Woot – woot…I admit, I was super afraid that I could not “add to or should I say, step up yesterdays card” but I put my thinking cap on and I think that you are going to like it….Out of the gate, I vote for today’s card as I love, LOVE the simple yet classic touch of “gold” from the gold foil sheets. Just the wee bit of gold does the trick for me!

Now I know…it is not about me – so….which one do you prefer!?!? Side by side, you decide!






Here are the “FUN” products that I used…basically it is the same layout as yesterday, just a change up of color and some added stars (from the below bundle) I had many questions as to how I did the die cut slash line = easy ….it is in the Greetings from Santa Framelits (2nd picture below)

This was super easy to do as I found the middle of the red piece…made the cut. Next, to both ends I drew a line 3/4″ and made another cut and lastly just “eye balled it” to make the middle cuts!









I have a confession, all I had were scraps of the gold foil sheets so I just had to make the best of it. (It is funny, I think that this is a smarter way – USE UP THOSE SCRAPS ~ no need to use a big piece of the foil sheet.

I did find that the tear -n – tape was the perfect adhesive to anchor the gold strips and then also to hold the red piece to the base!






Enjoy the below pictures. It is hard to get a good picture of the gold foil paper but I think that you will see and “get the” elegance it gives. O think that this card would be super beautiful with Always Artichoke, Very Vanilla and the Gold Foil.

Do you see the stars?!?! They are also from the Greetings from Santa Framelits! (This is a super fun offering)










Here is the envelope fun! Today I decided to add the gold foil strip to go hand in hand with today’s card. There is just something about gold and Christmas….classic, clean and fun!







There you go….thoughts???? This is a super easy card to make in the masses and every year I try to pick several of the cards that I make to “mass produce” for my personal sending…this is one of them = I just love everything about it….probably because it is so simple!

Thanks for your time…I deeply appreciate you popping in. Please tell your family and friends about my blog – word of mouth is the best! I love what I do and I live inspiring YOU!

O.k. – here is your story! I know that it is long but I think it will make your heart happy 🙂



Do you remember that last weekend I had a blow out on my trailer while I was driving to see Hannah with her horse? Click here to read about it if you missed it as it will warm your heart to know that there are “good and kind” people out there.

On my way back home from Durham a week ago, Fred asked me to stop at his shop to make sure that the spare tired I had was good and he was going to put it on the rim and mount it back where the spare goes on my trailer. I told him that I would be ok but he insisted for me to call him when I was leaving Durham as his shop was about an hour away.

Now remember, this is a Sunday – he is closed but he said that he lived about 10 minutes from he shop. He said that he was doing nothing but watching Football. I called him, and we met. He took off the blown out tire off the rim and put the new tire on the rim (picture of the tire below) – you can see why I was scared…


Tire Blow out going to Durham


In talking while he was doing this we had many great discussions…One was, I asked him what was his favorite Foot Ball Team…he said with a smile, I am a die hard Redskin Fan. I smiled back and said that is great BUT…..we are Ravens Fans. (I actually do not follow football a bunch, I just like to see John have some “down time” enjoying watching a game)

Well…..last Friday(just 2 days ago) was the BEST DAY – do you remember I said in my post that I was going to help my PEEP at a Golf Tournament that he was in charge of for work? Well I did and the weather was just spectacular and the venue was picturesque.

When I arrived to the course my jaw was hanging with the beauty that I saw. There was nothing but mountains and beautiful scenery as far as I could see. The weather was crisp and you could just start to see that the leaves were starting to change. I couldn’t help but have some guilt inside as I was so ALIVE with the beauty of the day and then to think that Hurricane Matthew was going on….

I found my son and was a proud Mama and said, “Mom here….reporting for duty” He smile as I had a big bag of “to do’s” with me (just in case). He said , “Mom I am putting you on Hole #10 and you are going to do a Marshmallow Shoot when the people come to your hole.” I thought, WHAT THE HECK?

Well…IT WAS A HOOT. Before they hit their “regular shot” I greeted them with a big bowl of HUGE marshmallows that they were to have FUN with. Now you know me, I am all about having FUN and I wish that you would have seen some of these guys faces (some people that gold WAY TOO SERIOUSLY) I explained the game and told them that who ever hit the Marshmallow the furthest from their foursome would win a sleeve of balls and then who ever hit the furthest over all would win a BIG prize at the awards ceremony at the end of the day.

I wish that you would have seen their faces and hear the comments. It really made me laugh as I heard, “I have never hit a Marshmallow before…Should I use a Driver or a Pitching Wedge….Should I stand the Marshmallow Up or lay it on the side…..” = It really was funny but I will say the best success was to tee it up using 3 tees and used a driver.

The end was THEY LOVED IT and doing something totally FUN like this really broke the ice with them. Inside I was beaming as my PEEP thought of the idea (so yes….he DOES have a creative gene in him) It was a hoot to see them have fun.

O.k. – to the point of this story. After the tournament there was a social event and award ceremony. There was also a table filled with silent auction items….and let me tell you…..Men do not take advantage of taking the time bidding at Silent Auction items…..if the wives were there….you betcha that those pencils would be going to town….

Well….there were Redskin Tickets….on the 50 yard line – 12 rows behind the Redskins….I PERKED UP! The only problem was – men liked to bid on the sporting events….(the other items were lonely) but the sport tickets were hot.

I was sooooooo excited to see Johns team drive up after they finished and I ran over to him and said, There are Redskin Tickets at the auction. He looked at me like – o.k. …why????? You know that I am a Ravens fan – I said, I want to get them for Fred. John is a GREAT MAN, he got it, he beamed as well.

I told him that there are several of us bidding on them….he said, just don’t go near the table….I will check it out. Well he did, and he made it happen! I was like a kid in a candy store. This was a WIN-WIN for all of us…..

We made a great donation to the School where all 3 PEEPS went to…..I was able to to do something for someone that was an angel to me….and he (Fred) was OVER THE TOP EXCITED as his son’s Birthday was the day before the game.

As I left to drive home I called Fred and told him…we talked on the phone for over 20 minutes and he was so excited. When I learned about his sons Birthday I thought, this is sooooo ironic. What a great Birthday gift and the fact that a Father/Son can go and enjoy a special time together. He said that he has never been so close to a team (the tickets are at a great place) and the family that donated them are always so gracious to the school.

The moral of the story is…never stop trying…never stop believing…never stop making a difference…as you never know how things will turn out. There are super simple things we can do on a daily basis like a simple smile….that does make someone know that you care.

I was so happy that I was fortunate to do this for Fred. Trust me, our paths will cross again. He is a beautiful person that has a wonderful and kind heart. He reminded me, “Please tell Hannah if she needs anything to call me” – and you know what….I would feel 100% comfortable in her doing so. Witht his crazy world out there, it is great to know that there are people that “get it” ….

Now guess what the BIG PRIZE was for the overall Marshmallow winner…..James has a “Smore’s maker” with Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars and more Marshmallows…..again my heart was skipping a beat as all I could think of was….HE GETS IT TOO – my son thought OUT OF THE BOX and made people laugh and it was an “ice breaker” for stress…..I am a proud MAMA BEAR.

Sorry for the LONG post but I hope that it touched your heart – now go make a difference today!



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