3 Thinlits + No Stampin = A FUN Result!




Happy Hump Day! Did the subject line peek your curiosity? Well, YEP….that is right – no stamping today…just die cuts and special ones at that as these 3 thinlits are free with a qualifying order of $100+ during Sale-A-Bration!

There is a stamp set, Amazing You that also coordinates with it but today I am focusing on just these 3 words….it is called the Celebrate You Thinlits I think that it makes a fun yet kinda dramatic look and feel, making it super special. I know that if I were to receive it, I would beam and also  oooo & ahhhh over it!

Below is a super short (under 2 minutes) video that the home office did about these 2 products…there are some amazing samples in there that will perk you up and then you will see where my inspiration came from, YEP….I cased a card!








Every Tuesday Stampin’ Up! shares weekly updates with Demos and then they also help us by sharing with us a weekly training piece to help us, inspire us and teach us focusing on a specific product. When I clicked on the email yesterday and saw the picture below I know that I needed to case it as it is truly a fantastic card!

First I adore a tone on tone and truth be told I like it best in White or Vanilla but I thought that might be hard to see in pictures so I went with my favorite Stampin’ Up! color…..lemon lime twist….(I can hear Chris R. right now making all sorts of faces as she does not care for this color…tee-hee-hee  😀 ) but me, I LOVE IT as it is big and bold and looks fantastic with black and white!







Now here is my take on this fun card! You can totally see the CASE that I was going for….the repetition of the word celebrate! I added some simple changes to share with you how you can see something that you love….tweak it a wee bit and make it work for you!

I do not know about you but…I have GOBS of Washi Tape….I buy it….but then I do not use it. I placed a thin piece of Washi Tape down the left side and POP….and think that it makes a huge difference as it pulls together the black sentiments plus the thin black thread that I placed behind the banner….do you agree?








You know me….I like to find ways to make this whole process we do fun and as simple as possible and truth be told…there are products out there that make it easier. Below you will see the Elmer’s Adhesive Spray. I have blogged about this before and even though I do not use it often, when I need to – it sure is great to have on hand.

You can purchase it from a craft store…I think I picked it up at Jo Ann Fabrics and there are a ton of different brands – I just went with good old Elmer’s as I figured – WHY NOT….that brand worked for use when we were kids at school…I just figured this was the “grown up version” 

When I use spray adhesive I make sure that I spray it in a deep box so there is no chance of spray residue getting on my work area and I also like to use little piece of wax paper after each spray. I have found this to be super helpful in not having adhesive stick to the next thing you are going to spray (I hope that this makes sense) I then just throw the wax paper away and I can reuse the box the next time I need it.







This font of “amazing” is that indeed….just amazing! I do like the idea of having the 2 words in the same color family but also at the same time making them a bit different – this black and white dot is from the Petal Passion DSP collection. This offering of paper is over the top! I admit…I am going to be sad when it leaves at the end of this catalog but in the meantime….get used to seeing it as it is a keeper, each and every print!

I realize that there is just (2) colors, black and white to this collection but the contrast when you POP it with a color like I did today is just classic. You can also use your blends to color right on the paper to add a super dramatic look….you will see a post on that look in the future!







Check out in the picture below how I keep my Washi Tape. I use a simple ring clip  – I only do this with current Washi Tape collections so I can easily spot the current ones. The others that are retired I keep in a super cute basket in my work area….

You can see from the below picture that I simply used (3) additional items that most of us have….and in using these in a minimal way made an impact on the card! My little dots around the banner and also on my envelope flap just added that simple yet detailed touch that would certainly make the recipient smile….remember, it’s the little things that people remember!







One last peek of this fun card. It really did not take a bunch of time to do. The longest part was cutting out the word 5 times and the spray adhesive made it a cinch to adhere!

I first thought that I needed to do a bunch of measuring to make sure that everything was just right in the spacing and then I thought to myself…KEEP IT SIMPLE….and that is what I did!

