Happy Hump Day!


As promised, I will continue to share with you ideas that I like to make and ones that are not only super easy to do…you can just go through your stash and have fun!



There is a super funny story about these calendars, I giggle each time I see one of them.



I know that this is a long post but I know that many of you will get a kick out of this story. I will provide for you links to the products that I used….now to the “Tale of the Calendar and the Hershey Kiss…”









Last year during World Card-making Day in Atlanta there was an organized swap (and we knew how many to make) and then there was a 3-D swap that was to be a fun swap….(just bring (1) of a 3-D). This was a total option one to participate in and one that you did not have to sign up for…just bring a 3-D if you wanted to swap!

I was traveling before I flew to Atlanta and I took the 3-D thing literally….something FUN. Well…..let me tell you – the last laugh was on me! I can specifically remember when I was packing I kept saying to myself….don’t stress on the 3-D swap…it is just to be FUN…you have all of your swap cards ready…just look around and grab a 3-D….

Well…my birthday had just passed and Jeanie made me these ADORABLE Hershey Kisses for my Birthday and the LIGHTBULB went on….PERFECT – there is my 3 -D!!! I was super happy that I spotted these on my workspace and I was relieved that it was DONE…another thing to check off my list.

Well…I went to Atlanta…took my swaps and my coveted Birthday Hershey Kiss 3-D swap and as I sat down at the table…Jeanie said – did you make a 3-D swap? I proudly said YEP…with your help as I brought one of those adorable Hershey Kisses that you made me!!! Well, I wish you would have seen her face and then hear her laughter as she thought that I was kidding her.










When she realized that I was serious she said – Go to the back and look at the 3-D’s that people made….and YOU are going to swap with someone that teeny tiny silly Hershey Kiss!?!?!? My answer proudly was YEP….I love it and they are just tooooo sweet not to share!

Well being both the protective and proud stamper with my adorable little Hershey Kiss…I kept my swap with me…..not back at the BIG TABLE with the other BIG SWAPS…when it was time to swap the instructions were – Those of you that are participating in the 3-D swap….go to the back and get your swap and find someone you want to swap with. Well…..let me tell you – there were HUGE  and oh sooooooo detailed 3-D’s and Jeanie sat there laughing the whole time.

As I walked around proudly with my adorable Hershey Kiss…I was having a hard time to find someone to swap with (and trust me….Jeanie was in her glory watching people ditch me when they saw my Hershey Cupcake Kiss)

Low and behold…there was super sweet  Debbie Mageed that had not swapped with anyone yet and she said…Susan, I would love to swap with you (and then there was Jeanie saying….NO, I do not think that you want to swap with her) and true to her word…she saw the little Hershey Kiss….smiled and even chuckled and we swapped, my ADORABLE CUPCAKE KISS for this BEAUTIFUL CALENDAR.









I think of Debbie each and every time I see on of these Calendars. I cannot tell you how many of these I have made. They are super easy to make and they make such a great gift. Hang tight as I will share with you the links to purchase the calendars etc…once you have the product – they are a cinch to make. I have made over 100 of these calendars this year with more of the little calendars on order.

Please don’t fret about finding the EXACT papers that I am showing you….use what you have….the only thing that I think is a necessity to have is a heavier paper for the base. The paper that I used was a SU DSP from last year (Fancy Frost DSP) that went to clearance and I think I bought a bunch of it for this and probably next year….it is perfect. For you paper hoarders out there…the paper that I used was

You need to have a 12 x 12 piece of paper to start with so if you do not have this in your stash I would think that you could go to a store and purchase a heavier weight (than normal card stock) in 12 X 12 sheets. Darn, If our heavy whisper white would come in 12 X 12’s that would be perfect…..of well – you can made do…..



  • The calendar base is 6″ X 12″ and then score at 3″ and 6″. Crease well, especially the 6″ mark.
  • Cut up to the center the right rectangle that is facing you…..(so basically you are cutting off a section that will be 3″ X 6″ = PERFECT as you have a 3 X 3 card)
  • Using whatever DSP your heart desires ( 2 1/2″ X 5 5/8″) and then mat it with a coordinating card stock that is (2 5/8″ X 5 3/4″)
  • Stamp a sentiment a White piece (1 1/2″ X 3 1/2″) and then mat it with a coordinating card stock that is (1 3/4″ X 3 3/4″”). Use the Banner Triple Punch to flag the ends or simply use your scissors.
  • Use Bakers Twine in a complimentary color and adhere with a glue dot.
  • Add Fast Fuse to the bottom of your Post It Note and adhere to the left of the calendar.
  • Add a solid piece of Card Stock ( 3″ X 2 1/2″) to the back of the mini calendar.Add Fast Fuse to the back and adhere to the left “flappy” part. This will be the “bend” to the calendar behind the Post It Note!









THAT IS IT….it really is SUPER FAST to make once you have the “goods” and trust me, these are soooooo practical. I have people that purchase these from my by the dozen as they are just the BEST little something to give to the person that has everything…..

This is a great way to use your DSP and as I make them, I store the finished product in the storage cubes that I have blogged before about…..you can get them at Walmart…they are perfect for these to keep clean and safe from bending!








Here are the links to the products that I used. I know that this is not a Stampin’ Up! Stamp….I just adored the sentiments on this stamp set and when I saw it – I thought…PERFECT for my calendars…..there are PLENTY of Stampin’ Up! Stamps that you could use in place of this one….

Hopefully this helps you…..please leave a comment (or email me) if you need further help! I do recommend using either Fast Fuse or the tear and tape….you want a strong hold as this will get a bunch of use!

  • Stamp Set – Reverse Confetti Posted Notes Sentiments – Click Here for Simon Says or here for Reverse Confetti
  • Post It Notes – Amazon…the fastest and cheapest but still a great quality. Click Here
  • The Calendars – I buy them from Tailored Expressions – Click here – also….this is where I buy felt from when I use felt on a card…the wool felt is the best as it cuts like butter and it also is a dream to cut with the Big Shot.
  • The Bags to package….You know me…I have to have things packaged correctly and these are perfect. I found them at Michaels in the food section/cake decorating….here is a link to give you a packaging reference….use a coupon!!!


WHEW…..this was super long and honestly a bit tricky to put into words. I hope that you are able to follow along with the instructions. I just cannot tell you how easy they are to make and trust me, when you think of all of the people that would enjoy this….you will feel soooooo happy inside because not only will they like it…but you will feel satisfied as well as YOU made it with YOUR hands….

To me, that is ALWAYS the best gift….one made with your own “paws”….If you are thinking that you are short on time….trust me, I get it – but I would not hesitate one bit in sending/giving this to someone in January. If you are like anything like me….the time AFTER the big day is always a time that you enjoy some “me time”…and making these would be perfect!







Again, my apologies for the length of this but I just had to share with you the “funny” in how these came about! As for Jeanie….I showed her how to make them a couple of weeks ago and guess who is laughing now…..SHE LOVED THEM and can’t get over how fast and easy they are to make!!!!

I will see you on Friday and I have some Tags for you….you will smile, PROMISE!!! Have a wonderful day and go make someone smile! I hope you enjoyed this…..I would love to hear your thoughts…..

This just goes to show you…you can be small (just like my Hershey Kiss) and be super special…as trust me, I bet when Debbie sees her swap from me….she still giggles!!! As my middle peep used to say…..“Start Small…Think Big”







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