Tuesday Tips…the Big Shot!



Good Tuesday to you and today we are going to have a chat about the Big Shot. I think that we all can agree that this one amazing tool. I call it my “main man” in my work area…and truth be told, I have 2 of them so I guess you can say that I have an affair with (2) main men 🙂

At the end of the post I will share with you a “funny” and then a “great story” which happened to me last week with one of my Big Shots.

I can remember that when I first started Card Making I kept hearing about the Big Shot…I had NO CLUE what it was and then when I saw it I thought…well I’m not impressed ~ it looks like a black crank thing….nope, I did not need it!

Quickly as my obsession with making cards grew I figured – I need to buy this black thing….(still not really know what to do) as I was your “Simple Susan”  ~ stamp, ink and cardstock kind of gal.

I finally bought something to use this black thing with, I think it was the Top Note Die (darn I missed that gem) and I put my big girl pants on and attempted to use it…I thought that I BROKE IT – I heard all of this crickty-cranking noise….I thought for sure it was a goner and then when I saw that the clear cutting pads were all scratched – I can remember saying to myself….“Now this is just silly – why in the world would something be so expensive to break on the first try!”

Today is a 2 cup of coffee day as you need to watch this super video that the Home Office put together. Now I can hear all of you right now….I do not need to watch this as I know everything I need to know about the Big Shot….well, you are probably correct BUT I will say…they do a FABULOUS job in describing why each of the different accessories for the Big Shot work in a specific way…



Because we have many different accessories now for the big shot, it really is important to know the ins and outs so you can make your product work in the best possible way that they are intended to do! (hopefully that makes sense)


Did you learn something? I do think that it is a great video and I want to touch on the accessories. All of the accessories will be in the store at the end of the post and I am sure that many of you are thinking…I do not need all of them…you may be right as they are meant to do different things so maybe you do not need them but my guess, you have the products… so you need to make sure you have the right tools 🙂

I have all of the accessories and I will say that I use them….actually use them very hard and appreciate the end results. Do you remember before the magnetic platform we used to use post it tape to hold the framelits in place?

One thing that I will suggest…always have an extra set of cutting pads….WHY? – well when you need them you will smile because you have them on hand. I like to keep a separate one that I just use for embossing folders (and yep, I use my label maker and mark it) so it stays nice and clean (no scratches)

I also like to keep a separate one for using the precision base plate as it will warp a bit with this base plate. By having it separate…I also know to only use it for the precision plate.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.43.26 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.06.50 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.46.59 PM

Now for a “funny” – each month when I am working on my kits, it becomes a family affair with who is at the house. John and James always find the Big Shot to be fun and I get all of my papers cut…..give them their “to do’s” and they go to town! That is their limits….BIG SHOT and they are done! They always say…this is amazing what this can do! 🙂 

Here is a great story…last week I was noticing that my Big Shot was not embossing as usual…i called Stampin’ Up! and asked what to do to make the impression correct and you know what…??? They said, I am sorry – we will send you a new one. I then told them that I use it hard….SUPER HARD and I was not looking for a new one, but on the other end….they said – We want you to be happy and of course we will send you a new one”

In 2 days I received a NEW one…with the NEW Platform!!! YEP, when you order a Big Shot, no need to order the NEW Platform as it comes with it! Thank YOU STAMPIN’ UP! for great customer service!

Please feel free to share your thoughts about the Big Shot and the accessories…this is how we learn….from one another!


Thoughtful Branches…oh my!

Stampin' Up! Copper Heat Embossing, Thoughtful Branches Bundle, Circle Layering Framelits, Susan Itell, stampinup


Are you getting excited to purchase this amazing bundle!?!? A week from tomorrow, August 2nd ~ this bundle will be available for you to purchase and YES, I would definitely purchase this as a bundle as the framelits are just amazing!

I am sure that you have seen many, many ideas using it and I think that you agree, it is a special set. I have received emails asking my opinion about this as it is just a available for a limited time and what I can say is…it is a classic and one that you will use for years! I am just amazed at the details and the sentiments…fabulous!


