I do not know about you…but I LOVED “Show and Tell” days at school! It was a total excitement for me and I planned what I was going to “Show or Tell” to the max! I thought that it would be fun to SHOW and TELL this AMAZING goodie that was in my mailbox! Talk about hitting the jackpot!

Before we get to the fun today, I must say – you all are the best and I do dearly love reading each and everyone of your comments. I admit….I try to stay off the computer during the day as I get “sucked in that cyber hole” so I do try to respond to your  wonderful comments but as Sonny said, I usually do it at the end of the day! (I guess it shows that I am trying to be disciplined because I know that it is hard for me to get off once I get on!)

Let’s get to this Monday fun! This was in my Mailbox on Friday. It was from me dear friend and downline, Jeanie Stark. I have known Jeanie for ages and we have gone thru Creative Memories, American Girl Dolls with our girls…to endless laughs and inspirations…to being together in Atlanta for On Stage!

Jeanie is super talented and just darn tootin’ fun. We truly have had many adventures together from taking my truck and trailer to get painted….to picking strawberries…to creating endless works of memories for our families…..she is truly a talented stamper, and amazing pre-school teacher and a wonderful person!

I love her motto….with her work schedule when she gets off…..“FROM 12 to 3, IT’S ALL ABOUT ME”.…this was “her time” before her children came home from school but now her peeps are out of the home nest and she is doing a BANG UP job with her blog, Just Stampin’. I highly encourage you to subscribe to her blog as it is Jeanie at it’s best – and it is FUN!



Isn’t this the best ensemble to see! Not only did I feel super special, but I just did not want to open it because of its sheer beauty. Being the “teacher” that she is, she is doing another (this is her 2nd go around with the Alphabet) of the A,B,C’s…and she NAILED IT!



CLICK HERE to see her post of how she created this AMAZING project!




I am never, ever brave enough to try to use the sequins…but I think that we can agree….she NAILED IT! It is funny….clustering together different types of products just always seem to work….for me, it is just sticking my head out and try!



Another product that I am a bit shy to use but again, she rocked it – the gold glimmer paper…I adore how she off set the layers as it gives such a POP!

When you look at this and really, really look at it – there are simple elements that are all put together to make an instant dimension! I was just sooooo touched by this, it is such a beauty but also sooooooo do-able!




I just had to take the tissue out of the box so you could get the sheer FUN of this bundle! The way that these stars POP up is amazing and the gold paper makes such a statement. Wouldn’t this be an AMAZING project/gift to make…..when you see Jeanie’s instructions~ you will see how do-able this is!




I love to share other peoples work….and I hope that this post made you smile and also brought some insight to you in how to make an amazing gift! We all have so much to give and share and I cannot tell you how proud I am of Jeanie’s blog ….we all have gifts – just always share them and let them shine!

How about giving Jeanie some comments of love and also – please check out her blog….it is amazing and you will laugh, be inspired and want to come back for more!

See you tomorrow for Tips for your Tuesday – trust me, you will smile! 😀

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