Hello…I have a fun “show and tell” for you today and at the end of the post I have a “funny” for you about my dear sweet swine, Daisy – it is never a dull moment on Randall Lane!

Today you will see three adorable cards that was sent to me for my birthday using the super sweet This Little Piggy Stamp set.

It seems like it was yesterday that I was sitting in Richmond, VA previewing the Stampin’ Up! catalog (that came out in June) and I saw this Stamp set and I was in total disbelief but trust me… it was sheer joy! I can specifically remember thinking to myself – “I am just ecstatic but what the heck do other people think about a stamp with a pig on.”

Needless to say… This is been a very popular stamp set for Stamping Up! as you can’t deny –  they are just simply adorable! I had so many people come up to me and also so many people email me saying I bet that will be the first stamps that you purchase…

Enjoy these fabulous cards and be sure to leave some love with a comment for the three ladies that made these cards.


Card #1 – This is super sweet card was made by Ramsey Alexander from Maryland. Ramsey was the host for our girls weekend and this card is just her up-and-down. I was just squealing with joy when I saw this card…..I will be CASING this one….one fun card.

You can also see that she used 2 other stamp sets.The ‘oh happy day’ is from the Happiest of Days stamp set and the fabulous bike is from the Bike Ride bundle.I have blogged about both of these products as they are keepers in my eyes.

You can click here and click here to view past posts with the stamps…..I truly adore these products…..that’s why they are keepers!







Card #2 – Does this Just make you both smile and laugh! This card was made by Judy Palmer from Arizona. Judy also has a blog, Blog This!…You can click here to see it… her work is always fun and filled with a story…and it is always filled with lots of humor!

These adorable pigs are having a “big old time” at the birthday party!

You can see in the second picture that this card does not have any dimension…Isn’t it interesting how fun it is without the dimension? It taught me a lesson as I always seem to lift things up but I am telling you…When you hold this card in your hand it’s simply does not need it.





Card #3 – This card was made by Jeanie Stark. Jeanie also has a blog,Just Stampin’ and you can click here to see her blog. Jeanie is known for Fun Fold Cards and also her ABCs series of blog posts.

This design of the card is called a waterfall card. I can remember when I first started card making this was always one of the most intriguing designs to me to learn how to do.Jeanie did a post on the ins and outs of this card – CLICK HERE to see that post.

I was determined to master at it and once I did I cannot tell you how many of these cards I made.It is an easy card to put together that has a huge wow factor.The biggest key is finding the appropriate size of the stamp to fit in the squares.







There you go… Three super fun cards that I’m sure have brought a smile to your face. Again, if you have the time please leave these ladies a comment as I’m sure that they would love to read them

Now to a story about my Daisy-Mae.I came home from the weekend with two things that happened at our farm.One was a leak from the second floor into our living room (YUCK – it is a mess…a BIG mess) and the other was no power in the upper garage and barn.

There was an electrician that came to look at the barn power switch and when the gentleman walked into the tack room at the barn He did not know that we had a pig.

Daisy was in the tack room. He had a flashlight and as he opened the door Daisy made her grunting noises and scared him to death.

I was walking down towards the barn from the house and he came running out the side of the barn… all of a sudden all I could do was bust out laughing. I said oh did you meet Daisy…

It truly is a hoot to see the initial expression on peoples face when they see that you have a pig. She always walks up to them and rubs her nose on your leg….(as naturally she wants to be scratched) and they always have a funny comment about her.

Thanks for popping in today and I hope to see you on Saturday as I am going to attempt to share with you a technique that I did over the weekend for my shoe box swap. It is super unique and fun to do.

Thanks again to my three wonderful friends and their piggy cards….

I have been fascinated by pigs basically my whole life and it was always a dream for me to have one. I only wish my mom was alive to have seen Daisy as I know she would’ve just smiled and said I can’t believe you have a pig!





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