Here you go….SIMPLE it is today! Just call me “Simple Susan”  – it doesn’t get any simpler than this! This weekend post might “DEFLATE” many of you but I hope that you can see the FUN way you can say thanks to someone!

The 2 stamps that I am showcasing today are the SUPER FABULOUS Watercolor Thanks Single Stamp (which is going bye-bye) and the Work of Art that has made it in the catalog for the next year!


You all know that Polka Dots make me smile so naturally this card makes me smile. It is a super simple one layer card that brings you back to your childhood with playing with paint and making “Ink Dots” – (I think that there are coloring books that you can dab ink in dots – sounds like great therapy!!!)

When you break down this stamp set…you can see the possibilities of making true works of Art….plus there is great sentiments!




The card size is a note card size and yep…I love them. I still find myself scratching my head why many of you do not like them. They are made from the thick cardstock and already pre-scored and have envelopes….20 for just $6.00, I ask you – how can you go wrong!?!?




There is not much to tell you about the ins and outs of this card as it is very obviously easy…but I encourage you to have FUN picking colors and try to stretch yourself and play with new color combinations.

Let’s go back and  chat about this single stamp. You need it. It is a keeper. It is a classic. It is still available (well the last time I checked) and for just $9.00 you will thank me for nudging you to purchase this!




You have heard me say before that there are some stamps that would not leave Randall Lane, this is one of them. I truly love it and I wish that you could see how inked up the wood block is that it is on. (I like to say that this is a sign of being well-loved) 🙂

My feelings are…if there is something that you love…then why not use it over and over again? It’s kind of like clothes…the longer you keep them around, the better chance they will come back in style!!!!

Please make sure that you check out the retired and clearance racks. When May 31st comes – they are gone and please do not make the mistake in thinking that the retired stuff will just go to clearance…it usually does not work that way! I say if you want it – GET IT…..if it doesn’t make your heart pitter patter…..that’s great to – Go get inky with some toys you have!!!!

Stampin’ hugs….

p.s. – please do not forget to use the hostess code found on the upper right of my blog to be able to have me send you a handmade card ($35.00+) order or both – a roll of Tear-n-Tape and the card with a ($75.00)+ order!


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