Good Morning…well one week from today it is the BIG DAY to celebrate this beautiful and special season! How is everyone doing? I think that there are times that the holidays bring us “speed bumps” in life but I encourage you to look at them and try to find some humor in them…just say to yourself, “you just can’t make this stuff up”

Here is the latest and greatest on our end…..WE HAVE INTERNET!!!! The cyber gods have opened up and made me happy BUT the weather yesterday……CRAZY – it was to get warm….but oh no, it was an ICY mess and it truly did not get better as the day went on. After John and I left McDonald’s yesterday (for me to finish my post) and then to the gym…..IT WAS CLOSED!!!!! (due to weather)

Last night I asked John where the mail was and he said, it never came….I could not believe it as it really wasn’t THAT bad….so I texted on of my friends that works at our local post office as John and I had a bet….JOHN WON…..she said – YEP, they told the mail carriers not to go back your road!

I am LOVIN’ being SANTA and wowzers….it looks like there was LOTS of great discussion about the Absorbers. I am glad that so many of you use this method and for those of you that are still unclear, let me say a couple of things before we get to today’s topic.

We need ANOTHER WINNER……so here you go – the lucky winner today is #4 – Carol ~ WOOT-WOOT.….do that dance and then send  email me  with your address!


winner winner chicken dinner


Quickly to the absorber….

It is just a basic car drying chamois that all I do is cut into “workable” sizes for my hand. (I personally thing that if it is too big….it is super frustrating). I will be a post with the links to many ideas on non Stampin’ Up! this week but for those of you that are unclear about the product – here is a link and then here is another link. You can clearly see that the prices are different and the reason is the size…you are going to “cut it” so take that into consideration.

I will say….I think that the “absorber” brand is the best – it seems to hold up great through many hard uses and washings! You can buy this at any auto store (maybe in your own garage)…Walmart etc….I just find it SUPER handy to use and it works great for me!

O.k. – now to day! We all take soooo much pride and joy in making things and also in picking out the “special something” for gift giving – today is all about making them look their best as after all…when someone sees a beautiful presentation…now matter what the value of it is – THEY FEEL SPECIAL!

Below you will see a couple of pictures of packing that I do. I ADORE wrapping gifts, even so much that I would love to have a service to fru-fru and wrap peoples gifts! I find it fun and rewarding but trust me, I AM SUPER SAVVY!





Here are tips for you….now I know one thing that we all have in common is HOARDING paper and ribbon so 1st I say USE IT. I will then say that there are some ribbons that are TIMELESS and SUPER CLASSIC that are just tooooooo darn good of a deal to not STOCK PILEyes, you heard me….I am saying BUY MORE AND HOARD it because it is going to be useful in many time ahead!

The “key” to doing this is to purchase wisely. When we buy wrapping paper you are almost always guaranteed that white or ivory will work. YEP – click here and then click here. I ask you, how can you go wrong for $2.80 a roll…it is simple – YOU CAN’T~

Here is another type of ribbon that I SWOOPED up on because it ties BEAUTIFUL in the simple knot….(works for me as it lays flat and always looks great) – are the 5/8″ Striped Cotton Ribbon. These are also $2.80 per roll – they are fantastic ~ (I seem to use the Hello Honey and the Blackberry Bliss the most)




Now you might be surprised on this one….this is what I have on one of the packages you see in the picture! It is the Wild Wasabi Seam Binding Ribbon – this is another keeper for many papers! Here is another sleeper for many of you….the Craft Rope Trim. This was from the holiday catalog and it just gives a great homey feel to a package and I trend to use it for things that I pull together tissue paper around.

Here is a FUNNY FOR YOU…..when I was taking down the cornstalks from our front porch I found a surprise (remember….John did the decorating)….I went to cut them off of the pillars and guess what he used – THE CRAFT ROPE TRIM!!!!! Here is goes, you just can’t make this stuff up! I asked him about it when he came home that night and I loved his answer….the baling twine on the hay bales at the barn were blue so I went upstairs to your stash and thought that was perfect! 😀

Here is the last ribbon I will share today as I think by now “you get it” where I am going with this post. It is the Real Red 3/4″ Stitched Ribbon. It is beautiful and I have used it a bunch this season. It is now $5.10 and I do not mean to sound cheap etc…but I have been on the fence waiting to see if it would go lower in price so I haven’t gone “too overboard” on this one…..I do love it and it made decorating Mason Jars a breeze! (this would be great for Valentines Day as well!)




Let’s chat about paper…do you know where I love to get super cute paper for just $1.00 a roll. Michael’s Arts! If you go to the section in the store that has the $1.00 bins…you can always find fun and different paper patterns. That is always the 2st place I go when I go to Michael’s as those bins are great!

The other great place that I find FUN tissue is Hobby Lobby. When they have a sale….they have a great sale! This fun polka dot tissue is 50% off and I bet it will be 75% off soon….I will SWOOP that up as it works for Valentines as well plus I always give my product shares lots of love on making them look pretty for you!

We all cannot forget the dollar store… is a great one that I love to do for a little “giftie” for my mail carrier. He loves to go to the movies…I buy him (2) movie tickets that he can use whenever and purchase a popcorn box form the dollar store….put some $1.00 boxes of candy, a cute card….BAM!!!!

Here is another GREAT GIFT that anyone would love to receive. I did this for my brother that is a single dad. I bought him a bunch of different wrapping paper like I talked about….a bunch of our ribbons, a “good” scotch tape dispenser with refills and a great pair of scissors….this is such a practical and useful gift that would nake someone happy not to have to do the “guess work”

There you go…another post that hopefully has brought some insight to you! Now here is the FUN…..leave us a comment and give us some feedback of the products I highlighted and also some tips and tricks that you do.


One person will win several rolls of ribbon that I know will make you smile!

I highlighted the specific product for you rather than showing the scrolling store like I normally do with my blog posts because “at a glance”, they do not show the discounted price……but remember, clicking on the highlighted link will take you directly to my on line store….and also click here as well!

There are LOTS of deals and remember….YOU can GO TO THE VAULT! Ho-Ho-Ho! I like to make sure that I have the “basics” so stocking up on great Year End Deals is a win-win….and then toss in some staples like paper, envelopes, adhesives…..I know getting to $75.00 is not too hard…then you can PICK A FREE STAMP from ME!


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