What can I say but WOW….yesterday’s post was OUT OF THE BALLPARK and I thank you for giving Mary Ann the love that she sooooooo well deserved! Is that truck amazing or what! 🙂



I am still under the weather (and I never get a cold) and my poor nose….I feel like Rudolph but this will all past….and I am determined that today will be better! Enough about me….let’s look at this SUPER HOT 3-D that I made!

Now I must say…with this incredible work of ART that took me forever – I can just FEEL THE COMMENTS coming my way! 😀




M&M’s are a classic. For just $1.00 you can make someones day by purchasing this tube of classic calories and then do a simple fru-fru and trust me, you will be a ROCK STAR!



You do not need me today ( but I always hope that you know that you can email me with questions) but I will say (as I have said endless times) – Do not be hard on yourself if time is against you – there are ALWAYS ways that YOU can make someone smile with a super simple gesture like this!

The DSP is 4″ X 5″ and I put tear & tape all around and adhered….used some ribbon………added a simple heart with a sentiment and BAM – DONE!




I apologize that this is a short post but really this is all that needs to be said – go find something simple and add your flair and TRUST ME…you will shine an be soooooo happy that you made someones day!

I will say that YOU all always make my day….and my peeps and John will often pop onto my blog and say – WOW – you had a ton of comments…..that makes me feel so good but what really makes me feel good is know that I inspire you to reach and try……

I know that I was  loser :- ( in not replying to all of the comments yesterday but honestly, I am not feeling the best and heck) – YOU KNOCKED THEM OUT OF THE PARK!!!!

Fingers crossed that we will have a great Simple Saturday….but I hope that you have  FABULOUS FRIDAY and I hope that my super hard 3-D inspired you to try it…..as Mikey says, TRY IT….YOU MIGHT LIKE IT! 😕

p.s. – The M & M holders are GREAT for quarters! I am famous for snitching every quarter I see in the house as it goes to my motto that I say in our house – “Quarters for Clean Horses” – as this is how I stash them and keep them in the truck when I have to go to the Laundry Mat to do the glamorous job of washing horse blankets!!!! 😀






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