Happy NEW WEEK….and I have a question for you…WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A HORSE THAT HAS JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING? Well, many of you would first say…I would not to a darn thing for a horse on its birthday but then you know me…I love my animals and when I know of their special day….I remember, I celebrate.

Stanley just turned 7 and for practical  purposes, that is still relatively young for a Warm Blood. He is a super sweet Dutch horse and most people in the horse world refer to “Warm Bloods” as “Dumb Bloods”….because they are slow growers and some say, slow learners. He is perfect in my eyes.

He is leased out to a super sweet young lady for the summer and as much as it is “Killin’ Hannah” – she knows that it is the best for him while she gets settled into her new life at Duke. She is looking for a barn to have him come down to in September.






Horses adore peppermints and actually they look for them after they do a job. Spoiled is what I call it. When we first bought Stanley 4 years ago, he did not know what  carrot was…what an apple was…and for sure – he had no idea what a peppermint was. He was only in the USA for about a week before Hannah’s trainer saw him….it was an instant connection for Hannah and him as she really wanted to bring up a baby. She has done an amazing job doing that.

You all know that I do not do a bunch of 3-D’s but when one tickles my fancy...I am ALL IN! I totally was going to pass this one up until I saw it in person while on the trip and my wheels instantly were spinning with ideas! I think the main thing that I love about this thinlit (but I would DEFINITELY purchase it as a bundle) as the stamp set has some amazing stamps for general cards.




Last week I shared with you about the You Tube Stampin’ Up Channel, here is a super short video on this product and it is a must watch as it will make TOTAL SENSE how to put it together.

I followed Donna’s instructions to a tee but I did use the fast fuse to adhere the end of the box (truth be told…I just had my nails done and the tear -n-tape in such a small area stressed me out!) 😯



Below are the ones that I made! The barn colors are Grey and Navy so this is why I chose this! My dear Stanley is “on the road” so I thought that these would be PERFECT for him…heck, carrots would wilt!

Look at these “squiggle fru-fru’s”  – LOVE THEM…they are in the framelit set and just think how you could use them for other cards and projects! I did take the bone folder to break the paper fibers down to make them more pliable….I adhered them with glue dots!


Not lets chat about this trim…adorable! The mini pom-pom trim is the icing on the cake! I simply used the tear-n-tape to hold it in place. So cute, so fun, so festive! I think the biggest bonus of this bundle is the fact that you can use it all year!!!

The other thing that I think is key is….our card stock is plenty strong enough for this goodie. I think that this would be a fantastic “treat” for a gift card sticking out….trust me, you will be seeing this again with other ideas I have up my sleeve! 🙂


The below (2) pictures are from Stampin’ Up and you can clearly see that they are “keepers and simply amazing” So fun, so fresh, so doable! Don’t you LOVE that floral stamp on the Birthday one? I am just itchin’  to use this on a card!



I know that this picture is not the best but you can see them side by side that they are both super fun, yet have a different feel. Do you have a favorite? If so, please leave me a comment as I would love your feedback.

Versa Mark is something that YOU MUST HAVE… me, it serves 3 purposes;

  1. Gives you a tone on tone like I did today with the “Happy Birthday”
  2. Is the MUST HAVE for embossing
  3. It is a “secret weapon” in conditioning your stamps….especially the Photopolymer Ones , (but I do the same for the clear mount, especially if they are large images)




I hope that I have enlightened you today. I truly think that many of us totally “by pass” items that are 3-d….I “get it” to a certain extent but I will say that this one is a keeper as it “fits the bill for many occasions”…

Many of you are going to be happy tomorrow as I will share with  a Tuesday Tip with the colors on how I organize my paper. This is a tricky thing as we all have different ways in doing this…this just works for me and I hope that it might work for you! 🙂

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