Hello and Happy Monday… I’m so confused with what the day is… I think it’s Monday?!?!?!



I have just returned home from being in Salt Lake City. I had so darn much fun being in Utah that I did not get a post in but trust me….I have a TON to share in upcoming posts!

Being with my team and all of the amazing PALS was super fun and seeing the new catalog and Sale-A-Bration Catalog was the best “Adult Christmas Wish Book List “ to see….(trust me  – my list is LONG)

Do you remember when you were a grasshopper and flipped through the Sears Catalog looking for the goodies that you wanted Santa to bring you???…..GREAT MEMORIES…..This is how I have felt the past several days! 🙂


Well hang on your hat because Stampin’ Up! has just unveiled a Stamp Positioner Tool.


I am SUPER-DE-DUPER excited and to be totally honest with you…..I did not think that I would be as excited as I am until I saw it “in action” being demonstrated over the weekend.






Grab something to drink and sit back and watch….trust me, you will see why this is exciting! I think that you will see why it has its own “unique” differences in comparison to other stamp postitioners….I am just thrilled!





Exciting…right? I know that there is a bunch to try to visualize but trust me…just think of the possibilities. I feel like Fred Flintstone kickin’ my heels! (Yabba Dabba Doo!!!)

Here are some images of the Stamparatus – trust me, there will be a ton more BUZZ about this new tool but I am doing my best to share.





Now to the question that I know you have…..When can I get it?



Well…this Thursday you will be able to preorder it. I will have more on my Blog sharing with you the “HOW’S and WHEN’S” but if it makes you feel any better…..I do not even have it….actually  – none of us do!

I just wanted to share the news to you as I am pleasantly surprised  with this exciting tool. You all know that I adore making cards in the “masses” and I have used stamp positioners for a long time….but the Stampin’ Up! Stamparatus is just the “icing on the cake”

I invite you to re-watch the video and take it all in and trust me, I will have more to share to make sure that it is “loud and clear” to you for the pre-order on Thursday. We all know that it is going to be hot!





Thursday starts the 1st wave of pre-orders and the Stamparatus will ship approximately February 1st. Again, more details to follow…I just had to hop on and share!

Gotta run….I haven’t even seen my hubby since last Tuesday and he will be walking in the door any minute….it was a GREAT time in Salt Lake City and I am super excited!

My cast is off and I am down to a brace….therapy is in swing and hopefully this “Simple Susan” will be rockin’ and rollin’……(I am really not a good candidate to be slowed down)


Please leave me a comment and let’s get some chattering going about this new kid on the block!


**WHERE DID THE NAME COME FROM????? – read below…..it is cute!**


Stamp: To impress a pattern or mark (especially an official one) on a surface, object, or document using an engraved or inked block or die or other instrument

Apparatus: The technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose


Stamp + Apparatus = Stamparatus   🙂 


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