Good Friday to you! Now this week FLEW by but it was a great week! Today I have for you the icing on the cake! WHAT??? Let me back up!

On Wednesday and Thursday I shared with you cards that I made for friends and today I am sharing with you how I put it all together! It’s kinda like Peanut Butter and Jelly….there’s nothing better!

I like…no, I LOVE to coordinate things. To me, it is the icing on the cake and when you have the right products – it works! I know to many that this might be something that seem like a lot of work and effort but to me, it is fun!






I am a gal that adores wrapping gifts no matter what the value of the gift is. To me, there is nothing like the feeling you have when you are given a beautifully packaged gift/goodie or to give one that is beautiful like these are. Trust me, you remember it and for those that are getting it remember as well!

We have fabulous packaging right at our fingertips at Stampin’ Up! I like to think of it as a game and I have a huge stash of fru-fru but it is the kinda fru-fru that makes me smile!

If you receive a stamp from me from rewards or even a product share….I try to always make it a bit special as “I get it”…we all like to feel and see something fun and festive! Who doesn’t like “happy mail” or a little something special left unexpectedly on ones desk!?







What’s inside of this sweet bag? YUM, some of my big, soft and chewy Ginger Cookies! I wrap them first in saran wrap and then slide them into this sweet and festive bag!

The ribbon… have from 2 spectrums…the black and white stripe is a NEWBIE in the upcoming catalog and then other narrow stripe ribbon is in the clearance rack (it is only $3.60!)

You see….you will find treasures everywhere and you bet that this ribbon will be re-purposed for another project. I do that all of the time and I am sure that the people receiving this will as well! New kids on the block make a splash and the seasoned kids in the clearance rack still are shining bright!

So the moral of this story is to look high and low…make a place in your home to stash your packaging fru-fru! Having a fun assortment of goodies ready at your fingertips makes it super easy and fun to take a little something….and make it a really BIG something!

See you in the morning!




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