Good Hump Day Morning!


I waited until this morning to do this post so I could allow as many people to “chime in” and share their favorite of the 3 NEW Sale-A-Bration offerings that will begin next Friday, February 16th until the end of March….(when Sale-A-Bration ends….) and also…..

We have had some terrible ice over night and it made doing the barn this morning…..a husband and wife tag team as we slid on our bums to get down the hill (we laughed and laughed…the dogs looked at us like “Whatcha’ doing silly parents”) as we both have that fear of falling! All is great and it is to get warmer later and hopefully melt!

Below you will see the screen shot of the poll and YEP…..we have some stampers that want MORE PAPER! I honestly thought that hands down the Bundle would have won….but I get it, the paper is lovely!

My order did come and you paper hoarders are correct….the paper is b e a u t i f u l and I am going to put my coloring skills to the test and use the Stampin’ Blends……BUT…..just wait folks as I truly can envision that bundle being a super simple, super sweet Easter card and the flowers are going to be so easy to highlight.





Now for what you have been waiting for……the WINNER…..soooooooooo get ready to push that chair back and put your hands HIGH IN THE SKY and SHAKE IT… that dance and then sit down and email me with your address as YOU WON!



Beth B from NC….you just won the Eclectic Expressions Stamp Set






Way to go Beth and many thanks for the fun feedback and ideas. I will say…keep watching as I just love to give Blog Candy away and what better way to give when there are goodies that not only you will appreciative….you will use over and over again!

The ideas that I were going to share with you are going to be pushed back for another post as yesterday, Stampin’ Up! shared some exciting news that we have all been waiting for and I am excited. No….actually I am ecstatic as I used Fast Fuse all of the time and this IS the deal of all deals…(I think that SU did not realize the sheer madness this brought when they offered it last fall)







The moral of this HUMP DAY POST STORY is do not wait….and I know, your lower lip will be down like a toddler and you would have missed this great sale. As I said, Stampin’ Up! offered this in the Fall and it was a ZOOM….ZOOM….THEY RAN OUT which left many people a bit sad….(well there might have been other adjectives that they might have used…but you know me…let’s be positive!)

Holding true to their word they said that once their inventory became high that they could offer this again as sooooooo many people were disappointed as it sold out licitly- split…they would have the sale again….



Well that time is here…..STARTING TOMORROW (Thursday February 8th)



Fast Fuse is a product that when it was first introduced people had a love/hate relationship with. I get it as I did the same and I think that in the beginning I set back more than I kept ….but once I learned to use it correctly, be patient…it was a friend, actually a BEST adhesive friend and YEP, if I was on a deserted Island….Fast Fuse would be in my must haves while on the Island.

The refills have soooooo much length to them and I invite you to look at the details when you make comparisons of a product. I will say that I toss the container and get a fresh one after using many, many refills and with this deal… do not feel guilty one bit.







Now I always say to you that I am an honest stamper….but in this case….I just do not think that I can be honest and share how many I will be buying (hopefully if they do not run out) as it would be to some….an amount that you would say…..WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ALL OF THAT……

My answer….I’LL USE IT! I adore this adhesive has it STICKS and true it is not forgiving if you have to move it (that’s what makes green glue great) but I like an adhesive that HOLDS TIGHT.

When I do my monthly kits, I always use Fast Fuse to make my samples. The way that I look at it is….I create with what I use as I want you to have a well constructed card.

In closing, I have a super cute image for you and I hope that it makes you smile….as you all know that my dogs (and piggie)…(and stupid donkey) make me smile…..Just do whatever it will take for you to remember…..



TOMORROW IS THE DAY….you have been WARNED…..

so don’t be left disappointed!





Have a great day…..and I am THRILLED that so many of you are THRILLED with the upcoming, NEWBIES with Sale-A-Bration. I am looking forward to using them myself and also inspiring you with ideas.

I hope that you see the benefit of this Fast Fuse sale starting tomorrow…I can tell you that when I see an opportunity like this, I take full advantage of them as I know that they are a staple that I use over and over.

Friday will be a post that you will say…they are soooooooo sweet! It is a post that was inspired to me from another “Susan” and I am soooooooo glad she brought it to my attention!





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