Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever been enabled by a card that you just HAVE TO  “cave in” and purchase the stamp set? Well my friends…I hope that you are saying YES as hopefully I have done this to you at times!

Today’s card was from my dear Texas friend, Alyece. She sent me this card in February and I must say that I have looked at it…and smiled 🙂  and then looked at it again (I do keep the cards you send to me)….and then I smiled again 🙂  – and then it happened…I CAVED and I ordered this as I knew that if I have been looking at it for this long…than it needed to come to Randall Lane!





If it were not for Alyece…I probably wouldn’t have purchased this but I am so glad that I did. This card was made for my peep James. He is a wonderful person that has a wonderful heart and he is such a kind person. Last Friday night when John and I came home from our trip he was to pick us up from the airport. I was to call him when we landed as he would be waiting at the cell phone area.

Well…we landed, I called. Then as soon as we hung up from each other I had another call – it was from a driving service that we were to walk out of the airport and he was waiting to take us home. I was sooooo confused but James arranged this so he could be at our house…relieved the “house/dog/horse/donkey/pig/garden/flower sitter” (talk about jack of all trades) and make us a special dinner so when we walked in the door, everything was perfect.

Ever since James has been a little grasshopper I have always said, “If there were more James’ in the world, our world would be a better place” – I truly mean that – he is the keeper of all keepers. We had a great dinner together (even thought John and I were pooped but we found the energy to cherish the moment)




Wasn’t that special that he took the time and thought to do this…..and oops, I forgot – he also had on the table my favorite flowers, yellow tulips! Once we arrived home…we had calls from peeps Will and Hannah as they we all in this as well and they were so happy and proud that there “Mama and Papa Bear” did this fun and big trip! (We are blessed!!!)

I immediately ordered this stamp set and framelits…as I knew that Alyece’s card was so special to me, that this would be a perfect way to give a BIG bear hug to my peeps! Here is the image of the stamp set….I am going to have fun with the apron!!!




I have blogged about this before…embossing folders are a GREAT addition to your card…it is amazing how something so simple can produce such texture and sheer fun! I have yet to blog about the NEW ONES…but hang tight ,you bet I will!




Another product that I could not be without….BAKERS TWINE….it is the best and in my opinion, I think that you should have it in every color as not only is it super affordable but it is sooooo darn tootin’ easy to work with! There are so many things that you can do with it and for a “bow challenged” person like myself, it is the answer for me! (it’s kind of hard to get a bad bow with Bakers Twine 😆





The heart on the bear is adorable and as you can see I totally CASED it from Alyece but I also wanted to do something in the inside that was fun and whimsical… This sentiment is from the MUST HAVE Sentiment Stamp Set that was carried over (woot-woot) called Suite Sayings….now I am “just saying” you really need this one – it is a great addition for so many cards that we make!

Confession time: I stamped this on the inside without my stamp-a-ma-gig and it was crooked….and I was sad – well actually I was a bit mad at myself as I thought, why would I have done all of this to try to save a bit of time only to have it be crooked!?!?!? Well, there is always a plan B for us “type A’s” out there – love, LOVE these nesting framelits!








Well…thoughts? Did my Bear make you smile? Now how about this envelope with Baby Bear…he is sooooo sweet! After I learned my lesson with messing up on the inside of my card, I did pull out old faithful, Mr. Stamp-a-ma-gig and gave the front of this envelope some love….”nobody hugs like a mother”  🙂

I feel like I have been working at Jo Ann Fabrics in cutting ribbon this week……I have been BUSY getting the products shares all together and I am SUPER happy to say that they will be OUT THE DOOR on Monday Morning! (Get ready for happiness in your mail boxes) I will offer another share later this month in case you missed this one!

Have a GREAT day….I am going to as I am going to a Shoebox Swap today (I have no idea what to do…I just listened to what Jeanie told me to do and bring) and I am sure I am going to come back with some great cards – I have a CA-ZILLION things I should be doing here at home but…..WEEDS…they can wait….LAUNDRY…that can wait….sometimes a girl has to do what a girl needs to do! After all it is just from 8 – 1~ 🙂

I will see you tomorrow as I am CASEING again…..this time from Lisa Poe – do you remember her fun card from the card swap? I will do my version and share with you all of the measurements!!!! Go make a memory today and make someone smile!




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