I must say….today I have a “Susan kinda card” for you! I needed a super simple layout that I could make in the masses and yep, I think I nailed it. You know me…when I am on a mission I just try to figure out what will work and GO FOR IT!

To me…a super classic layout like this is always in style and one you get all of the cutting down….stamping a single image is a cinch….(plus thanks to the MISTI) I can crank them out in a jif….and then sitting and coloring is fun!

The below stamp set was the blue ribbon winner for me. I think that this stamp set and the pig stamp set were probably 2 of my favorites when the catalog was unveiled.







Because we all know that the “new kids on the block”STAMPIN’ BLENDS are getting a huge pitch all around the internet right now….I just had to use them! They were a dream machine to quickly color.

I think that is one of the things I love best….they are super fast and easy to use and “heck with shading” if that is not your bag…..just color! I adore the fact of not having lines when you color…..total “smooth sailing”










The sentiment was from Thankful Thoughts…a goodies that has beed around a while but we all know that “oldies are goodies” and this one will get the milage with upcoming thank you notes that will need to be written during the holidays.

I adore this font (I really am a font geek) and matting it with a wee bit of smokey slate just gave it the right uumph!







I ask you, how can you go wrong with a BIG splash of DSP like I have done here? Let me help you out….YOU CAN’T! I invite you look at your stash and use your paper. I think that is one of the first things that grows and grows…..you bought it…..USE IT UP!

You know that whenever we have a new catalog that I offer product swatches of DSP’s….I adore them as with this card it was super easy for me to grab the swatch book and flip through….presto……works for me!

It will surprise you…..just because the name says “Birthday Memories” – the paper I used had a TOTAL different look and feel! I encourage you to look and see what you have….trust me, we all have gobs of paper to use!






One other tip I want to touch on…..the size of the white piece is 3″ X 4″ (so I was able to get (6) from a sheet of paper)….I matted it with Smokey Slate 3/8″ larger and then scored around on all sides…..

I think that this makes a difference…..how about you? I know that I do this a bunch but I can also say….to me, it is a simple touch that takes minimal time & effort to produce a great effect.







There you go….a card for the masses and I think any crafty friend would LOVE this! I know that I still have to tell you all about my adventure….I will – promise because I know that many of you will get a kick out of it!

Now for GREAT NEWS…..BLACK BEAUTY is OFF….and I am thrilled!!!! I start PT on Tuesday and wow, I did not think in a million years that someone as active as I am would feel sooooo darn weak. I “get it” – it will take time to get the strength back…..but I wish that you could see my poor thumb nail….

It has beed covered (as my thumb was totally immobilized) and it could use a little manicure. I still have a brace that I need to wear but I’ll take it……just to be able to take a shower without a trash bag was the best luxury I could ask for!

Please let me know how you like this card….I was super happy with the end result and I am looking forward to coloring the rest today and then popping them in the mail!




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