Let’s Step it Up!


It’s Sunday and that means that it is time for us to Step It Up a bit from yesterdays card. As the saying goes...”there are always 2 ways to skin a cat” (actually that is a icky saying…but I think you get it!)

You will see below where the inspiration came from. For me, the minute I saw this card I smiled as not only do I love yellow….I knew that this would be one of those “formulas” as I like to call it that I can use over and over! I love her style and I knew that I could try to make a CASE that would work for my project.






For those of you that are new to my blog…..WELCOME and I hope that you find it inspiring and just darn FUN! In the below photo you will see the cards side by side and then you can decided which one works for you! (I have no idea why the white on the left card did not come out the best…sorry) but if you go to yesterdays post you can see all of the scoop!





As I shared yesterday (and actually endless times below) that using simple shape can make a card in a snap but it still will provide you a fun card. The way that I look at it is….that darn time thing gets in the way all of the time and I am sure if I have a time thing going on, chnces are you do as well!

You can see from a quick visual that I just twisted it around a bit and allowed the mixing bowl to be inside the circle I cut . I wish that you could see and hold this in person as darn it, there are times that you just need to see it up close and feel the card.





As I thought….many of you tried to guess what I was going to do and one thing you nailed was the dots and dashed! I love to do this and I am hoping that many of you do it as well as it is the fastest and easiest way to add some quick love to a card.

I doubled up the stampin’ dimensionals under the bowl and I purposely took this angle of the card so you can see the “lift”. From the start, I adhered the white onto the pacific point and then cut out the circle with the BIg Shot.

I also took a square of fun foam to cut out a circle and adhere that to lift this section up from the card base. I recommend using fast fuse or pieces of Tear-n-Tape when using fun foam! For me, I find it to be super easy and it makes the card feel super solid.





The other finishing touch that makes an INSTANT WOW are those simple little enamel shapes! They scream fun and they are in all color collections, a great accent to have in your stash!

In a nut shell….I like both cards. I think the one factor that I like is the instant POP of fun color but then the nest is that it is a square card. This is a 4 1/4″ square card and IF I did not want to make a custom envelope, this would fit into one of our regular A-2 envelopes. (but…you know me, I would make an envelope….just sayin’)





There you go….a FUN stamp set, a FUN card…..and one that would bring a smile to any one! I encourage you to use what you have….play with shapes and papers….this is the BEST way for you to have fun and let that creativity out!

I know that it is in there….let it OUT!!!! Enjoy your day…..see you in the morning!




Time to “mix it up” for Simple Saturday!


Good Morning and as promised – I told you that I was “mixing” something up for you today! Here is my Simple Saturday card for you….no envelope as this is a card that I will slide in some goodies!

I should have taken a picture of the goodies to show you how I adore to tie things together. For those of you that get my product shares or even get a goodie from me with an order, one thing that usually happens is that I present it to you as a gift.

I am pointing this out to you as true it take a bit more effort but I think that we all can say, the effort is well worth it because one thing happens INSTANTLY – you feel special, you feel important and with the crazy hectic schedules we all seem to have ~ there is nothing like seeing something special and complete!

You know that I adore square cards and today is no different. You also know that I adore the DSP Stacks that we have in all color collections.(this is why I offer them on every Product Share that I offer)





The 2 colors that I am using today to make a POP are Emerald Envy and Pacific Point. I love the boldness and crisp contrast they give to one another.

I have done other posts using this stamp set, click here and here –  Perfect Mix ~  I will say that I am sure that many of you have flipped right past it in the catalog! I think that it is a fun and whimsical set with some great sentiments but also it is great for those of you that are like me…making things and giving them away! (always gets an instant “feel-good”)





Again, I am keeping it super simple and clean with basic shapes and you can see that I am using both circle framelits, the layering circles and the stitched shapes framelits.

For the simple coloring I used the Aqua Painter and then I know that it is super hard to see but I used the wink of stella pen to give by “batter of love” some shimmer – a quick and easy touch that is a wee bit of blink without going over board.




Because this sentiment was too big and square for me to fit it in I decided that there are always options (isn’t that soooooo true in life as well) – there are times that you just have to look at something and say, “How can I make that work”?????

Simple….I did a quick surgery and cut it and then matted it! This works every time and it truly is a great solution when you are in a jam!

There you go…today’s Simple Saturday card for you….I hope that you are having a fantastic day and that I hope that you pop back tomorrow to see how I stepped it up!

I admit, I love to read your comments on Saturdays as sooooo many of you try to guess what I am going to do for the next day…it is equally as fun for me to out guess you.

Please know how much I appreciate you taking your time to pop on my blog. I try my best to inspire you as well as be your biggest cheerleader to help you see that YOU CAN DO IT~

Please remember and see my wonderful Paw Print Rewards program that I offer. It is a great way for you to earn free stamps and also I do a monthly gift for purchases over $75.

Do you remember what I said about making things special? Well…every month I will get emails from people that said, I totally forgot that I was going to be getting something from you and when it came and it was all wrapped and special, I felt special!

Well…in case you do not know this – let me tell you , YOU ARE SPECIAL…..I know that I am a good one to talk as I am very, very hard on myself but this is something that we all need reminded…we are all special!

Now go in that kitchen and whip something up!



“HOORAY” for the classics!



I say HIP…HIP HOORAY for many reasons!

Today John and I are probably on a plane going to see Will for his 30th Birthday….my oldest is turning 30 and the family is going to celebrate. Hannah’s flight get in about 30 minutes after us (which we are thankful for as it is GREAT to have a “young one that is tech savvy” to help her dear parents figure out driving in the city!)

