Good morning, I admit – I love doing these 2 day challenges but at the same time….I worry if you all are to going to see or shall I say “get” the differences. I do hope that you will read and take a look at the pictures to see the difference. I have a BUNCH of pictures for you today!

Sometimes you just have to “try it” and hold it in your hands…it all comes down to time and preference but I love to be able to share with you a variety of ways to create! Remember, we all see things in different ways and there is no “right or wrong” way to do it – the important part is to JUST DO IT….make cards as cards make people smile… feel happy and special!

Here you go- side be side….YOU decide! I will share with you along the picture trail the changes I made! So you have a preference? Please feel free to leave a comment, this is how we learn and grow!




We are still playing with the FREEBIE from Sale-a-bration, Avant Garden and today I added in the little dots stamp to the fun from yesterday! Adding a simple yet artsy look give a different feel of instant texture. I used Sahara Sand and I inked it off to just give a soft, subtle look.





To start today’s card I did something different than yesterday! Remember yesterday I “ADDED THE SENTIMENT STRIP ON TOP” but today I am going to CUT AWAY and then add in a sentiment strip.

Below in the picture you can see that I used a pencil to draw a 1 1/2″ space. I went ahead and stamped like I did yesterday and then cut at the pencil lines using the trimmer to create a gap that my sentiment strip will fit in! (you with me???)

The next 3 pictures will help you see the process!








I know that it is super hard to see but after I stamped the sentiment in the Tip Top Taupe I covered it with clear embossing powder and heat set it. You need to work fast but it is very doable and it does create that extra special look and feel that steps it up! I also went over the Taupe insides of the flowers with the clear embossing power….really made a fun and interesting effect but then the trip of teeny pearls were the icing on the cake!





I like this picture below as you can really see the “solid look” of the card. There is just something stunning about a bunch of white space and then having a “lift” off of the white card base is a classic and super clean look.

You know me and my white gel pen….could not, would not be without it. It is my friend that always makes a pop each and every time!



Here is a great shot on how the subtle dots in the background are effective. This is something that probably 2 years ago would never have done but little by little I try to be a turtle and try new things….sometimes I like them…sometimes not – that is what it is all about, trying and having fun!



Below is your smile picture…for you, the card maker….the recipient and the Mail Man!

My postal ladies are funny….when they see a card that i am mailing they will comment – wow, you must really like this person…they got a double stamp and this poor person just got a pretty envelope flap! (They are sooooo funny) and always make me smile!




Now here is a great tip! I would make up a bunch of these cards….perhaps have fun and change up the color combo etc…but leave the sentiment area blank and then give the recipient a bunch of strips with sentiments stamped on it….this way they can choose what type of card to send,

Wouldn’t this be a great and thoughtful gift to give and one that is sooooooo practical! I would put 2 strips of tear & tape on the back of the strips and also give them a great pen, our Project life ones are THE BEST as they do not smear! (adding stamps would be great as well)




I hope that these cheery flowers brought some sunshine to your day and also I hope that your day is filled with sunshine! The long days of Winter seem to get the best of us but that calendar will be changing on Wednesday so we are getting a little closer to a change! (hmmmm, you can see that I am trying to convince myself – I really do not like the cold)

Remember, jammie shopping is totally on trend….I do it often! I hope to see you tomorrow as we are going to play “Show and Tell” – it is a show stopper!




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