Good Morning and today is a SUPER SPECIAL DAY for me as 32 years today my oldest son Will was born!!!


I just adore celebrating the PEEPS birthday as it is a day for me to go down that Memory Lane and smile!

On Tuesday I looked at John and said – I am missing Will…and I wish that we could be together on his Birthday and you know what?!!? That sweet husband looked at me and said BOOK A TICKET and go!

As you read this….I am probably flying to Boston to surprise Will! I am getting into Boston so darn early that I know that there is no way that he would glimpse at his Mom’s Blog and read this! He is a Montessori teacher for 6 – 9 year olds and I am “Uber-ing” right to his school to surprise him!

I have a TON of pictures for you today and at the end there is a PDF that you can print off and use! I know that many of you are just “true blue card-makers” and are a bit intimated in venturing out to making a 3-D item….but all I can say is – TRY IT….the end result will make you smile!

Before we get to the pictures and tips I want to say right out of the gate…you can make this WITH or WITHOUT the acetate (Window Sheets) and the project will still be a WINNER! I personally wanted to try to work with the Window Sheets as that is a product that we do not use a whole bunch but to me, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE as the end result is very polished with a fab-o presentation!




Let’s chat about Hershey Nuggets! Well….they are a crafters dream as there are SOOOOO many things that you can do and make with them and heck, let’s face it – they are super yummy! My favorite is the Dark Chocolate….but trust me, google it and you will be amazed and excited with the idea that are out there!

Here is the magic measurement to wrap….ready???

1″ X 3″ of DSP + a piece of tape = a super cute nugget 🙂 

You can CLEARLY see that you can use up that DSP that you have. I like to go ahead and cut a BUNCH and then as the time comes….sit and watch something on TV and wrap and tape…throw them in a bag and they are ready for a project!

This is also a GREAT HUSBAND project….I will plop 2 bowls for John and the makings for this task…..he gets into a roll and throws all of the wrapped ones in the other bowl. One day I ask my Dad to help out and I loved his comment…..“I don’t like this job….I would rather cut ribbon”

For those of you that have DSP from the holidays….look at what you have and if you like the print on the scale that it needs to be…..go ahead and cut it up…..wrap a rubber-band around it and next Fall you can wrap some chocolates!






  • Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 7 ¾” X 3 ½”
  • On the short side score at 1 ¼” and 2 ¼” and use the bone folder, SUPER WELL!
  • On the long side score at 1 ¼” and 6 ½ and use the bone folder, SUPER WELL!
  • Notch in the sides as shown (this makes a big difference when making 3D projects.
  • Place Tear-n-Tape as shown….always use a super strong adhesive!






For the FUN Die Cut piece….I went to the Birthday Cheer Bundle! showcased this bundle last month (click here) and I loved that project and this time I am using the other focal die….the cute cupcakes! I always am honest about the products I showcase….I do love this bundle. It is super unique and versatile and the price point is really good!

We all need to have a FUN Birthday collection as we all seem to make! The reason that I love these dies is the fact that the bottom part does not cut so you can make the height if the cupcakes or gifts whatever you need it to be! Today. I simply put color cardstock behind the diecut images and was good to go!






I will add some tips about the below pictures… can see in the above picture that there is a plain cupcake die….I cut several out and snipped them in half! WORKED LIKE A CHARM and then to cover it up….a blank one over top! (you could easily skip this step)

Elmers Spray Glue is what I like to use for tricky dies like this! Truth be told, I get a bit grumpy when my hands are sticky with glue. Using this….I can hold it on the edge and just spray where the detailed area is…..and the take it and PICK UP the other part and press it in place!

After I do this….I can add the adhesive of my choice to the lower edge and place it on my project. I bet I have had the same bottle for 4 years….it is not that I use it often at all….but when I do – it certainly does the trick. I hear that in early March there is going to be another product coming out similar to this…but without being spray with the fumes! (I will keep you  posted)








The only part that you have to “piece” out of the diecut is the cherry and the heart – it is SO worth it to add these and by just having to place a 1/2 of a cupcake behind each cupcake window image…..paper piecing these 2 things is not bad at all!






Now I am SURE that I will get people rolling their eyes about the Stamp-a-ma-jig….I think EVERY STAMPER needs to have this tool and I am shocked that Stampin’ Up! took it out of the catalog! Trust me, I adore and use the stamparatus all of the time..but there are times that you are using a red rubber stamp and need a straight stamp image….so OUT IT COMES!

You will laugh at this…..I feel that everyone needs to know how to parallel park a car….(I cannot believe that this is not on the drivers test any more) and I feel the same about this tool……and you can quote me –

“Every Stamper needs a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig and every Stamper needs to know how to use it!”

Now….you will think of me each and every time you park a car! Seriously, it is so darn handy and it save so many basic and silly mistakes that can happen.







The sentiment for this project is from the new Itty Bitty Birthday Greeting Stamp Set….a keeper for sure! I particularly like the fact that there are 2 different sizes of fonts on this image.

Here is a tip that I have done with this project…..I LOVE to make multiples of projects when I make them….so this one is no different! I made up 8 in total…assembled 3 completely for the photos for this post and then….the rest – all flat, safe and sound in a plastic sleeve ready to go when I need one!

I HIGHLY encourage you to work like this….as not only does it save a BUNCH of time….you will be so happy to have it basically ready – just wrap the DSP paper around the nuggets…..DONE!








Let’s chat about the window sheet….below you will see that all I did was score, crease well and adhere! Not only does it keep the 8 pieces of chocolate tight and safe, it looks super professional.

I go ahead just like I did the other pieces of this project in cutting and scoring….then place it in the plastic sleeve and DONE!




The last pictures show you the ribbon – of course this is totally optional as well, but I think that you will agree….it makes a great touch and my hunch is that you also have a bunch of ribbon that could use a home and brighten someones day!

John is always my “what do you thing….do you like this or that?” and his pick – he likes the acetate touch and also the bow around the project! He also REALLY likes the fact that this project has 8 nuggets – he never seems to understand why we make things like this with just 2 or 3 pieces!










There you go! One thing that I always encourage you to do is…to take some “me time” and make one up! It does not matter if you have all of the specific products that I have used…what matters is to do it while you see it and it is fresh in your head!

Here is the PDF for you to hang onto for the future!

I just love a project like this and you betcha that I have one packed for me to hand-deliver to my on on his special day. Enjoy your day as I know I as my heart is going to be skipping many beats today just being with him….and his classroom filled with grasshoppers!!!!

Anyone that purchases this bundle from me will get this project all completes….all you have to do is peel off the adhesive strip and you are ready to go! Just round it up to hit that $50.00 mark and you can pick a FREE SAB ITEM!!!!





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