I started with the center celebrate words (that was mainly under the banner) and then just added above and below….it’s not perfect but IT WORKS! After making one of these…I thought – WOW…..I need to do this with other sentiment words that I have!







Enjoy your day….and we are having what feels like a heat wave on the East Coast…..now it is not that warm out BUT it is a heck of a lot better than the sheer bitterness we have been having….I am even thinking about taking a nice long walk!

Below you will see the items that I used to make this fun card and I know that there are many of you that have been “eyeing up” this framelit offering. I agree with Donna from the video….Sale-A-Bration IS the sweetest time of the year for us crazed Stampin’ Up! lovers!






A party of furry friends!





Good Morning and do I have a cutie for you today! I just smile when I see this stamp set….and then when I say the name of it – We Must Celebrate ..I just giggle!!!  I envision this foursome to be holding up banner flags saying hooray….look at us! It is a new kid on the block and it is super sweet!!!

I was going to share this with you yesterday….but I have been in the trenches….the Product Share Trenches and WOW – I have dug a huge dent into the pile of paper and goodies….Many have shipped and the rest will go out on Monday. If you thought you were in my first wave of the Product Share and you did not receive a confirmation and or Pay Pal Invoice….please email me as they all went out on  Catalog Launch Day!

Below is the stamp images…aren’t they just the sweetest!?!? Do you have a favorite? I think I am taken to the Bear and the Silly Squirrel. The sentiments are super sweet and you all know that I am a lover of a great sentiment. On the inside of this card I simply stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment…a perfect clean and simple card!








This card is so straightforward for you but I do want to point out some things I have learned from making it. This is a card that I went ahead and stamped up 12 of and then just put the extras in one of our clear envelopes to color at a later date. I invite you to do this when you are stamping an image like this as it is a fun thing to do when you are on the go!

The way that I look at it is….you have the stamp and ink out…why not just go ahead and stamp many of the same image so you are ready to color when you have the time! Coloring is so fun to do while you are watching a movie or simply waiting somewhere – I use these Zippered Mesh Bags for sooooo many things but one thing I would suggest if you get any…..BUY A TON OF THEM as trust me, they will disappear.

I alway have a pile of them as when the peeps come home – they seem to raid my stash as they truly are handy for many on the go things that we do or to simply keep us organized. If I am somewhere and I pull one of them out….I can almost guarantee I will have someone ask me where I got them. They are so darn affordable and I will say that I use all 3 sizes! Ok – enough on this but you know I love organizational tips for you an goodies to help life be easier!







I do love our Blends. Here is a tip that I have been doing lately. When I use the Stampin’ Blends I am finding that I am preferring using the regular (thinner) Whisper White Card Stock I admit, ever since Stampin’ Up! came out with the Thick Whisper White Card Stock I have kept a skeleton amount of the thinner but I am finding that I am reaching for it more and more when using the Blends.

Perhaps it is just a personal preference but I find that the Blends glide over the paper perfectly. The #1 reason that I adore the Blends is the simple fact of no lines showing!!!! To me, it is just simply the best to have a coloring product that just glides and gives a smooth and even coverage.







I know that many of you worry about knowing how to “blend” colors together…but hear me out – the 1st thing for you to master is just simply feeling comfortable with the coverage of the markers. I invite you to NOT WORRY about mastering the “blending” aspect of this product…rather embrace the fact that there are 12 color families – hence you have 24 different colors to play with!


The blending will come in time and it will only happen with one concept….that is PRACTICE!


I am just hoping that Stampin’ Up! keeps coming out with more and more colors. If I showed you how many Copic Markers I have you would say….a BIG – OH MY!!!! I just love the coloring result you get with an alcohol based marker but always remember to use the appropriate ink when stamping….use the Memento Black Ink as it is safe for the markers.









Did you notice the envelope love….I am still getting used to the new DSP offerings…but this one is one of the Sale-A-Bration FREEBIES….shown above. Trust me on this one….this picture does not do it justice as when I saw this picture I was not a fan of this paper but once I saw it in person….I thought of many projects that it would work for and heck – it is FREE….so who doesn’t love that!