Thoughtful Branches-Collage-e1467734922290


I think that there is no denying, this DSP Paper, Affectionately Yours is just the BEST. You know that I adore Navy…and then when you throw in the other super fun colors….I say WOW –  This paper that I am showcasing today has some “copper” in it…..and I took the challenge to use the copper embossing powder and I LOVE IT!


Thoughtful Branches Limited Edition Bundle, Stampin' Up!, Susan Itell - stampinup


Affectionately Yours Specialty DSP


In the below picture you will see how I created the copper leaves…it was fun, it was easy and it makes a statement! I will say, this is a card that I would make as many as I could in using this paper. You only get (1) sheet of this in the pack, this is why I used it as “carefully” as possible!

This strip is a 2″ cut therefore you will be able to make 12 cards from a sheet of paper! I think that you will agree…this would be a super card to have on hand.


Copper Het Embossing tips and tricks, Stampin' Up! Thoguthful Branches Bundle, Susan Itell - stampinup


Because I was trying to be “resourceful” in using this special paper, I decided to play with the In Color Envelope Paper for my envelope today! Remember, this is just an A-2 Card so a regular envelope would do the trick as well and I would pull a coordinating paper from the paper pack to make your mailman and recipient smile…. 🙂


Stampin' Up! Thoughtful Braches Bundle,Thinking of You Card Limited Edition starting August 2, Susan Itell - stampinup


Here is your daily 411 for now (as this is a classic layout) and for the future (after you are able to order this amazing bundle). I hope that you like this card as much as I do and I know that the special person that I am sending this to, will love it….as she is as beautiful as this card is!


Stampin' Up! Thoughtful Branches Bundle, Affectionally Yours DSP, Copper Heat Embossing, Susan Itell - stampinup


We are in the final week of the BONUS DAYS…this is a GREAT way to knock down the price of this bundle….you know what I say…WOOT-WOOT! Please remember to keep the code that Stampin’ Up! will send you to redeem in August. (You all know I would do just about ANYTHING for you all…but there is no way that I can help you if you lose the code….so print it off or write down the number and put it somewhere safe!)

Also, remember to use the hostess code at the top right of my blog and also see the drop down box on the top of my blog to see the card I will send your way and also the gift if your order is $75+. I have been working on my blog so I hope that you are getting used to be able to see the scoop at a glance!








Step It Up Sunday!

OH MY GOSH….it is just about noon on Sunday and I just discovered that I forgot to set the timer for my blog to go off!!!! SILLY SUSAN! I woke up early as usual and vowed not to get on the computer until my “chores” with the animals were completed as it is super HOT here. Sorry…..enjoy the Post and enjoy the day!


Bunch of Blossoms Stampin' Up!,Blossom Builder Punch, Susan Itell - stampinup


Good Morning! Here you go with the stepped up version of the card from yesterday and I am also going to try to do my best with pictures to show you how easy it really is to “mask” and get great effects! As I said yesterday, this type of stamping totally intimidated me but I jumped in and gave it a “Girl Scout” try and it was fun 🙂

Here you go…Side by Side….YOU decide! I am a bit torn because I do like them both but I think the “purest” side of me….liking WHITE (well, this is very vanilla) is going for yesterdays card!


Simple Stampin' Weekend Challenge,Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Dapper Denim


Here is the bundle that we are working with. You can clearly see the rows of stamps and then see how you can use up to 3 different ones to create more color/depth. The below pictures will hopefully help you. If you wanted to keep it super simple, your could eliminate the shading but I say, “NO WAY – YOU CAN DO IT” and the one thing that I know for sure is….you’ll be proud of yourself.


Bunch of Blossoms Bundle


Here you go with my parade of “how to” pictures….hopefully they will be helpful to you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any further explanation. Have fun using several different colors….or simply use one color like I did for this card. The “stamping off” to make it lighter is a super effect! (please remember that you can CLICK ON the pictures to make them larger and easier to read)


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Layered Stamping, Susan Itell - stampinup


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Masking Technique, SUsan Itell - stampinup


Masking Techniques for layering stamps, Stampin' Up!, Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Susan Itell - stampinup


The biggest difference between today and yesterday is…

  • The matting of the emerald envy
  • The addition of the 5/8″ burlap ribbon (LOVE THIS RIBBON) 🙂
  • The simple knot accent of Dapper Denim adhered with a glue dot!


