Good Morning and I bet you have been saying…Where in the heck is Susan? Well, if I could give you a laundry list of the “life happens” than you would “get it” but for now…here I am – coming to you from Phuket, Thailand! The wonderful Mr. Itell made it but it was an are we going…are we not to get here!

I am totally confused with my body clock and that trip the past 24 hours has thrown John and I into a blank stare at each other saying….what time is it? At the end of this post I will share with you the 1st“you can’t make this stuff up” on day #1 of our adventure!

We have a new week of FUN with the Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge and this is another great game to look at the board and then say – I’m gonna play! Today’s game board was designed by Rosanne Mulhern – a super talented SUD that just became a proud Grandmother for the 1st! Come on out and play!






For today’s card I chose to go for the center…Pearls. Die-cut & Butterfly. I think that we all can see how clean & simple this is…just the way that I like it.

This Butterfly Die has been around for a while but then again, you just cannot go wrong with a classic like this! The real star of the show and the real – “MAKE MY LIFE EASIER” was using the new product we have, the Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets. They get the job done with total ease, again..just the way that I like it!








When you use this product all you do is adhere it to the paper you are going to be cutting with, today I am using the Color Theory DSP as I loved the subtle look and feel of the “yellow” for the challenge. Place your die on top…run it through Mr Big and presto – you have adhesive on the die!

I did something that many of you might think is silly….but then again I think you will “get it” – I cut out (2) of these butterflies and adhered them together as I wanted the underside of the wings to look the same when you hold the card in your hand. With the ease and precision of this product, it can be accomplished in a short amount of time!







I have blogged in the past about the stamp set that the sentiment came from – Pieces & Patterns and YEP, it’s a keeper as I admit…from a glance you might say – “This stamp set is just ok” but you know how I feel about small little images, they are great “fills in” for a project.







Here is a great picture to pin…clean, crisp and a classic! I used the simple technique of scoring some lines into the white cardstock to add a bit of texture when it is matted onto the black.

Just look at the detail of this butterfly…WOW! You can see how this beautiful image is all that is needed to create the simple focal point and backdrop to this card with the little icing on the cake –  the pearls! Pearls are a girls best friend!!!






There you go! I hope that this little fluttering has brought you a smile. It was a super easy one to whip up and this is a great example of looking at the playing card and going for it works! One day I will attempt to use all of the options on the board but for today I am doing just what works!

Please go and have fun creating your own take of the sketch and then pop over to the Tic Tac Toe site and share…remember, everyone is a winner as you did the challenge! This IS the best way to find your style in cardmaking….we all have different comfort zones and there is not a right or wrong way….it is YOUR WAY!

Now to some….LIFE the past week….YIKES – where do I begin! Honestly, John and I were really not sure if we were going to be able to make it as it seemed like it wasn’t in the cards but we rallied together and we are here!

BAD NEWS….Oscar pulled his stitches out and I had a bit of a panic….GOOD NEWS…the biopsy of the mass came back and it was ok

BAD NEWS….One of our animal sitters fell through on Tuesday….GOOD NEWS….we had family friends that rallied together to help (I have stick it notes all over the barn) 😀  and I am just thankful for their help!

REALLY NEWS???….Mr Perfect – aka Milo somehow on 3 legs managed to tear a gapping hole on his tummy….vet said that he must have been caught on something (like a fence wire etc….)…GOOD NEWS…stitches and having a retreat at John’s Moms will keep him happy!

BAD NEWS…John was hooking up the truck to the trailer and thought that it was in park….nope – the truck backed into the gooseneck trailer and BOOM onto my truck…..GOOD NEWS…he was safe and no one was hurt (except my dear truck) and we were blessed to have a horse friend offer her truck and trailer for me to take Oscar to Virginia while we are gone!

BAD NEWS…John was not feeling well (which is super unusual for him) and went to the Doctors about a week ago…he had shingles….we really thought that this was going to keep us from going but he is over the worse…GOOD NEWS…we are here and he feels sooooooo much better!

BAD NEWS…after over 23 + hours of travel to get here….we are here but our luggage is not! I was sooooo tired and thought….REALLY??? We arrived at 1:30 a.m. their time but it took up until 3:00 to leave the airport…so you can see that our time-clock is out of whack! GOOD NEWS….our fingers will be crossed that it will get here but until then….shopping we will go!

My sincere apologies for being MIA this week. I simply had to do what I needed to do. I am back and I am super thankful to be in your inbox and also to be able to be here in Thailand. Needless to say….this is a trip of a lifetime for us and without your support to my Simple Stampin’ fun, this would not have been possible!

I will be back tomorrow and I have some Simple Saturday fun for you…Ramsey style….pop back to see the fun!



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