Do you ever had times when the moon and the stars just seemed to line up and work for you?



This is how I felt about the project I am sharing with you today! Below you will see the game board for the week and I hope that you pop over to the Tic-Tac-Toe Website to see what the other Team Designers came up with!

I have a video for you (that I made last year) that will make you an expert in making these fun poppers! I think that you will find the instructions – “SPOT ON” and you will be whipping these up in minutes! I make them all year around as they are always sooooo well received and face it – people just love them as they are so fun and festive!

If you are going to a friends house for a dinner together, make up these and take with you! Your hostess will love the unexpected fun it brings to the table….if I am going to lunch with someone…I often make one and tuck it in my purse – again, very unexpected but always remembered! This is a GREAT WAY to use up old DSP that you might have!!! (hint-hint)









Do you remember on Tuesday I shared with you how priceless Jeanie’s expression was on her face when I said I was going to Walmart? Well…I got her again!

As we were “chatting up a storm” she asked me…have you worked on your Tic Tac Toe project for Thursday? Quickly I said no….and then she said – it’s due today!

YIKES – I totally forgot that this is the week that our design team that we are both on are showcasing….then I said – what does the board look like – she said…1st row – Metallic – Anything but a card – Green…..without another word I said – DONE – Say no more….I’m making poppers with the Frenzy Foil Lemon Lime Twist….

WOOT-WOOT….I felt like doing the HAPPY DANCE…..and guess what….her glasses went up on her head….her jawed dropped ….and I smiled! 😀 







Well…there you go….a fun and festive post for your Thursday!!! I admit…I re-watch this video to be sure I remember but at the same time I still have that “happy feeling in my heart” when I make them – they are just so fun and easy!









Here is a “cheat sheet” for you to go by. Please watch the video as I will walk you through all of the below steps but I think that these will help for that “at a glance reminder” of making these!


  • 6″ X 4 1/2″ piece of DSP or Solid Card Stock
  • Score at 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ & 4 1/2″ – use the bone folder and score well!
  • Starting on the little one (the 1/2″) punch at 1″ and FLIP and punch at 1″ again…..(do this for all of the scored lines, folding down the paper on each fold) The Video will help you and once you make one…’s like riding a bike – YOU’LL GET IT…and CAUTION: These are ADDICTIVE to make! The key part is the PUNCH and the FLIP!
  • Use a strip of Tear & Tape on the center part and simple glue dots on the little end pieces.
  • Tie off one end…fill and SMILE!


Have fun and please find a bit of time today to give them a try! You will be sooooo happy! See you in the morning! 😀

p.s. – Here is another GREAT TIP that will surely be a win-win for you and the recipients! These would be a fantastic idea to take to a Nursing Home and even a School… not fill them with any candies but fill them with an inspirational message…a quick note of “sunshine” and for the kids….maybe do a sort of scavenger hunt – you can see that my mind is always thinking!!! 😛





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