Happy Saturday….Happy Weekend!

A trip that should have taken us 5 ½ hours ended up to be around 9 hours…so I decided to take this weekend to share with you some swap cards that I received while on the Stampin’ Up! Trip.

There is nothing like being in Interstate 95 with a bunch of new best friends! It was a very slow go but we made it!

Sometimes a blogger needs to do what a blogger has to do – find some material to make you a happy crafter! I know that you are just like me…we love getting ideas and what is better than a SWAP!

Here are 10 beauties that are waiting for you to ooah and aawh over.

The great thing about blogging is…there will be another time! I simply did not have it in my to type up my post that I had planned for you today!

Milo was a perfect traveler and while we were at a completed stand still…he ventured into the front seat to be in my lap! I just had to snap a picture of him!

Enjoy and tomorrow I will have some more!

















I hope that you enjoy this parade of beauties… tomorrow I will have some more to “strut” for you!

I must admit, I felt like a “girl scout” being prepared – I had these photos in my computer just waiting for the perfect day….and today was it!


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