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Good Morning! WOW ~ I am so glad that you enjoyed yesterdays card and I sure hope that you like today’s version…still basically the same…just a bit stepped up! I know that I say this all of the time…but I really do not think that you could go wrong with either card!

I hope that if you are new to my blog…1st welcome and 2nd…on the weekends I do a (2) day post showing you the same card….just 2 different ways. Some weeks…the Simple Saturday might suit your fancy…and then there are the Step it up Sunday version that make you roll….which ever it is, it is my goal to inspire you to find some “me time” and just have fun…


Here you go….you decide!




My pick this week…today’s version. I think the POP of the splatter from the gorgeous grunge stamp set makes the washi label punches POP… Here is a tip ~ if you do not own the gorgeous grunge stamp set and want this effect…take a paint brush…and “flick” ink onto your card stock. ( I will say…this IS a stamp set that you would use a bunch so I say….GO FOR IT)


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Below you will see how I “built” the focal part. I just found this to be easy using a scrap piece of paper. The paper size that I used was  3 1/8″ X 2″ and then simply adhered the piece on it. I made a dozen of these cards in a snap…this IS a great card to mass produce and it is FUN to make.


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Here are some great close ups that will show you how the contrast of the grunge stamp accents the FUN from the Washi Tape Punches. This method/design is perfect for small prints of paper and also have fun coming up with different sentiments!


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The other difference I did today was to add a very simple piece of Thick Bakers Twine to the front. Here is how I do it as I get super frustrated trying to tie a bow…..I took a piece of twine and just anchored it behind and then took another piece….tied a bow and used a glue dot to hold it in place!

I am sure that there are many of you that are surprised that I do it that way….but heck – I am just being honest as this works for me and causes no frustration! (when that happens…I smile!)


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Yesterday I shared with you that I used a regular envelope (but of course it was lined) and I asked you…..does that bother you not to have an envelope that is a perfect fit? If you go back to read the comments there were many views and again, I just think that it is a personal preference….

My thoughts….I like to make an envelope that fits. Trust me…this is totally a no judgment zone here, I am just being honest with what I like to do. I can remember when we used to make envelopes with the Simply Scored….(I honestly can’t remember how to do that) and then the envelope punch board came out….and I swore that I would never be ever to figure it out….(remember….that’s why my blog is called Simple Stampin’…sometimes Simple Susan doesn’t get it)


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Here is the low down on the products used! Remember, at the end of the post you will see all of the items used and you can click on the image and read more about it and then if you wish to purchase it, you can simply add it to the shopping cart!

Please remember to pin your favorites so you can go back and make them – quick references are always a huge help!


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Enjoy your Sunday….I am excited to hear what you think about today’s card…feel free to leave a comment….I think that we all love reading what makes us roll. I am going to make John some of these cards (layout) and change up the paper and also use a more masculine font as he needs to write some notes. He is always my best critic….he said he liked today’s card!



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