Same drill as I always do….a 1/4″ strip of card stock and then a 2″ X 6″ piece of the DSP….adhere it and trim off the excess! This way I can get 12 envelope flaps out of (1) sheet of DSP! Works for me!

After I did my coloring fun and went to mat it onto the Sahara Sand….I thought it needed a bit more to POP…..so I simply used the stampin’ trimmer to cut a 1/4″ strip of paper and then matted that across the top and bottom of the colored image!







There you go…a super simple yet super fun card. I do enjoy working with a whimsical stamp set like this as I truly do not think it is for just the “young at heart” To me, it just conveys a FUN TIME and you could use a sentiment in the inside such as “We’re rooting for you” or “Sending well wishes”…just about anything would work!

Enjoy the day and stay warm…we are on day 3 of the horses being in the bard as it is just too darn bitter with the wind to go out! I have one miserable and super grumpy pig on my hands as Daisy simply hates the cold weather…..she is like a ground hog…..she would rather stay in her heated penthouse and just come out when it gets warmer.

Trust me, she grumbles at me when I push her out to go potty but she does what she needs to and then runs (well waddles) right back to the door to the heat! She really is not a fan of this weather!

I do hope that you can have some “crafting time”  over the weekend. I am going to be doing some and then switching to the product shares….a little of each makes Susan a happy stamper! Isn’t it just wonderful to know the simple tricks that make us happy…..I want to play stamps, paper & ink…John wants to watch football….and Daisy wants to sleep – life is great! 🙂





The hour glass has turned…


Yesterday I had one of those days that I just couldn’t get in a groove – anyone out there that has had days like that? I did get a bunch completed as I have been a worker bee on my kits but I just was in one of those moods that I wasn’t perky…..when this happens – grab a dog and go for a walk.

Leo, (my peeps dog) was the “therapy dog of choice” for my mood and we walked….I talked – he listened. It was an hour walk of therapy for me and training for him. The end result was – he behaved and is learning to walk “nicely” on a leash and me….I excepted the fact that it was ok to be a bit happy/blue as Hannah and my Mom shared the same Birthday date.

I let the memories of March 29th shared together with all sorts of fun cakes, family dinners and fabulous memories flood my head and then I thought – can it really be April in a couple of days? Wow….yep – it’s true and what else is true….Sale-a-bration is ending tomorrow evening .

This is it, your final chance to take advantage of a FREEBIE goodie…..DOUBLE PAW PRINTS from me……and your chance to get the ultimate bundle and 2 FREE stamps of your choiceWOW – a bunch to digest at the end of a month!

Here is another look at the offerings and remember – if you redeem the offerings with a smiley face – use the correct numbers in the chart below!






This has been a FUN Sale-a-bration….we have had lots of fun with the Hey, Chick Stamp Set and please pop back tomorrow as you will see a card that was sent to me that was FUN and EXPLOSIVE with this great stamp set!

I love it when we have a whimsical set like this one…we have shared many laughs and don’t forget the Taco Truck….soooooo much fun (Mary Ann – you did a great job) and one that so many enjoyed and CASED (there’s that word again!) 😀

Pretend like it is Christmas, make a list, check it twice….and if there are staples, retiring In Colors (they will zoom out in the next 6 weeks) take advantage of it but if your order is close to $100 – do the smart thing…...make your own unique kit.…get 2 free stamp sets….2 free SAB from me and be happy that you saved a bunch!

See you tomorrow – you will smile!!!!


LESS works – WOW!



Good Morning and WOW – I learned a lesson and one that I like! Well…..let me start by saying that in life we all know that “Less is Best” because when you really think about it- we all are blessed in many ways.

Fast forward and then rewind….on Tuesday’s Stampin’ Up! gives Demonstrators Updates a fun tidbit called “Succeed Weekly” and it is just that – an email that showcases some tips to help us, to inspire us….to make us smile!

