Good Morning! I am typing this as I am at the hospital again with my Dad. I was super proud of him that he reached out to say he wasn’t feeling well and he is where he needs to be right now. Fingers crossed, all is good but you all know the wait and see time at a hospital.

I had an amazing time in Hartford, CT with my Top Dog puppies! I think that the easiest way to put it is…we are blessed. We call ourselves the “Sisters of the Traveling Stamps” and it felt great to be with these ladies! We rented a house to make a stampin’ fun time and my car did not move from the time I pulled in on Thursday until it was time to come home on Sunday.

We never left once (well except to go to OnStage) as we bought all of our food (and darn was it yummy)… we brought all of our stampin’ stuff (WOW – we had a ton)… we just yacked…stamped…laughed…REPEAT!!! 

The house we rented was super fun, HUGE and OLD…..a perfect retreat place as we took over the dining room….had stations set up all over and just had a fun time doing EVERYTHING and NOTHING…all at the same time! (this is my way of having fun….SIMPLE!)






There are so many things to share about On Stage and more importantly the exciting new changes that will be coming with the debut of the new catalog. I am sure you have all heard about the color revamp….and to me….this is the biggest exciting thing that was making my heart pitter patter!

I have already placed a preorder and I will go more into detail with the new colors later in the week if time allows. I truly am super excited and I think that Stampin’ Up! did a fantastic job with this revamp. Very exciting….and in a nutshell….FUN and FRESH are the colors!







When a new catalog comes out…we all know what happens….products become retired. Please remember that the retired list is while supplies last so make sure that you take a look at it! (I will update it as it is updated by Stampin’ Up!)

Here is a head’s up for you… might be confused when you see that ink pads in colors that you know will be current next year….Stampin’ Up! has made changes (in both the container design and also in the formula)….and they will be available when the new catalog comes out.

I will go into more detail about this in a future post but please take a deep breath and know that what you have is just fine! Again, I will share with you my thoughts about this later but I will say….the change is very positive and yes, I did notice a difference when I was able to stamp and play with them.

Ok….onto the lists! I have created some cute pirate images for you! Click away and I know what you might be thinking….what is that I am going to miss the most? Well…here is the answer as of now – I really do not know as I have not had time to mark up my catalog yet but I will say one thing that I know is the white organza ribbon that is currently my incentive special this month.

I just adore this ribbon as it makes the prettiest bows. I will stock up on that but once my Dad is settled, I will have time to look and YEP, I will report back to you!






Have a great day and one thing I will leave you with…..we all get the “lower lip blues” when a retired list comes out but I think that you will agree with me that when you see the new offerings, you will have a wonderful feeling of…..


YIPPEE-SKIPPEE…..I can’t wait to get them and play!


Hopefully I will be able to play with my pre-order tomorrow when it arrives…..always a fun time! Here is a tip for you when you look at the retiring list. If you can, I would print it off and then go by the page number to see what is leaving…..perhaps you will want to put an X over an image or simply write retiring beside the product name.

I know that it always looks like a ton and if you are anything like me, you flip through and do this search and rescue thing…and then end up frustrated! Take a deep breath and go through it page by page!

2nd tip…..remember, there are items that look from a glance to be retiring but perhaps they have been bundles and in the new catalog they will not reflect the bundled pricing, please read the guide and if you need me, email me!





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