It’s time for a CARD SWAP!



That right….we just need to have a Holiday Card Swap! Can you believe that 3 months from yesterday it will be Christmas Day!!! YIKES – Yesterday afternoon I sat down to go over the calendar with John and when reality hit me that it was September 25th….I quickly sprouted some gray hairs and then calmed down….took a deep breathe and then decided…it’s time, we need a card swap!

Here is the scoop…I love to do this on my blog and I do share each and every one of your cards as remember the motto….


“What we do is from the heart – not Hallmark”

So….with that said, let’s help each other out with some inspiration! I find that learning from others is so rewarding. Please consider participating…if you are a beginner, a demonstrator…a child/grandchild of a stamper (hint – hint…Caleb are you reading this?)



The date for you to have your card to me is…

Friday, October 21st – that is 3+ weeks away!

Each week I will send out reminders to help keep you motivated to participate.  All you need to do is make a card, the theme of Holiday – let’s go with either Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the date of being back to me….and in return – YOU WILL RECEIVE a beautiful card from your NEW BFF!!!





Please send your card along with a self addressed and stamped envelope back to you to:


Susan Itell

15002 Randall Lane

Williamsport, MD 21795


This is always FUN…and I know that this Card Swap will be no different. If you have never participated with me and a swap, please give it a consideration – I love to see your work and others feel the same!

Until tomorrow…Tuesday Tips, we are having a chat about loosing those photopolymer stamps!

p.s. – I you remember, please put on the outside of the envelope – CARD SWAP….this helps me as I have a basket in the kitchen that I put them in ! 🙂






Step it Up Sunday!!!




Well, Maurice the Mouse (below you will learn how he was named) is back in the house today and I think he is SUPER-DE-DUPER CUTE! I have not made a card like this in a while and I knew that this would be the perfect way to STEP HIM UP!






I loved the comments yesterday about naming him…and I read what Chris came up with and I asked John….who does this mouse look like? – He said. “I don’t know – it’s a mouse”…then when I said – no…..give him a human name…he said, “Maurice” as he has an expression of sophistication! (I am not sure about this but…what-ever!)

There are 2 things that I like about this card…

  • It is interactive/3-D, which gives and instant WOW and it is super easy to make… 🙂
  • It fits in a regular envelope with no extra postage! 😀


Here is a link to a previous card that I made like this – it has all of the detailed scoop for you on the cuts and scores etc….but below I will do a super quick highlight!

  • The front and back of the card are the same size 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ (you need 2 of them)
  • For today’s card I cut the DSP to the above size and adhered it to one of the above white pieces.
  • Score both at 1/2″, 1″,  4 1/2″ and 5″ Fold and score. (Use the side image of the card to make sure that you are folding in the right direction)




  • Take the DSP and using the largest Square Framelit, run it through Mr. Big Shot – below you will see how one sheet of paper will do the whole card and then you will have the extra square for another card!




  • Add Maurice (naturally he has been water-colored)….I actually stamped him on a bunch of 3 1/2″ squares as I have been out of town and “just in case” I messed up….I had backups! If I were to do it again, I would just cut the paper to the inside piece size)
  • To the back of the fun card, a simple scrap of 1 1/2″ X 3 3/8″ piece of white card stock made the perfect pocket to add a note!





I hope that you can see that this really is a card that is very, VERY doable but definitely has a WOW. It is just the BEST that it could stand on someones desk, a night stand…a mantel. Every time I make this card style, I get rave reviews as it is a smile maker! (here is a TIP – if you have someone that is in a home or hospital, it is an instant PICK-ME-UP! to them….)

I am super happy that you all liked the water coloring yesterday. I have great results using the thick white card stock. I know that we have water color paper and if you are more comfortable with that – then go for it. Being the “type A” that I am…I like the “white’s” to match up so this is the main reason that I use it.

I could have really gone to town in making him super elaborate but with being out of town…I took the basic bases and then the ink pads! Let’s chat about the ink pads.






Because I do have all of our ink pads, I use them when I water color…..I like to squeeze the top to make the ink go on the top of the ink pad and then work from there as a palette…BUT – you can easily use a marker and scribble on a acrylic block to take the ink off and color away! The third way that you could water color is to add a drop of an ink refill on a acrylic block and go to town!

One of the best tips that I can give to you when you make a card like this is to use a super strong adhesive to adhered the 2 together. I used tear & tape as the width is perfect and the “hold it gives” is the best!

So…thoughts???Do you like??? To me it is the best of many worlds …

  • It is different because of the shape…
  • The water-coloring element makes it special…
  • The pocket in the back let’s you write a message…
  • You can be super flexible with the DSP you can use…a simple change with the DSP can change the entire feel of the card and naturally change the colors that you water color….presto – another masterpiece!





I hope that this 2 day post has made you smile….I know that you all enjoy them but honestly….I think to myself – can I keep coming up with them? I honestly just start with the Saturday card…finish it and then look at it to see how a different technique could work – it is as easy as that and I admit, when I am finished…..I am glad that I stretched myself to make changes!

I invite you to try to do something like this…it is a great way to learn different ways to develop a style. When you really break this down, it still is true to my style, clean and simple. At a glance…it looks hard but break it down…it is NOT….just like water coloring…..did you try it yesterday?

Please remember that we are in the last week of the month which means this is the last week to be able to win the BIG BOX of all of the Stampin’ Up! Markers (someone is going to be happy) 🙂 from me with an order of $75.00+. You can click here to see the offering…my personal way of thanking you for a great stampin’ up! year. (it ends for us on Sept. 30th)

HIT THAT PAW PRINT and have fun – shop away!


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Simple Saturday!



Good Saturday morning…today – (and tomorrow) we can say with excitement….