Yesterday they were talking about that word that I touched on last week….CASEing – remember – Copy And Share Everything – well here is the picture and this is where my inspiration came from!





I admit, I adore the FREEBIE Avant Garden from Sale-a-Bration…..WHY???? it is a classic – When you work with a classic it is easy. Easy feels good. Easy works. Easy is duplicate-able.

I do not know about you….but I thought as you got older, things were easier!?!?! Well, sometimes they are – sometimes they aren’t but in the end – we all do what we need to do.

Last week I shared that I took my wonderful Dad to North Carolina to see his brother, my Uncle George and I am soooooo glad that I did – not only for me, but for him. We ended up staying longer (that wasn’t in the plan) but I learned a bunch about life.

Ok – I will stop – let’s get onto the card and why these 2 things (the Succeed Weekly and my Trip) makes this a special card to me. In a nutshell – LESS is BEST!





One thing that I think that we all can agree on is the magic of Heat Embossing. It is a smile maker  each and every time. It is an instant gratification ~ a special – WOW…I did that!?!?!?! – to take a simple stamp with Versa Mark….pour some embossing powder over and see an instant HEAT MAGIC ….it doesn’t get better than this! 😀

This technique is one that I never get tired of ~ When you heat emboss with white on white paper and then add color – WOW…..POP….SMILE! 😀

I took a sponge dauber and in a circular motion just added color over where the flower was heat embossed. Very fast, very effective. You could use multiple colors but today I am showing you the one I did in Mint Macaron.





While in North Carolina, my Aunt Karen asked me for some help with some cards. I was flattered, I melted. I was so excited to help her but truthfully I have not had time to think of a simple card that I could make MANY of that would be perfect for her to thank the friends, nurses etc through this journey with my dear Uncle George. I am thrilled to say that he is doing better!

This is what I love about what I do – it is so simple, so easy, so rewarding. When she asked my for some cards I perked right up and said – “I’m on it” and once I saw the inspiration from the email from Stampin’ Up! – BINGO – I knew that this would be FAST and oh so easy!





Here is your card to PIN….but if you want to know where Stampin’ Up! found this inspiration….it was from SUD Rachel Brumley . I love the fact that SU looks constantly to find fabulous ideas to share with us to help YOU!. I say that it is a win-win all the way around! Thank you Rachel for the inspiration!





This month is coming to an end….that is sad because that means that Sale-A-Bration is coming to an end. It has been sooooooo fun and I deeply thank you for your support and I know…..“I GET IT” because when I was a customer, Sale-a- Bration WAS the time that I stocked up for the year but let me remind you…it is the best time of the year for you to get your “HALL PASS” of a constant 20% discount each and every day when you buy Stampin’ Up! products…PLUS you can pick any 2 stamp sets in the catalog on top on your custom bundle that YOU created.

I know you that you think the BIG BAD WOLF will come out and take the FUN out of the joy that you have with stampin’ and creating, but it is quite the contrary – I say, WHY NOT?

I realized that my JOIN THE FUN was very weak – so yesterday I tried to work on it…..but it is still a work in progress. Some of you might think that I am late to the party (I am, but that’s OK because I am happy with what and where I am) but this really is the best time to get a kit that you pick…for just $99 (ships for free) and you can pick $125 in product of your choice and don’t forget – just until March 31st (yikes 2 days) you can pick ANY 2 stamp sets!

PLUS….I will give you (2) FREE Sale-a-Bration items if you join with me. You can pick what you want….how wonderful is that! In a nut-shell, I love what I do and I do what I do from that love (whew….that a lot of “I do’s”)….not to pay a mortgage….but to have fun, be inspired and learn!

The simple facts…

  • $99 gets you $125 worth of whatever your heart wants.
  • Ships for FREE
  • You can pick any 2 stamps from the Annual or Occasions catalog for FREE
  • I will give you (2) FREE Sale-a-bration items

It is simple…just like my card!

