Woot-Woot….here is to the end of a week and I hope that it was a great one for you! Here you go with Step it up Sunday and at a glance you might be saying that it is not stepped up!

I admit, this is such and AMAZING and CLASSIC Stamp Set...that is soooooo easy to work with, today’s version is stepped up by adding extra layers, a simple change of orientation.




Initially I was thinking about adding some ribbon…..nope! Adding some pearls…..nope! Changing the base color of the card….nope..then I decided to do what works best for me, JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE, but just show a different way to present it!



Well….you decide – SIDE by SIDE ~ YOU decide!


I hope that this shows you that you can keep it clean, make some minor changes and still have a great card! I personally like both of them and you couldn’t go wrong……today’s card I put the sentiment inside the card….so it is still a part of it! (wow, it is a great sentiment)





In the below picture you can see that I used dimensions to “lift” up the layers and trust me, when you hold it in your hand….you say – WOW….because this is a square card you will need extra postage but then again, it if was a regular size card you would probably need extra postage with the “extra lift” that I did.

Because we are on this topic, I think that there are times that making a special card with an odd size (like this 4 1/4″ square card) is soooo worth it because it is special – it is as easy as that!





We all know that that Stitched Framelits are back in stock (I would not wait as they are one hot item) and I used them today as well as the Layered Square Framelits to make this fun happen today!





I just think that that the elegance of this stamp set can hold its own…ANY DAY! 🙂  I think that this is a stamp that you simply need to have in your stash as it is a “statement stamp set” and yep, I will do a post with note cards for a great gift idea!




A simple layering effect makes such a difference. I admit, I was thinking about adding dashed of black stitched lines around the perimeter of very vanilla layered part…but then I thought….JUST LEAVE IT ALONE…..sometimes you just need to do that – LESS IS BEST!

There you go! I hope that I have inspired you and I hope to see you back for more SIMPLE FUN! I love helping you reach your goals as YOU do make a difference! Enjoy FOOTBALL DAY...I know that Sunny will be doing that!




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