Tips for your Tuesday!


Good Morning and wowza…yesterday’s comments were sooooo much fun!

I just get such a kick out of the fun we have and isn’t it just wonderful that we are all “adults” and still have just FUN together over something as silly as a Hey, Chick Stamp Set!

I am going to have my morning coffee re-reading and commenting on the FABULOUS comments yesterday and we will come up with a “hum-dinger” of a name. I typed the below post earlier as I knew that I needed to have a minor “fix from the doctors” yesterday but what I was not aware of was…I lost the entire day as I needed to rest – all is good and I will be myself today (I sure hope so) I am excited for you to read this post and I hope that the lightbulb goes off! Please chime in with comments!


I hope that this post will make you think and share comments….this is how we all learn and grow!

I admit, I love photopolymer stamps. They are by far the stamp preference for me as I love the ability to “see though” where I am stamping. I also admit when Stampin’ Up! came out with their 1st photopolymer stamp I thought that they were the silliest thing out there and that there was NO WAY that people would buy them or actually like them ๐Ÿ™‚

Boy, was I wrong. I believe that some of you do not care for them because you are not getting a clean, crisp image when stamping. I truly hope that we can get some good comments going on about the preference of stamps and it what I just mentioned was the way that you feel!



I was in the same boat….let’s call it the frustration boat of stamping. I will make this super simple so you will “get it” and then understand where I am coming from….


When you buy a new pair of shoes…

you need to “break them in” before they become comfortable.


There is no way that you would take a brand new pair of shoes and walk for hours in them without your feet feeling the pain – I WANT YOU TO THINK ABOUT YOUR STAMPS in the same fashion! You need to “break them in and condition them” and also USE THE PROPER HELPERS to get that prestige, crisp stamp!

I have been on this boat MANY times and there are still times that I am there but when that happens I tell myself to SLOW DOWN and make sure that I have taken the steps to make my stamps work for me in the best possible way!

When I get a new photopolymer stamp…this is what I do!

  • Place it on a block and then take my absorber cleaning cloth and rub it back and forth a BUNCH (I think that this scruffs off any residue from the manufacturing of the stamp). If you do not use the absorber clothsย  than use your Stampin’ Mist and Stampin’ Scrub to do the same trick!
  • Next, I ink it up with the versamark pad and then stamp images on scrap paper. I clean and repeat this probably 2 times. You will be able to see how clean and crisp the image it that is why I do it several times until I get the right look.
  • Make sure that you are stamping on a Stampin’ Pierce Mat or I think better yet, I use this gem from Amazon….the Stamper’s Secret Weapon (don’t you love that name) Let me clarify…I do use the Stampin’ Up! Mat when I am on the go but I honestly prefer the Stampers Secret Weapon for my daily stamping because it is bigger… is as simple as that!
  • After you have conditioned it with the cleaning and the versamark….take it to an ink pad and give it a test drive. I never take a stamp out of the container and trust that my first stamp will be perfect, just like breaking in shoes…it needs to time and TLC! ๐Ÿ™‚


I bet it you try this you will be very pleased. It sounds like it is a lot of work but it really isn’t and it really does not take much time at all. Heck, the way that I look at it is that you will spend more time and waste more with being frustrated than do these steps and being prepared.

I will say that I do the same with my clear mount stamps as well. It’s kind of once you get in the habit, it becomes 2nd nature to you.

One ? that I bet you are thinking… I have to do this every time I go to use a stamp? The short answer is NO….but I will say that it you find a stamp that is not stamping to your liking, go back and do the steps and also make sure that your inkpads are inked properly!

I personally find that I do not have to re-ink my colors often but I do need to re-ink the black pad often. You are the only one that can gauge how often you use a color etc…

Well NOW you can hit that Amazon button and purchase the great masking paper that I talked about and also the Stampers Secret Weapon – I truly like to share with you things that I have found that work for me but remember, these are just mere suggestions of what seems to work for me.

I know that it would be super beneficial to do a video for you. I will try…..darn I wish that there were more hours in a day! Have a fabulous day and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!

Stampin’ hugs to all….

It is time to be in STITCHES!!!!


Woot – Woot….let’s all get up and do that HAPPY STAMPIN’ UP! DANCE as today the Stitched framelits areย  back online and available to order! Stampin’ Up! was B L O W N away with the response of these gems….(but dah…..if they asked me they would have seen me doing the dance saying YES – YES – YES……we want them!) ๐Ÿ˜€ just saying!

They sold out like hot cakes and if I have a hunch, I bet that they are going to sell again super quick! These will be in the next years Annual Catalog so there are not worries about them being on the “plank” but heck – even if they were…..who cares??? They are great, they are keepers and it is as easy as this = YOU NEED THEM!




Because of all of the great comments about the Sale -A -Bration items…I just had to have Phyllis and her friend make an appearance! Now we need to come up with a name for the “new chick” ๐Ÿ˜›ย 

I used masking paper to stamp the image. I used to RUN as fast as I could when I heard the phrase, masking as I thought – WELL , THAT LEAVES ME OUT.….this sounds over my head but it is not…it is easy and just like anything else, if you have the right materials to make it work…you are golden!




I love using Inkadinkado Masking Paper and it is on sale right now as an “add on” with Amazon…so go ahead and put it in your cart but WAIT TO CHECK OUT until tomorrow as I have a Tuesday Tip that I think you are going to love and yep, it is from Amazon!