Next….I think that this is a fabulous stamp set….I know that I blogged about it before and I am sure that you have seen many posts using it …WHY DO I LOVE IT???…..the font – it is classic and just so fun with the watercolor splash behind it – brilliant move Stampin’ Up! as it is a sentiment that can be used for many cards we make!

Lastly, I love that I am using the Whisper White Note-cards! True, you could easily adapt this to a regular A-2 card but I just think that these are the BEST bang for your buck! 20 Cards and 20 Envelopes for just $6.00 – YEP, works for me! 🙂





I just love blues and yellows together, how about you? I think that we all have our “go to favorites” and I just seem to like this color combination. So Saffron is BY FAR my favorite yellow that we have as it is a color that works with Bright and Bold colors but then you can pair it with something completely different and it is super soothing.





I just have to share with you the measurements as I think that this is one of those cards that you are going to want to case! It is super simple yet it has an impact that gravitates you to making it!

Naturally you can change up the colors etc…and I will say  – this is one for the masses as what a sweet card to keep on hand, “just in case”






  • The white piece that I stamped the sentiment on is 3 5/8″ X 2 1/2″ stamping in Pacific Point
  • The So Saffron Mat it s “smidge” larger, 3 3/4″ X 2 5/8″
  • The fun Polka Dot is 1″ wide and then matted in So Saffron that is 1 1/4″
  • I “lifted up” the sentiment part to make is POP!!!






Here is the picture for the future…..PIN away but please do not forget that this stamp set, along with all of the other SAB Items are only available with an order of $50.00 and just through March 31st!

I have to tell you, as a Demonstrator I get equally as giddy as you all do with this time of the year! The home office always does a fantastic job of picking “keepers” to get us through the long winter months!





Enjoy your day today! WOW – the East Coast is have some AMAZING weather and YEP, I’ll take it. I admit, it was like an act of God to try to leave for 2 days with my 4 legged friends….

Our AMAZING dog…horse….pig…donkey and oh yes – house sitter moved away and I miss her so…actually for many reasons – a super young lady! We have called in the troops and have our bases covered – there are people that are great with dogs….but know nothing about horses and vice-versa but we have all of the bases covered and are ready to have FUN with the peeps!

I will see you tomorrow – I am a girl scout and I am prepared for you all over the weekend! We will be “mixing up” a storm!




So true….”enjoy the little things”



I am doing the Wednesday “Hump Day Dance” as this is a card right up my alley! Let’s say S I M P L E all at the same time and then you will see that the 2 things that I always say to you that are true…..

  • Use the basics ~ trimmer, big shot, stitched framelits, layering framelits etc…
  • Keep it simple – use “shapes” to make a super quick and clean and simple card! I call a card like this a “formula”  – a way to use it over and over and the best thing, you will never get tired of it and you will always be able to change it up with different papers and stamps!


To start a great card comes a great stamp set (sounds basic and safe….right???)…and below you will see that I have you covered with this one! (remember, go with the sentiment stamp sets) – you will always smile as you ALWAYS can add accents to make it fun!





Look below to see the points I made – the basics! The framelits are the best but let’s chat about the Bakers Twine! It is the perfect addition to this card. I did run the twine through the bees wax tip (that I have given you before)….and yep – it gives it the “attitude” it needs! It always makes a perfect bow….every time!

Because I used the largest stitched circle and therefore I could not “mat” it with one larger, I just took (2) regular circle and had them “peek” out – just enough to add a touch of color and a natural POP of color happen!





I know sometimes I get asked, “How do you add that Bakers Twine to the back and do the loops”? – Easy answer – just put an adhesive (I like using Fast Fuse) and then JUST DO IT and do not over think it – it is when you start to overthink it for perfection….that it becoame stressful (sound familiar to anyone?????)

For the bow, I just took 3 strands of twine and tied a super basic bow and placed a glue dot…and PRESTO – pushed it on and into place!




I ask you….would YOU love to receive this? I know that after a long day or heck any day…..if I opened my mailbox and saw a classic card with such a great sentiment on it….I would beam! Sometimes we forget how incredibly special it is to just take the time and write to someone.

This would be one of those cards that I would make up in the masses and also use that DSP that I know that you are hoarding….You can accomplish 3 things in a jif!

  • YOU will be happy because not only did you have some “me time” but YOU have “created” and when we use that inner creativity that we all have, it feels good!
  • YOU will make someones day….a sentiment like this goes a LONG way with so many messages that we would want to convey.
  • YOU are using up all of that paper that I know you have that you just sit and admire. I really do not like this example as I think the 1st two are much more powerful but this one it true….we buy things and then we do not use them….so here you go – I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO USE IT UP!!!! (trust me, you will feel good) and this layout will lend itself to ANY paper we have!






I hope that you are able to “enjoy the little things” today because it IS the little things that grow to be the BIG things that make a difference. I cannot think of one person that would not enjoy and be honored to receive this card….that’s why I say it is a keeper! 🙂 

I just love a card like this and I hope that I have inspired you to see that keeping it to the basics just simply works. It is as easy as that! I would love to hear how you like today’s card!

I will not see you until Friday – I will miss you tomorrow but as I like to say “Life is Life” and I need to be where I need to be! Have a fabulous day and go and make a difference to someone! Keep it SIMPLE! (I just love that motto)

Remember, you can click here and see the NEW SALE-A BRATION offerings….you guys are lovin’ that sparkle paper…and I GET IT….it’s a beauty! With every $50.00 you spend, you can pick a FREEBIE….and if you spend $75 with me….you can get that FREEBIE plus I will send you a brand spankin’ new VersaMark Pad…..we can always use this super product!




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