Bunch of Blossoms Stamp, Stampin' Up! ,Burlap Ribbon,Susan Itell-stampinup


One beautiful card that I am sure anyone would be thrilled to receive. I just adore the colors and the softness of the Very Vanilla. If I had a wish…I would wish that Stampin’ Up! would come out with THICK Very Vanilla…..is anyone else thinking that as well?


Stampin' Up! Clean and Simple Card, Envelope Punch Board, Bunch of Blossoms Stamp Set, Susan Itell - stampinup


Here is your “how to” 411 of the products that I used for the card. At the very end of the post you will see the entire line up of all of the products that I used and if you choose, let those fingers of yours go CLICK – CLICK – CLICK and shop away! Remember, be a smart shopper with the increment of $50.00 to earn some Bonus Bucks for you to spend in August.


Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Bundle, Project Details,Susan Itell - stampinup





Simple Saturday!

Bunch of Blossoms Bundle Stampin' Up!, Clean and SImple FLoral Card, Susan Itell - stampinup


Good WEEKENDWOW – it is a HOT one on the East Coast but do I have a FUN and SIMPLE card for you today! I am smiling as I really….I really like it! The inspiration for this card came from the Moroccan DSP!

This is something that I do (most of the time)  ~ I like to pick the paper and then work around my card! Do you ever do that? Call me silly, but I was just itchin’ to use this DSP! I admit, I am not a huge fan of the coordinating stamps sets that work around this paper, but I ADORE this paper – I think that I like the fact that it works with Very Vanilla – I LOVE THAT!!!


Moroccan DSP


I have another confession, I was always scared to death about stamp sets that do “double” and even “triple stampin”  – this is what this stamp set does….tomorrow I will share with you the pictures of the different layers but trust me, IF I CAN DO IT – YOU CAN!

After I was at the “end of the diving board”, I decided to take the plunge to try to get comfortable with stamp sets like this! It is sooooooo much easier than you think!



Bunch of Blossoms Bundle


One thing that we all know, punches are “friends to us” and this comes as a bundle and being a bundle you know that it will save you an instant 10%!

I do get many emails/comments that Stampin’ Up! has many, many floral stamp sets….true ~ true but then again, you can always do sooooooo much with flowers and I say – HAVE FUN!



Stampin' Up! Clean and SImple Card, Bunch of Blossoms, Masking Technique, Susan Itell - stampinup



When you look at the above photo you will see that there are a variety of colors….but there are just Dapper Denim and Emerald Envy…..I just “stamped off” and then “full strength” – it really is fun, easy and rewarding!



Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Just Because Card, Susan Itell - stampinup


When you look at the image of the stamp set you can see how there are many stamps the same shape, this is where the shading/layering comes in.

For someone like me that sees things very “straight and boringly forward” – this type of stamp set does intimate me but the “TRUMP CARD” for me was the fact that there was a punch and great resources to help me over my “hump of can I do it”….



Stampin' Up! Blossom Builder Bunch,Bunch of Blossom Bundle,Moroccan DSP,Susan Itell - stampinup


I hope that you feel the same way as I do, I adore this card! These colors are so rich and vibrant and let’s chat about the sentiment….sooooo fun and different with just an amazing font! I think that we all can think of many to send this to!


Stampin' Up! Moroccan DSP, Bunch of Blooms Bundle. Susan Itell - stampinup


The envelope was made with the Envelope Bunch Board and again, this piece of plastic makes me sooooo happy as it makes ME look good and I know that it will make YOU look good as well. I laugh at when I first bought this ~ it was a HUGE intimation factor for me and I admit, I had it for a while before I took the plunge to figure it out!

I hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see what I have up my sleeve and also I will go into depth about how to “man handle” doing layered stamping….it really is SOOOOO easy!

Have a great day……I say, “STAY INSIDE” as it is HOT…..and take advantage of the beauty of shopping from home…..the best thing is BONUS DAYS….I am happy that I have taken advantage of this incentive…and I hope that you will too!