This masking paper will last you forever. I am still on my 1st pack so just order one. True, you could easily use post it note to mask off but I like this as you can get several stamps from this masking paper. I simply keep the images on the inside of my stamp set so they are ready for the next time!

Here is a quick run down….

  • Picture #1 – Stamp the image on the WHITE side of the paper
  • Picture #2 – “Fussy Cut” out the images….YIKESwhere are the legs on Phyllis…they are too hard to cut….you can easily stamp them!
  • Pictures #3 – I already stamped “no name CHICK on the right” and then put the mask over top and then stamped Phyllis ๐Ÿ™‚




You can see how I stamped and then added our girl! Today I used the aqua painter to paint the girls and then I ADORE the grass……it is from the sheltering tree but it you do not have that stamp set….simply wisp away with the brush ends of you markers and you are good to go!

This is MY KINDA layout. I love working with shapes and I think that you simply cannot go wrong with a good old simple squares! Using the stitched squares as my base focal point worked…ALWAYS does…this is why I love working with shapes!




Now I ask you….it is cute…right????? I know that this has been a HUGE hit for a FREEBIE….so much that the Wood Mount are on backorder (and I really do not knowย  if they will replenish them as they are a SAB item but the clear mount are available….so DON’T WAIT!!!! (the girls would not be happy if they did not come to your home) ๐Ÿ˜€



I was super excited that the stitched framelits are “good to go” and I do hope that you will act on them quickly! They are soooo on trend and I do hope that Stampin’ Up! comes out with even MORE stitched items….I LOVE THEM!

That’s it – it was a busy crazy weekend but here is to a NEW week! I have some fun things up my sleeve….tomorrow is TIPS for your TUESDAY!!!! See you back hereย  – front and center!

p.s. – did you notice poor Phyllis, I think we need to be a good friend to her and let her know that she needs to get her hair done….her “roots” are looking pretty bad ๐Ÿ™‚



Step it up Sunday!

I FINALLY did respond to your comments about the “PRETTY STAMP”……it is from Fridays Post….I am on a mission….stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜›


Thanks for the feedback on what Sale-A-Bration items “tickled your fancy” and it seemed like there were a BUNCH that really liked theย  Hey Chick! That is a fun set and I promise to continue to showcase that one in FUN ways…. and we have a WINNER!!!! (fancy this…Laurie picked this)

Woot-Woot to Laurie and please email me with your address and I will send you the Hey Chick stamp set!


Below you will see where my inspiration came from….Stampin’ up! Every Tuesday we get updates and also a weekly “snap shot” of a product for the week…..(another great reason to get the ultimate bundle so you can get inspiration and ideas)….just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚ย 





You can clearly see how I CASED this card but it is not exactly like what they showed but I still think that it looks super cute! I truly wish that Stampin’ Up! had this as an offering for a kit to purchase because this is a great “gateway” into stamping!

We do have many great kits but I truly believe that there are many out there that simply do not think that they can make a great card….first…EVERYONE makes a great card – if YOU have taken the time…than it IS A GREAT CARD!





The extra fun came from the Swirly Bird Bundle. This was sooooo popular when it first came out and I would invite you to google and also go to Pinterest to look at all of the fun ideas that you can make with this bundle. (the best thing is……throw in a pack of dimensions and you can earn this super cute project!)







Here you can see them side by side again, I will say….when I get extra opportunities to pick aย  FREEBIE – I am going to stash these away as I adore the ease of making them…the FUN of making them….and I know that who ever receives this note in the mail will be doing a happy dance because it is fun and unique!




I am excited to hear some feedback from you. I just LOVE our family of comments. Did you notice the centers of the flowers? I thought I better say what they are….they are called Dew Drops and I just love the look of them. Here is a link for you! Yep, call me the enabler but always know I am looking out for YOU!

I truly love what I do and I love helping you reach your goals! Can’t wait to see you right back here tomorrow….you will be in “stitches”


Simple Saturday…no clicking off!!!

Yesterday was just “one of those days” I wish that I could give you a funny about it….but not yesterday…..the great news is – today is a new and great day! ๐Ÿ™‚ You know that I am a huge quote lover….I thought that you would like this one!



Good Morning and welcome back to the weekend editions that you all seem to love and enjoy! Now before you take a big sigh of disappointment that there is not this fun, unique…Susan card….I ask you to HANG IN THERE WITH ME…and PLEASE do not click me off! (I would miss you plus you would miss the opportunity for BLOG CANDY) ๐Ÿ˜›



We all know that we are in the midst of Sale-A-Bration, (the sweetest time of the year) because of the freebies! Yep, when we hear that word FREE it is natural that we PERK UP and then naturally smile! So…..for every $50.00 you get to pick a FREEBIE and this FREEBIE that I am showing you today is over looked and I wanted to give it some love!

WHY? Well, I really like it. I hope that you click on the video above and watch how incredibly easy it is to put together…There is NO stamping as the sentiments were pre-printed on a sticker for you to place.

Now many of you might way – why would I or you at that matter like this? Are you ready for my answer? It is cute. It is easy. It is a lifesaver when that “TIME” thing happens to us.

Because the cards have the printed polka dots, I decided to continue the fun with the envelope! A simple tough that make you smile, the recipient smile and even the mail man.

I know that tomorrow….you are going to love the changes I made. You know me well enough – I love to share, show and teach you in how to do something simple to change the WHOLE look and feel!

To me, it’s a fun game to play and one that we all can do! Now for some blog candy…..tell me what is your favorite SAB item and why? I will randomly pick a comment and I will send you that goodie…..I can’t wait to hear your responses!

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