Woot-woot, it is Friday and the end of the week is here! Do you have any fun plans…I do – DOING NOTHING other than being here at the house and I am smiling about that! Yesterday I woke up early with a HUGE to-do list and I felt great that there were lots of accomplishments!

I picked up Stanley and was squealing with joy and excitement the whole way home….just to have him home that I can look out the window and see my sweet , beautiful boy. (darn, I get so attached to my animals) and now I have another TO DO daily …ride Stanley – he is fit and he needs to stay that way…so the moral of the story is I need to get my rear up and go ride Stanley and Oscar every morning!

We all know that the clearance rack was stocked on Tuesday and one of my all time favorites was on there and is still on there! While I was driving home from getting Stanley, I whipped this card up in my head…this is why I love this 1″ punch!






To make this card – is a cinch! All I did was take a 4″ X 5″ piece of white paper and then using the 1″ punch (WHICH IS ON CLEARANCE) and POPPED away with the 1″ punch and went to town! The “green glue” works great to get that perfect “wiggle room”

It worked out perfectly to cut a 2″ square for the sentiment! This layout is fun and fast and can easily be adapted with many stamps we have and a great way to use up DSP. It looks time consuming but it is really the contrary as it is super fast to whip up!

You all know that I love this below stamp set…I actually think that it might be the most versatile stamp set in the NEW Holiday Catalog…..when in doubt – get the sentiment set out! This worked PERFECTLY – as the sentiment went on a 2″ square!



Suite Sayings, Holiday Catalog 2016





You have to agree that this is a super easy card! I used to use 1″ squares all of the time when I Scrap-booked a bunch. It is so easy to work with and it adds that extra “something” but take little time and minimal product! I say that this is a win-win all the way around!

After I adhered the squares and the sentiment, I then added it to a white mat before placing it on the Black base. Fun, festive and easy! Today I did something I rarely do…the white mat is the width of the card (4 1/4″) but the height of the mat is 5 1/4″ so you see a peek of black on the top and bottom….(hope this makes sense, when you hold it in your hand it looks great – so just TRY IT!)






Here is you pin picture! I encourage you to look at this layout and save it as it is such a quick and easy way to make a fun card! We all have so much DSP…so let’s use it! This is also a great card to do with children. They love punching things out~ I would make a deal with them…they punch you glue!




BOO! – I hope that this sweet card made you smile. it is clean, crisp and just works! This punch is now on sale for just under $10.00 so I would definitely HOP ON IT if you do not have it. I find that “punches are my friends…as they are time savers” – that darn word…TIME – gets is all of the time!

I just have to share with you….my boys….they are super dirty and dusty but after they went out together and rolled…and looked at each other as they were saying…IS THAT YOU…they bonded! I had my phone with me and took a quick video of them ~ I just had to share the love with Hannah…she too loves her boys!

Don’t get to excited…it’s kind of boring but it is amazing the love animals have for each other. They have been apart since May and like a great friend, they can pick up where the left off!



Enjoy the day – make someone smile and do something for yourself! 🙂


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