Is it really THURSDAY already?….is it really the END OF THE MONTH already? Wow – this month has ZOOMED by but at the same time…it has been a busy, a fun, a rewarding month with Stampin’ Up!

I just love to see the excitement with everyone when a new catalog comes out. I know how I feel when we get to see it way before you… I feel like a kid at Christmas!

Today’s PPA Color Challenge is from the one, the only….Brian King! I adore Brian and spending any time with him is always an experience! He is not only one talented stamper, he is one special person! I hope that you look at the below color sketch and play along! (There is a “funny” about this card…I’ll tell you at the end!)







There are just so many elements of this card that I just LOVE…I do not know where to start! Let’s chat…so – what do you think about this stamp set, Vertical Greetings? – Do I have a “THUMBS UP…or a THUMBS DOWN?” – I hope that is it UP as I adore it! The possibilities are endless and you can easily make the topiary’s seasonal!

What I did was cut off 1″ of the right side of the front panel of the A-2 card and then stamped the sentiment to the inside of the card! FUN, right!!!! 🙂






Trying to make “Mr. King” happy with getting all of the color in, I decided to take (2) thin, 1/4 strips of the colors for the challenge (that was smart….right?) and adhere them to the edge.

I simply could not leave that white space naked, that would have been boring so out came the Festive Embossing Folder…a true blue keeper!




A quick, super quick chat about the embellishments on this card – it is from the Sunshine Sayings Bundle and YES – you need to purchase this as a bundle. There is absolutely nothing not to love about this bundle ~ so practical and timless.





So…what do you think? Did it intrigue you by cutting off a section of the base card? I am just over the moon with the Vertical Greetings Stamp Set….so much that this is what I am going to use in July for my Stamp of the Month Kit.

I do hope that you pull out these 3 colors and then think of something to make? I honestly had no idea where I was going with this one….I just held the 3 colors in my hand and said – GO FOR IT!





Now for a “FUNNY” for you – yesterday we had an electrician at the house doing work. He arrived at 7 a.m. and left at 5:15 p.m. I had NO IDEA that he would have been there all day but we did have a lot of work needed to get done. He was sweet, super sweet and very appreciative.

Needless to say we spent the day together…..and he was great with the dogs and even Daisy made a visit. I needed to run into town several times for things he needed and I tried to help him with awkward things etc….He told me that it was his 3rd Anniversary and he still needed to take some ladders back to the Home Office before heading home.

I asked him, “Did you get your wife a card?” His answer was no, not yet…..I am going to stop on the way home….WELL…WAS THIS HIS LUCKY DAY OR WHAT! I showed him cards…and guess what – he picked this one! It just goes to show you how random things happen….HE was happy and I was happy! (now I hope that his wife liked it) 🙂

The Moral of this story is….you never know who you will meet….and random acts of kindness fill you heart and joy tank to the max! Enjoy the day….I’ll be back later!

p.s. – I also gave him some BLUEBERRIES….and he smiled!


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