Guess what is in 2 weeks from today?


YEP, September 1st  and that means that it is the first day to order from the new catalog! New catalogs are always an exciting time but this catalog timeframe is a ZOOM timeframe.

We all know that the time from September 1st to the end of the year just ZOOMS by!

Let’s just step back and think of all of the things that go on. Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and we can’t forget the “others” that just happen like Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries…I think that you get it!

With the Holiday Catalog everyone seems to order quickly because that “calendar thing” that I talked about!


The cut off for the 1st wave of Product Share is Sunday, September 3rd.


I will be doing a 2nd wave of Product Shares but that not be until the 3rd week of September. I need to budget my time for my monthly kits so please if you want to get in with the 1st round, email me before September 3rd and please put in the subject line HOLIDAY PRODUCT SHARE so I can spot it quickly!


I will be ordering as soon as I see the Green Light go on with Stampin’ Up! at 5 a.m. on September 1st!


I will be “johnny on the spot” to order promptly to hopefully avoid any potential backorders….(fingers crossed that there will not be any) to be able to turn around your product shares in a jif!

I have been doing shares forever! (well, you know what I mean) and by now many of you know the scoop! I take great pride in my shares as “I get it” – it is super exciting to be able to get a taste of the new products without having to buy it all.

If you are new to shares….you will love them as it is just what I said – I take the product, divide it up, package it …and off to you in the mail – that is what I call  “Happy Mail” and when you receive it…you WILL do a happy dance that your family will probably not understand….but again, I get it!

I use Pay Pal for my shares but I am not able to send an invoice out until September 1st (Stampin’ Up! policy) but again, I will have everything all ready to hit that button. As a share fills I will email you a confirmation for your share.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and DON’T FORGET YOUR ADDRESS!!! (you all get so excited that you forget the important stuff!!!!)


Share #1 – Swatch Books – you will receive (7) swatch books…all ready with the product info on them for you to be able to get stampin’ ! ~ $15.00 and ships for FREE!




These are life savers! A tool that I touch each day as it saves me so much time when I am looking for “the right color combination”. I will cut all of the paper so you can flip away and see! A great tool for the crafter as well as for the demonstrator!

On the back, there is the important info with the colors that coordinate, the item # and price….I guess you can say that they are just the BEST!


Product Shares #2  – 1/2 sheets of the NEW DSP from the Holiday Catalog – $28.00…(plus some foils & glimmers  and that will make you smile…heck, it’s the Holidays – we need a bit of bling!!!)

You will receive 6″ X 12″ of all of the NEW papers and a FULL sheet of the 6″ X 6″ paper if it is a Paper Stack! There are 7 New Paper Collections!

The New Papers are:

  • Quilted Christmas – 6″ X 6″ paper stack
  • Merry Little Christmas
  • Merry Music Specialty
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Year of Cheer Specialty
  • Painted Autumn
  • Spooky Night

The Foils Papers are: (page 194 in the Annual Catalog and the Champagne is NEW in the Holiday Catalog)

  • Gold, Silver, Copper &  ***Champagne

The Glimmers are: (page 194 in the Annual Catalog)

  • Dazzling Diamonds, Silver, Gold and Red


Product Share #3 – Ribbon Share (10 different Ribbons) – $20.00


We LOVE our ribbon and there are some great offerings this catalog! I am still in awe with the ribbon in the Annual Catalog….and I know that these new offerings in the Holiday will make you smile!

The Ribbons with the *** are from the Annual Catalog but I did not offer them before and they are a perfect compliment for this Holiday Catalog

  • Quilted Christmas Ribbon –  2 ½ yards
  • 7/8” Black and White Stripe Ribbon  –  2 ½ yards(LOVE THIS)
  • Jute Twine –  2 ½ yards
  • Mini Tinsel Trim Combo: This offering there are (2) colors, Real Red and Silver…2 ½ yards of each color
  • Real Red 1/8” Solid –   2 ½ yards (LOVE THIS)
  • Vintage Crochet Trim –  2 ½ yards
  • ***Garden Green 3/8″ Stitched Satin Ribbon (pg. 198 in Annual Catalog) – 2 ½ yards
  • ***3/8″ Metallic-Edge Ribbon:(pg. 199 in Annual Catalog) This offering there are (2) colors,Gold and Silver…2 1/2 yards of each color



Product Share #4 – Embellishments – $20.00


The Embellishments in this catalog are over the top….out of control!!! That is what it is all about with the holidays…the little extra something! Hang onto your Santa Hat ’cause wait until you see this list of goodies!

  • Stitched Felt Embellishments – (2) each of the 3 designs offered, (6) in total
  • Mini Ornaments – (4) of them
  • Green Sprigs – (6) of them
  • Acetate Boxes – (2) of them (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • Year of Cheer Embellishments – (2) each of the designs offered in both gold and silver, (8) in total
  • Foil Snowflakes – (4) each in both Gold & Silver, (8) in total
  • Mini Pizza Boxes – (2) of them (LOVE THESE!!!)
  • Black Rhinestone Jewels – (50) 3 mm, (10) 4 mm, (10) 5mm – (70) Rhinestone jewels in total




  • SHARE #1 –DSP Swatch Books – $15.00 – FREE SHIPPING!
  • SHARE #2 – 1/2 Sheets of DSP  – $28.00
  • SHARE #3 – Ribbons – $20.00
  • SHARE #4 – Embellishments – $20.00



  • If you are just ordering the  DSP Swatch Books (share #1) – the Shipping is FREE ? 
  • If you are just ordering the NEW DSP Paper (share #2) – the Shipping is $6.95 (Priority Mail Shipping Fee)
  • If you are just ordering Shares #3 and/or Share #4 – the Shipping is $5.00

****Any combination of the above shares the shipping is $6.95 due to the fact that I have to mail Priority Mail to accommodate the proper care for the 6″ X 12″ of the DSP. ****


If you WANT IT ALL ($83.00 in total) – the shipping is free  plus I will throw in a sheet of new MINI Stampin Dimenisions….I call them my Stampin’ Vitamins!


Product Shares are FUN…Product Shares are SMART!


WHEW….that is a bunch to put together but I know that you are excited for the shares. It is fun and it is the best way to get all of the new kids on the block without breaking your “Daisy Bank”

Milo’s bags are packed and we are off…(well John too) to head South to see our sweet Hannah! Milo feels like he is TOP DOG being able to come with us….he is just soooo darn perfect how can I not take him!

Enjoy the day…be safe and make someone smile!


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