Well…..HOWDY and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I sure do hope that everyone had a great day as I sure did as Friday is the day that my sweet John comes down….I have to say….YOU ALL ARE GREAT….. (as Tony the Tiger would say!!!)

Many thanks for all of the comments and emails – WOW!!! I cannot wait to read each and everyone….darn, I do love the interaction with all of you!!!

As I have always said…I wish that there was an island that we all could be on together as there is just something special about people that are like you and I….it’s a great thing that we do!



I simply love creating cards that make me smile, inspire me and cards that I know will touch the heart of the recipient!

I simple LOVE to mass produce cards that touch my heart and I think that you can see….these do the trick! I have already sent out make of these cards to friends and they were all so touched and ALL SMILES! I just LOVE my envelopes as to me, it is the FIRST IMPRESSION that the recipient has when they get their mail!








I just LOVE being WILLY WONKA to you… here you go! Just leave me a comment from tonight until Monday morning sharing with me/us…


SHARE what you have been watching on TV….MOVIES….etc… during this lock down!


As for me….I have bought Disney +, HU LU….and I have had Netflix….as the news is just stressing me out and giving me anxiety!

I shared with Hannah as she has been giving me things to watch after the sun goes down – “this is getting expensive”.…but I have had some great laughs watching old movies!

This is what you will win….(I LOVE THESE and you will too) – A BIG BUNCH of perfectly cut 1/4″ strips of Stampin Up! Cardstock!  (PROBABLY OVER 100 Strips) – You can use them for cards like I did with the SMILE card or for envelopes….as I ALWAYS do!



To me, things like this are total lifesavers….and I know that you will love and appreciate these gems! Since I have so many strips…..I am giving 2 away so please leave me as many comments as you wish and then I will use RANDOM.COM  to pick the lucky 2 winners!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm and loving comments of being back on the blog! I hope that you are having a great night and I hope that you have a special weekend!

Stampin’ Hugs! — Susan