There is a MOUSE in the house!!!

Isn’t is amazing the scare you get when you see a “real mouse” scoot across a room. Trust me, it has happened to me and probably to you! I just think that this is one of the sweetest stamp sets. I invite you to take a good and hard look at the precious expressions on their faces! ADORABLE




I bet that I can also look into my “Stampers Crystal Ball” and see that there are many of you that BREEZED right past this stamp set because the FEAR happened…


The fear of “I can’t watercolor”


Trust me….been there – done that and by all means I am not a pro at this but I will say that I have come to figure out some tips and tricks that make the whole darn process both rewarding and fun!

Let’s get into this card and I do hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see what is up my sleeve…I think that there will be some smiles!

Many people ask me….why don’t you use blender pens? Ready for the answer….


“I really do not know why I don’t”


I know that I need to give them a try as I know that there a ton of you out there that have amazing success so….I WILL try – when that “TIME” thing allows. I guess I feel like I have good success with the Aqua Painter so I guess you could say, I am a bit stuck as it is comfortable for me.

Years ago I was very mesmerized by the Aqua Painter – WHY? I was just amazed at how this simple “thing” with a brush on the end could produce amazing end results. I was super excited to give it a whirl and guess what – I DIDN’T LIKE IT….what???? – It did not work for me in MY eyes…my project and results were terrible. At this time, this is what I did with my Aqua Painter…


I used it to seal envelopes for a fundraiser/mailer!


Enjoy the photos that I have for you and I hope that these tips will help you.








  • Practice, Practice….PRACTICE – This is the single best tip that I can give you. I invite you to think of it in this way. I simply cannot tell you how many times I threw up my hands and said, I CAN’T DO THIS….the truth is YOU CAN with practice 🙂
  • Make sure you use an appropriate ink…I use out Black Archival Ink and since we have come out with this ink – this is what I use all the time when stampin’ with Black.
  • Before you tackle a masterpiece, start small and work to a bigger project. Try something that is doable…so you can get that INSTANT SUCCESS.
  • Do not put too much water in your Aqua Painter. I find that as you get determined to use this “thing” – you get squeeze happy ~ blob out water….and then there go those hands! (flying up in the air) 👿 
  • Have a piece of a paper towel ready to dap off excess and clean off your brush to pick up another color.
  • When you do your practicing….play with the way you hold the aqua painter in your hand with different pressures…it takes time but once you get the feel, it is like riding a bike – you’ve GOT IT!
  • If you go out of the black stamped image line – WHO CARES!?!? It is  work of art and trust me, no one will ever say…what an ugly card!





See you tomorrow…you are going to smile (I think & hope) 🙂


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Halloween fun ~ super cute!




BOO and Happy first full day of Fall!

Is it Fall weather were you live? I know that yesterday at 10:21 Eastern Time is was official…but…..It sure isn’t on the East Coast but on Sunday…magic is to happen (so the weatherman says) and I am looking forward to wake up and say….IT FEELS LIKE FALL and then I am going to go outside and do a Happy Fall Dance with the dogs and hope that cool and crisp weather is here to stay (I just love to dream) 😀

I am a “Happy” type person for Halloween. I am not a huge fan of scary stuff so when I share Halloween Fun…it is usually “Happy and Fun” things…like I have for you today!


Today I am showcasing the goodies that were in the latest Paper Pumpkin! Click on the image below to see the Stampin’ Up! video showcasing it – super short yet super cute and then I will share and show with you some ideas and ways that I have used this kit.

I was a “Silly Susan” and totally forgot to order extra kits for September as this one usually tends to be a SUPER GREAT Halloween one that is FUN but you better believe that I will be like a hawk waiting and watching to see when the refill kits are available – (I did call yesterday to see if I could get any scoop and all I know is that yes ~ they plan to have some refills….but as to when????, that is the mystery….probably next week.)

You bet that I will order a bunch of refills as I just love to have goodies like this on my shelf! You can see in the picture below that I am using the Paper Pumpkin from last year! (This is why I like to stock up on refills – super cute) I fill these with miniature Tootsie Rolls!


When I was typing this I thought…what the heck – go back and see IF by chance the kit from last year was still available and guess what ~ IT IS!!!! (I highlighted the link for you above)


If you are a newbie to the Paper Pumpkin Program, you can get the 1st month (which would be October) and then you would get November FREE! If you wish to cancel your Paper Pumpkin Kits….easy, after November 10th – simply go on and cancel – POOF…it is that easy!

If you click here and order a month’s subscription and enter promo code  BOGO , you will get that November kit free PLUS….you will be able to order the last year Halloween Kit and/or refill if you wish and fingers crossed……this adorable test tube one form this year! A win-win all the way around!


You can see that I followed the directions from the kit but then I also made a quick super quick and easy note card….



You all know that I love the Note-card Size of Whisper White that we offer but for today’s card – I cut my own card stock to make a vertical card (I have no idea why I did not just use the fold on the left…but just call me silly) and I paired this up with the fun Halloween Paper we have as well as a speed tool, the banner framelits to make this sweet card!


There you go….some Halloween fun from the present as well as the past (last year). I adore both and projects like this are fun to give to all ages…What do I have in the test tubes? You will be surprised but I had them at the house….the are dark chocolate covered espresso beans – Hannah loves them and I bought some last week to send to her!

I am excited to hopefully get more of these test tubes! Hannah works in a Science Lab and wouldn’t this be PERFECT to send her a bunch to give to co-workers…I have a vision already – a basket filled with them and then a cute card/tag – BOO – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the Paper Pumpkin Incentive. I am out of town until Sunday morning but I will check my email as time warrants! Have a great day and I hope that this Halloween post brought a smile to your face!

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