Happy Sunday to you. Great news – our luggage came….just in time for us to move from the little piece of heaven we have been in to another…where the Stampin’ Up! fun will be this week! I have never been so happy to see the luggage even though it was soaking wet and a ripped zipper…there were clean clothes! At the end of the post I will share with you the 1st picks that John and I wanted out of our bags!

I am thrilled that you all gave Ramsey some Simple Stampin’ love with her card yesterday. While John and I have been relaxing I shared with him….the one thing that I love about Stampin’ Up! and blogging is the relationships that not only that I have with you but also the sense of community we have for one another.

Today’s card is from the one and only…and super funny Jeanie Stark. You can check out her blog, Just Stampin’ and be filled to the brim with inspiration. Jeanie and I have known each other for decades…YEP, as I type that I have a flood of funny and memorable times together. We were both Creative Memories Consultants before but I think that the one thing that I specifically remember are our chats about American Girl Dolls when the girls were younger….great memories!

If you follow Jeanie’s blog (and I hope that you do) she has a love for “fun fold cards” – Today’s card that she has created is just that – a FUN FOLD…a stepped up version from yesterdays classic! Please leave her some love with a comment, I am sure that will make her day!







I admit, I do not do many fun fold cards….WHY? Easy…I do not think I am patient enough and I can hear Jeanie right now….saying – NO…they are easy. Truth be told…they are very doable and really not bad at all – it is just a “mind block” for me… and when I do be a turtle and stick my head out…I am proud of myself!

I am sure that when you pop onto Jeanie’s Blog she will share with you the “in’s and out’s” with the dimensions and you will see and say – I CAN DO THAT and then guess what…YOU CAN and I hope that you will!







You can easily see that this card lays flat and therefore will easily fit into our regular envelopes….and then POOF…a LIFT and a TUCK (sounds like we are doing plastic surgery) and PRESTO your card stands up!

You can see in the photos where the card bends and then again, the faceted gem is the BLING that is just perfect with this sweet daisy! There seems to be something just perfect with the statement of this single flower…so classic…so cute!









In the below picture you can see that the card is folded and tucked behind the “for you” sentiment….this is from the stamp set, Birthday Blooms Stamp Set, another keeper that was carried over from the previous catalog.

By simply adding dimensionals to “lift it up” will ensure a perfect “stop” for the focal layer to stand up behind. How cute would this be standing up on someones desk – you know that they would have a HUGE smile.










Before we leave today….do you notice the 2 additional elements that Jeanie did today? Pulling it all together she added the Color Theory paper on the card to match the envelope and also the simple Crushed Curry Ribbon was a great accent. (Jeanie is a queen bow maker – they are also so “perky and perfect”)

I think that it is fair to sum this weekend fun…WOW – I am not only super happy that these 2 team members shared their talent with you…but even happier that we are on this Stampin’ Up! fun journey together. I am blest to call them my Maryland team friends!!! Next weekend you will have more fun from other team members.

In reading the comments I saw that (another one of my team members)  –  Princess Judy shared that this bundle again is on backorder. I am shocked and I do not know what to say but…as soon as it comes off backorder, I will let you know. I am just amazed at the popularity of this product and I am sure that this has been having Stampin’ Up! scratch their heads!

Now to a Jeanie FUN FACT. When I was thinking of this…the one thing that is so true about Jeanie is…she has the most kind and beautiful heart. Jeanie is a Preschool teacher and trust me, the children that are blessed to be in her class will have a great foundation and be one happy student! I adore to hear her tell her tales of the kids….and the Moms….and then a smile – a smile of I love my kids!

Jeanie and I are on TOTAL OPPOSITE time clocks….I am an early bird and she is a night owl…we tease each other about this often when we need to borrow product….it usually is the “trusty mailbox” that does the trick!

We have been through many fun times…to late night crops (into wee hours when we were young) at my house with the peeps being in bed to hear the basement door open and have a peep say….MOM…CAN YOU COME HERE…..to seeing them rub their little eyes and having them say – I can’t sleep…Mrs. Stark is too happy with her laugh! Jeanie has a laugh that you will hear and then you just have to beam!






Now to a funny….we are blessed that the luggage came (it might not look pretty but it is here) and we have clean clothes. Ever since we were on the plane John and I said “what is the 1st thing that you want from your suitcase”….and just think – this is BEFORE we knew that our luggage was not going to make it! Ready – here it is….







I might be in my 50’s but I have braces…Invisalign Braces. I am on the home stretch of having them and trust me, there is a trick to keeping them clean…and YEP – liquid soap and a toothbrush does the trick…the foam type. The peeps get a kick out of me putting soap in my mouth! I have never been so happy to have my soap back and John…poor guy – he is such a trooper but has been wanting his lotion back!

Are we a pathetic pair or what! Life it great and we are having fun….no news from Randall Lane so there is the icing on our cake! Let’s give Jeanie some love for todays card and a HUGE thank you to the Maryland Duo for their willingness to share this weekend….see you Tuesday!





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