Here are the products for this SOOOOOOO simple card, please feel free to leave a comment (I love to hear from you) or email me if you have any questions about getting 20% off each and everyday…(and then if you stick around…..you could get 25% off each and every order) I say WOOT-WOOT!



Are you wondering about the NEW (potential ITELL)?

p.s. – We had a RAIN DELAY for our (shhhhhhh….) NEW POTENTIAL 4 legged ITELL…..(I have been giving the others a PEP talk….they are holding out their opinion until they meet)

p.p.s – Today is my PRECIOUS and OH SO SPECIAL Hannah’s BIRTHDAY! Next week….you will see the card I made for her! She pops onto my blog and I did not want her to see her card before she opened it in person…..plus it is a good test to see if she reads my blog as she has no idea about the “NEW” potential addition! 🙂

Have a great day….I sure will as when it is a PEEPS BIRTHDAY – I am a sponge and re-live the great memories…..life is sooo short – take and soak up each moment!





Take me away with Sale-a-bration!





Up…Up and Away! Here is a “happy card” for you today and it is filled with (3) Sale-a-Bration items and the amazing bundle Lift me Up! At first glance it looks like it is hard to make because there is a lot going on but put down your coffee and examine it…it is super easy yet super fun!

A couple of weeks ago Jeanie and I went to another SUD workshop and made a “bendy” card (boy, was I challenged but it was FUN) but I took the base part that I created and re-created it for you today as I thought that it was a keeper of a card that would bring an instant smile.

The reality of it is…this below bundle just creates GREAT cards as it is so well thought out. Do you see the framelits to the lower left? There are the “dream pieces” that you can cut out to add behind the balloon – this is just one of the things that I love about this bundle…so easy to use!







I have a couple of great shots for you to see close up how I used those framelits that I just chatted about…the peach and watermelon wonder behind the white balloon is a cinch to add.

I “doubled up” the dimensionals behind the big balloon and then the one to the right, I just did a single layer of dimensionals. I love the look of having some flat and then the others staggered in height!








The carried away FREEBIE has been a huge hit with this bundle and I took advantage of making sure I am using it to the max myself as I love the colors.

Look how easy this is…a simple piece of the DSP that is 1 1/4″ high just MAKES this card. I will say…out of all of the paper in this pack – I thought that this was going to be the hardest to use but LOOK – it is so easy and it looks like a hard card but it is super easy!






I ask you….isn’t this an “uplifting” card? (ha-ha) 😀  there is something about big beautiful Hot Air Balloons that make you feel like dreaming as you look up in the sky and say WOW – wouldn’t that be FUN to take a ride.

Another thing that I love about this bundle is the clouds – there are 4 different sizes and they are very realistic to use. (Many times I am not a fan of clouds but there is something about these puffy little guys) I took a sponge dauber and lightly added soft sky to the edges.






Here is your picture to pin…you know what I am going to say next….WE ARE IN THE LAST WEEK of SAB. With every $50 increment of an order, you can pick a SAB item…and in this card I used 3!!!!

If you are new to SU….this IS the best time of the year as we all love and appreciate FREEBIES and don’t over look the extra ones that Stampin’ Up! added last Tuesday (details below)








Please make sure that you add the below items number for your FREEBIES as they are DIFFERENT numbers than are in the catalog.



Do you want to get 2 FREE from ME?


What???? How???? Well it is by far the SMARTEST way to now only get (2) FREE SAB Items from me, (your choice) and also get ANY 2 FREE stamp sets from the Annual Catalog or the Occasions Catalog – YOUR CHOICE when you get the BEST bundle, the kit that YOU get to pick $125 worth of ANY product….pay just $99 (plus it ships for FREE)

This is the time of the year that many take advantage of getting a kit. You have no obligations, you can do nothing but get the kit. It truly is as easy as that.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! It really is a no brainer because we all like a sale, and this is a great sale but the offer ends on March 31st! You can click here and get building your kit now….

