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Good WEEKENDWOW – it is a HOT one on the East Coast but do I have a FUN and SIMPLE card for you today! I am smiling as I really….I really like it! The inspiration for this card came from the Moroccan DSP!

This is something that I do (most of the time)  ~ I like to pick the paper and then work around my card! Do you ever do that? Call me silly, but I was just itchin’ to use this DSP! I admit, I am not a huge fan of the coordinating stamps sets that work around this paper, but I ADORE this paper – I think that I like the fact that it works with Very Vanilla – I LOVE THAT!!!


Moroccan DSP


I have another confession, I was always scared to death about stamp sets that do “double” and even “triple stampin”  – this is what this stamp set does….tomorrow I will share with you the pictures of the different layers but trust me, IF I CAN DO IT – YOU CAN!

After I was at the “end of the diving board”, I decided to take the plunge to try to get comfortable with stamp sets like this! It is sooooooo much easier than you think!



Bunch of Blossoms Bundle


One thing that we all know, punches are “friends to us” and this comes as a bundle and being a bundle you know that it will save you an instant 10%!

I do get many emails/comments that Stampin’ Up! has many, many floral stamp sets….true ~ true but then again, you can always do sooooooo much with flowers and I say – HAVE FUN!



Stampin' Up! Clean and SImple Card, Bunch of Blossoms, Masking Technique, Susan Itell - stampinup



When you look at the above photo you will see that there are a variety of colors….but there are just Dapper Denim and Emerald Envy…..I just “stamped off” and then “full strength” – it really is fun, easy and rewarding!



Stampin' Up! Bunch of Blossoms Just Because Card, Susan Itell - stampinup


When you look at the image of the stamp set you can see how there are many stamps the same shape, this is where the shading/layering comes in.

For someone like me that sees things very “straight and boringly forward” – this type of stamp set does intimate me but the “TRUMP CARD” for me was the fact that there was a punch and great resources to help me over my “hump of can I do it”….



Stampin' Up! Blossom Builder Bunch,Bunch of Blossom Bundle,Moroccan DSP,Susan Itell - stampinup


I hope that you feel the same way as I do, I adore this card! These colors are so rich and vibrant and let’s chat about the sentiment….sooooo fun and different with just an amazing font! I think that we all can think of many to send this to!


Stampin' Up! Moroccan DSP, Bunch of Blooms Bundle. Susan Itell - stampinup


The envelope was made with the Envelope Bunch Board and again, this piece of plastic makes me sooooo happy as it makes ME look good and I know that it will make YOU look good as well. I laugh at when I first bought this ~ it was a HUGE intimation factor for me and I admit, I had it for a while before I took the plunge to figure it out!

I hope that you will pop back tomorrow to see what I have up my sleeve and also I will go into depth about how to “man handle” doing layered stamping….it really is SOOOOO easy!

Have a great day……I say, “STAY INSIDE” as it is HOT…..and take advantage of the beauty of shopping from home…..the best thing is BONUS DAYS….I am happy that I have taken advantage of this incentive…and I hope that you will too!




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