make many of our Designer Series Papers. I know that it is an older video but it truly is very interesting so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this short video. (it really makes you see our papers in a different light from this short video)

I am truly amazed that many of our papers are soooooo beautiful that I hate to cover them up! I am excited for you all to see the new papers coming out. I know that it is hard to see in the little picture above but hopefully you can get a feel of the watercolor look and feel this collection offers!





As the title of this post says….there is a bit of bling….. and here you go! Meet the NEW gold faceted gems ~ they are going to be hot aa it is the perfect combination of bling with classic (hope that this makes sense) By now you know that a little bling to me is adding some ribbon or twine (that is another addition today) but I just had to add these gems.

Glitter and I do not see eye to eye as I think that is a total mess and at the end of the post I will tell you a funny about glitter in the Itell household but these new gems are just the perfect balance and they come in 3 sizes  – a quick peel off and stick – BLING!





I just had to take a close up for you because of the beauty. It looks like gold glitter is embedded in these gems and they are stunning. When I saw them in the catalog I though….nope, not for me but I am sure that they will be a hit but I did purchase a pack for a preorder and when I saw them in person – WOW….I was so wrong as they are a great mixture of bling and classic to really brighten someones day!

These beauties will definitely be on my Product Share that I will be offering to you all soon. (Heck – I know you need time to get the catalog 1st and take it all in) but I know that you realize that Product Shares are the way to go when a new catalog comes out so be ready for FUN! My catalog are on order and the labels are made….so all I am waiting for is for them to arrive to Randall Lane.





I know that it is hard to see but I did cut off 1″ from the front panel of the card….here are some quick measurements for you – I love this style of card as it creates an instant interest when you hold it and see that it opens “not even”

  • The base is a thick whisper white in the vertical mode with 1″ cut off the front.
  • Stamp the “thank you” on the inside with Night of Navy (because it is a photopolymer….it is a cinch)
  • The Daffodil Delight is 4 1’4″ X 4 1/2″
  • The white is 4″ X 4 1/4″
  • The DSP Strip is 1 1/2″ X 4 1/4″
  • The flower was tone on tone stamped with daffodil delight and pear pizzazz

I would either make a card today with this formula or write it down as I know that you all have many stamp sets that you could make a similar card. I think that making it yourself helps you through the process and then I would write the measurements on the back and keep it for reference for the future.

I have a tin that I keep near my work area that “formula cards” in it and I will say when I am in a creative slump – it is a pick me up to look through and find a layout that tickles my fancy! TRY IT – I think that you will be happy ti have a library of reference.




Another rainy day on the East Coast but today we re having another “weed date” – as much as weeds are nit my thing – we have to deal with them and I would much rather get them out when the soil is easier to get the darn job done!

Now for a funny on glitter and please pass this on to others that have young children that are loosing their teeth. When my oldest was at the age of loosing their baby teeth I had this WONDERFUL Grandmother give me a great idea on how to deal with the “tooth fairy” and it was always a huge hit!

She told me to purchase a small container of fine clear glitter and when a peep lost a tooth and had it under their pillow….sprinkle a small amount of glitter from the window in their room to their bed when you go to to the “tooth fairy magic” while they are sleeping.

The next day they will wake up and have a shimmer to them….well I did that and it was a wonderful magical experience each and every time when they came downstairs and said…..THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME!!!! (and I would say – look…she kissed you and sprinkled fairy dust on your cheek ~ this is the ONLY example of glitter that makes me smile)

I will say…one container of shimmer lasted for all 3 peeps as I only put a wee bit because of the mess but trust me, it was worth each and every vacuum just to see the magic in their eyes and the smiles on their faces! I just love memories like this!

Now go have a GREAT day…make some memories….have some “me time” to do something for YOU and I will see you on Tuesday!



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