I might have some EXCITING news for you all tomorrow….I’ll give you a hint….it has 4 legs!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE~ (fingers crossed)




Step It Up Sunday….she’s back!!!!



I have been kind of quiet with the girls the past couple weeks so I thought that this would be a great addition to the card this weekend! Each and every time I see them, I crack up laughing as the expression on this one…says it all ~ I think it is the hair that does it!


I have to say, yesterday was fun. It is as simple as that.

We yacked so much…went to the ribbon store….went to lunch….back to my house…continued yacking and tried to attempt a make that Deb provided (she is soooo talented) but time was against us but have no fear – we have planned the trip to  Richmond next month where we will pick up right where we left off!

Needless to say that they did not do the card for today but I will say that I asked them their thoughts and Deb chimed in and said, I think that the balloon would show up better if it were white…and so that is what I did and I LOVE IT! She was soooooooo right, the white just made it POP!

So…here you go, side by side you decide!





I am happy that I was able to showcase this stamp set below as I thought that many of you would have missed it in the catalog ( I am going to try to use another stamp from this set this week) to show you the versatility of if. When I see circles…which to me equal dots and dots make me happy – it is already a winner in my eyes!








Here is a close up for you. I did the same as yesterday with the balloon using the soft sky and night of navy. I am AMAZED at how easy it is to put the color behind the cut out balloon. Whomever designed these framelits did a fantastic job! I will say the other thing that I did that was “easy street” was that I cut out the balloon and I already had the adhesive on the back because I used Stick It adhesive sheets and WOW – that makes like even easier!






Now lets chat about to Phyllis…she is lovin’ her balloon ride! I used the aqua painter to give her some color (so saffron) and then that hair of hers….a total mess and just as it seems to be on trend to have odd color hair….I just did it in soft sky and then “highlighted” it with some marina mist (This is about as close as I will ever come to becoming a hairdresser) 😀

I just put a glue dot under that MOP OF HAIR and one on her neck and she is safe and secure! I think for sure yesterday’s card is going to Uncle George but today’s card…it’s going North to brighten one of my readers day!








One more look at Phyllis in her glory as she sails up, up & away…I will say – my pick…TODAY’S card as Deb was right – the white balloon really made the fun background that I made with the whisper white craft ink fun!

Did you also notice that I change the was I used the sentiment. Today I made it into a banner as I notched off the ends but the addition of the So Saffron accents made Phyllis stand out (and we all know she likes to stand out) 😆  (I can’t wait to hear what Chris R has to say about Phyllis today)





Here is what you love, the measurements. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! This is one that I am going to make up in a bunch of different colors and I think that I am going to keep the sentiment the same as you can easily stamp a “Happy Birthday”….”Thinking of You”…..etc…in the inside!

  • The card base is an vertical A-2 card, 4 1/4″ X 5 1/2″ in Marina Mist
  • The White mat is 4 1/8″ X 5 3/8″
  • The Navy Mat is 3 7/8″ X 5 1/8″
  • The Marina Mist is 3 3/4″ X 5″ and stamp in whisper white ink using the Playful Backgrounds Stamp
  • The Banner is 3/4″ wide and then I matted it at 7/8″. I did stamp the sentiment and heat set it with white embossing powder.
  • The accents are from the Subtles Enamel Shapes.
  • The Balloon and sentiment are both from the amazing bundle, Lift Me Up!





Well, I did it…another 2 day post and I hope that I “Lifted you Up” This really is a great bundle and the color ideas are endless with being able to add color behind the detailed balloon.

Remember, this is the last month to grab a freebie from Sale-a-bration and also with an order of $75+ I will send you the whisper white craft ink! When I showed Jeanie the card yesterday she immediately said – where did that DSP come from….it is soooooo true, this stamp set really gives up an endless opportunity to make our our fun accented paper!

Enjoy the day and I hope that you are able to “lift someone up today” – random acts of kindness are ALWAYS the best!





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