Good Tuesday to you and as promised I am sharing with you some more TIPS & TRICKS to inspire you! I know that you enjoyed the ones that I shared with you last week and I hope that this week you will be smiling too! 🙂

I do hope that you find these helpful and as I shared – there are times that you need to think about how we set up a kitchen….ALL DIFFERENT and just like your kitchen to my kitchen…what works for you might not work for me….and guess what – THAT IS OK!!!!!

Here you go…..please feel free to email me if you have any questions and also, feel free to leave a comment if you have tried any of these “remedies” before….we all enjoy seeing comments from so many (this is how we learn, grow and also get to know each other)

I totally realize that I am showing you items that are not Stampin’ Up!….but that’s ok….let’s go back to our kitchen….do you have all of the same items from the same company on your kitchen….NO!!!! I am just trying to help you with ease…..I am sure that you can find many similar products from your hometown stores….(I just love the ease of shopping online)

#1 – Do you remember on Sunday’s Post I said that I would share with you a secret weapon that helps me A BUNCH with Bakers Twine…..YEP ~ here you go….just “pull” your bakers twine through and it makes the BEST bows…the most “behaved” fru-frus!!! Here is a link from JoAnn Fabrics…LOVE IT!




#2 – A GREAT RULER…this is such a handy tool and one that I would never be without (the type A person that I am)…here is a link for you….but remember, you can probably find this at other places as well!





#3  & #4  ~ The next (2) are like Peanut Butter and Jelly to me….this has been a game changer for me as I realized that I forgot my Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Scrub on my trip! I have read from many bloggers that they find the “Absorber” to be a great product for cleaning their stamps and YES ~ it is…..again, I am sure that you can find similar products in stores near you…

Here is a link from Amazon.….I cut this into MANY smaller squares….One of these will last you a LONG time!!!!! Do not worry if it looks stained – being stained is GREAT as that means yo have been stampin’!!!! 🙂




Now this little gem is from The Container Store and again, you could use almost any container but I adore the shape of this! I admit, I bought (2) and have been using one for the use it was meant to be….for Onions and it is fantastic….no smells in my refrigerator!

If your towel dries out….just re~wet it and you are good to go!




There you go….4 more tips for you to make your Crafting love more enjoyable! I will share with you more next week! Please remember…these are just things that work for me…we all have differences in what we like or do not like…I just want to share what makes me smile! 🙂

Now to the FUN time of the week…..




It it is Tuesday and you know what that means….time for a new batch of Weekly Deals….click here to see the” new sale ~ bies” THANK YOU Stampin Up! for doing this for us! Enjoy the day and until tomorrow!



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