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You can click here to see yesterdays post and then you can decide…which one you like! My goal is to share and show you that you can make some simple changes and great results.


So…Side By Side… You Decide!


Today’s card I cut the white stamped piece a bit smaller = 3 ¾” X 5” – Again, letting the WHITE be a focal part of the card. To the left side I adhered a ¼” strip of daffodil delight!

Before I added that strip I did my stamping, same as yesterday and I hope that my pictures and explanations of “masking” are not to elementary to you but I always feel like never assuming that everyone knows different techniques.







I highly recommend that you play around with masking. It is super easy and the results are always super fun. I know that when I first gave it a try, I was terrible…but then once I had a roll on it – LOVE IT!




There is no secret I adore Bakers Twine. It took me years to see the light but I am glad that I “caught the ray” as it is SUPER AFFORDABLE and so effective.

I simply places a small amount of adhesive on the back to secure the twine and then I wrapped it around 3 times (love this look) You can see that this is crushed curry twine but you can also see that it blends great – do not be afraid to use what you have!





To the sides of the sentiments I added White Perfect Accents. Darn, I wish and hope that Stampin’ Up! would continue to add more colors to these enamel dots…they are fast, fun and effective!





Here is the final picture…(sorry for so many) but I think pictures truly help you learn! I know that there are times that when you see the list of the products that I use for my projects….looks sooooooo big – if you really break it down, I think I do a great job in using the basics…


It’s like setting up a kitchen….WHAT?????

Just think, when you had your 1st kitchen ~  it took time to build up the basics….you start with empty cabinets and then you add to it. That is exactly how I view starting a craft like this….start with the basics and then build… can do it! There is no reason that you have to have everything. I do not have everything and I am super happy – I purchase what I LIKE and what I think I will use!





Thank you for your time….I hope that you have learned how to take a simple card and still keep it simple but make some small changes.

Please click here to see the post that I shared at the beginning of the month about the goodies that you will receive from me with an order! I adore this card and I have been having fun making them….please feel free to email me if you have any questions!




Still having FUN in the South and what a joy to be with Hannah. She had a fabulous day yesterday and looking forward to another great day ahead! My “Joy Tank” is filled to the brim being with my Horse Show Friends!

See you tomorrow….enjoy the day!


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