Here you go! A couple of simple changes that make the “feel of the card” a bit different from yesterday! Both work for me, it just comes down to time and product. I am a firm believer that we can create amazing cards with the basics, the classics.

With that said, I can look at a stamp set and say, “I can use that a bunch” and then there are other stamps that I can easily say….“That is just not me” – and guess what – that is TOTALLY ok – that is what makes each of us roll!





There you go…side by side, you decide! The definite agreement is that the stamp set is a BLUE RIBBON KEEPER, we can always use a great thank you stamp set and with the great sentiments, (both for the outside as well as the inside) makes this a stamp that needs to be on your shelf!




Now we will get to the differences of the cards….today I used the FUN Swirly “what-evers” shine! I love these as they can go both ways, modern and classic. I used the “green glue” to adhere them to the dot DSP. Just little dots of this adhesive does the trick!

The other change that I did was the addition of the silver thread. This gives an instant fun factor and whimsy to a card. It is really easy to work with and the best tip that I can give you is to make sure that you have a good amount of adhesive to the back that you are adhering it to. I like to use Fast Fuse and then I press it into the adhesive – then flip it over so I can see it….fuss with it to get the loops just the way I want them to be and then give a good press….DONE!




Do you remember that yesterday we chatted about the new Big Shot Platform? Well….I used it again today but I also added the precision plate. This is another must have for the things we do.

With all of the more intricate dies out there, the great combo of the precision plate and the Big Shot Die Brush make cutting these dies a breeze, each and every time.




I would love this sentiment on a square card and the boldness lends itself to a square card but I know that many of you rather have a good old A-2 card. Hopefully you can see that it will work both ways!

This also would be a great easel card, click here to see the one I did and then you can see that you would be able to do the same with this stamp set.







Thanks for sharing your Sunday morning with me and a HUGE HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all of the great Dads and mentors we have out there. I am blessed to have a GREAT Dad and John is a GREAT Dad to our peeps… is to be a beautiful day on the East Coast and we plan to be at the best place on the earth – HOME!!!!

John wants to be here and we will grill… with the critters and I am sure also do work – but working outside on a beautiful day is FUN when you can do it together! I hope to see you back here tomorrow…I will share with you what I made Stanley (the horse) for his Birthday!!!!

The products I used for today’s post are below, shopping from home is FUN and oh so easy! I hope that you have enjoyed this 2 day post and that I have shown and inspired you to see that there are always options out there! Have a fabulous day and make some memories!


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